Hamburg is Germany’s architectural city

Hamburg is Germany’s architectural city

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During World War II, more than half of Hamburg was destroyed by Allied aircraft, so there are not many old neighborhoods left. But despite this Hamburg is quite unique, here the old architecture flows smoothly into the Art Nouveau and then to the ultra-modern buildings of glass and concrete.


2. There are a lot of different styles even in one building- a brick house and then some modern ones.


3. A translucent office building. By the way, the fact that the Christmas tree and the asphalt near it lighter is not photoshop, it is a shadow of a cloud so lay.

Modern building in Hamburg

4. A sailboat building under construction near the port. Very nice.


5. And this is a new modern district with a marina.


6. Some streets are very reminiscent of Parisian ones.


7. A police station


8. The red-brick buildings are the trademark of Hamburg.


9. And of course – bridges, bridges, bridges. Because Hamburg, as you remember, has the first place in the number of bridges.


10. Another Old Town neighborhood.


At the end of the canal there are cafeterias and restaurants on floating pontoons. When we were there, unfortunately, the water had been drained out of the canal and the pontoons were standing on a layer of silt.


12. The Protestant (?) church.


13. And this is a monument of the Second World War. After the bombings only the tower was left of the huge church. The church was not reconstructed, the tower was reinforced so it would not fall, and the ruins were left. As a lesson for posterity.


14. Old houses are beautiful because they are unique. Each house has its own history, its own features. For example, the bronze ship on top.


15. Or half-buried animals.


16. Or a boy stealing grapes.


17. Or even Hamburg itself, carved out of stone.


18. The old harbor warehouses are one of Hamburg’s landmarks. Long houses of red brick stretch for many kilometers.


19. The port buildings now house various offices, including the Wunderland Museum of Miniatures, about which I have already written


20. A bird’s eye view of the old quarter.


21. The houses, though old, are huge.


22. Some of them even have half-timbered houses.





26. And of course you can’t go anywhere without bicycles.



28. Church of the Archangel Michael, usually referred to simply as Michel.


29. Our time has come to an end, a couple of interesting stories for the sweet ;)


30. We met this woman on the bicycle, near Michele, which is not hard to guess :) The pensioner from Yekaterinburg, travels in Germany by bicycle and hitchhiking =). More precisely, the use of car sharing, special site looking for hitchhikers. Lives through coach surfing too. All this she does on her Russian pension. Dreams to travel all over Germany on a bicycle. Claims not to speak German, but I think a little just shy, hardly does not speak at all.


31. The picture of these Masonic gold pyramids on the front of this building almost cost me my camera. As soon as I started taking pictures, an angry security guard came running in and demanded that I stop. A little squabbling with him and realizing that the options are not many, I had to move 50 meters away and finish it with a telly. Out of spite. By the way, are there any specialists of German law, is it legal to ban shooting of a building in the city, on public property?

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