Haunted castles of the world

10 mystical castles with ghosts

What can attract lovers of the unknown and the supernatural more than medieval castles? Only castles with ghosts! Don’t believe in ghosts? Perhaps a visit to these places will change your ideas.

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1. Warwick Castle in England.

Built in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror, this castle saw more battles than any other in Europe – so much violence took place in its halls. The most mystical place is said to be the “ghostly tower,” which was home to the ghost of Sir Fulke Greville. He was murdered by his own servant in 1628 and now appears every evening from his portrait hanging on the wall in the tower. The dungeon is another haunted place in the castle. Many complain of nausea and weakness when they touch the rusty bars and torture devices.

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2. Predjamski Castle in Slovenia

Built inside a cave, Predjamski Castle was a mighty fortress that withstood numerous fierce attacks and assaults. And yet in XIV-XV centuries the castle was destroyed by a series of long sieges and earthquakes. In 1567 the castle was rebuilt, along with numerous secret tunnels and passages, which are still haunted to this day by the ghosts of many soldiers who died within the walls of the castle. Various noises and footsteps can clearly be heard from the dungeons and tunnels beneath the castle.

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3. Dragsholm Castle in Denmark

Built in the late twelfth century Dragsholm Castle is now used as a luxury hotel. It is known for exactly a hundred ghosts that roam the corridors every night. We can only guess how the “census” of these inhabitants was made. The three best known are the Gray Lady, the Lady in White, and the Earl of Bothwell. The story of the Lady in White, who fell in love with a peasant, is considered the saddest. Her father found out about the affair and imprisoned his daughter in the wall of one of the rooms, never to be remembered again. In the thirties, workers restoring a wing of the castle actually found the skeleton of a young woman in a white robe in the wall. The gray lady had been a servant in the castle. And after her death, she could not leave her place of work. So even now she returns occasionally to check on things. As for the Earl of Botwell, he died imprisoned in a dungeon, and his ghost still cannot leave the castle.

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4. Leap Castle in Ireland.

The castle on this site was built during the Iron Age, so it had plenty of time to become haunted. The most interesting history of the castle is connected with the chapel where in 1532 a soldier killed his brother priest with a sword. And now the priest’s ghost dwells in the room with the frightening name “Bloody Chapel”. Another scary spirit is called a certain phenomenon that does not look like a human being. It is described as a creature the size of a sheep, but with a human face and black sockets instead of eyes. Its appearance can also be judged by its characteristic putrid odor. The dungeon has also been “enriched” with many spooky stories. For example, if one of them is to be believed, there is a room in the dungeon with a special hatch through which prisoners were thrown directly onto numerous metal spikes embedded in the floor.

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5. Gowska Castle in the Czech Republic

In the woods north of Prague there is a not-so-ordinary castle, it has never been attacked in any way. The castle was built to hide something inside itself. According to legend, a passage in this place led straight into hell, from which a half-man, half-monster once escaped. In the 13th century, the local rulers decided to build a castle to close off access to the netherworld. Before doing so, they lowered a soldier with a rope into the pit. The soldier let out a cry, and when they pulled him out, he died a couple of days later. In 1930, Gowska Castle attracted Hitler’s attention. The Nazis began to use it for a series of secret experiments and several bodies of Nazi soldiers were found executed below. If rumors are to be believed, the skeletons of extraterrestrial beings were also found in the castle. And eyewitnesses have more than once spotted the ghosts of a headless black horse and a woman who looms in the window from time to time in the castle.

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6. Moosham Castle in Austria

Moosham Castle is a wonderful example of Austrian architecture and ghost stories. Built in the 12th century, it is also known as the Castle of the Witches because of its sinister past. It is the site of the bloodiest witch trials in history. Between 1675 and 1687, thousands of women were called witches and sentenced to death by the Inquisition. They were tortured and deprived of their heads within the castle walls. Most of them continue to come to these halls, but already as ghosts. In addition to its role as a site for the execution of witches, Moosham Castle also served as a werewolf’s lair. The story can be traced back to the beginning of the XIX century, when many mutilated cattle and deer corpses were found near the castle. As a consequence, some of Moosham’s residents were tried and imprisoned as werewolves.

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7. Chateau de Bricke in France

The Château de Bricqa is the tallest castle in France. Its seven floors are located in the heart of the picturesque Loire valley and is the most haunted place in the world. In the 11th century, the owner of the manor was a certain Pierre de Brézé. His wife Charlotte had an affair with a commoner and used the rooms across the wall from her husband’s room for his amorous pastime. But Brézé stayed awake and listened to their moans of passion night after night until the two lovers mysteriously disappeared. It is likely that Pierre de Brézé had a hand in this event. However it happened, Pierre did not succeed in destroying the lovers. On dark nights he kept hearing their moans until he began to lose his mind and fled the castle. The sounds of their passion can still be heard today.

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8. Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Built in the 12th century, Edinburgh Castle is one of those places where atheists become believers as soon as they set foot on its doorstep. Founded on the site of an extinct volcano, it is a symbol of Scotland. According to some reports, the place is a paranormal hotspot where ghostly figures regularly appear before visitors. For example, Lady Glamis was often spotted wandering the dark halls of the castle. She was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 1537. Since 1650, the ghost of a beheaded drummer boy has haunted the castle. There is also a bagpiper, an old man in a leather apron and even the ghost of a dog galloping near the cemetery. And from the tunnels of the castle you can still hear the French prisoners imprisoned during the Seven Years’ War.

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9. Chillingham Castle in England

The name of the castle is as chilling as the gloomy place itself. Chillingham Castle served one purpose alone: to kill. A certain John Sage worked here as an executioner and torturer for three years in a torture chamber. He is said to have tortured about fifty people a week. Even today at night you can still hear John Sage dragging bodies around. Another famous ghost is the Blue Boy, who haunts the pink room. Bright colors for a ghost story. Castle guests assured that they heard loud crying, then saw blue flashes of light above their bed. The haunting stopped after an extended reconstruction was made and the bodies of a man and a boy were found buried in a 10-foot wall.

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10. Berry Pomeroy Castle in England.

Those who strolled near the ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle might have encountered the Blue Lady, who lured them into the tower where they were dying by seduction. She is the ghost of the daughter of a Norman lord raped by her own father. Some claim that the child was strangled by her father, while others attribute the atrocity to the girl herself. Now her tortured ghost roams the territory, an omen of death, some believe. The Blue Lady is not the only ghost haunting Berry Pomeroy Castle. The White Lady is believed to be the ghost of Margaret Pomeroy, who was locked up by her jealous sister Eleanor and left to die without food. Both sisters were in love with the same man. In the nineteenth century, Berry Castle Pomeroy was considered a very romantic place. Many artists and amateurs often visited it, and rumor has it that one of them did manage to take a picture of the White Lady standing near the ivy-covered walls.

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