Hammamet is one of the most popular places in Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia – an honest review of Hammamet, photos, map, beaches and attractions

Hammamet is one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia, where tourists from Europe and the CIS vacation. Is it worth to go there, where is the city ️ and what should see, we will tell you in this article, it is especially useful for those who go there as a couch potato, but those who bought a tour – too

Hammamet is a popular city in Tunisia with an excellent territory for tourism. Everything here is aimed at a comfortable, full recreation of people. The local population is engaged mainly in service tourists, other sectors of the economy in the region are absent. In the summer, Tunisians from neighboring settlements come to the city to work in the many hotels, restaurants, stores and other tourist infrastructure. You will not see any residential areas in tourist zones, but there are plenty of grocery stores, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, entertainment venues near any hotel. Read more about this resort town in the article will tell you Well Tam .

In this picturesque corner of the earth can not only have a good rest, but also perfectly healthy. After all, one of the reasons for its fame – numerous thalassotherapy centers.

For a bit of comfort in the city of citrus alleys and olive groves since the days of the First World War came the wealthy French and British. The influential gentleman George Sebastian built his luxurious villa here in the early 20th century rather than in the then popular European resort of Sidi Bou Said. The building now houses the Hammamet International Cultural Center.

General Information


The population of Hammamet is about 98 thousand people.


The state official currency in the locality is the Tunisian Dinar. At the time of writing, the rate of 1 USD = 2,88 TND, and 100 RUR = 4,28 TND.

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Tourists please note: count your change, foreigners often try to cheat.


The official language of the country is Arabic. Many speak French and literary Arabic, most people speak a Tunisian dialect of Arabic. Linguistic studies show that the Tunisian dialect is similar to the Maltese language. Berber dialects are more common in the central and southeastern parts of the country.


Islam is the official religion, but all citizens are allowed to adopt any faith. A small part of the population practices Judaism or Christianity.


  • Area code: 72
  • Info bureau: (72) 280-423


Tunisia is located in North Africa. It has a border with Algeria on the west and Libya on the east. The resort is located on the peninsula of Cap Bon in the Mediterranean Sea Gulf of the same name. It is built 70 km from the capital of the state and is adjacent to the resort towns in the north – Nabelle, in the south – Yasmine

The resort is dominated by a Mediterranean climate: pleasant, windless. Settlement in the subtropical climate zone. Part of the country is in the desert, so you will get acquainted with the hot climate if you go on an excursion to the Sahara. In the west of the country are the Atlas Mountains, which are up to 1000 meters high, and it may snow here in the winter.

Attractions of the resort and significant places

The city is famous for its rich history, so architectural monuments from different eras have been preserved here. Many vacationers come to enjoy a beach holiday. But sightseeing holidays are no less in demand among travelers. You can walk around the local attractions on your own.

Ruins of Pupput.

The ancient city was born back in the first century BC. The once successful settlement was ruthlessly destroyed by pirates. Little is left of Pupput, only ruins, around which a new city, Hammamet, was built. A visit to one of the most popular places in the city is the duty of every vacationer.

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