Germany is a country rich in cultural and historical sights

German sights: 17 best places

Germany attracts tourists from all over the world with its variety of excursions. But before you praise this country, you should mention that German mentality is phlegmatic. For this reason in this country is difficult to find an extreme vacation and everything associated with it. However, in terms of cultural values, historical monuments and natural beauties Germany certainly has something to amaze its guests. This country is ready to offer tourists a wonderful holiday in winter and summer, whether it is ski resorts, beach vacations, sightseeing tours to interesting places in Germany, great hotels or rich shopping in stylish European stores.

1. the Brandenburg Gate

German sights: Brandenburg Gate

Many interesting sights in Germany are located in Berlin, a symbol and calling card of which is the Brandenburg Gate. They are located in the heart of the city and adjacent to the famous Lilac Avenue. The height of this beautiful construction is over 25 meters. The construction is accounted for the end of the XVIII century, and the construction of the gate itself lasted three years. At the Brandenburg Gate is a hall of silence, dedicated to the historical lessons that the inhabitants of Germany received. Nowadays this attraction is equally popular with tourists and locals.

2. Berlin Wall

Despite all of Berlin’s splendor, architectural monuments, cultural heritage and hospitality, it also has “dark” monuments that hang over the history and reputation of the city. We are talking about the Berlin Wall, which has become a symbol of discord and suffering of the Berlin people. The nearly thirty years of existence of this “landmark” known throughout Germany has left an unpleasant imprint on the history of its capital. To commemorate those tragic moments, those ruined fortunes and taken lives, a section of the Berlin Wall has been recreated as faithfully as possible to allow tourists to experience the atmosphere of oppression of that period.

3. Reichstag

The Reichstag is a legendary landmark of Berlin. In addition to its imposing appearance, this parliamentary building has a rich and rich history. Its construction was completed in 1894, preceded by two periods – design approval and construction itself – of ten years each. In 1933 the Nazis used the Reichstag to completely seize power. They set fire to the building, for which they blamed their main rivals, the Communists.

Today, the Reichstag attracts tourists not only with its history. The most interesting part of the structure is its glass dome where the observation deck is located, which offers a beautiful view of Berlin.

4. Pergamon Museum

Germany's main sights

One of the main attractions of the cultural component of Berlin is the museum complex Pergamon. The museum is located in the heart of the city, which makes it easy to get to it. Pergamon Museum is fabulously popular among tourists. The museum complex is so huge that its halls house entire architectural statues as exhibits, including the Ishtar Gate, the Road of Processions, and the Frieze of Mshatta. The Pergamon exhibit is divided into several parts, each representing a different civilization and era.

5. Berlin Cathedral

Among the religious sights in Germany, the Berlin Cathedral stands out significantly. The magnificence and eye-catching facade of this shrine from the very first moment captivates the eyes of its guests. It is not for nothing that almost every tourist who has visited Berlin has an image of the cathedral, be it a photo or a postcard. The unusual beauty of Berlin Cathedral can be explained by the fact that it was originally conceived as the main Lutheran church in Europe. Its facade is decorated with sculptures and columns, while the interior is decorated with stained-glass windows and paintings of biblical scenes. The cathedral dome has an observation deck.

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6. Old Pinakothek in Munich

The world-famous Munich Old Pinakothek is a proud tourist attraction that houses a collection of paintings by medieval masters and 18th-century masters. All in all, the gallery’s exposition has about seven hundred canvases by various artists and themes. There are works by such famous masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Sandro Botticelli, Raphael, and many other “sculptors” of art. Even the interior of the Old Pinakothek has been thought out to the smallest detail – there is nothing garish here, so that the interior details do not distract from viewing the exhibits.

7. Neuschwanstein Castle

Hugely popular among tourists is the castle of Neuschwanstein, which has become one of the most important attractions of Germany. The castle not only gives its visitors a palette of bright and unforgettable experiences, but also repeatedly became the object of cultural initiatives. For example, Neuschwanstein was the prototype of Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland Paris, inspired Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and personified Ludwig II’s love for the music of Wagner. The legendary castle is situated on a wooded ridge in the Bavarian Alps, surrounded by an indescribable beauty.

8. Nuremberg Castle

Among the castles of Germany has a distinctive feature Nuremberg Castle, because it is rather a castle complex. It consists of three elements: the Imperial Castle, the Fortress of the Imperial City and the Burggrave’s Fortress – each of these constructions was intended for the defense of Nuremberg. It is worth mentioning that not all the fortresses have survived to this day – some of them were a thousand years old. Nevertheless, there are many interesting buildings that are popular among tourists.

9. Hohenschwangau

It is the second most popular castle in Germany. In addition, it is close to Neuschwanstein, which allows you to visit these two German world-class attractions at once. In the past, Hohenschwangau Castle served as the summer royal residence. It was here that Ludwig II spent his youth, and where he met the eminent composer Wagner. Upon entering the courtyard of the castle, tourists love to be photographed next to the swan-shaped fountain. Inside the castle, visitors can admire the royal chambers, the halls of chivalry and other masterpiece rooms.

10. Lake Constance

Among the natural attractions of Germany, Lake Constance has gained particular popularity. It has two lakes and the famous Rhine River. The lake is located near the Alps, and is located on the territory of three countries. The shores of the lake are rich in all kinds of interesting sites: architectural, religious, historical and others. It is no exaggeration to say that to spend a holiday at Lake Constance (and even more so to live here) is an indescribable pleasure. For tourists there are a lot of options for recreation and entertainment.

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11. hofbräuhaus

When visiting the sights of Munich, it is definitely worth going to the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, which is among the oldest in the city. Today, the Hofbräuhaus presents itself as a prestigious beer restaurant with an adjacent garden. This unusual place is located on the Platzl square. It was founded back in the 16th century as a ducal court brewery (back then beer was not available to the commoners). Later, when beer was popularized, the building was rebuilt and a restaurant for four thousand people was opened there. An interesting fact is that Hitler and Lenin treated themselves to beer here.

12. Mercedes-Benz Museum

Germany's main sights

The famous business center Mercedes-Benz-Welt is located in Stuttgart and houses the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Visiting this attraction in Germany is a must, especially for car enthusiasts. Already the facade of the building and its unusual layout draw the eyes of visitors and passersby. Inside there is just as much to see and do – there are no tours or tours around the museum, so everyone decides for himself what route to take and what exhibits are worth seeing. Only one thing remains unchanged – a visit to the historical automobile exhibition (it is the highlight of any tour program). In the museum, tourists will open the veil of the entire long history of the Mercedes-Benz company.

13. Old Castle in Stuttgart

One of the oldest monuments of history in Stuttgart is the Old Castle, whose age is about fifteen centuries. For its centuries-old “life” the castle even managed to visit the stables, but soon fate has returned this building to its original status. For a long time the old castle was the residence of the Wurttemberg dynasty. Today there is a museum exhibition devoted to the possessions of Baden-Wuerttemberg, whose capital is Stuttgart. Tourists are mesmerized by the openwork of the facade and the splendor of the inner courtyard, inside of which there are several sights. In the museum itself visitors learn about all aspects of life in these estates.

14. Schwarzwald

Among the most famous natural attractions in Germany is the Black Forest. This place in Baden-Württemberg got its gloomy name because of the dark foliage of the trees that grow here. But in reality there is nothing gloomy about Schwarzwald. On the contrary – this place is more like a fairy tale forest, quiet and serene. Just a twenty-minute walk from any village and you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere of serenity. Is that the grazing cows in the meadows will remind you that you are close to civilization, which towns and villages that are located around, be sure to visit.

15. Hohenzollern Castle

Another beautiful jewel in the rich crown of castles in Germany is the Hohenzollern. Its rooms contain magnificent collections of precious metal and porcelain crockery and paintings once owned by German monarchs. Today the Hohenzollern, though a museum, is also a castle of high cultural and historical value to Germany. Within the walls of the castle during the year are repeatedly held various cultural events. For example, it has become a tradition to give concerts and hold all sorts of exhibitions in Hohenzollern. But the best time to visit the castle during the Christmas vacations, when it turns into a fairy palace.

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16. Cologne Cathedral

German Sights: Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is the brightest landmark of the German city that has become its symbol. Among the “achievements” of the cathedral: its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List; the title of one of the most famous buildings not only in the country, but also in the world; the largest church facade in the world. The construction of the cathedral began in the thirteenth century, and lasted more than six hundred years. The famous element of the facade of the cathedral is its twin towers. And the interior decoration is done in the medieval manner with stained glass and thematic objects. Also inside are the relics of the three kings who visited the newborn Christ.

17. Semper Opera

Germany's main sights

The cultural pride of Germany is the Semper Opera or Dresden State Opera, which is one of the most beautiful theaters not only in the country, but also in the world. Even with its external appearance three-storey building attracts attention. In its history the opera house has lived through many tragic moments, among them fire, military bombing and flooding. But, fortunately, today the theater has been restored and is functioning properly. Both classical and modern productions are staged on its stage, and guests come from all over the world. The Dresden State Opera presents internationally renowned productions and the best artists. And tourists can also take a group tour of the grandiose theater. See more Dresden sights in a separate article.

Versatile Germany and its best historical, cultural and architectural attractions

Germany is quite an interesting country in terms of tourism. In addition to sightseeing tours, it offers tourists to visit amusement parks, ski resorts and various festivals, the most famous of which is Oktoberfest. But no less interesting are the natural attractions of the country, represented by various nature reserves and national parks. What is the first thing a tourist visiting Germany should see?

Brandenburg Gate

This famous architectural monument is located in the heart of Berlin on Pariserplatz. The structure in the ancient Greek style was built in 1791.

In 1918-20 of the 20th century, columns of soldiers passed through them. Ten years later, they were used as decorations for torchlight processions. During World War II, they, as well as other buildings on the square, suffered a lot. After the surrender of Nazi Germany, a Soviet red flag was hoisted over the gate, which was removed only in 1957.

Until the time the Berlin Wall was destroyed, the monument was closed. After that, the gate was restored and received its historical appearance.


One of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. In addition to its representative appearance, this building has a rich history. The Reichstag was built in 1894. Since 1933, the building was used by the Nazis to seize power in the country. To do this, they started a fire here, blaming everything on the communists, whom they considered their main competitors. Today, tourists are attracted to the Reichstag by a glass dome with an observation deck from where you can see the entire city.

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Berlin Wall

This place became a symbol of discord and suffering for city residents who for 30 years couldn’t meet their relatives who happened to be on the other side of the Berlin Wall. To commemorate these events, a part of this wall has been recreated, which radiates the atmosphere of oppression and despondency of that period.

Cologne Cathedral

Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, the cathedral has been called the most impressive place in Cologne. Built in Gothic style it is the tallest cathedral in Europe and its construction began in 1248. The interior of the building is no less majestic than its facade. Above its main altar is the golden Tomb of the Three Kings.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is one of the most famous natural attractions in the country. The Black Forest is located in south-west Germany. On its territory especially for tourists are equipped with hiking and biking trails. The forest ends with a steep cliff in the west and the Danube and Neckar valleys in the east.

Among the popular tourist spots in the Black Forest are the resort Bad Liebenzell, Todtnau ski slopes, spa hotels of Baden-Baden, the Black Forest Nature Museum, the Tiberg waterfall and the Swiss Railroad. The Black Forest is called one of the most irreal places in the world.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

The landmark is located near the town of Füssen and is one of the most famous castles in Europe. It was built by Ludwig of Bavaria between 1869 and 1886. Later it was taken as a basis for the construction of the castle in Disneyland. The building is perfectly preserved to this day. Today tourists are invited to visit its luxurious halls and see how the kings lived.

Heidelberg Castle

The history of this building is more than 800 years old. Its walls have survived many difficult times. But today they have been restored, and each of its visitors can feel in the Middle Ages. From the terraces of the castle there is an amazing view of Heidelberg and the Upper Rhine Lowlands.

Pergamon Museum

The museum complex is called the main cultural attraction of Berlin, located in the heart of the city. Its size is so imposing that the individual halls of the museum were able to accommodate such architectural sculptures as the Frieze of Mshatta, the Road of Processions, and the Gate of Ishtar. Each part of the museum represents a particular historical era.

Old Munich Pinakothek

The Pinakothek presents visitors with a unique collection of paintings by medieval artists. The exhibition includes about 700 paintings, including works by Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Botticelli. The interior of the building was thought out to the smallest detail. Here you won’t find anything flashy, because according to the architects’ concept nothing extraneous should distract attention from viewing the paintings.

Nuremberg Castle

To be precise, it is a castle complex consisting of 3 elements: the Imperial Castle, the Burggrave Fortress and the Imperial City Fortress. All of them were originally created to protect the city. Unfortunately, not all of Nuremberg’s structures have survived to this day.

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This castle is rightfully considered the second most popular castle in the country. Originally it was a summer royal residence where Ludwig II spent his childhood. At the entrance to the castle is a fountain in the form of a swan. Inside the building, tourists can visit the halls of chivalry, the royal bedchamber and other equally interesting rooms.

Middle Renaissance Valley

Do not think that this is an ordinary river valley. In fact, it is a cultural landscape, stretching for 65 km, where you can find everything to relax, from picturesque meadows and vineyards to ancient castles and fortresses.


This place is one of the most important Lutheran churches of the country and a magnificent example of Baroque style. During the Second World War the building was almost completely destroyed. But after the end of hostilities, it was restored to its historical appearance.

Hohenzollern Castle

Another of Germany’s finest castles, it houses a unique collection of crockery and paintings, which once belonged to local monarchs. This building has a high historical and cultural value. Every year it hosts a variety of important cultural events, exhibitions and concerts. And before Christmas, the castle is transformed into a real palace from a fairy tale.

Dresden Opera

The Dresden Opera, or as it is called the Semper Opera, is on the list of the most beautiful theaters in the world. Over its centuries-long history, its building has survived fires, floods, bombings, and other disasters. But today it has been completely restored, and its stage presents classical and contemporary productions.

Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg

In the heart of Hamburg is located Wonderland, the largest model railroad, a visit to which will be interesting not only to adult tourists. Its length is 12 km, and the individual sections are devoted to different parts of the world. There are 890 trains on the railroad, which allows you to spend hours exploring the bustling harbors, megalopolises, miniature airports and rural landscapes.

Rügen Island

This is one of Germany’s most picturesque Baltic islands and attracts tourists with its incredible landscapes, including sandy beaches, peninsulas, hills, farmland and beech forests.

Sans Souci complex

This incredibly beautiful structure was built between 1744 and 1756 in the Rococo style with an elliptical dome. Next to the castle there is a magnificent park with more than 3 thousand trees and numerous orangeries. There are Roman Baths, Chinese House, art gallery and Pavilion. Inside the castle you can see luxurious apartments and the Marble Hall.

Island of flowers Mainau

Lake Constance is home to the incredibly beautiful Floral Island, which has a collection of tropical and subtropical plants on 110 acres. You can get there by footbridge or by boat. On the island is a castle with a White Hall and a beautiful watchtower.

Lindau Island

On Lake Constance there is a small island called Lindau. Tourists are attracted by the well-preserved architecture of the Middle Ages and the narrow streets paved with cobblestones.

Despite the apparent severity of Germany, the country is very pleased tourists who have a lot to see. Each region of Germany has its own cultural, historical and natural attractions, which everyone can see.

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