Ghosts in Castle Tantallon

Paranormal pics that will baffle even the most staunch skeptics

These 10 photos are so strange and unexplainable that they will baffle even the most convinced skeptics. If before you did not believe in something supernatural and unexplainable by science, then after viewing this selection your opinion may change.

1. Ghost climber in Canada

This photo was taken in the mountains of Ontario, Canada. The man in the photo was photographed by his cousin, and only later did the owner of the photo notice the strange creature in the background. It might be a ghost that died here. The photo was posted on the Reddit forum, and users offered different opinions: some said it was a white bag, others called the creature a ghost. Either way, a person couldn’t have gotten in there for sure.

2. A ghost in Chateau Tantallon, Switzerland

In 2015, hiker Chris Aitchison took a photo that will make your hair stand on end when you see it. See that creature peering out of the upstairs windows? They say it’s dressed the way they walked in Elizabethan-era England. The photographer became so curious about what was in the photo that he even approached the castle’s management. Some say it could be the ghost of King James V, who owned the castle; others say it’s just a play of light and shadow. Also the version of a tourist who wandered into remote corners of the castle is not ruled out.

3. A ghost spotted at a soccer match in Portugal

This photo was taken on October 3, 2013, at the Dragao stadium in Porto, Portugal. While the Colombians were rejoicing at the goal scored by Jamez Rodriguez, some strange man was caught in the photographer’s frame. This strange skeleton was wearing a white shirt and his hair and skin were black. Soon the photo hit the Internet, and many people even thought it was an alien creature.

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4. A boy without a face, pitching a ball to a player

This photo of a strange ball pitcher without a face was taken in 2016 at a Premier League match. And this shot was shown on TV while it was being broadcast live, so it’s definitely not Photoshopped. That’s the weird thing.

5. A woman on curtains.

This photo was also posted by a forum user on Reddit. The curtains depict an old woman in wrinkles. Could it be the previous owner of the house, trying to contact the current owners this way?

6. Mystical photo in New Mexico.

Here’s another mysterious photo from Reddit. The user who posted it says that the photo was taken a long time ago by his uncle, who was once driving through New Mexico (USA). It is worth saying that he simply saw forest fires on the horizon and wanted to capture the landscape. But after developing the film, he just went into a state of shock: Do you see that woman in blue in the foreground? No one knows where she came from.

7. Something lurking.

There is not much information about this photograph. It is known that it was posted on a forum, and it was made by a user during another walk in the woods with his brother. Their attention was attracted by this tree with an interesting “cave” in its trunk. Then, looking at the photo, the brothers were very surprised, because in the middle of it they saw a creature with claws. What kind of monster was that?

8. The sinister cult that surrounded the car

This photo was taken in Bulgaria in the 1970s. At the time, a certain cult was popular and frightening in an area of the country. Not much information has survived about this photo, but there is one story that might make the hairs on your head tingle.

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The photographer and his daughter were driving through remote parts of Bulgaria when suddenly their car broke down. There was not a soul around except for a small farmhouse on the horizon with a light on. The father told his daughter to watch the car while he went to the cabin for help. When he came back half an hour later, he saw a group of creatures surrounding the car, whose picture he took.

9. Inexplicable Boy.

One day, children were playing a game whose rules were very simple: one of them had to find a secluded place in a dark room and hide there, while the others had to take pictures with a flash and look for a person in them. However, in one of the pictures, a monster like this was seen. No one knows what it is.

10. Photo of the monster at Fort Worden (USA)

This fort in Washington state has long been a favorite place of paranormal hunters, and also has a reputation as a place of strange stories since the 19th century. It was built in 1889 and there are many bunkers inside. Rumor has it that in one of them a soldier accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. So it is said that some kind of uncontrollable rage can rule people in this place. This photo was taken by boys wandering around the military installation. But what a man with a burnt face.

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