Havana, Cuba. Discover what the pearl of the Caribbean once was

Cuba – “The Pearl of the Caribbean”.

Cuba is perhaps one of the most famous and largest islands in the Caribbean range.

Azure blue smooth Atlantic Ocean and warm Caribbean Sea, amazing coral reefs, which you will not see anywhere else, gentle and warm sun, wide white-sand beaches, wonderful underwater world, rare animals and birds, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, impenetrable jungle and the alluring smell of orchids. All this, and much more, which is inherent only in this island, you can see when you visit Cuba.

Those who have seen at least one eye of this wonderful world, at least once visited this wonderful island, usually attracted to come here again and again. Tourists from around the world are attracted here not only by the exoticism of Cuba, but also the local color of the people – the main value of the island, they are always open and welcoming to every visitor to this charming island.

The unforgettable taste of rum “Havana Club” and the world-famous cigars brand “Cohiba” attract connoisseurs of exclusive varieties of tobacco, which are known throughout the world.

Active nightlife is booming not only in Havana, but also in the famous resort of Varadero, fiery rhythms of salsa and merengue you will hear on the beaches, bars, restaurants, fine hotels, which lined the coast.

Favorable climate of Liberty Island makes it a year-round resort, there is almost no high humidity, and quite high daytime temperature, especially in summer, reaching 30 ° C is mitigated by constantly blowing a light sea breeze.

We know almost everything about this island and we’d love to share our feelings with you!

Cuba attracts tourists with its colonial architecture, mild climate, golden beaches, national customs and habits, history and natural attractions. Choosing the rest in Cuba, many tourists from Kiev and other Ukrainian cities travel for perfumed Cuban cigars, authentic Cuban rum and natural Cuban coffee.

Cuba has the best conditions for health and ecological tourism. Tour of Havana

The capital of Cuba is undoubtedly the most important tourist center of the largest of the Greater Antilles. And the center of attraction within Havana is its historic center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. This part of the city has been considered for centuries the “key to the Gulf of Mexico,” and a visit to it is a must on the island.

But first of all you will have to drive through modern Havana by bus and see such sights as Revolution Square, the University of Havana, the Columbus Cemetery, and visit the most famous cigar factory “Partagas”. From here you will pass through the historic center, where you will have to walk through the Plaza de Armas (Plaza de Armas), Plaza de la Cathedral (Plaza de la Catedral) and Plaza Vieja (Plaza Vieja), around which the magnificent old buildings and structures that were once part of the walled city are clustered.

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Visit Hemingway-related sites including La Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio bars. Leave free time for lunch and shopping at the local market.

We recommend comfortable shoes, hats, and bring your camera/video camera.

One of the most famous and most visited places in Cuba and Latin America is the Tropicana cabaret show. The cabaret is located in a picturesque open-air park. Since its founding in 1939, the Tropicana has hosted some of the most famous singers and musicians from North and South America. Today the legendary cabaret continues to attract people from all over the world.

Today Tropicana has become a worldwide brand associated not only with the most spectacular cabaret in the Caribbean but also with the island of Liberty itself and the warm nights of Havana. You’ll have a lot of fun when you visit the evening show. Enjoy the best show in the Caribbean!

The tour includes: Welcome glass of champagne and 1/4 bottle of Havana Club rum (3, 5, or 7 years old)!

No children under 16 years old are allowed.

We invite you to an informative tour of the historical sites of Havana associated with Hemingway. The famous American writer called the Cuban capital “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

You will visit the Ambos Mundos Hotel, where Hemingway settled in the early 30’s and the Finca la Fijia house-museum, where one of the writer’s best works, The Old Man and the Sea, was written. This house contains many of Hemingway’s personal belongings, as the writer, when leaving the island, left lightly.

You will visit Hemingway’s favorite bars, La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita. Then you will visit the fishing village of Cojimar where there is a monument to Hemingway, from where the writer went fishing.

You’ll also take a walking tour of Old Havana and explore its ancient streets and squares. Feel the spirit of colonial Havana by walking through Los Ophicios, Empedrado, Tacón and Mercaderes.

We recommend comfortable shoes, hats, and bring your camera/video camera.

Viñales Valley is a beautiful natural park located west of Havana. It is here that, according to experts, the best tobacco in the world grows. At the cigar factory you will learn how tobacco is grown and dried.

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After your visit to the cigar factory, you will head north to Viñales Valley National Park, in the Sierra de los Organos Mountains. From the observation deck of Los Hardinés you will have a great view of the “prehistoric” wall of Mogotes with a colorful mural.

You will also see the Palenque de los Cimarrones (the camp where escaped slaves hid) and visit an Indian cave.

You will be able to dine in nature and taste traditional Cuban cuisine.

We recommend comfortable shoes, hats, and a camera/video camera.

On a specially equipped trolling boat you will go to the Atlantic Ocean to try your luck and catch the biggest marlin or barracuda. Fishing in the open ocean is an activity that excites even those who have never picked up a spinning rod.

Even if you are not lucky enough to catch a big one, the experience of being on a boat in the open ocean is unforgettable! The boats are equipped with everything you need for trolling fishing.

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Havana, Cuba. Discover what the pearl of the Caribbean once was

The Cuban capital will instantly engulf you with its ubiquitous Latin American rhythms, the smell of gasoline and diversity at every turn. Although the golden days are irretrievably gone, this queen of the Caribbean has a lot to offer. Just look around and you’ll marvel at the architectural masterpieces hidden beneath the original veil of poverty. And that’s what makes Havana one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A European-American-Chinese slice of Cuba

There’s probably not a single uninteresting place in Cuba, and the capital of nearly two million people, Havana, is no exception. Thanks to its almost 500 years of existence, it boasts a wide range of historic buildings in different architectural styles, from 16th century palaces and magnificent cathedrals and fortresses, to lavish colonial and modern art buildings. The most beautiful part of the city is undoubtedly the historical core of today’s Cuban capital, the so-called Old Havana.

Havana, Cuba. Rediscover the former glory of the Pearl of the Caribbean - Photo 2

A European-American-Chinese slice of Cuba

It consists of four main squares (Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de San Francisco and Plaza Vieja) and, as in the past, is a major center of commerce, entertainment and tourism. The centerpiece of the city walls is the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, one of the oldest forts in the Americas.

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Havana’s landmark is the National Capitol, or Capitolio, the most beautiful and majestic building, which has become the symbol of Havana. The resemblance to the Capitol in Washington is not accidental. The author himself openly admitted that he was inspired by it. Interestingly, directly beneath the dome is a copy of the twenty-four carat diamond by which the distance between Havana and other places in Cuba is calculated.

Around the Capitol you will find many other magnificent buildings built in the style of Spanish colonial architecture and the majestic Paseo de Marti (Prado), inspired by Barcelona’s Las Ramblas. Although it used to be one of the most elegant sites Havana could boast, it has also suffered the ravages of time.

Freedom Promenade

The very heart of Havana is undoubtedly the charming Malecon promenade, studded with villas whose colors have long since faded. Oriented toward the shores of the United States, the Cubans call it the Promenade of Freedom and the point where the whole world meets. Indeed, there is no place that more strongly reveals the Cuban soul and attracts more locals and tourists than the aforementioned Malecón, at the end of which rises another imposing structure.

Havana, Cuba. Discover the former glory of the pearl of the Caribbean Sea - Photo 3

Freedom Promenade

As in any major city, you will encounter the sprawling Chinatown of Barrio Chino. But you look in vain for the Chinese here. They allegedly left Cuba after Fidel Castro first uttered the word “socialism. Nevertheless, this ambiguous neighborhood is worth a visit.

Because of the long trade embargo and the poor economic situation, Cuba boasts the richest collection of working vintage open-air cars, whose owners mostly make their living driving tourists around. So it’s probably no surprise that driving a 1950s American car around the roads of Havana is an unforgettable but relatively expensive experience. If you’re traveling on your own, be prepared for locals to try to rip you off as a tourist on everything from lodging and cabs to food and souvenirs . But if you make it clear that you know what the real cost is, you can save quite a bit.

The salsa revolution and the smoke of Cuban cigars

As you walk around Havana, don’t forget the Plaza de la Revolución, a sprawling plaza surrounded by gray buildings from the late 1950s. Today it is the seat of the Cuban government and the site of mass political rallies. Although the square itself is nothing particularly interesting, what is striking is its monumentality and vastness. Central to it is one of Havana’s highest points, the magnificent Memorial y Museo a Jos Mart y, the Cuban poet, writer and national hero. You can take an elevator up to the top, where you have a breathtaking view of the entire city.

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Havana, Cuba. Discover the glory of a jewel of the Caribbean Sea - Photo 4

The salsa revolution and the smoke of Cuban cigars

A giant bronze silhouette of revolutionary Che Guevara on the facade of an unassuming building, including the infamous inscription “Hasta la victoria Siempre”. which translates to “Till the end of the victory,” is also a major landmark.

No matter how much of a rum aficionado you are, it’s impossible to leave Cuba without sampling a real Cuban drink. Although you will be served it at almost every turn, don’t miss the Museo del Ron, where you will be introduced to the history and production process of the delicious rum, the differences between the different types, and, finally, a modest tasting. You can also taste the sugar cane juice that is used to make rum.

Havana, Cuba. Discover the former glory of the pearl of the Caribbean Sea - Photo 5

The Salsa Revolution and the Smoke of Cuban Cigars

Cuba is also known for its beautifully grown tobacco and it would be a shame not to visit the Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partags, where the sunniest Cuban cigars are produced. During a tour you have a unique opportunity to see the entire production process, from sorting the leaves to rolling and boxing the cigars. The workers, who work up to 12 hours a day, produce in a single shift around 25,000 cigars of the best brands such as Monte Cristo, Cohiba and Partags.

If you’ve never been to Bodeguita, it’s like you’ve never been to Havana Among the unwritten must-sees in Havana are two of famous writer Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bars: La Floridita, the cradle of daiquiris, and La Bodeguita del Medio, Cuba’s most famous bar. “When it comes to mojitos, it’s at Bodeguita. When it’s daiquiris, it’s at Floridita,” reads a quote in a frame on the bar. You should definitely visit it during your walks around town, even if you can get the famous mojitos that this American rum lover regularly drinks here, cheaper and better anywhere else. If you have time and desire in the evening, do not be lazy to go to the famous nightclub Tropicana, where the world-famous cabaret shows in the style of Las Vegas, but with more expensive ticket prices. Another famous and equally popular place is Buena Vista Social Club.

Local specialties

In terms of gastronomy, the selection of traditional Cuban dishes is not as varied as you’re used to seeing in other countries because of the rationing system, but there’s still plenty to eat here. You definitely shouldn’t miss lunch or dinner at one of the typical Cuban restaurants. The most impressive is Mama Ins, which was opened by the magnificent chef Erasmo, known for cooking for Fidel Castro, Jane Fonda, Jimmy Carter, and Hugo Chavez.

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He offers classic Cuban dishes such as Ropa Vieja, black bean soup, fried bananas and seafood, all at great prices. Chocolate lovers shouldn’t miss the extraordinary Chocolate Museum located in the heart of Havana Vieja. For just a few CUC you can get your daily dose of quality treats, truffles and other chocolates that are made right here.

Havana, Cuba. Discover the glory of a jewel of the Caribbean Sea - Photo 6

Local specialties

A visit to Havana’s famous Coppelia ice cream parlor, housed in a bizarre building resembling a flying saucer, has its charms. The ice cream parlor became famous in 1993, when a key scene in the Cuban film Strawberries and Chocolate was shot there. In addition to great ice cream at a great price, this place is famous for its long lines. As a tourist, security will probably direct you to a smaller garden, but if you want to experience the true Cuban atmosphere , ignore those instructions and get out of line. After all, they are an integral part of Cuban life.

A diverse city and a place of eternal controversy

Experienced travelers who have been to different parts of the world, only Havana, Cuba leaves an indelible impression. You’ll find beautiful colonial buildings, unsightly communist architecture, and dilapidated buildings that will make you feel that better times are yet to come. Not so long ago, Havana was known as the Paris of the Caribbean, and its unquestionable architectural beauty was unmatched anywhere else in the world. But with the rise to power of Fidel Castro’s communist regime, the city was transformed overnight, its streets gradually turning gray and deserted.

Havana, Cuba. Discover the former glory of the pearl of the Caribbean Sea - Photo 7

A multifaceted city and a place of eternal contradictions

Anyone who has been to this unique city will surely agree that Havana, despite its contradictions, is a truly beautiful city, the charm of which lies primarily in its unique diversity and extraordinary differences, as well as the beauty and charm of the whole of Cuba. Just strolling through the streets of Havana is one of the highlights of the experience. But there are countless interesting places to see, and it would be almost impossible to visit them all in one vacation, but at least you will have one more reason to return.

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