Going on holiday to Thailand with children

Holidays in Thailand with children – 2022: the best resorts and hotels

We tell you about holidays in Thailand with children in 2022: where to rest, when to go, what hotel to choose, how much do tours and tours cost. We study reviews of tourists about vacation in Thailand – 2022 with a child and give advice on the trip.

The article consists of 5 parts:

  1. Where it’s better to rest.
  2. Which hotel to choose?
  3. Prices for holidays
  4. Tourist reviews
  5. Tips and tricks

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Where to have a better holiday in Thailand with children

Where to go to Thailand with a child, what resort to choose in 2022?

Thailand has a lot of good resorts – on the mainland: (Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Khao Lak), and on islands (Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Chang). Each place has its own advantages: in the cities, lots of entertainment and attractions, on the islands – the clear water and the rich underwater world.

But not all resorts in Thailand are suitable for recreation with children: some poorly developed tourist infrastructure, others are not convenient to get to.

Below we will consider in detail the areas where holidays in Thailand with children are the best.


The popularity of the resort among tourists is largely due to the relatively low prices for holidays in Pattaya, even in high season. Tours in this part of Thailand are usually the cheapest, the cost of food and entertainment – too.

All beaches in Pattaya are municipal, equipped with well-developed infrastructure.

But the sea in Pattaya is not very clean, so accommodation should be chosen with special attention.

The main beach in the city – Pattaya beach – is the dirtiest, noisy and crowded. For a holiday in Thailand with children is better to consider the beaches, located further from the city center:

  • Jomtien beach – the water there is cleaner, there are fewer cars, and prices in cafes are slightly lower
  • Pratumnak beach – a beautiful view, quiet enough, a little less tourists. There is practically no trash. Store and cafe are nearby.
  • Wongamat beach – the water and sand on the beach are quite clean, the scenery is beautiful. But you have to walk to stores and cafes, because the coast is occupied by hotels.

However, we do not recommend choosing Pattaya for a vacation with small children in 2022 – this resort is too noisy and crowded. It is also not particularly clean and high morals (on the streets and beaches you can often meet members of various sexual minorities).

The pluses of recreation in Pattaya – a large number of attractions and excursions.

Where to relax in Pattaya with children:

  • Oceanarium;
  • Park “Mini Siam”;
  • Botanical Gardens;
  • zoo;
  • crocodile farm;
  • elephant village;
  • waterpark.

Choosing where to go on vacation in Thailand? Our article What’s better – Pattaya or Phuket will help you decide.

Where to vacation in Thailand with children

Photo: beach in Pattaya © Sini Fong / flickr.com

Phuket Island

The second popular place to vacation with children in Thailand in 2022 is Phuket Island.

There is an international airport there with direct flights from Russia. Transfer from Phuket airport to the hotel does not take more than an hour.

The cost of recreation in Phuket is slightly higher than in Pattaya – you can find a trip for about the same price, but the food and entertainment are more expensive. On the other hand, it pays off for the clean air, beautiful tropical landscapes, clean sea and a wide variety of beaches.

Which beach in Phuket to choose for a family vacation in Thailand:

    . This is the most popular beach in Phuket. There is an excellent infrastructure (a lot of entertainment and hotels near the sea), but it is quite crowded and noisy. The sea and the beach are not the cleanest, but better than in Pattaya.
  • Bang Tao. A fashionable district of the island. On the beach there are expensive hotels, restaurants, SPA-salons. The beach itself is located in a bay, so there is a shallow and almost never waves. The sand is fine and golden. Famous for its quartz sand, which crunches underfoot like fresh snow. All hotels are located across the street from the sea Karon. On the beach, there are restaurants, cafes, stores. However, particularly noisy entertainment is absent. The beach is not as pathos as the previous ones, but it has all the necessary tourist infrastructure and boasts the relative quietness. The coastline is long and the sea is shallow enough.
  • Kamala. A very quiet and peaceful place with hotels on the first coastline. The local sand is often compared with salt because of its shallowness and white color.
  • Nai Harn. Infrastructure on the beach Nai Harn is not the most developed, but if you are looking for peace, beautiful scenery, clean and quiet sea – this is the place for you. Another feature of the beach – there is a peculiar lake connected to the sea, so even in bad weather, children can safely splash in shallow sea water.
Architecture: gothic style

More useful information about the best beaches in Thailand for holidays with children in 2022:

Activities in Phuket for kids:

  • Dinosaur park, butterfly park, birds;
  • aquarium;
  • excursions to neighboring islands;
  • tiger kingdom;
  • water park;
  • Elephant Palace.

Watch a video about Nai Harn Beach in Phuket:

Samui Island

Another good option for a vacation in Thailand with a child is the island of Samui. Tours to this resort are much rarer, so the prices are higher (usually from 80000-100000 rubles for 3 people). But there are few packaged tourists.

Unlike Phuket, Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, so the seasons there are different from other resorts in Thailand. The best time for a holiday is summer (July, August), and in winter in this region is the rainy season.

On Koh Samui you will find a quiet secluded rest on the picturesque beaches. The infrastructure on the island is well developed, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: restaurants, stores, shopping centers, entertainment.

What beach on Koh Samui to choose for a trip with children? You need to know the rule: “the better developed infrastructure, the noisier the beach” and choose based on your preferences.

If to arrange the beaches of the island in order from the noisiest to the quietest, you get roughly the following sequence: Chaweng, Chaweng Noi, Lamai, Maenam, Taling Ngam, Lipa Noi.

What to visit with a child in Samui:

Hotels in Thailand for vacations with children

There are many hotels in Thailand suitable for holidays with a child. Many hotels have water parks and children’s pools with slides, entertainment, attractions. In hotels 4-5 stars is often a good choice of food, there is European cuisine, and a special menu for younger guests.

Below is a selection of the best hotels in Thailand for holidays with children in the major resorts of the country.

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G – 5 stars, Pattaya

The hotel is some distance from the center of Pratthaya and has its own sandy beach with free sun loungers and parasols.

Children’s activities include several clubs, a private pool, an equipped playroom, and an area with computer games.

The restaurant offers special high chairs, free breakfasts for children under 12, a large selection of fruits and vegetables, and a separate children’s menu.

The price for this hotel starts at 94000 rubles with breakfast included.

Phuket Marriott Resort Merlin Beach – 5 stars, Phuket

This hotel complex is located in its own cove near Patong Beach, so the hotel is quiet enough. The beach is sandy, but guests note that at low tide the corals are exposed.

Children are happy to swim in the separate pool, equipped with entertainment, play in the outdoor area with slides and swings, spend time in the children’s club with a team of animators.

There are several restaurants with different cuisines of the world. You can choose a meal suitable for you and your child.

Travel prices to the Merlin Beach Resort start from 117000 rubles with breakfast.

Holiday in Thailand with a child reviews

Photo: Phuket Marriott Resort Merlin Beach / tripadvisor.com

Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort – 4 Stars, Pattaya

The hotel is located on the edge of Jomtien Beach. Guests do not need to cross the road on their way to their own sandy beach, the sea here is clean enough.

Children can spend time in the pool, on the playground, play darts, and walk around the large and green area, see the pond with fish and a small live corner with a pet parrot.

Meals at the hotel restaurant is diverse and has many dishes that are suitable for children’s meals.

Prices for holidays for a family with a child start from 92000 rubles (with breakfast).

Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort – 5 stars, Phuket

One of the best hotels in Thailand for holidays with children. It is a luxurious complex, which occupies a huge area with golf courses, its own elephant farm, stables and water park. It is located on the sandy beach of Bang Tao, surrounded by coconut orchard. The entrance to the water is gentle, the tides are almost imperceptible.

For children on the territory has almost everything you can dream of: pool with slides, playground, children’s club, video games, animation.

Meals to taste you can choose from several restaurants located on the territory of the hotel. There is a separate menu for children. There are even dumplings and dumplings.

The cost of tours to the hotel Outrigger Laguna Phuket starts from 135000 rubles (with breakfast included).

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Thailand with children where to go

Photo: Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort / booking.com

Tour prices

The cost of a week holiday in Thailand for a family of three (2 adults + child) starts at 75000 rubles. For example, this is the price for a hotel Dacha Beach 2 * in Pattaya (breakfast included, 300 meters from the sea).

Rest in a hotel with 4-5 stars will cost from 80 000 rubles. For example, a tour at the Naithonburi Beach Resort Phuket 4 * (breakfast included, 125 meters to the beach) in Phuket costs 96000 rubles.

The cost of tours “all inclusive”

This system in Thailand is not very common, so the choice of hotels is small.

Prices for all-inclusive tours in 2022 start from 143000 rubles. For example, this is the cost of a trip to the five-star hotel Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort & Spa, 30 meters from the sea.

For more information about the cost of recreation – in the article Prices for all-inclusive tours in Thailand – 2022.

How to find good tours to Thailand?

Try the sites Travelat and Level.Travel – they compare the prices of trips from all tour operators and display them on one page. You can compare prices and choose the best option.

Read how to look for bargain tours:

Thailand with children – reviews of tourists

Most tourists who vacationed with children in Thailand, were satisfied with the trip. In their reviews among the advantages of recreation, they often all name the following:

  • it is possible to rest at any time of the year; on the need;
  • low prices for tours;
  • clean sea and a lot of beaches to choose from;
  • varied, tasty and cheap food (fruits and seafood);
  • friendly locals.

The main disadvantages of traveling to Thailand with a child are heat during the day, the abundance of exotic insects, the long flight and acclimatization.

Rest in Thailand with a child reviews of tourists

Photo: © Phuket@photographer.net / flickr.com

Tips and tricks

A few tips on vacationing in Thailand from experienced travelers:

  • different regions of the country have different weather, so before your trip read when it’s best to go to Thailand with a child and to which resort – for example, in our article Weather in Thailand by Months.
  • on the beach always keep an eye on your child: possible back currents and the presence of stinging jellyfish during the rainy season (May-November);
  • do not forget to take mosquito repellent (you can buy it on the spot);
  • drink only bottled water;
  • the child for swimming better buy special shoes, so he did not hurt himself on a sharp barnacle or sea urchin;
  • Food for children is better to choose from the European menu at decent restaurants (do not buy food from street vendors). The local food is too rich in spices and seasonings, and the food on the street may not meet health standards;
  • Do not be frightened by the attention of Thais to your child, they are just very friendly.

Been to Thailand yet? Share your opinion on holidays with children – your review will be useful for tourists who are going to Thailand.

Holidays in Thailand with children 2022

Rest in Thailand with Children

If you have doubts, whether it’s worth to go on vacation in Thailand with children, then we answer – of course you should. Your child will see exotic animals and attractions, explore the rocks and caves, ride elephants, enjoy the sea and the sun. Your trip to Thailand will be unforgettable!

This article will tell in detail all about vacation in Thailand with children.

Holidays in Thailand with children – the best places

The ideal place to visit with a child is the city of Chiang Mai . Riding elephants, visiting the zoo, rock climbing, night safari, walking, mountain biking and horseback riding, flying in hot air balloons – these episodes will be remembered for a lifetime.

In Bangkok, children will be interested in taking a boat ride on the local canals, visit the Dusit Zoo and the Children’s Travel Museum. They will enjoy the Major Bowling at Central World Mall and be drawn to the Siam Center, where the Krungsri Imax Theater and Ocean World are located.

At Hua Hin resort, kids can swim, sunbathe, and explore the surrounding area. Vivid impressions will give them a trip to Monkey Mountain, a visit to the national park Khao Sam Roi Yot.

On Koh Samui there is an opportunity to ride elephants, kayak, scuba diving and fishing, visit the National Marine Park and the famous Muang Falls.

Krabi Resort offers fishing, golfing, and kayaking. Teenagers can go rock climbing with the supervision of an instructor. The beach at Hat Rai Leh is best suited for children, as it is very shallow.

Rest in Thailand with children. What do I need to know?

If you take into account some nuances, the vacation will not be clouded, and Thailand for children and their parents will be a true paradise. It is worthwhile to plan in advance the time of rest, based on the peculiarities of the local climate.

Water parks at the Tatras. Which one to choose after skiing in Poland and Slovakia?

Many Russians prefer the “cold” season, which coincides with our winter. At the Thai resorts in these months there is almost no rain and reigns 30-degree heat, but it is a little cooler than usual.

Most of the hotels here are suitable for families. They have activities for boys and girls, children’s pools and clubs, and animators organize fun activities. However, all these points should be clarified in advance when buying a tour in Thailand.

On the journey should not take children under 3 years, because they will be difficult to tolerate the flight and acclimatization. If you’re going to Thailand, children under 14 years of age do not require a visa.

Unforgettable will be a visit to the Ang Thong National Marine Park, consisting of rocky islands, pitted with caves. The richness of the underwater world of the reserve are coral reefs with exotic creatures, and scuba diving here – a real pleasure.

Tourists are especially impressed with the local religious festivals: Rambutan Fair (in August) and the religious festival Chak Phra with a colorful procession (in October).

If you are planning a vacation in Thailand with children, you will definitely like Samui. This is a truly a little tropical paradise!

Worthy of attention and the island of Phuket, where there are many beaches and entertainment. Especially popular is the mini-golf club Dino Park.

Consider in detail the best hotels in Phuket for holidays with children.

Holidays in Thailand with children – the best hotels in Phuket.

A list of the best, in our opinion, hotels for holidays with children in Phuket is as follows:

PGS Casa del Sol 4*.

The location of the hotel is very good for couples with small children. Very close to a variety of stores, currency exchange, massage parlors. Everything you need for children (from food to cosmetics) can be bought here – the prices are great.

Holiday in Thailand with Children 2020

There are cafes within walking distance where you can have a nice meal and feed the kids. Although, there are no problems with food at the hotel either. Everything is thought out in detail for proper balanced nutrition.

The first and second courses are varied and of high quality. Soups – meat, vegetable and dairy; a variety of cereals, muesli and pasta; egg dishes; slices and pastries; jams, jams, smoothies and drinks – to suit every taste.

The prices for everything are very reasonable. For convenience and comfort there is a kettle and a microwave oven for heating.

For the younger kids we arrange a variety of entertainment with animators. There are playgrounds, tennis tables, regular children’s disco for older children.

The beach is in five-minute walking distance, for children there are “paddlers” with small slides.

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort 5*

One of the most suitable hotels for holidays with children. It is often referred to as a day care center, and many who visit once come back again and again – until the kids grow up.

Rest in Thailand with Children

The territory is under constant supervision of an attentive guard – outsiders just can not get in, and kids can not leave the hotel.

Right on the territory there is a huge swimming pool with many specialized areas – children’s, lagoon, jacuzzi and sports activities. Nearby themed evenings and sports activities are organized.

The cuisine is excellent, most of the restaurants in the hotel are buffet style – you can eat your fill. However, you can make an individual order if you are not satisfied with the general menu.

The menu for children is very well chosen, costs mere pennies, and under three years of age meals are free.

The hotel beach is always in exemplary condition. The sea in the lagoon, surrounded by fabulous mountains, is gentle and affectionate. In the evening at sunset – the beauty is indescribable!

Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort 4*

Pay attention to the possibility of booking rooms overlooking the beautiful pool . However, this should only be done if the child is old enough. Vacationers with little fidgety recommend to stay on the first floor.

Rest in Thailand with Children

The depth of the pool is well thought out. Here it is not necessary to worry about the child, because for any growth there is an optimal depth. And while the children frolic, parents can watch their child in the shade. Sun loungers are always available and absolutely free.

The administration takes care about food for holiday-makers, because the well-fed client is always kinder! The menu of the restaurant is quite varied, and the dishes are always prepared from carefully selected fresh products. You don’t have to worry about it.

For children under 3 years old eating with full board is free of charge! And after a delicious lunch your kids will be entertained by cheerful and young staff, who will sculpt plasticine, paint watercolors and play a variety of games. All this takes place in a specially equipped children’s room.

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Adults, meanwhile, can have a little rest and watch, for example, the latest Russian news. Yes, Russian channels are broadcasted here, so you can feel completely at home.

Every day early in the morning the hotel staff is engaged in cleaning the beach and the surrounding area. Therefore, you always feel perfect order and crystal cleanliness.

Naithonburi Beach Resort 4*

This hotel is worthy of attention for a wonderful holiday with children from two years. The fact is that for the younger ones here it is not easy to get mashed potatoes for feeding. But everything else is just perfect.

Rest in Thailand with Children

The menu is very balanced and European-oriented. Here you will not be upset by all kinds of spices and exotic dishes. Healthy pumpkin soup, a variety of meat dishes, porridge with meatballs and sausages, beans, dairy dishes with various cereals, pizza and ice cream, and much more.

Lunch prices are quite democratic and don’t bite. Water and bread are free in any quantity! If you get bored with this menu, you can walk over to the Spice House and eat dishes just like mom’s at home.

In general, the hotel is very friendly and not noisy. There is its own pool, where in case of bad weather you can have a good rest and relax. And in the evening to be in silence.

You can walk to the sea leisurely for a couple of minutes. Right at the entrance to the sandy beach you will be given towels. Here you can buy a cold beer, and water from the cooler is free.

Splash Beach Resort 5*.

A delightful hotel located in the Mai Khao Beach Resort, just fifteen minutes from the airport. Tempting? Of course it is!

Splash Beach Resort 5*

Here you can relax endlessly with children in comfortable rooms. Two TV channels in Russian and constantly broadcasting cartoons will not make you or the children bored at home.

Many areas are designed just for children of all ages. There are basketball and badminton courts, a swimming pool, and of course the water park.

In the free water park, children can eat hot dogs and milkshakes without leaving the park. And the whole family can have a solid meal in one of the restaurants. The menu is very diverse.

The first course you can offer kids – nourishing, tasty and safe. The second courses are varied, a lot of pastries and desserts. Older guests will appreciate the local cocktail Tom Yam Majito.

You can eat at a buffet or make an order in advance. Dishes are very bulky and nourishing. We do not recommend ordering a lot of different ones – you just can’t get enough.

The beach at the hotel is long, but always clean and orderly. As a rule in the morning waves almost always rise and roll over the sand on the bottom, forming some undulation of the surface of the bottom.

Closer to noon, the waves subside, the bottom levels out – the time for swimming with children. The water is very transparent. In it, children love to watch the beautiful fish swimming right to the shore.

Kata Sea Breeze 3*.

Quite an attractive hotel an hour from the airport. The grounds are clean and landscaped, and the rooms are spacious with private bathrooms and other amenities.

Kata Sea Breeze 3*

The hotel has seven swimming pools, a couple of which are only half a meter deep. The water in them is crystal clear and very warm. The only drawback is that they are cleaned daily at 7pm using chlorine. Therefore, if a child has problems with its tolerance – be vigilant.

The food at the hotel is quite hearty, but there is no bacon on the menu. Variety menu is also not different, but there is absolutely everything for a well-balanced diet as a child and an adult. Dairy dishes, pastries, jams and fruits are in abundance.

For very young children, it is necessary to take extra food with you. Everything about care and hygiene can be purchased fifty meters from the hotel.

Kata Beach is a leisurely walk of five or seven minutes, and then bask in the warm azure sea with crystal clear water.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach 4*

A beautifully landscaped hotel with a park-like setting and two swimming pools located half an hour from the airport. In the shade of the trees you can perfectly cope with the heat – play volleyball or badminton. And you can just lie in a hammock and surf sites – Wi-Fi absolutely covers the entire territory and even the beach.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach 4*

The beach is own, is located just behind a small grove. The water is crystal clear, the sea is almost constantly friendly. But if anything – the pools will come to the rescue. One for kids, the second for adults.

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Meals are very tasty, at reasonable prices. Four times a week in the evening in the central restaurant there is a buffet. You can eat as much as you want by paying only for the entrance, and for children – for free.

For the organization of children’s rest work friendly girls – animators. They occupy the children with modeling and drawing with colored sand. For games we have a variety of electronic consoles and DVD players.

Nai Yang Beach Resort 3*

Well-groomed hotel grounds with lots of tropical greenery will amiably meet you after a twenty-minute transfer from the airport. Comfortable rooms are ready to take visitors with children at any time.

Nai Yang Beach Resort 3*

Clean bed linen, plenty of towels, coffee maker with a set of teas, three Russian-speaking channels – everything says about the predisposition to receive Russian tourists.

There are three swimming pools in the hotel’s spacious yard – for children (shallow), a large one for adults, and a Jacuzzi with a fountain. There are enough deckchairs for all hotel guests.

To the sea on foot about five minutes at a leisurely pace. For children there is a smooth descent to the water. Here the sun beds are already paid, but the kit provides an umbrella.

You can eat near the beach – a large number of cafes. Especially popular with Russians is restaurant Fiesta with the usual homemade food.

The hotel restaurant has very tasty and hearty dishes, the menu is quite varied. You can bite and muesli, and yogurt, pancakes with jam or honey. We recommend fish and dairy dishes! In the fruit and vegetables there is no shortage.

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 4*

This is less than an hour away by small bus. The huge hotel grounds are perfectly groomed and clean.

Rooms are incredibly comfortable and noise proof – no extraneous noise will bother you during your holiday in Phuket. Each room has not only a shower cubicle, but also a bathtub.

Rest in Thailand with Children

Four pools, two with children’s slides, one with Jacuzzi, and one with a two-tier waterfall, will help you pass the weather. Umbrellas, sun loungers and towels are free of charge. At sea such service will already cost money.

Especially for kids there is a children’s room and playground in the yard. Here you can leave your children under the supervision of a nanny. Meanwhile, you can relax by playing table tennis or visit the gym.

Meals at the buffet restaurant, the menu changes daily, a lot of variety of delicious pastries.

Tri Trang Beach Resort 4*

Incredibly attractive in every way the hotel for family holidays in Phuket. Located an hour from the airport and is located in a quiet picturesque bay. The beach along the coast with snow-white fine sand, covers a strip of palm groves.

Tri Trang Beach Resort 4*

Therefore, it is almost constantly quiet, without waves, the water is very clear and warm. Bathing here lasts all day – from early morning till late evening.

The hotel buildings are located on the slope and go straight down to the sea in tiers. Elevators work here, so moving with a child does not bring difficulties. On the whole territory works a high-quality Wi-Fi – difficulties with reception is not in any corner, even at the sea.

Hotel guests are offered half board and full board. In most cases, half board is enough – a hearty breakfast is quite enough until dinner. So you can not be interrupted by swimming. With children, of course, you must take full board. The cuisine of the restaurant is very diverse and balanced.

The rooms have absolutely everything for an impeccable holiday.

Sunwing Resort Kamala Beach 4*.

In our personal experience, this hotel can rightly be called one of the best hotels for holidays with children in the price / quality ratio.

Sunwing Resort Kamala Beach 4*

The hotel is “geared up” for children in Phuket – the entire first floor is designed for babies. Each Happy baby room has direct access to the pool deck with sun loungers.

The room has a potty, high chair, playpen, stroller, baby bathtub, changing table. There is a microwave for heating baby formula and sterilizing supplies.

The menu is wonderful. Breakfasts with hot milk, cocoa, and various cereals. You can have an omelet, or a poached egg, soup or porridge with sausages or bacon. Just a sea of different salads, cheeses and yogurts, pastries and freshly squeezed juices.

Holidays in Thailand with children tours 2019

We hope that our selection of hotels has helped you decide and your holiday in Thailand with children will be perfect. Find tours to Thailand you can follow the links in the descriptions of each hotel, or use the search form below.

Before traveling to Thailand with children, be sure to get extended health insurance, just in case.

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