Germany’s National Garden Show 2021

Germany’s National Garden Show 2021

If you dream of living in a fairytale world, Thuringia is the place for you. There are more than 2,000 parks and gardens in this land – perfect places to stroll through the countryside with countless palaces rising regally in the background. With an abundance of tourist attractions, there are many reasons to visit this land. And there’s more in 2021, when the German National Garden Show, held in the state capital Erfurt and many other locations, will put on a fireworks display of colorful blooms.

Where there is a fairy palace, you can almost always find a beautiful park. In the old days, it was rare to find a prince living in a magnificent palace who didn’t love to stroll through an artistically decorated park. It is therefore not surprising that Thuringia is not only home to many impressive noblemen’s estates, but also a garden lover’s paradise.

This is why the German National Garden Show 2021, which takes place in Erfurt and 25 other locations in Thuringia from April 23 to the end of October, attracts garden enthusiasts and lovers of palace tours alike. There is so much to see and do during the German National Garden Show.

Highlights include:

1. Egapark Erfurt : a flower show for all ages

Germany's National Garden Show 2021 - Photo 2

1. Egapark Erfurt: A flower show for all ages

Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, takes center stage. In 1865 the first international horticultural trade fair was held there. Now this major flower show returns and is expected to be a mega-event. The main venue for the show is Egapark , a monument to horticulture. It is a fitting location since the first International Horticulture Show was held here in 1961. In 2021 the former monastery will be transformed into a huge flowering park with ornamental flowerbeds, a forest of knowledge, themed exhibitions, a iris and rose garden. Adventure, relaxation, enjoyment and gardening education are on the agenda. Regardless of your age or gardening level, the egapark will be the first destination for all visitors to the German National Garden Show.

2. The Petersberg Citadel in Erfurt: A treasure hunt with an idyllic backdrop

Germany's National Garden Show 2021 - Photo 3

2. Petersberg Citadel in Erfurt: Treasure hunt with an idyllic backdrop

Erfurt also goes above and beyond. The Petersberg Citadel, a powerful fortress complex with a monastery church towering over the city, will awaken from its deep slumber in time for the German National Garden Exhibition 2021. During the 171 days of the green event, visitors can experience a fascinating landscape design and explore exciting cultural activities in the historic landscape with a magnificent view of the Old Town of Erfurt. There is a delightful convent garden with medicinal plants, herbs and edible plants once used by monks and nuns. The exhibition “Gardens through the Ages” also demonstrates the history of gardening styles over the centuries and in the exposition “Garden Treasures of Erfurt” presents the history of Erfurt’s gardening as well as ancient herbaceous plants and medicinal plants.

3. The gardens of Altenstein Palace: Straight out of fairy tales

German National Garden Show 2021 - Photo 4

3. The gardens of Altenstein Palace: straight out of fairy tales

The scent of roses blooms along the paths, the iris flowers sparkle in the sun, and bees fly from plant to plant: the Altenstein Palace Gardens in Bad Liebenstein are a dream destination for all flower enthusiasts. Surrounded by an enchanting park, set amidst a dense deciduous forest, the historic English Renaissance palace of Altenstein seems otherworldly. The great German composer Johannes Brahms stayed at Altenstein Palace in the late 19th century. It was here that he was inspired by musical flights of fancy, while, according to his letters, he watched pheasants, deer and roe deer in the park.

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The sights within the park – Princess Gardens, Devil’s Bridge, Well Meadow, Knight’s Chapel and the Chinese Floor Rock House – are reminiscent of something from Grimm’s fairy tales. The gardens of Altenstein Palace are the crowning glory of horticultural aesthetics, where the park and the surrounding countryside merge into a single work of art. So it’s no surprise that the palace gardens of Altenstein have been selected as one of the 25 locations for the German National Garden Exhibition in 2021 .

4. Bad Langensaltz: Gardens that make people smile

German National Garden Show 2021 - Photo 5

4. Bad Langensaltz: gardens that make people smile

Bad Langenzalz has been created to be one of the venues of the German National Garden Show in 2021. This spa town in the Unstrut-Heinich-Kreis region is known as the Garden City, and it lives up to this title. Green plants and blossoming flowers can be found on every corner here. Numerous beautiful gardens are dedicated to certain themes. The “Everything has a remedy” is the theme of the Apothecary Garden with more than 80 medicinal plants in the beds behind the traditional half-timbered house that is home to the Thuringian Apothecary Museum. Then you get to the Japanese Garden of Bliss, where a zig-zag bridge, believed by the Japanese to be the perfect way to ward off evil spirits, awaits you on your way to the wooden tea pavilion. A gently flowing waterfall, a clear pond with koi carp, a collection of bonsai art and a meditative tea ceremony round out this oriental experience. The pedestal of admiration is the Rose Garden , a garden of love. Thanks to its beautiful fragrant flowers, it is considered one of the best of its kind. Visitors can see 450 species of this valuable plant, including many historical varieties. This oasis of roses changes into a sea of fragrant flowers from June to October – a paradise on earth for flower enthusiasts!

5. Dornburg Palace Gardens: “Inspiring” Views

German National Garden Show 2021 - Photo 6

5. Dornburg Palace Gardens: ‘Inspiring views’

There are so many green gems at the German National Garden Show 2021 that it’s hard to pick just five highlights for our list. But the Dornburg Palace Gardens in Dornburg-Kamburg definitely deserved this nomination. “The view is magnificent and inspiring, the manicured gardens full of blooming flowers,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , perhaps Germany’s most famous poet, wrote of the gardens in a letter in 1828. And to this day he is absolutely right. The gardens are ideal for a leisurely stroll around the three palaces: the Old Palace, once a medieval fortress; the Gallant Rococo palace; and the enchanting Renaissance palace. With three impressive buildings overlooking the Saale valley, the beautifully manicured gardens are a dream destination for those who love pleasant walks. There are secluded garden oases, hidden tea rooms, an impressive ash alley and an arcade adorned with luxuriant climbing roses. Trimmed hedges create a baroque ensemble, wine grapes grow on the rocky hillside, and the herb garden and orchard evoke culinary cravings. The Dornburg ensemble is a historical treasure, a paradise for lovers of palaces and gardens.

Federal Garden Show 2021

The Federal Garden Show 2021 will be held from April 23 to October 10, 2021 in Erfurt.

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After the Federal Garden Show 2007 in Gehr and Ronneburg, the Federal Garden Show 2021 in Erfurt is the second Federal Garden Show in the Free State of Thuringia.

The main exhibition spaces are the Egapark and the Petersberg with the Petersberg Citadel, the size of the exhibition area is 430,000 m².

table of contents


The history of Erfurt is closely linked to horticulture . Even Martin Luther called the city “the gardener of the Holy Roman Empire”.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, companies such as Haage , Schmidt , Benary , Heinemann and Chriesteren finally made Erfurt internationally known as the “city of flowers”.

The first international agricultural and horticultural fair was held in Erfurt from September 9 to 17, 1865. “The German General Exhibition of Agricultural and Horticultural Products” attracted more than 30,000 visitors from other countries to Erfurt and is considered “Ur-Buga”.

The “General German Garden Show” in 1876 was followed by the “Erfurt Garden Show” in 1902, the “Erfurt Blossom Garden Show” in 1950 and the “Export Exhibition for Seeds and Horticulture” in 1955. The latter gave rise to the “International Garden Show of Socialist Countries” (iga), which opened in 1961 and became the largest and most important event of its kind in the GDR and the Eastern Bloc . After 1990 it was transformed into a communal egapark .

The main exhibition areas


Egapark is considered the most beautiful and largest garden in Thuringia. The Bauhaus-Modern garden monument offers more than 50 themed and exhibition gardens and 23 flower displays on 36 hectares for the Federal Garden Show 2021. The shows and competitions showcase the breadth of horticultural and gardening specialties. Newly themed gardens inspire plants, showcase new varieties and encourage imitation. Dahlias, pelargoniums, rhododendrons, begonias, fuchsias and perennials, among others, are shown. Exhibits such as garden ideas, the Grave and Memorial contribution, or the Gardeners’ Market create additional attractions.


The second location of the Federal Horticultural Show is Petersberg , which showcases modern horticultural history against a historical backdrop. The Petersberg Citadel is one of the largest and best-preserved urban fortresses in Europe. On the plateau in front of St. Peter’s cathedral are the Erfurt Midget with the Federal Garden Show, the Erfurt Giant Fava Bean and the Waid, which takes visitors through gardens from different eras. Based on the history of the Petersberg, the medieval vegetable garden gives insights into the knowledge of nuns and monks about medicinal, herbal and kitchen plants. The tradition of Erfurt’s horticultural culture is reflected in the castle moat with historical cultivations of vegetables and flowers. Traditional dyes, herbs and medicinal plants as well as classic fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants are shown.

Remote Locations.

The Federal Garden Show has 25 remote locations. Twenty-four of them are in Thuringia; one is in Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Apolda – Herressener Quay and Paulinen Park
  • Bad Langensalza – gardens
  • Bad Liebenstein – Altenstein Castle Park
  • Bendeleben – Baroque village
  • Buttstädt – historic cemetery of Camposanto
  • Dornburg-Kamberg – Dornburg Castle Gardens
  • Ebeleben – Baroque palace garden
  • Erfurt – Schlosspark Mollsdorf
  • Et Petersburg – Castle Park
  • Gotha – Residential City
  • Greiz – Ducal Park Greiser
  • Groskochberg – Kochberg Castle Park
  • Jena – JenaSaaleParadies green river landscape
  • Kromsdorf – Castle Garden
  • Muhlhausen – New Cemetery
  • Nordhausen – Park and Villa Hohenrode
  • Saalburg-Ebersdorf – Ebersdorf Landscape Park
  • Saalfeld – Bergfriedpark
  • Sangerhausen – Europa Rosarium
  • Weimar
  • Garden at Kirms-Krackow-Haus
  • Holzdorf Manor
  • Park on the Ilm with Goethe’s star garden
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Urban development


Part of the Geraaue belonging to Erfurt was developed as part of Buga 2021 . The result is a ribbon 5 km wide and several hundred meters across the north of Erfurt. It is the largest urban landscape park in Thuringia, covering an area of about 60 hectares. The new Geraue bicycle path forms a continuous main path of the Geraue. It is part of the national bike path Geraaue, which is crossed by the road in only one place. Admission to the Geraaue is free.

Geraaue can be divided into eight parks.


Kilianipark is located in Erfurt-Gispersleben and forms the northern end of the Geraaue. It is characterized by a large number of old trees. As part of the renovation work, a new playground will be built, spaces and paths will be renewed. In addition, there are plans to plant 37 trees , more than 1,000 shrubs and 10,000 early flowering plants . Gispersleben dam is to be dismantled. The construction work in Kilianipark is the last in the context of the Geraue and is to be completed with the opening of the Bugi.

The new park at the former CHP

The former and now completely cleared industrial area borders Kilianipark to the north and Geraue Park to the south . In 2015, the old Gispersleben Thermal Power Plant was demolished. In 2017, the area was transferred to the city of Erfurt and planning began. By December 2020, a gentle hilly landscape with alluvial forests, riverbanks and meanders was created . The park is particularly attractive to wheelchair users: In addition to a playground and a wheelchair carousel, a landscape with a trampoline was created, some of which can also be used by disabled people. In the south of the park, a fitness center and a new entrance over the Mühlgraben were built. A total of 5,800 perennials and 40,000 geophytes were planted in the area .

Geraue Park

Geraue Park, the largest of the eight sub-areas, is located in the Moskauer-Platz area and connects to the New Park at the former CHP site to the south. To the south, the park borders the Straße der Kulturen, on which a newly built pedestrian and bicycle bridge connects to the residential park in Rieta. Construction work in this area of Geraue began in mid-2019 and is expected to be completed in April 2021. Old green spaces and paths have been reworked and redesigned. The existing playground and soccer field were renovated and supplemented with a streetball court . The old athletic field was dismantled and two playgrounds were replaced with new ones. To the north of the park, a baseball field was built and can also be used by local clubs. On the western edge, terraces have been built that form the transition from the residential areas to the Geraue and the newly created Auentaich. On the eastern edge is a pedestrian promenade.

The pond with an area of 10,000 square meters and a depth of up to 2.5 meters is the biggest change in this area of the Geraue. It is fed by the hydroelectric power plant of the Thuringia long-distance water supply with water from the dams Schmalwasser and Tambach -Dietarz . Because of the low water temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius the pond is not listed as a bathing water . It is believed that the pond will lower the temperature in the area by several degrees in the summer. The youth club building adjacent to the pond has been renovated. The cafe is moving into part of the building . A hydroelectric power plant is also being built on the edge of the pond to supply 4000 households with electricity each year. A large viewing window allows visitors to observe the system. The power plant is fed from the water of the dams.

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Residential Park Rit

The structure of the existing residential park in Rieth has been preserved. It was expanded to the south at the expense of the former Karl Specht Sports Field . Like Geraue Park, the newly created terraces on the west form a transition from the residential area to the park. Along the eastern edge is a pedestrian promenade. All three existing playgrounds have been preserved. Construction of the park began in early 2020.

The park borders Warschauer Straße to the south, with Park Warschauer Straße on the other side of the street. Initially, it was planned to move under the Warschauer Strasse along the Gera River, but this could not be realized until April 2021. This point thus forms one of the two intersections of the Geraue and the Gera cycle track. Work on the crossing has been underway since October 2020.

Park Warschauer Strasse

Park Warschauer Straße is a bottleneck in Geraue. It is bounded by the Andreasrieda bicycle path, the parking lot and the residential area. By dismantling the garage and its residential street, land was obtained on which a playground was built. The soccer field on the west edge will be preserved. The exterior of the bike track was also redesigned. Construction work on the site began in mid-2020 and is expected to be completed in April 2021.

A new park at the former sewage treatment plant site

The park, also known as Klärchen , is bordered by Nordpark to the south and Rietstrasse to the north . Here is a second crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. Between 1909 and 1911 a sewage treatment plant for 120,000 inhabitants was built in the park . From 1921 to 1930 it had to be expanded due to population growth. In the early 1970s, the sewage treatment plant was already in the middle of a converted residential area, making further expansion impossible. When pollution became too much, it was finally closed from 1983 to 1985 and demolished in 1993. In 2004, the last part of the system disappeared. Before construction began in mid-2019, the area was under fallow , was fenced and characterized by a steep embankment . It was converted into a terrace with granite stones for seating and wooden loungers. A picnic area with barbecues, panoramic swings, beach volleyball court and a playground were created on the upper area. In addition, about 30 bike racks and a drinking fountain were installed . The park should be a meeting place for cyclists along the Hera Bike Path. In the future, open-air events will take place in the Terrassenufer amphitheater area. Construction work was completed in early 2021.

North Park

The North Park was created from 1923 to 1925 after the area was drained in 1910 by the diversion of the River Hera. At the same time Nordbad was opened , which still exists today. In 1970 the park was expanded. In the park itself, little has changed. Damaged paths and squares, trees, plantings and equipment have been restored. In addition, traffic was removed from the center of the park by converting the Auenstrasse into a parkway and moving the parking spaces for the north pool to the edge of the park. On the eastern edge of the park, two playgrounds, a multipurpose play field, a recreation area, and a skate park were created .

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Garrison Hospital

The Garrison Hospital was built from 1894 to 1896 and is a landmark. It serves as a barrier-free connection between the Nordhäuser Straße and the Nordpark and is therefore the southern entrance to the Geraaue. Based on the historic setting, the hospital garden was created to serve as a quiet refuge for visitors. Old trees have been preserved. Construction began in late 2020.

The long-term goal of the Garrison Hospital is to use it as a cultural quarter.

The parking complex at the fairgrounds.

Mid 2020 was on the western edge of Erfurt between Hochheim and Schmira a parking lot with 375 cars – 48 Caravan – and 51 coaches -Stellplätzen. The parking lot should be used not only for the Federal Garden Show, but also for trade fairs and major events, such as the Erfurt Christmas Market, where cars and, above all, buses take up large parking spaces in the city center every year. In addition, the limited number of parking spaces in Erfurt will be permanently expanded by the proximity to the terminus of the streetcar line 2 . A multifunctional building with sanitary facilities and information for restrooms and bus drivers, as well as a water retention basin have also been built . As part of the construction work, adjacent streets and intersections were upgraded and a state-of-the-art traffic control system was created, including support for Car2x technology .


Spread throughout the city, some streets and plazas were updated as part of the Boogie. Green benches have been installed in the inner city.

Barrier-free access to the Petersberg, the Bastionskronenpfad as well as the Petersberg Entreé as an information point and the Peterskirche as an event venue will be maintained by Erfurt residents. Buga also initiated a discussion about the Thuringian museum in the defensive barracks at Petersberg.

Repairs to the egapark, such as the restored south entrance, the rose garden, the Danakil Desert and the jungle house, have also been preserved but are not available for free.


Streetcar Line 2 functions as the Bug Line and connects the two fairgrounds Egapark and Petersberg with the main railway station of Erfurt and the newly created park and ride area in the Erfurt Fairgrounds every 10 minutes . At the other end of the streetcar also have parking areas. All light rail lines intersect in the city center. The entrance ticket to the Federal Garden Show is also valid as a ticket. During the Boogie, the new, extended Tramlink streetcars will be used on the Boogie line .

The start of Hera Aue is about a 20-minute walk from Petersberg. Tramlines 3 and 6 depart from the Baumerstraße stop along the Gera-Aue.


The Federal Horticultural Exhibition in Erfurt has given the German Post AG with Inception from April 1, 2021 a special stamp in denomination of 80 euro cents. Designed by 2xGoldstein graphic office in Rheinstetten .

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