History and Cultural Characteristics of El Colorado

Colorado color – traditions, festivals and local mentality

The multicultural state is very interesting from a cultural point of view, Colorado traditions and customs are embodied in beautiful national festivals. The state is also home to many Scots, and every year in mid-August they hold the Colorado Scottish Festival, a celebration of traditional highlander games. Highlander games remain one of the most interesting and oldest national traditions, they were first held in Scotland in the 11th century.

Colorado, which the people of the United States call by no other name than “the mountain state,” is a great place to spend a vacation with the whole family. The reason for this is that the state’s … Reveal

Surprisingly, the spectacular event is incredibly popular today, even in America. Visitors to the festival can witness how different Scottish clans compete in strength and agility, the ability to perform national music and dance. An immersion in Scottish culture will be of interest to all visitors to Colorado, and the festival is usually held at Highland Heritage Park.

In addition to the beautiful Scottish festival, Colorado is also famous for its “wine” festivals. One of them is held annually in Denver, the Wine Festival starts at the end of October and usually lasts three days. During the festival their products represent more than 400 wine companies from all over the world, the place of the festival is the University of Denver. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

A trip through Colorado cities wouldn’t be as vivid without a visit to local restaurants. Without a fraction of a doubt, one could argue that every city in the state also has restaurants for the most discerning … Reveal

Old Campus is the site of another unusual national celebration, each year the local botanical garden constructs what’s known as the Chatfield Corn Maze. They build the maze out of 12-meter-long corn stalks, and every year the design changes. Usually available from early September through the end of October, the maze has become one of Denver’s main symbols. Everyone is welcome to walk through the maze, each year the mystery of the corn maze becomes more challenging and interesting.


There are also a huge number of music festivals taking place in Colorado, with famous jazz performers visiting the state several times a year. Art festivals are also becoming increasingly popular. Throughout the year, exciting performances by street performers, musicians, and acrobats can be seen in various cities across the state. Denver and other major cities throughout the state host monthly contemporary art shows, fairs and culinary festivals.

Colorado is one of the so-called “mountain states,” with amazing nature among its main distinguishing features. The fabulously beautiful scenery is complemented by unique historical … Discover

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One of the most popular music festivals is the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. As it is easy to guess, it is held in Telluride, and it takes place in the middle of June. The participants are popular local performers who play in the country genre. Those who prefer more underground music will be happy to visit Colorado (more specifically – its capital) during the Denver Underground Music Showcase Festival, which falls in mid-July. The event is notable for its somewhat “intimate” nature – visitors are treated to jam sessions by top local artists. And those who prefer to watch dance performances from the masters of their craft will be glad to visit the two-week Vail Dance Festival that takes place in the open-air sites of the city of Vail in early August.


The Cinco de Mayo, which, as it is easy to guess, takes place on May 5, attracts visitors with its flair. It commemorates the Battle of Pueblo, held in 1862, when the Mexicans defeated the French army. Generally, the event is also celebrated in Arizona, California and Texas, states that were once Spanish colonies, as well as Mexico. In Colorado, the largest events are held in Pueblo. The program includes dance and musical performances in ethnic costumes, as well as a presentation of the national cuisine. The Greeley Stampede, held in early July, is also an interesting event for eventgoers, where you can enjoy a rodeo.

For fun-seekers, Colorado is primarily home to outstanding natural attractions and the world-renowned Denver ski center. Vacationing in the capital city will not … open

Colorado has two major balloon festivals. The first, the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, invites you to Stimbot Springs in mid-July. Colorful balloon launches take place every morning, and the program is complemented by art exhibits at open-air venues around town. Another festival is held in Colorado Springs, and takes place in early September. The event itself is called the Colorado Balloon Classic, and it has already gained popularity and respect, being held since 1977. The best balloonists take part here, decorating the balloons in a very original way. The festival also includes a competition for the most beautifully decorated balloon.

Downtown Denver.

The town of Crested Butte invites all lovers of beauty to visit the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival, which falls in mid-July. In addition to themed tours, workshops and exhibitions will be available to visitors. And those who want to learn about the region’s gastronomy should visit the Taste of Colorado, which takes place in the state capital in late August, moving into early September. At the festival you can not only enjoy delicious food, but also buy something interesting at craft fairs, ride rides and participate in an interactive program. All this allows you to get to know Colorado culture better.

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1. Even in the state’s major cities, travelers can’t do without public transportation. Not all cultural sites are accessible by bus, let alone natural … Open

The state also has a festival dedicated to beer (Colorado Brewers’ Festival). It takes place in the middle of June and is very popular. There are about fifty breweries in the state, and craft beers can also be tasted here. As for the location of the festival, the beer capital of the state is considered Fort Collins. Wine lovers can treat themselves to it at another wine festival – Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival, which takes place in the city of the same name (Manitou). It takes place at the beginning of June, during which time you can taste about thirty varieties of wine.

Maroon Bells. Another popular Colorado holiday where you can get a closer look at the state’s culture is the Colorado State Fair, held annually in Pueblo in late August with the transition to early September. This is a true “celebration of life” that is definitely worth an invitation (especially if tourists are traveling with the whole family). You should definitely try the traditional treats and rides. For lovers of eco-tourism in Colorado in mid-June there is a holiday Fibark. More specifically, it takes place in the town of Salida, and the program includes biking and hiking, music concerts and parades. Another interesting festival worth mentioning is the Estes Park Duck Race, which takes place in early May in the town of the same name (Estes Park).

15 cool facts about Colorado

15 cool facts about Colorado

Colorado, officially nicknamed the “Centennial State,” was the 38th state to join the United States of America on August 1, 1876.

The state has a population of 5,758,736, making it the 21st most populous state.

Colorado is bordered by Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

With a total area of 104,094 square miles (269,837 km²) of land and water, Colorado is the 8th largest state.

The capital of Colorado is Denver, located northeast of the center of the state.

Enough with the short facts, let’s learn more about the “Centennial State”!

Colorado was already inhabited more than 13,000 years ago

The area known today as Colorado has been inhabited for much longer than you’d expect.

Upstate, on the border with Wyoming, is an archaeological site called Lindenmeier, which is full of artifacts dating back to 11,200 B.C.

Fuerteventura. Canary Islands, Spain

The first people to inhabit the area were nomads who followed herds of bison and were identified as Folsom Tradition people because of the arrowheads they used.

The first Europeans to explore Colorado were the Spanish

As with many other American states in the region, the first Europeans to reach Colorado were the conquistadors.

It is likely that in 1541, the famous Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado crossed part of southeastern modern Colorado in search of the mythical city of gold.

It was not until 1598 that Don Juan de Oñate Salazar established the colony of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mejico, Europeans claimed part of what is now Colorado.

Not much happened in Colorado in the 250 years after it was first explored by Europeans

Although part of present-day Colorado was conquered by the Spanish in 1598, little attention was paid to the region.

Although they sent a series of expeditions that extended farther and farther north, there was no real reason for them to establish a settlement.

In 1800 Spain relinquished its rights to the region to the French, and then the French sold it to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Over the next 20 to 30 years, fur hunters moved into the region to hunt beavers, and little has happened in the area since then.

The first American explorer to travel through Colorado was “lost” and arrested by the Spanish

Zebulon Pike was ordered to go on an expedition in search of the source of the Arkansas and Red Rivers, which led him to present-day Colorado.

On July 15, 1806, Pike set out on what became known as the “Pike Expedition,” in which he and his men discovered and attempted to scale what became known as “Pike’s Peak.”

After retreating due to heavy snow and lack of food, they headed south and established a base where they could spend the rest of the winter.

It is not known if they went off course or if it was a deliberate act, but they actually camped on Spanish territory!

They were quickly arrested, detained in Santa Fe, and released a few months later at the Louisiana border.

Settlements finally began to appear in Colorado, thanks to the gold rush

Gold was discovered in California in 1849, and the subsequent gold rush in the region made it a historical treasure.

As more and more people flocked to California, gold hunters began to expand their search more and more.

One prospector named William Green Russell stumbled across several hundred dollars worth of gold in Colorado, which then caused a “gold rush” into the region.

Rugged Antarctica

This was the beginning of a gold rush that moved some 50,000 people to the Pike’s Peak area.

A direct result of Russell’s findings was the founding in 1858 of a settlement called Montana, the first in a long line of settlements in Colorado.

Colorado is known for its extreme weather

Extreme weather changes in Colorado are more than just a regular occurrence!

Not surprisingly, the areas of Colorado with the most extreme weather are also the least populated.

Part of the famous Tornado Alley in the United States covers the eastern plains of Colorado, a region of the United States where terrible tornadoes often occur.

However, the eastern plains are not just fraught with tornadoes-they also experience some of the worst hail storms in the entire United States!

Life in the mines of early Colorado was tough

There was a large mining industry in the early 20th century, but life was not ideal for miners.

The quality of life for miners and their families living in so-called “tent colonies” was poor and working conditions were not much better.

The Western Federation of Miners tried to fight the injustice, but was met with military brutality.

Strikes broke out and were quickly ended with the use of force for decades.

It is said that the very first rodeo was held in Colorado.

Most people would assume that this risky sport would have originated somewhere like Texas, but no!

The town of Deer Trail, Colorado, is one of many cities that have claimed to host the world’s first rodeo.

A local magazine called Field and Farm recorded the event as occurring on July 4, 1869.

The prize of the contest was a new costume, which was presented to a man named Emilene Gardenhire.

The Colorado State Capitol building is made of an incredibly unique material

Parts of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver are made of a material that is known nowhere else in the world.

In 1893, an incredibly rare deposit of marble stone was discovered in Beulah, Colorado.

It has a rich pink hue. This building material was used by the builders of the Capitol building.

Almost the entire stone deposit was used in the construction of the building, including the bases of the columns and stairwells.

Fortunately, a small amount of stone was kept in reserve for future restoration, as the stone deposit found in Beulah is the only one known of its kind in the world!

In Colorado, it is home to the tallest, longest and largest!

The tallest vehicular tunnel in the world is the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel, which is about 60 miles west of Denver.

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Colorado also has the highest paved road in all of North America, with the highest point reaching a staggering 14,258 feet (4,246 m) above sea level!

In Denver, you can find the longest continuous street in the United States, stretching through downtown.

Denver is also home to the world’s largest indoor rodeo, which is held every year.

The cheeseburger was invented in Colorado

Well, apparently, at least. A man named Louis Ballast is said to have invented the cheeseburger at his Humpty Dumpty Drive-in restaurant in 1935.

Popularity grew, and eateries across America began selling their own variations of the delicious burger.

Colorado is famous for its hot springs

The town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has an attraction worth seeing.

Glenwood Hot Springs, which stretches for two whole blocks, is a huge naturally heated pool located in the historic downtown area.

The hot mineral water that flows into the pool comes from Yampa Spring, which produces an incredible 3.5 million gallons (1.32 million liters) of water a day!

Colorado is the only state in the U.S. to refuse to host the Olympics

Both the U.S. Olympic Training Center and the Olympic Committee are in Colorado, which makes this even more ironic.

Colorado did apply to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, but it was all for naught because of Denver residents.

Fearing the high costs and pollution associated with the event, Denver residents voted against hosting it, and the Olympics ended up being held in Austria.

North America’s tallest sand dune is in Colorado

If you find yourself in southern Colorado, you will definitely be crossing the Great Sand Dunes National Natural Monument.

The sand dunes are located near the town of Alamos, on 85,000 acres (34,000 hectares) of protected parkland.

The dunes are remnants of prehistoric oceans.

Colorado has almost as many ghost towns as active

Colorado has a rich gold rush history, and remnants of that era can still be seen today.

When prospectors stumbled upon gold, the news spread quickly.

This caused people to flock to the region in hopes of their good fortune, and eventually these people established settlements in the regions in which they found themselves.

Many of these settlements and small towns died out soon after all the gold was mined, leaving behind empty buildings.

There are about 500 ghost towns in Colorado, and only 650 in operation!

When it comes to Colorado, you have to think big! Its mountains are big, its hot springs are big!

If you’re into nature, you should definitely go to Colorado.

But unfortunately, you can no longer visit the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In, as it was torn down in the 60’s.

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