Grandvalira – the largest ski resort in Southern Europe

Grandvalira ski resort (Andorra, Grandvalira) – reviews

Review of Grandvalira Ski Resort (Andorra, Grandvalira)

Good day dear readers and guests of the site “otzovik”. On my next vacation, we decided to go skiing. I really wanted to go to Andorra, so the choice fell on the ski Grandvalira. We landed in.

Great off-piste skiing with a lot of downhill. Wide well-kept slopes of varying complexity.

Groomed trails, a lot of off-piste skiing (freeride), a variety of trails on any level. duty-free trade (alcohol, tobacco, electronics). Proximity to France and Spain.

No general ski-bass (only local). No evening skiing. No caps from the wind and snow on the chairs of elevators.

We are talking about a tourist trip through the tour operator ANEX Tour. Where we lived and how much the trip cost you can read here. And now, let’s go =) Grandvalira is a ski resort in 5 small ones.

Never again.

My opinion is a little biased, because I’ve been to Mayrhofen in Austria before. But it’s horrible. 1. Attitude. No one gives a shit about you. “Can’t speak Spanish? Get out of here.” Very few people know English or even.

A review of what you can do at a ski resort in the summer

While looking for an extreme experience, I came across information that Andorra has as many as two amusement parks, Naturlandia and Grandvalira. We only had one day left and we wanted to spend it well, so.

Wonderful vacation at Grandvalira ski resort (Andorra, Grandvalira) – mountains, sun, snow, skis!

Quite budget, but comfortable vacation compared to even the Italian Dolomites. A variety of skiing with long groomed slopes. At the same time there is no such an obvious oxygen starvation, as the maximum height of the tops of the skiing – 2600m.

Uncomfortable way – 4 hours on the flight (by charter at night). 4 hours – transfer to the hotel (until all disperse). Food on the slopes – primitive: coffee, tea, beer, pastries, hamburgers, and . everything. In the evening, except for bars with shouting British, nothing to do, alas.

El Salvador: a former Spanish colony washed by the Pacific Ocean

We stayed in February 2020, Hotel Soldeu Himalaya. We were lucky with the weather: all week – from February 15 to 22 – SUN! and comfortable temperature – up to 5-8C warm during the day, at night with a light drizzle. Cool skating, everything.

Ideal place for skiing.

Excellent slopes and the quality of pistes, good service, a large choice of hotels, a variety of levels of slopes, all the conveniences for skiing is

At the New Year holidays (2019-2020) flew to Andorra, chose this place on the recommendation of friends and based on the reviews of other people. As a result, we didn’t miss a thing. We took a bus from Barcelona airport, we had a lot of stops on the way.


Went to Andorra during the New Year) I had a little adventures) Holidays in Grandvalira – valley, which combines several ski resorts. I liked it there very much! I love skiing, and before that, neither.

It’s a great ski resort.

Excellent ski complex, which includes three levels of complexity of trails, for beginners-A, for experienced-B and extreme-C, which are marked with the colors blue, green and red respectively; There is a rental of skis, snowboards and tubing, for which, by the way, there is.

It is a wonderful place for active rest for the whole family.

I had a chance to ski at Grandvalira ski resort at the end of March 2011. Rest in Periney left a lot of unforgettable and vivid impressions. Since we lived in Andorra la Vella, our skiing started from the nearest to Andorra.

The resort is the most amazing in my life.

Remained such impressions, just very beautiful, everything was amazing, in my life was not such a resort, such slopes, good instructors help in everything, I will come here and next year, in short I will come here.


Not predictable weather, confusing trail designation, few cafes on the mountain, big lines at lunchtime for food, coffee, etc.

Interesting sights in France.

Rode in February 2018 from February 10 to 17. We were lucky, we arrived a week before the French school vacations, take this into account when you plan your trip time, on the slopes significantly increases the number of people, noticed it.

Only mountains can be better than the mountains!

One ski pass for the whole complex, the slopes are in excellent condition, there are guns, some elevators with heating.

Good day! Today I will tell you about Andorra ski resort Grandvalira. We lived at the very beginning of this complex – in the village of Pas de la Casa (2100 m above sea level) in the hotel Guineu 3*. That’s it.

A ski vacation for all tastes!

My skiing was previously limited to the slopes near Moscow, and it seemed to me that I had grasped the essence of skiing, learned to control myself. But to really understand what alpine skiing means is possible only at a real resort. For me.

This is the place where you forget the gray working days.

1. A lot of snow and soft slopes, which is very suitable for beginners in skiing or snowboarding 2. The possibility of combining two kinds of recreation – active recreation in the mountains and sightseeing in warm Barcelona. 3. Very beautiful scenery (everywhere) 4. Inexpensive

I am a beginner snowboarder and I was always afraid of mountains, I thought it was scary and if you are not adapted to the sport, you don’t belong there. But here we decided to go to Andorra. Joyful mood at the airport, then 5.

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