Health tours in Japan

Health tours in Japan

Incredible nature, unique culture, unusual traditions – all this is Japan, one of the most mysterious and popular countries in the world. One of the secrets of Japan is the life expectancy of local residents. The average life expectancy here is 79 years for men and 86 for women. You can try to unravel this secret and also get acquainted with the richest culture by going on a recreational tour in Japan.

What is onsen?

The program of such tours includes a visit to Japanese thermal springs – onsen. In the country, a member of the Pacific Ring of Fire known for its high volcanic and seismic activity, there are over 2,000 such springs. Bathing in onsens has long been an integral part of Japanese culture. They were once simple natural open-air pools that still survive today in small villages in mountainous areas.

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What is an onsen

Today build and indoor onsen, located, as a rule, in expensive hotels in large cities. They may differ in size, water temperature, its chemical composition (hydrogen sulfide, iron, salt, etc.). Japanese people treat in onsens such diseases as arthritis and hypertension, nervous system and skin diseases, vascular and gynecological problems. Besides, taking a thermal bath strengthens the immune system and increases vital tonus. An additional advantage for ladies is a rejuvenating effect of thermal water, which removes toxins, cleanses and softens the skin.

Rules of visiting

Going to an onsen for a Japanese is not just a means of washing or having a good time, but a whole ritual, which necessarily includes admiring the beauty of nature (as springs are usually located outdoors) and enjoying the harmony. To achieve complete harmony, many Japanese like to take a cup of heated sake with them.

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Rules of Attendance

In an onsen, everyone is equal and must abide by certain rules:

– Before taking a dip in the healing water, you must take a shower.

– It is not customary at today’s bathing establishments to be openly naked, so be sure to bring a towel and wrap up in it outside the pool. If the spring is located at a hotel, guests usually receive a special kimono that is used when visiting the onsen.

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– While in the swimming hall, one should not make too much noise or behave too vigorously. Peace and contemplation are encouraged.

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Rules of Attendance

– Some onsens allow both sexes to bathe together, while others allow men and women to bathe in shifts.

To shake off fatigue and relax, enough one or two days of stay at the springs. But if the purpose of the visit is treatment, it is recommended to choose tours with a weekly visit onsen, and even better – to stay close to the healing baths for 2 weeks.

Ibusuki Hot Sand

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Ibusuki Hot Sand

Sand baths have been no less popular with the Japanese for over 300 years. The patient is immersed for 15-20 minutes in volcanic sand, the natural temperature of which is +50-55 °C. The fine sand is well permeable and does not burn the skin. Such baths help with joint problems, osteochondrosis, neuralgia. They treat cardiovascular diseases. Besides, this procedure stimulates blood circulation and makes a person incredibly vigorous and physically active. The resort of Ibusuki, located in the south of the island of Kyushu, is one of the most popular leisure spots among the Japanese.

Health Care in Japan

Japan’s health care system is considered one of the best in the world. The highest qualification of physicians, precise instruments, most advanced technologies, and centuries-old traditions contribute to the fact that this country has the longest life expectancy and the lowest infant mortality rate on Earth. Cardiology and neurosurgery are the most developed fields in Japan. Most clinics are private, but prices there are regulated by the state, therefore the cost of services is quite affordable and lower than in European clinics.

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Health Care in Japan

Medical tourism has been actively developing in this country in recent years. The development of this type of business has been supported by the Japanese government since 2010. Even a special category of entry documents was developed – “medical visas” allowing staying in Japan for quite a long period of time. Among the most active “medical” tourists are residents of China and Russia, who want to take full advantage of Japan’s high potential in the field of health care.

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Medical tours in Japan

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Medical tours in Japan

Such trips are becoming more and more popular, because they involve not only sightseeing tours in the wonderful country, but also very effective medical care. It can be either comprehensive or include only one element, such as the most accurate diagnostics. Or you can deliberately head for a recreational tour to the springs or hot sands, lie in hot water and enjoy the scenery around, and try to learn the secret of Japanese longevity.

Medical tours in Japan

Tours to Japan are rapidly gaining popularity among Russian tourists. This is not surprising: here the technology of tomorrow combine with the traditions of antiquity, which gives this country an absolutely unimaginable charm. Fortunately, today it is easy to buy a trip to Japan for recreation and treatment. It is possible to choose a tour that suits your personal preferences.

Our company offers tours to Japan for medical treatment. Take advantage of the vast possibilities of modern Japanese medicine. According to the latest data of the World Health Organization (WHO) life expectancy of Japanese men was 79.19 years and women 85.99 years. Such figures have been achieved in Japan due to the quality and efficiency of the health care system.

The country has advanced equipment, professional doctors who are responsible in performing their work, which makes diagnosis and treatment in Japan safe and effective. We help Russian citizens to choose a trip to Japan in accordance with their wishes and budget, choose a clinic or medical center for treatment, which will be best suited for the tasks faced by the patient.

As different as European and Asian cultures are in general perception, so different is the approach to medicine in each of them. Unlike European medicine, which pays more attention to innovative developments, Asian countries pay much attention not only to health of the body, but also to health of the soul.

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Japan is the country that harmoniously combines new technologies and traditional healing methods, therefore a recovery tour to Japan is an excellent choice for those wishing to improve their health and spend time for the benefit of both body and mind, get acquainted with unique healing methods of one of the most interesting world cultures and get a taste of its history.

Therapeutic tours to Japan are an original tourist destination which incorporates several options for recovery and excursion programmes. SOLNTSE-SAN offers the full-scale tours for those, who want to devote the whole vacation time to their health, and short, but very informative programs for those, who want to visit the country within the frame of one of our tours to Japan, and at the same time to improve their health.

Japan is widely known as the country with the highest life expectancy in the world. The female population has a life expectancy of almost 86 years, and Japanese women have been the leaders in this field for 23 years. And the Japanese, who live an average of 79 years, are ranked as the third longest-living people in the world.

As one of the points of your stay in Japan, we offer an additional 4-hour program of rapid medical examination, as a result of which you can get the most accurate information about the state of your health.

The Express Medical Examination Program includes:

Physical examination, general clinical tests of urine, feces and blood, blood pressure measurement, ECG, lung examination, chest, gastrointestinal, stomach and duodenum x-rays, abdominal ultrasound (CT scan) including liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

Typical program of medical express-examination:

09:00 Departure from your hotel in Tokyo by train or cab, accompanied by an interpreter

10:00 Arrival at the clinic (in Yokohama or Saitama)

10:30-14:30 Express checkup (with translator)

16:00 return to the hotel

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This type of examination is a great chance to learn everything about the condition of your body with a minimum of time spent on it. The technology used during the check-up provides high precision of results. Find out all the details here.

Rejuvenation Course in Japan

It is a well known fact that Asians are a nation capable of maintaining their organism in good shape for an astonishingly long period of time. SOLNTSE-SAN is ready to help you get on the way to the famous Asian longevity!

Rejuvenating tour program is a course of placental therapy in one of the famous Japanese clinics. The procedures carried out there have earned great world recognition, and have a significant positive effect.

The cost of this wellness tour to Japan includes:

– visa and Japanese visa;

– 3* hotel accommodation;

– 4-hour sightseeing tour of Tokyo;

– counseling services. Such tour to Japan is suitable for those who want to get the maximum effect in a short time. Japanese longevity is a reality with therapeutic tours from the company SOLNTSE-SAN!

A unique wellness tour to Japan, designed and balanced with the needs of both physical and mental relaxation. In the program of this tour everything is calculated in such a way that having started the day with bright impressions and new places, closer to sleep you will be absolutely calm and relaxed – such condition will allow you to keep memories for a long time, visit many different sights, but not to get tired at all, and meet every morning in the most elated state of mind and body.

On the first full day you will visit the observation deck of Tokyo TV Tower, the area of European and Japanese couturiers, and it will end at the thermal springs, where you can dress in traditional kimono and have dinner with Japanese cuisine. On the second day you will visit an ancient temple complex, which is associated with the name of the founder of Japanese statehood. You can learn about the highlights of Japanese history, and the day will also end at the thermal springs in the Kinugawa area. You will then visit the Hakone National Park, a classic-style sulfurous thermal spring with baths filled with water from real volcanic geysers, and beautiful views of the sacred Mount Fuji. After resting in a European-style hotel on the shore of a mountain lake, you will visit the open-air sculpture museum, the glass garden, and then the water complex with original open-air baths located along a natural waterfall. The program of this health tour in Japan also includes courses of Japanese massage and deep cleansing of the skin, a visit to an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, a visit to the complex of thermal springs on the shores of Tokyo Bay with a bath of unique algae and other gifts of the Pacific Ocean. The tour ends in the evening in a stylish hotel with rooms that have a living room with tatami, and a bedroom with a European bed.

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This tour to Japan will suit those who want to devote as much time as possible not only to health improvement, but also food for the mind, rest for the soul.

Medical tours to Japan with SOLNTSE-SAN is a unique opportunity to spend unforgettable time in one of the most interesting and mysterious countries of the world, to improve your health and put in order not only your body, but also your mind. After such a rest your body will be very long time will be grateful to you. Health tours in Japan – an opportunity to restore and strengthen your inner harmony, relax not only body but also soul.

We will answer all your questions by the phone numbers: in Moscow: +7(495)640-06-88, in Saint-Petersburg: +7(812)640-06-88.

Healthy life-style is close to those who love and respect the culture of the East. That’s why “SOLNTSE SUN” offers the choice of tours to Japan with sport orientation.

You can study the peculiarities of business organization in the Land of the Rising Sun with our special tours to Japan. It will be interesting!

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