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Entry rules to India for Russians in 2022

Visa to India 2021

Fresh and updated rules of entry to India for Russians in 2022, with reviews from tourists who have already flown there. India has been issuing tourist visas since November 2021. What specifics do you need to know to be prepared for all the tricky rules for entering India in 2022. News from March 2022 – quarantine lifted, PCR canceled on arrival and on day eight, read further in the article. As of March 15, 2022, India is issuing tourist visas for 30 days, 1 year and 5 years.

Important: From March 15, India is again issuing tourist visas for 30 days, 1 year and 5 years. Previously issued visas, which have not expired, restore their validity.

New rules for entry into India from March 2022

The latest news from India:

  • India is abolishing the arrival quarantine for arriving tourists (foreigners) as of February 14. In fact, those arriving previously were not sitting on it, but now the quarantine has been officially lifted.
  • The PCR test on arrival and on the eighth day is canceled for everyone.
  • Now only a PCR test is required for everyone before departure, 72 hours before departure. Even vaccinated Russians will need it.

Article about this news:

All Russians can go to India without quarantine

From February 14, 2022 there is no mandatory quarantine in India for 7 days, now you have to monitor your condition yourself. On arrival and on the eighth day in the country also cancelled the PCR test.

Though India recognizes all WHO approved vaccines as well as nationally recognized vaccines in your country:

  • Satellite V,
  • Sputnik Light will also do.
  • It makes no difference now who is vaccinated or not. The main thing is to give everyone a PCR test before departure 72 hours in advance.

Rospotrebnadzor explained in late December that returning tourists from Russia – PCR test must be done within 3 days, and uploaded within 4 days. Rules of entry to Russia for Russians in 2022, as well as another article – How to download the PCR test on the state services see our other article.

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When will Goa open for tourists?

The state of Goa is open to tourists. After India opened its borders to foreign tourists, the first charter flights flew to Goa. Since December 2021 you can buy an inexpensive tour of Goa at a price of 45,000 rubles for two people for 10 days of accommodation.

Goa is open not only for the Russians, but for everyone. The truth will have to come with the transplant through Delhi. However, this route is very popular, because it allows you to stay in India for a long period.

The first tourists flew to Goa in 2021 on business visas. Since December 2021 people have been traveling to Goa through Delhi on business visas. And there are already reviews of the successful renewal of such visas on the basis of a forced delay in India.

Rules of entry to India for Russians

The rules of entry to India for Russians change periodically, you need to constantly follow the news. Here are the latest fresh rules of entry to India for Russians today, brief and clear so you don’t get confused.

India entry rules for Russians in 2022:

  1. It is necessary to get electronic visa to India, since March 17, 2022 give not only tourist visa for 30 days of stay in the country, but also for 1 year and 5 years (multivisa). Here is a link to the article – How to fill out an application form for an electronic visa to India. By the way, such tourist visas now manage to be extended, on par with those issued before the pandemic.
  2. PCR test is required for all Russians, even if vaccinated, it must be done 72 hours before arrival. As of February 14, vaccinated Belarusians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs who have received a certificate (uploaded it) are not required to undergo PCR testing prior to departure and upon arrival. Russia, on the other hand, does have to do it for now.
  3. Fill in the health questionnaire and upload your PCR test on Air Suvidha website.
  4. From March 2022, other PCR tests on arrival and on the 8th day of stay are no longer required in India.
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Details on each point of entry rules:

  1. You must make an electronic visa for India in advance. Read all the details on how to make an electronic tourist visa to India for 30 days in our article on the website. Follow the link to the article about the instructions to fill out an electronic visa to India, and fill it out yourself.
  2. All tourists flying to India (both vaccinated and unvaccinated Russians) must have a PCR-test done 72 hours before arrival. Availability of a certificate of vaccination does not obviate the need for a PCR test before departure.
  3. Complete a health questionnaire (self-declaration) within 72 hours before departure. Travelers must upload a negative test result during this process. Without this questionnaire, they will not be allowed on the plane, it is mandatory. On this form, you must check that you are committed to stay home for quarantine and to monitor your health (this check is already being written about by tourists flying to India today). Travelers are advised to download the Aarogya Setu mobile app.
  4. Insurance is not a prerequisite for entry into India, but we always recommend taking out travel insurance in advance of your trip. Especially during our challenging quarantine times. Read – arrange travel insurance online.
  5. How to bring money to India is a frequent question of travelers. It is better to take dollars with you to India, but even more convenient to keep money on bank cards (multicurrency account), then you can withdraw money without commission and do not worry about their safety. Everyone advises Tinkoff Black, and I confirm that in India such a card is profitable and convenient. Tinkoff Black gives the opportunity to connect an account in Indian rupees and withdraw money from the card without a fee: here is an article on how to do it – Multicurrency Cards: How to open an account in a foreign currency on the card Tinkoff
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The rules for entering India change frequently, so keep an eye on our articles on the India website. The latest news and updates on entry rules can also be tracked on the official website of India.

Russian feedback on arriving at airports in India

Russian tourists have already flown to India in November and December 2021. Since the beginning of 2022, the tourist flow has increased decently. And there is an update on the actual rules of entry at different airports in India. There is information on the airports in Delhi and Dabolim, read on.

No Quarantine to India – Delhi Airport

Unvaccinated and vaccinated Russians arrive with approximately the same rules:

  • On arrival, you take a PCR test. In Delhi, you can insist on taking the cheaper and slower one for 500 rubles. It is recommended to take this one. According to observations of tourists arriving, people with rapid tests are more likely to be quarantined.
  • If the results of the PCR test are negative, then you can safely get your luggage and continue your journey in India.
  • In the case of a positive test, you will have to go through a quarantine of 14 days. Note that people who take an express test for 3,000 rupees are more likely to be quarantined. In addition, they are offered a paid quarantine at a cost of about 5000 rupees per day. Which generally resembles another scam, because you can pass quarantine in India for free.

As for the mandatory quarantine of 7 days, in case of a negative PCR, no one observes it. Everyone goes to the place of stay and starts a full holiday. And from February 14 the quarantine is officially canceled, as well as the PCR test on the 8th day.

The following article will be helpful:

To Dabolim Airport via Sharjah

Unfortunately since January 2022 this route for Russians is no longer available. On the Air Arabia website there is a warning that non-Indian citizens are not allowed to transit to India via the UAE. As a result even if you buy your ticket through resellers your booking will either be cancelled or you will not be allowed on the flight. It is not worth the risk. Look for other ways to come to India.

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Direct flight to Dabolim from Moscow

Organized tourists from Russia fly to Goa from Moscow on Rossiya charter flights. On arrival, each passenger is required to take a PCR test, and in Dabolim no one has yet been able to negotiate a cheap test for 500 rupees. You can only take an express test for 3,000 rupees. Fortunately, there are no false positives in Goa, because people are flying to rest and spend money, not to sit for two weeks quarantined. So think of the PCR test as analogous to a paid e-visa, nothing more.

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