Germany’s 10 most beautiful cities

The most beautiful cities in Germany

The beauty of German cities can be made into legends. For lovers of the Middle Ages and lovers of natural scenery, there is something to see. Every tourist should take the time to enjoy the beauty of cities that we have included in our rating.

Top 10 most beautiful cities in Germany

  1. Lübeck. A port city with a special atmosphere.
  2. Bremen. The town of the Bremen musicians.
  3. Dresden. Beautiful even after the war.
  4. Passau. Bavarian staging post between Munich and Prague.
  5. Konstanz. Here the most beautiful mountain scenery in Germany.
  6. Weimar. Famous for its great creators.
  7. Würzburg. Charming city.
  8. Erfurt. A shining example of medieval Germanic architecture.
  9. Marburg. Student Mecca.
  10. Nuremberg. Infamous, but incredibly beautiful.

And two other equally important cities, which we will consider separately:

  • Bamberg. City of art.
  • Munich. The most popular city in Germany.

Lübeck – the main city of the Hanseatic League

Lübeck is a port city, which has a special architecture. Many of its streets are painted on postcards and photos in travel guides.

The historic center is full of beautiful red brick buildings. Lübeck has its own atmosphere: it seems impregnable, geometrically correct and at the same time fairytale-like, especially when the winter comes and the first snow falls. The area of the old town is a World Heritage Site. Tourists come here to walk around and take lots of pictures. In addition, in Lübeck sells delicious marzipan.

Bremen – the city of fairy tales

Surely everyone remembers the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen. There are now hundreds of them in Bremen – people from different countries come here to create on the streets of the city. Bremen itself is considered a port city, which creates a unique atmosphere. Every tourist is advised to walk the route of 2,000 nails. That’s right, with brass nails laid out an entire route, which allows you to see the popular places of the city.

The most notable place, according to many travelers, is the quarter Schnor. It is distinguished by narrow streets winding among low brick houses. In the house number 4, which is located on the street Botcherstrasse, there is a workshop with 30 porcelain bells. Every day they begin their work, delighting those around them with a nice ringing.

Bremen was founded by Charlemagne, which makes it one of the oldest settlements in Germany. It is considered a major city on the River Weser. Thanks to the development of trade, Bremen became one of the richest cities in the country and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is here that grandiose fairs are held, selling goods from all over the world. The most important sights for visiting remain the city hall and the city’s cathedral. Every tourist will be interested to look at the merchant’s guilds and colorful carnival.

Dresden – a city that survived the war

Dresden is now a familiar sight for every tourist. It survived World War II, yet it is still considered the cultural center of Germany. Here you can visit the Japanese Palace, the famous Semper Opera, the art gallery, the mighty castle.

Dresden Castle is worthy of a separate word. For a long time the Saxon kings lived in it. The architectural uniqueness of the residence lies in the intertwining of Romanesque and eclectic styles. The construction of the building began in the 13th century and was finished only in 1901. Thus, it survived the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as you can be sure by looking at the gate, depicting Adam and Eve. The castle stone in the form of a skull is particularly awe-inspiring. Many people devote a whole day to Dresden Castle to appreciate all the ideas of the architects brought to life. The aforementioned Japanese Palace has little in common with the Japanese style. It is more like a baroque palace. It became Japanese because of the roof, which bears a certain resemblance to pagodas.

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The best way to see the city from all angles is to rent a rickshaw. Together with a driver-guide you can see Dresden in all its splendor. The most interesting things in the city lie beyond its borders. Königstein – a majestic fortress and a beautiful nature reserve amidst the mountains.

Passau – Bavarian beauty

Bavarians love Passau. Its natural beauty goes hand in hand with its impressive urban buildings. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which houses one of the largest organs in the world, is universally loved.

For those partial to castles, there are two grandiose structures to visit. Passau has become a popular stopover for travelers on their way to Prague or Munich.

Konstanz – small town by a lake

Konstanz is located near the Alps. Nearby the river Rhine begins its course. Tourists come to Konstanz to visit the lake with crystal clear water.

The natural scenery is fascinating: every morning the city offers a view of the picturesque Alps, the peaks of which are hidden in fog. The old part of the city has been preserved almost intact, as it is partly Swiss. Constance is famous for the chocolate factory, where they make great desserts. Everyone should visit Mainau, a picturesque island with a great variety of colors. In general the city gives the impression of a student’s paradise, with university buildings and students from all over the world.

Weimar – the city of creative people

Important figures like Nietzsche, Bach, Goethe, etc. worked in Weimar. One comes to the city for the atmosphere. The old houses are painted in bright colors, almost every street has a place to look.

Weimar is home to churches, theaters and museums. The beauty of Weimar is that the city is beautiful at any time of year. It still attracts creative people who go to architecture school.

Würzburg – the charm itself

Everyone who has been to Würzburg declares that the city is enchanting. The panoramas of Würzburg are truly mesmerizing, with the Marienberg fortress, a number of cathedrals, the Church of Mary, and the royal residence.

Wherever you find yourself in Würzburg, you won’t be left with a feeling of grandeur of the city, which, however, does not crush the tourist, but rather fascinates. This is partly due to the illuminated buildings and the numerous fountains. Tourists are especially fascinated by the town hall, where there is an exhibition showing the devastation that took place in the 40s. It is especially impressive once you get around Würzburg in its entirety.

Erfurt – the medieval capital of Thuringia

Erfurt is home to a collection of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The most interesting thing in the city is the cathedral. One of the greatest impressions of the city is the street on the bridge.

The citadel of Petersberg is a majestic structure that was once a monastery and a military fortification. The city will help you understand what Germany looked like from the 14th to the 18th century.

Marburg is a fabulous student city

There are many wooden buildings preserved in Marburg. Here you will see many half-timbered houses, which are a frame structure.

These are the houses that tourists often associate with Germany. The most striking place in Marburg is the historic center. The student atmosphere around the Protestant University only adds to the flavor of Marburg.

Nuremberg – the most beautiful Bavarian city

Once you’ve been to Germany, it’s impossible not to go to Bavaria. If only because of the location of Nuremberg. This is a true technological center, which preserved the atmosphere of the medieval era. Germans here don’t like to talk about the Nuremberg Trials and the fascism that discredited their nation. Nuremberg inventors created the first railroad, the famous pocket watch on a chain, and Albrecht Dürer became world famous as a great painter.

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Nuremberg’s history is quite interesting in that the city changed its character over the centuries. He was the political, economic and cultural capital. It manages to make a strong impression due to the location of the main station, which overlooks the castle walls. Here is the castle, which served as the residence of the heads of the Holy Roman Empire. The church of St. Lorenz is greatly esteemed among the citizens. It is one of the first churches in the country, badly damaged during the Second World War, but it was successfully restored. Here you can listen to organ music and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere. If you are drawn to the history of World War II, make sure you visit the “Room 600”, which is located in the Palace of Justice. This is where the famous Nuremberg Trials took place. Local guides are ready to tell you about this important event for the history of mankind in colors and smallest details.

Bamberg is an exceptional city

Bamberg’s exclusivity is due to its theaters, museums, and a whole host of attractions. The Ludwig Collection contains many exhibits made of earthenware and porcelain. These are not just beautiful objects, but an entire art form that has survived from pre-Columbian South America, Ancient Greece, India, Africa and China. You can trace the very history of porcelain through it. The collection features excellent examples from Meissen and Strasbourg. In excellent condition are the creations of the Hannong family.

Also worth mentioning is the Bamberg Cathedral, which is one of the seven imperial cathedrals. Its construction began in the early second millennium. The basic style is Romanesque. There is an interesting sculpture – the Bamberg Rider. Even the nationalists recognized it as important for the whole nation, because it represents the image of a real hero.

Fortress Altenburg is located on a hill and rises almost 400 meters above sea level. The way to it is not easy, so it is better to take a bus. Its notable feature was the artistic works, of which inside there are more than a dozen. Now everyone can appreciate the works of Albrecht Dürer on public display.

As soon as you feel the urge to learn, go to the State Library. You can also visit the New Residence. There are thousands of medieval manuscripts, a huge number of volumes, charts and photographs.

Bamberg is worth seeing from a tourist steamboat on the Regnitz. All travelers enjoy these romantic walks, where you can sit and look at the colorful houses, swaying trees, and people scurrying around the city.

Munich is one of the best cities in the world.

Munich has been called not only beautiful, but also the best. Despite the negative effects of World War II it is full of sights, and its location near mountains and numerous architectural ensembles make the city perfect for photos and pictures. That is why photographers and artists from all over the world come here. Munich is most popular with tourists seeking to see the beauty of a truly European city and visit the famous Oktoberfest.

The central square is home to the column of the Virgin Mary. The Old and New Town Halls, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche), the Peter and St. Michael’s Church are also situated here. In the Bavarian National Museum you can admire masterpieces of fine art, sculptures by Adam Kraft, Adrian de Vries and the Madonna of Zion. The New Pinakothek, which was erected on the orders of Ludwig I, houses hundreds of paintings and dozens of magnificent sculptures. It’s a kaleidoscope of styles, from Rococo to Art Nouveau with German motifs. Futurists will love the BMW showroom. If you don’t want to be penny wise, go straight to Nymphenburg Palace – a truly monumental, beautiful, and awe-inspiring building in the style of the Southern German Baroque. The most interesting things are hidden from view inside Nymphenburg itself: the frescoes by Zimmermann, the gallery of the most beautiful women, known as the Gallery of Beauty. It contains portraits of Marianne Florenzi, Amalia Krudener, Helena Zedlmayer, Maria Frederica of Prussia and many other women of Europe. Not far from Nymphenburg is Blutenburg, a small hunting castle by royal standards.

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Top 10 the most beautiful cities in Germany worth visiting

Germany is the epitome of austerity, punctuality and high quality of life. And what a mystical atmosphere there is… mesmerizing! Few people dare to radically change their lives and move to a better place, but almost all do not mind to travel (if only means).

So there are many reasons to visit Germany – if you still have doubts “but should”, unequivocally yes, and here’s why:

  • Germany has magnificent castles located in picturesque valleys and mountains; nourishing and fantastically delicious – you will never forget the taste of sausages and sausages cooked in Germany;
  • Nature of Germany – it’s a fairy tale, as if you find yourself on a canvas of genius masters;
  • Cologne Cathedral – the main attraction of Germany. For the sake of it many people visit German city.

Of course, this is not all the advantages of Germany – you can not count them all, and everyone finds something different here: some people want sausages and beer, and someone enjoy the views, having a picnic in the countryside. It’s well worth the trip and here are some of the best cities in Germany.

10. Hamburg

Even if Germany doesn’t excite you, Hamburg definitely does! It’s not just a city of rivers, although it’s certainly mostly attracted by its port charm. There are so many interesting places here, many of which fit into the script of the tour program. German city has preserved the treasures of the past centuries.

Tourists arriving here are waiting for unforgettable views: Gothic churches, town halls, monuments of prominent personalities, etc. The city also has well-preserved churches, but the most popular place to visit is the Town Hall, which is located on the square. An amazing feature of Hamburg are bridges, and there are a lot of them.

Interesting fact: Hamburg ranks first in Europe by the number of bridges. There are more bridges in this city than in Vienna or Amsterdam.

9. Lübeck

What especially surprises travelers – if you go to any store in Lübeck, sellers remember you and say hello next time. The people here are friendly, but all “on their mind,” which is striking – there are almost no girls with outstanding features, but you do not go to Lübeck in order to admire the beauties, right?

Traditionally, for many people, the city begins with leisurely strolls. What’s to see? The Holstentor city gates, and you can take an elevator up to the bell tower of St. Peter’s Church to see the panorama of Lübeck from the observation deck. Lübeck captivates with its fabulous views: it is a kind of endless dollhouse, and also charms with warmth and cordiality – not all streets in Germany have such a spirit.

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8. Baden-Baden

A trip to Germany is always an event, because it is famous for its Gothic cathedrals, various legends and rich history. Baden-Baden is a great choice! This trip will be remembered for a lifetime. The city itself is located in the nature reserve Black Forest, where the famous Black Forest cake comes from.

What is good about this city? Most of all it attracts thermal springs (they are right in the center), proximity to the Swiss and French borders, so there is an opportunity for one trip to see these countries. If you want to have a spectacular view in front of you – be sure to organize a trip on the funicular railway to Mount Mercure. Ticket there and back costs about 4 € (235 rubles).

7. Marburg

Marburg is a versatile city whose charms are hard to describe in words, but worth a try. It is home to about 78,000 people, the town is located on the River Lan. Marburg was founded by Sophia of Brabant in the 13th century as the residence of the Landgrave of Hesse. It is a cozy and small town – the first thing you see when you come here is a fabulous view, from which you can paint landscapes! The town hall with moving figures is a must-see for photos.

It is located on a hill and you can take an elevator up to it. It was built in the style of the Fachwerk (half-timbered houses), which is what made the town so popular that you want to see every single one of them. The cobblestone streets are lined with pavement cafes, chocolate shops, and stores (but tourists are warned: they are very expensive). In every narrow alley wants to look – do not deny yourself this pleasure, who knows what awaits around the corner?

6. Quedlinburg

Do you want to plunge into the Middle Ages? Immerse yourself in the place where witches were burned? Then come to Klingenburg, a town with beautiful houses and a peculiar atmosphere. The town square is adorned by the town hall with the statue of Roland. The town square is adorned by the town hall with the statue of Roland, and is surrounded by pretty little houses and cafés where you can stop for a bite to eat and relax.

The atmosphere here is calm, but until you learn the information – it turns out that witches were burned here in the 16th century, it’s scary to imagine: the screams, the suffering… It seems that when darkness falls in these beautiful streets you can meet ghosts. But it’s better not to dwell on the bad things. This city has a mystical atmosphere, it almost did not suffer from the war: a lot of old, medieval houses have been preserved. The most unique of them is now a museum of half-timbered houses, was built in 1310.

Interesting fact: Quedlinburg is a tourist town. It has a population of about 20,000 people. It is small and undoubtedly with its own highlights.

5. Bremen

Once you come to Bremen, you hardly want to leave soon, because you are in a fairy tale! What is the first association that comes up when you say the name of this city? “The Musicians of Bremen”, and the characters of the work is really much dedicated to Bremen. There is even an attraction – a talking hatch, you throw a coin and from the hatch the voices of the animals from the fairy tale sound.

This small town is much smaller than Hamburg, but fascinating atmosphere: it is ancient, the houses are low, no skyscrapers and high-rises. There are few cars, and therefore, and the environment is good. The first thing tourists go to see is the Bremen City Hall – in all lists of “Top 10 things to see in Bremen”, it is in first place. By the way, the town hall was built in the Middle Ages and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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4. Hannover

Tourists inspired by their trip to Hannover immediately start writing reviews about their impressions. Why is this city considered one of the most beautiful in Germany? Because it’s atmospheric and very colorful – it’s that simple! It’s a big enough city with a lot of attractions, there are plenty of places for both active and passive pastime.

Only 130 km away is Hamburg, and 120 km away is Bremen. Hannover impresses tourists with its architecture and the people who played a major role in the construction of the city. Hannover – the birthplace of Munchausen. Nearby is the town of Bodenwerder, where there is a house of the baron, where he lived. There are many things to see here: the Opera House, City Hall, Neustadt Church, the Church of St. George and St. Jacob and others.

3. Munich

Munich is a big city, it is unlikely to make such a big impression on you as the above mentioned, but it is worth a visit for the sake of interest. There is something interesting about it. The first thing that surprises upon arrival – there are widespread repair work, often architectural monuments are covered with cloth.

Unlike other German cities, Munich is modern and is the unofficial IT-capital. Here are universities, research centers and more. The main thing here for tourists is Oktoberfest, a folk festival in the city. This holiday is called a folk festival – it lasts for 16 days, and during this time millions of travelers from all over the world flock here!

Interesting fact: for fans of sights is good news – in Munich there are a lot of churches. The highest cathedral is the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. In 1945 there were ruins here, but after the war the churches began to be rebuilt.

2. Dresden

This is one of the most beautiful cities and a must see! Located on the River Elbe, the administrative center of Saxony is one of the largest centers of industry, culture and transport in Germany. No wonder so many tourists come here every year.

Dresden is known for its architecture, Baroque monuments, collections of paintings and more. In the 13th century the city was a fishing village, but it so happened that after a few centuries it became the residence of the Saxon kings and dukes. A must-see in Dresden is the Zwinger Palace. It has the largest exposition of paintings. On the waterfront you can take a leisurely stroll – the white steamers look incredibly attractive!

1. Dusseldorf

Travelling is always worthwhile, especially if you choose the right places. If the atmosphere of Germany fascinates you, make sure to visit Dusseldorf, a city with striking architecture, a beautiful promenade, and plenty of beautiful views. The city is located in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, is its capital.

This city is dominated by overcast weather, but this can add to its atmosphere. Dusseldorf is full of parks, green areas, recreation areas, where it is nice to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the city you can walk around the main outwardly attractive square, look at the sights (the main one is a clock with a portmanteau), taste the delicacies and much more.

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