Go to the sea in winter

Where to go for a beach vacation at sea in winter-2021/2022, 8 resorts you can fly to from Russia

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Attractive options for outdoor enthusiasts and those who just want to reload at the beach.

What warm countries can you fly to with or without vaccinations? What to do there?

Answer the experts.

When the weather in Russia is cold, divers prolong the season in warm countries. You can follow their example and rush to where the sun all year round and you can get warm in the sea. We tell you where to go for the winter and what to do there.

Where to go for the sea this year?

Dominican Republic

December here the temperature is +30 and the water temperature is +26. Plus the Dominican Republic has a lot of sports activities such as canyoning – descending through waterfalls, hiking and trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, rafting, safari. Sea tourism is well developed and offers such areas as sailing and catamaran sailing, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing, diving, fishing and speleodiving. And also golf and swimming with sea lions, sharks and dolphins.

Dominican Republic is not rich in historical sights – tours here are mainly devoted to the beauty of nature. But this is what travelers love the country paradise climate. Plus there are a lot of sea and air entertainment: catamarans, yachts, fishing, snorkeling, diving. In general, the sea will show all sides.

But it is not cheap pleasure. But what is really advantageous in the Dominican Republic, it is to fly in a helicopter, for example, to the waterfalls or islands. Entertainment will cost $ 250-350, but it is really a good price for a few hours tour. Also tourists are offered quad bikes and buggies to ride around the area. The place will still suit those who want to try their hand at golf or “catch their luck by the tail” at the casino.

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PCR-tests for entry into the Dominican Republic do not need to be prepared in advance, but still have to fill out a health form. Upon arrival at the airport, tourists are thermometers and optional rapid testing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two oceans: Pacific and Atlantic. The daytime temperature here is +28, and the water is +24. You can visit a complex of caves, climb to the top of a volcano, walk through a nature reserve and visit a marine park.

To enter, you must fill out a health form and have insurance with COVID-19 coverage.


Caleria: You can swim here in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The temperature during the day reaches up to +27, the water holds up to +30. The destination is also famous for its soccer: you can go to the Estadio Azteca and Estadio Jalisco stadiums, play golf in the city, watch Mexican wrestling and car racing.

To enter Mexico, tourists must obtain an electronic permit and fill out a health questionnaire for the state’s immigration office.

Those vaccinated with the Companion V can choose Cuba, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, UAE, Maldives. In most countries, tourists with a vaccination certificate are exempt from PCR tests.

Without PCR-test.

Here the temperature during the day is +26, the water temperature is +24. The island state offers diving, yachting, golf, riding in a convertible.

Alexander: Cuba is a better tourist destination than the Dominican Republic. There’s a lot to see and do here. You can try skydiving, that is jumping with a parachute. Just imagine making a jump from an incredible height and landing on the beach. Breathtaking views and experiences are guaranteed.

To enter Cuba vaccinated you only need to fill out a special form.

Sri Lanka

Kaleria: The temperature during the day is +28, the water temperature is +27. Sri Lanka offers car tours, safaris, many excursions to islands, caves and temples, trekking and hiking.

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In Sri Lanka, vaccinated tourists are completely exempt from PCR tests on arrival. For those who have not been vaccinated, a PCR test taken no earlier than 72 hours before arrival is required for entry. Tourists also need a COVID-19-covered insurance policy, and the visa is arranged on the spot.

With PCR test


The temperature during the day here is +24, the water temperature is +22. In Tunisia you can drive through the desert with professional riders, visit caves and try all kinds of active marine activities.

In Tunisia, fully vaccinated tourists are only exempt from quarantine. But a PCR test is still required.

It is also a year-round summer, but there is a small problem: in January and February the water temperature drops to 17-18 degrees. Particularly chilly swim would not be very comfortable, but for those who like to cheer up – it’s fine.

Alexander: The Arab Emirates offer a lot of entertainment and recreation is not just a beach holiday. You can try snowboarding in the desert, ride a zipline over the skyscrapers at a speed of 80 km / h, be at the height of 125 floors or bet on a camel at the camel race. In general, the activities here are unique and unusual. For them and go a lot of tourists.


This destination will not suit everyone, because the price tag is not budgetary and is not cheap. Rest here is more relaxed, but the marine activity can also be found. Tourists are offered fishing, snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking and windsurfing.

Where to go in winter for diving?

When winter comes to Russia, divers extend their season in warm countries. Now open Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica – each of these countries has an infrastructure that allows safe diving with certified instructors. Here in November and December the water temperature is comfortable, diving from the shore and the so-called daily-diving, when the boat with divers goes into the sea in the morning and returns in the evening.

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We should separately mention the possibility of safari diving in Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Maldives and Cuba – here keen divers come straight from the airport to the pier, from which the boat goes into the sea for 5-7 days.

The program of such tour includes accommodation right on board with daily diving. In addition, warm seas allow you to train in the open water and hone your swimming skills. In order to get an effect, you should daily exercise at least 40 minutes at an active pace – in this case you will get a good cardio-training.

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