Guide to Rome, Italy: how to visit Rome on a limited budget

Prices in Rome : how much money you need in 2022 – Travel Budget

37 € (2,183.2 ₽) is the minimum budget for a day in Rome . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes). In summer you will need at least 42€ because of the rise in housing prices.

The budget doesn’t include the flight and insurance costs. Before the pandemic, a round-trip ticket from Moscow could be found for 10-12 thousand rubles. Sign up for Telegram-channel @samokatus not to miss the news about the opening of Italy to Russian tourists.

Insurance in Schengen will cost you about 1 € per day. Insurance can be picked up on the service Cherehapa. Cherehapa is Aviaseils in the world of insurance, selects from dozens of options the cheapest or most appropriate to the parameters. Cherehapa is our partner and we recommend it as the best insurance aggregator.

The current exchange rate is 1 EUR = 60.6 RUB. Exchange of currency in Rome is not the easiest thing to do, most exchange offices take a commission (percentage or fixed). Therefore it is better to pay with a card or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Open borders card:

What are the coronavirus restrictions in Rome in 2022?

As of mid-February 2022, a Russian citizen traveling from outside the EU cannot enter Italy for tourist purposes – you will need to sit out a 10-day quarantine and, if you are unlucky, prove in detail at the border why and why you are here. We recommend to fly to Rome and other cities of Italy through accessible for Russians transit hubs: Budapest, Athens, Thessaloniki.

At the end of 2021 Italian authorities divided the country into four categories – depending on outbreaks of COVID-19 the region can be placed in white, yellow, orange or red zone. If a region is placed on the red list, additional restrictions are imposed: it is not possible to travel between individual cities or within cities unless necessary.

Entry and exit in the red and orange categories is possible only in connection with certain circumstances: work, study, medical needs. In addition, bars, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores, except for grocery and tobacco stores, pharmacies, and newsstands, are completely shut down in the red zone.

As for Rome, since the beginning of 2022, the Lazio region has been kept alternately in the white and yellow zones. Nevertheless, from January 10 to March 31, 2022 in the cities of Italy are the new anticovision rules:

  • Only those who have been vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine or have had COVID-19 in the past 365 days (Super Green Pass holders) will be able to check into a hotel. Russian tourists with the Sputnik V will have to take a PCR test or antigen every 48 hours to show the Green Pass without the prefix Super.
  • Only Super Green Pass holders can visit museums, sporting events, fairs and ski elevators.
  • Visiting bars, restaurants and cafés is only possible if you show the Super Green Pass. Otherwise, you will be offered only a table on the street.
  • Parties, discotheques, concerts and public events in the open air are prohibited.
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From February 1, 2022 the validity of Green Pass in Italy was reduced to 6 months, and to enter clubs and discos, as well as to get to sporting events, the Mega Green Pass is required – it is issued after the third dose of vaccine approved by the WHO.

Visa / Money

To enter Italy you need a Schengen visa . Schengen visas are short-term (type “C”) and long-term (type “D”). Short-stay visa entitles you to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within six months of crossing the border (rule 90/180). It can be issued for a maximum of five years.

In order to apply for Italian visa you need to provide the consulate with certain financial guarantees at the rate of 52 € per person per day.

From May 3, 2021 only people who have an Italian tourist visa (Schengen visa type “C”) that expired on January 1, 2020 can apply for a tourist Schengen visa to Italy.

How much does it cost to get from Rome airport to the city?

If you fly into Fiumicino Airport, there are the following ways to get to the center of Rome:

  • Buses. The trips from the airport are operated by several companies.Terravision for 6 € (363.9 ₽), SIT shuttle for 7 € (424.5 ₽) and others.
  • Leonardo Express train (non-stop, travel time about half an hour) – 14 € (849.0 ₽) per ticket. The regular regional train FL1 takes longer, but the ticket costs only 8 € (485.2 ₽).
  • A fixed price cab to the center of Rome is €48 (2,910.9 ₽).
  • Individual transfers (at a cost of 56 €) can be booked on KiwiTaxi or Intui.Travel. You will be met by a driver with a sign in hand.

Most low-cost flights arrive at Ciampino Airport, which is closer to the city center. The following options are available:

  • Terravision bus or shuttle to Termini SIT costs €6 (₽363.9).
  • The Atral-Lazio bus will take you to the Anagnina metro terminus for 1.4 € (72.8 ₽), and from there the metro (1.5 €). For the same price, the company’s bus will take you to the Ciampino train station, from where you can continue to the city center by train.
  • The fixed price for a cab to the center is €30 (1,819.3 ₽).
  • Individual transfers (50 €) can be booked at KiwiTaxi or Intui.Travel.

How do I get around the city?

How much does public transportation cost?

Buses, streetcars and subways represent the public transport of Rome, the tickets are unified. The transportation system also includes regional trains.

  • A ticket for 100 minutes (BIT) costs 1.5 € (91.0 ₽), you can transfer from transport to transport, but only one trip on the metro is included.
  • A 24-hour ticket costs €7, €12.5 for 48 and €18 for 72. A weekly pass costs 24 € (1,455.5 ₽).
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You can use Google Maps or the Roma Bus and Rome Metro apps to plan your routes.

How much does a cab cost?

In Rome, the price per ride will be 3€ (181.9 ₽) during the day on weekdays, 6.5€ (394.2 ₽) at night and 4.5€ (272.9 ₽) on weekends. There are three fares per kilometer: €1.1, €1.3, €1.6. Calling a cab for a certain time will add 3.5 € to the price. Uber isn’t much cheaper (5€ per landing and 1.2€ per kilometer).

How much does gasoline and parking cost?

A liter of 92 gasoline in Rome costs an average of €1.8 (109.2 ₽). In the center of Rome, only locals or hotel guests are allowed to park on the streets (you must arrange in advance with the hotel to have your license plates registered).

Parking near the historic center is charged on weekdays at €1.5 per hour, further away from the center it’s €0.5 per hour or €2 for 12 hours.

Prices for a day of underground parking range from €15 to €40, while a day of parking at changing stations farther from the center costs only €3.

Rental bikes will cost 3-5 € per hour or 12-15 € per day (eg, BICI&BACI). Also popular in Rome is renting scooters, especially Vespa. A day rental will cost 40-50€ (e.g. RomebyVespa).

How to travel from Rome to other cities?

From Rome it’s very convenient to travel around Italy. You can arrange a day-trip to Naples (only an hour by train) or head south (it takes 3-4 hours to Bari or Calabria, but you can also take Ryanair). And then there’s Verona, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Venice… In general, you’re sure to find a place to go. For bus and train schedules, visit the Omio website.

How much does it cost to stay in Rome?

Hotels: In Rome, the competition of hotels and guest houses is unimaginable, their pricing policy generally obeys the following logic. During the season, double rooms in guesthouses and hotels further away from the center range from €35-40 (e.g. Hotel Fidene or Pastels Rooms), in the center from €45-50 (e.g. Domus del Corso or Hotel Gloria).

A room at a three-star hotel further from the center costs from €55 (e.g. Hotel Colony or Hotel Jonico) and in the center from €75-80 (e.g. Raeli Hotel or Hotel Pavia).

Camping Village Roma offers bungalows in season with prices between 24€ and 36€, depending on the type of bungalow.

In the off-season, prices are about a third lower. When booking pay attention whether the price includes the city tax – 2 € per night per person. In hotels 4-5* the city tax is higher – 4 € per person per night.

Hostels: Prices in hostels also depend on the season. In summer, prices start at 15 € for medium-sized hostels (e.g. Termini Colosseum); a place in a shared room in a good hostel (with a rating of 7 or more) costs at least 19 € (e.g. Rome Experience Hostel). Out of season, a place can be rented for €9, and excellent hostels in Rome start at €15 (The Yellow or Palladini Hostel Rome, for example).

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AirBnb: In the summer, an apartment in the center of Rome will cost you around 60 €, but if you book well in advance you can get accomodation for as little as 40 €. Prices for rooms start at €30. Out of season, lodgings are cheaper.

If you don’t have an AirBnb account, you can get €35 off your first booking by following this link.

So a good budget accommodation in Rome will cost you €9-15 per night per person.

How much does it cost to connect?

Of all Italian mobile operators, TIM has the cheapest offer for internet: 4 GB for 12€.

A way to save money is to order a DrimSim card for travelers back in Russia. What do we like about Drimsim:

  • Cheap Internet. ~10 € per 1 gb in many countries (except for the rarely visited by tourists third world countries, a detailed list of prices)
  • The SIM card will already work on the plane: you can immediately order a cab or write to the hostess.
  • Charging is based on megabytes, i.e. for 100 mb you pay ~1 €. If you want to go to a country with cheap internet for more than 3-4 days, it is worth buying a local sim, if less, then it is worth looking at the travel sim.

The card will cost 10€ to ship, and you will get a free 7€ credit if you sign up here. The minimum top-up amount on the Dreamsim is 25€. Keep that in mind.

In Italy, 1 gb of Internet from Dreamsim costs 10 €.

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants?

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