Holiday in the Cypriot resort of Peyia: holidays surrounded by sea and mountains

Peyia town in Cyprus

Peyia in Cyprus is a large village near Paphos. Its name comes from the Latin word “baia”, which means “bay”. This is due to the fact that it is next to the popular Coral Bay.

Location and how to get there

The village is located 15km from Paphos town, to which you can reach daily by “As-Seven” and “Ural Airlines” airlines. There are no direct buses to Peyia, you can get there only with several transfers. First you have to take a shuttle #612, which will take you to Kato Paphos bus station in about 30 minutes. There you can change to bus #615 and drive to Coral Bay and from there you can take bus #616 to Peyia.


Peyia was founded by sailors and merchants at the time when Cyprus was under Venetian rule, between the end of the 15th Century and the middle of the 16th Century. It was then a small village consisting of a few houses and a church.

At that time, the inhabitants drew their drinking water from a spring which was situated in the central square. According to legend, the water from it made the girls younger and prettier, so a large number of young people always gathered near the spring.

This spring still exists today, but now it is mostly visited only by the newlyweds on their wedding day.

After the Sultan of Turkey took over the island of Cyprus (Cyprus), the population of most villages and towns converted to Orthodoxy, as the Turks used to treat Orthodoxy much better than Catholicism. This was reflected not only in religion, but also in the way of life of the people, their habits and favorite holidays.

Peyia Town in Cyprus

Peyia is located on a hillock very close to the sea, which makes it a very attractive place for holidays.

What is the attraction of Peyia?

Peyia is presented as traditional wrapped in modernity: there are many old bakeries and tavernas, but there are also nightclubs and gourmet restaurants. The village is old and new at the same time: people slowly drink coffee or go to an ancient church as before, but you can often find a tourist taking pictures against the background of old buildings and luxury real estate.

In Peyia there is a great rarity in Cyprus – a spring of pure fresh water. It has always existed here – the settlement was created because of its proximity to a freshwater spring. It used to be said that the water from it had a rejuvenating power and that is why people from all over the island came to the village. The spring is now in the form of a fountain under a small canopy and is one of the attractions.

Bird Park & Ranch

On the road to Paphos you can meet the Bird Park which has been home to several tens of thousands of birds for many years. The large aviaries are home to pink flamingos, and the miniature theater hosts unusual shows with parrots every day, such as dancing, singing and playing basketball.

Bird park in Cyprus

You can see pink flamingos and peacocks in the bird park during the day and parrot shows in the evenings.

The park is open from 8 am to 6 pm. The cost of admission is 16 euros for adults and 7 euros for children. Not far from the park there is a zoo with camels, antelopes, deer, raccoons and other animals.

In addition, many guidebooks recommend a visit to George’s Ranch, which is located near Coral Bay. Here visitors have the opportunity to ride a horse and get a riding lesson. The ranch organizes horseback tours around the island, during which you can see the area in all its glory. Younger children have the opportunity to ride ponies.

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Two Islands

Near the village of Peyia there is a small island, which is clearly visible from the shore. On the maps, it is called Nisaki, but many locals know it only as an unnamed piece of land. There are no excursions there, as it is deserted.

If you drive from the village along the coast to the north, you will notice another island, Geronissos. The island is also deserted, but attracts attention due to the fact that it has ruined Hellenistic structures.

Archaeologists have found on it fragments of a large temple, a large number of remains of utensils and other household items, as well as things for rituals. To get to the island only if you have special equipment, as high shores do not allow to moor, but you can sail past it and admire it from a distance.


Coral Bay

Coral Bay beach in Peyia.

The beautiful beach of Coral Bay is located 2 km from the village and close to the beaches of Paphos. Coral Bay offers visitors diving, swimming and other water sports.

The beaches of Paphos, unlike the coast near Peyia are busier and have a lot of nightlife and concerts in addition to the ancient ruins.

Attractions in Peyia

The church of Agios Georgios is located in the northern part of the village and is easy to find using Peyia city map or guide services. This church is one of the few places of interest. The temple, built in Byzantine style, stands on the edge of a rocky shore. On the west side, facing the sea, there are towers.

Coral Bay

Mycenaean Museum

Geronissos Island

George's Ranch

Clear fresh water spring

The Church of Agios Georgios

At 50m from Agios Georgios there is a small basilica which is also dedicated to St. George. The walls and the roof of the church are made of rough stone. The iconostasis is small and the images are mostly modern.

Best Restaurants in Peyia

Peyia has no problem with restaurants, most of which are old-fashioned taverns. Their cuisine is the same as in all of Cyprus: roasted lamb, stuffed cabbage in grape leaves and pork in wine sauce. A full dinner in a tavern costs 25-50 euros per person.

Since there are many tourists in Peyia, other cuisines are popular here: Italian, Chinese, Russian. The British trace can be seen in the number of pubs – alcohol is sold in every cafe and restaurant.

The most popular restaurants are:

  1. The Wild Boar.
  2. Sidayes.
  3. Geitonia Traditional Kebab House.
  4. Searays Cafe Bar.
  5. G&T’s @ Namos.
  6. Oniro By the Sea.
  7. Sala Thai.
  8. Viklari Peyia.
  9. Anesi Restaurant.
  10. Santa Marina Fish and Chips.
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The weather in Peyia and Paphos is dry and hot, with 12 hours of sunshine a day. From June to September the average daily temperature is around 30 ° C. The warm evenings are perfect for slow walks.

Holidays in the resort of Peyia in Cyprus

Peyia (also Pegeia) is a small town (rather a village) on the west coast of Cyprus, part of the wider Pafos area. Located 15 kilometers from the center of Paphos (Peyia on the map), and is often seen as its remote area and beach, although in fact it is already a full-fledged beach resort for the rest. Here are the two best beaches of the whole Paphos: Coral Bay beach and Laourou Beach. The village is quite large in size, stretches along the coast for about 15 kilometers, but all the tourist life of this resort is concentrated around the beach Coral Bay.

Going to rest in Peyia is just for the beach vacation. There are no sights, tourist attractions and hangouts. However, at least some tourist life is present here: there are travel agencies, car rentals, shops with products for tourists, cafes and restaurants, and even supermarkets. Almost all of this is concentrated in the area of Coral Bay Beach, while beyond that, it is an ordinary village with a quiet way of life. In general, it can be said that Peyia is something in between a holiday in a slightly noisy urban area of Paphos, and quite a quiet holiday in the remote town of Polis.

Coral Bay Beach, Peyia, Cyprus

The beach in Coral Bay, Peyia

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Peyia weather and tourist seasons

Peyia is first and foremost a beach resort, so it’s best to tie your vacation here to the bathing season.

  • The high tourist season in Peyia is from late May until October. This is the driest and warmest months, you can swim and sunbathe. Some holidaymakers come to rest in Cyprus in April, which makes sense if you want to save money, because the prices of accommodation at this time have not yet risen to the seasonal. But for a comfortable swimming in the sea in April is still too cold, on the beach you can only sunbathe. Note that July and August are very hot months, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees.
  • Low season in Peyia is from November to April . This is not the time for a beach vacation, it is too cold and rainy.

Seasons in Peyia by month, when to go

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Saint October Nov Dec

* Best time to visit; acceptable time to visit; not recommended time to visit

Peyia current weather and forecast

Peyia sights and attractions, what to see and do

There are few sights in Peyia itself, but there are a lot to see:

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The places listed above can be visited independently by city bus or on foot, but all these are only a small part of the sights that can be seen during a holiday at the resort. The rest, however, are outside the resort and belong to Paphos and its surrounding areas and can be reached by rental car or guided tours. There are enough places of interest to see for several days of vacation, read more about all the attractions of Paphos here.

Excursions are easy to find and book online, which can be done on these proven sites to find excursions with reviews:

How and how to get to Peyia

Peyia is part of Paphos (Peyia on the map), connected to it by a frequent city bus service. There are no direct buses from other cities of Cyprus, you will have to change in any case. The nearest airport to Peyia is Paphos airport, much further is the main international airport in Larnaca. But first things first:

By Plane

It is most convenient to get to Peyia through Paphos airport, but there are few direct flights from Russia, the prices for flights are expensive. It is much cheaper to fly to Larnaca airport, and from there to the resort.

If you plan to enter the country with a free online pro visa (see all about the Cyprus visa), your flight must be direct, transplants, even via European countries are not accepted. There are no such requirements for the flight, so you can choose a direct flight to Cyprus, and the return one with a connection, sometimes it is even cheaper than a direct round trip:

Minimum Ticket Prices from Moscow to Paphos:

FIND FROM 44810 ₽ 2 connections Airline logo 28.09.2022 30.09.2022
FIND FROM 40717 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 24.10.2022 07.11.2022
FIND FROM 30649 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 15.11.2022 22.11.2022
FIND FROM 36604 ₽ 2 connections Airline logo 06.12.2022 20.12.2022
FIND FROM 36528 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 16.01.2023 23.01.2023
FIND FROM 35778 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 06.02.2023 13.02.2023

Minimum ticket prices from Russia to Paphos:

FIND FROM 30674 ₽ Moscow ₽ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 34431 ₽ Saint Petersburg ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 42959 ₽ Kazan ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 44835 ₽ Tyumen ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 52509 ₽ Yekaterinburg ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 64466 ₽ Chelyabinsk ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 42138 ₽ Novosibirsk ⇄ Paphos 3
FIND FROM 74699 ₽ Orenburg ⇄ Paphos 4

Aircraft at Larnaca airport

Flights to Cyprus airport

Minimal prices on tickets from Moscow to Larnaca:

FIND FROM 41002 ₽ 2 connections Airline logo 23.09.2022 06.10.2022
FIND FROM 23630 ₽ 1 transfer Airline logo 18.10.2022 13.11.2022
FIND FROM 23630 ₽ 1 transfer Airline logo 07.11.2022 13.11.2022
FIND FROM 25232 ₽ 2 connections Airline logo 05.12.2022 17.12.2022
FIND FROM 25232 ₽ 2 connections Airline logo 13.01.2023 28.01.2023
FIND FROM 27631 ₽ 1 transfer Airline logo 31.01.2023 11.02.2023

Minimum ticket prices from RF to Larnaca:

To Peyia from Paphos Airport

A cab ride from Paphos airport will cost 24/28 euros day/night.

It’s cheaper to take the city buses, but you’ll have to make a connection in Paphos. The fare on each bus is 1,5 euros, at night 2,5 euros, children under 6 years old are free. It is paid in cash at the entrance to the driver.

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First you have to take bus #612, it runs about every hour, see the schedule. Go to the terminal Kato Paphos station (bus station on the map). From Kato Paphos station there is a regular bus 615 to Coral Bay. Coral Bay will probably be your final destination, most hotels and tourist area are located here. But if your hotel is somewhere farther in the area, there are also local buses to Peyia, see below for transportation.

To Peyia from Larnaca airport

A cab from Larnaca airport to Peyia will cost 107/125 euros day/night.

On the intercity buses you will have to change through Paphos or Paphos airport. The fare will have to be paid at intercity rates. In any case you have to make at least two transfers.

  1. At Larnaca airport take the Kapnos Airports Shuttle which costs 15 euros for adults and 5 euros for children 3-12 years old, travels 1,5 hours. See the schedule here, or visit the website of the carrier – Then from Paphos airport as above with a transfer through the city or by cab.
  2. From Larnaca airport go directly to Pafos as detailed here. You will get to Paphos at Karavella Station, aka OSYPA Terminal (bus station on the map). From there you take a city bus to Kato Paphos station (station on the map), from there you take the horrible bus #615 to Coral Bay.

Taking into account all these difficulties with transfers and high cost of a cab, the most advantageous and convenient way to get to Peyia from both airports is to rent a car. In general, in Cyprus the cheapest prices for car rental at Larnaca airport, and a little more expensive at Paphos airport, you just need to book a car in advance via the Internet. For example, in the spring of 2020, we (the authors of the site) rented a car for 7 days at Larnaca airport for only 30 euros. while the streets of the resorts asked for 30 euros for a day. But be sure to read this detailed guide on how to rent a car in Cyprus.

You can compare all the conditions and prices of different car rental companies in Cyprus at these car rental search and comparison sites:

  • Discover Cars car rental ( our price/performance ratio choice ).
  • Car rentals on Economy Bookings (the lowest prices most often found here).
  • Car rental at LocalRent (the best Russian-speaking support).

Rent a car in Cyprus

Rent a car in Cyprus

By Bus

You can only get to Peyia from other cities in Cyprus by bus with a connection via Paphos, there are no direct flights. Moreover, inside Paphos you still have to change between bus stations. For bus fares and timetables for intercity buses to Paphos click here.

All intercity buses arrive in Paphos at the bus station Karavella Station, aka OSYPA Terminal (bus station on the map). From here, ride the local bus to Kato Paphos station (station on the map), then take the previously mentioned bus no. 615 to Coral Bay. Buses between these two stations go frequently, the journey takes about 20 minutes, the fare is 1.5 euros.

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Bus in Cyprus

Bus in Cyprus

Transport in Peyia, how to get around

There are several city bus routes in Peyia, which are part of the Paphos city transportation system. They run on schedule, but rather infrequently except for the main flight #615. The fare is 1.5 euros during the day, 2.5 euros at night, children under 6 years old are free. Payment is only in cash to the driver at the entrance. There are day passes for 5 euros.

These routes will be useful for tourists:

    . From Paphos tourist area to Coral Bay. They go about every hour. . From Coral Bay through the whole center of Peyia and along the coast. You can drive to local attractions and the zoo. From Coral Bay through the center of Peyia to the town of Polis. Goes 3 times a day.

In Peyia you can rent cars, motorcycles (low-power motorcycle, scooter), bicycles. Oddly enough, but the cheapest option is to rent a car, in low season it is even cheaper than a bicycle. But on the spot at the resort rental prices are very high, you need to book in advance online, and pick up the car at the airport or at least in downtown Paphos.

  • Discover Cars car rental ( our price/performance ratio choice ).
  • Car rentals on Economy Bookings (the lowest prices most often found here).
  • Car rental at LocalRent (the best Russian-speaking support).
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