Getting around Dubrovnik, Croatia: information, costs, tips

Prices in Dubrovnik: how much money you need in 2021 – Travel Budget

38.6 € is the minimum budget for a day in Dubrovnik . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes). In summer, because of the increase in the price of housing budget will be at least 45.6 €.

This budget doesn’t include airfare and insurance. A round trip ticket from Moscow can be found for 15-16 thousand rubles. You can choose insurance at the services of Cherehapa or; the prices range from 1 € per day.

Current exchange rate of Croatian kuna: 10 HRK = 1.3 EUR = 80.7 RUB. It’s not a problem to change EURO, but you must take into account that exchange offices often charge commission, and the rate at the banks is not so favorable. It’s better to change money before the trip or withdraw it from the card.

Open Borders Card:

Is Croatia open now?

Conditions for entry into Croatia:
  • Russians can enter Croatia for tourism purposes from April 2021;
  • This is confirmed by the point 8 exceptions in the official rules of entry: “Exceptions to the above-mentioned necessary travel are the following categories: persons who travel for tourist reasons and have a certificate of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private renter or rented vessel or other form of tourist accommodation”.
  • Tourists from Russia can enter Croatia with proof of residency by fulfilling one of the conditions: 1) PCR test no older than 48 hours, 2) Certificate of vaccination received 2 weeks before entry or earlier, 3) Confirmation of past illness, 4) Testing on arrival with isolation until results; .

How much does it cost to get from Dubrovnik airport?

There are the following ways to get from the airport to Dubrovnik:

    Will take you to the city in about half an hour. The timetable of the shuttle is made taking into account the flights. The ticket price is 40 kuna (5.3 €) one way and 70 kuna (9.3 €) round trip.
  • Libertas city buses (numbers 11,27, 31 and 38) take longer but are cheaper. One way is 28 kuna (3.7€).
  • A cab to Dubrovnik will cost on average 250 kuna (33.2€).
  • Ordering a seat on a KiwiTaxi shuttle bus will cost 23€ per person and an individual transfer (KiwiTaxi or Intui.Travel) will cost from 38€.
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How to get around the city?

How much does public transportation cost?

Public transportation in Dubrovnik is by bus. The cost of a trip in the city is 15 kuna (2.0 €). The most useful lines are lines 1,7 and 8 as they connect the Old Town and the bus station.

How much does a cab cost?

Cab prices in Dubrovnik can vary depending on the company, plus cab drivers overcharge in tourist spots. A boarding on average costs 25 kuna (3.3€), and a kilometer of travel is about 8 kuna (1.1€). There is a surcharge on holidays and weekends. The minimum Uber fare in Dubrovnik is 9 kuna (1.2€) per ride and 5 kuna (0.7€) per kilometer.

How much does it cost for gas and parking?

A liter of gasoline 92 in Dubrovnik costs on average 10 kuna (1.3 €). Parking conditions depend on its zone and the time of year. In Zone 0 (closest to the Old Town) parking is charged around the clock and an hour of parking costs 40 kuna (5.3 €) from May to October, and half that at other times. In Zone 2, adjacent to the center, parking costs the same 40 kuna (5.3€) per hour in the summer season, and four times less in the off-season. In other zones the charge per hour is 10 kuna (1.3€) in the season and 5 kuna (0.7€) in the off-season.

How much does the accommodation in Dubrovnik cost?

Hotels: Prices for double occupancy in guesthouses in the city start at 45 €. Hotel rooms cost at least 90 € but you’ll have to book in advance, otherwise, starting at 100 € (e.g. Hotel Sumratin). Off-season, prices fall by half.

Hostels: You can find hostels in the areas around the city center for €20 in the summer and from €38 in the Old Town (e.g. City Walls Hostel). From October to April prices are lower and a place in a shared room can be found from 13€.

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AirBnb: Prices for apartments and rooms also depend on the season and location. Apartments in the summer will cost 70-90€ within the city limits, and options closer to the Old Town start at 100€. A room will cost you €45-60. The price goes down by at least a third in winter.

Thus, a good budget accommodation in Dubrovnik will cost you 15-25 € per night per person.

How much for mobile telephone?

Tele2 (10GB for 99 HRK / 13.3 €) and Bonbon (6GB for 55 HRK / 7.4 €) have the best offer for mobile Internet in Croatia.

How much does it cost to eat in restaurants?

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