Gastronomy tourism: where to go for a newcomer

Gastronomy tourism: where to go for a newcomer

Very often, when travelers share their experiences, they talk about the national cuisine of a particular place. After all, often the traditional cuisine can tell even more about the state, than archives and vaults of museums. And in this there is some truth.

Gastronomic tours are often divided into rural and urban . And the first and second option is very interesting. In rural gastro tours you can participate in the harvest or the process of cooking. Urban tours also include visits to restaurants and cafes with national cuisine, or factories and industries.

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Gastronomy tourism: where to go for a newcomer

1. Gastronomy tours in Russia

“Tasty” travel is increasingly gaining momentum in the Russian Federation . Vast territories and many large and small nations make gastro tours truly diverse. Local dishes provide an opportunity to learn more about the traditions and mentality of the inhabitants.

Among the most popular destinations are Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Kuban, Altai Krai, Kaliningrad, Siberia and the Far East.

In general, cuisine of East Slavs is rather monotonous. In the modern world it is a huge number of first and second dishes, pancakes, pies, kissels. Traditional dishes of Russian cuisine can be tasted in Moscow, Voronezh, Kolomna, Ryazan, Vladimir, Suzdal.

If you go to Tatarstan, you should be prepared for an abundance of meat dishes. Juicy echpochmaki, horse meat dishes, azu, legendary desserts like chak-chak, baursak, talkysh will conquer even the most fastidious gourmet.

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1. Gastronomy tours in Russia

In Siberia you can enjoy such delicacies as bear meat sausage, stewed elk, as well as traditional Siberian dumplings and pies with a variety of fillings.

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1. Gastronomy tours in Russia

The Far East is the land of fish, caviar, and seafood. Because of its proximity to China and Korea, the cuisine here is very original: it is a mix of Russian and Asian traditions, the gifts of the sea and the taiga.

Excursions to the Seychelles. The most beautiful islands

South of Russia . One should go to the Kuban for borscht, all kinds of vegetable snacks and dumplings. And if you go in the direction of the Caucasus, you can and should try kebab, shish kebab and pies, the famous Ossetian pies. On the coast of the Black Sea you can try pickles, brine conch, mullet. On the banks of the Don River people traditionally cook fish soup, fish roe, kurniki. The Crimea will please gourmets with different wines, cognac, local cheeses, fruits and, of course, fish and seafood.

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1. Gastronomy tours in Russia

Yes, there is definitely somewhere to go in Russia and what to treat yourself. An interesting vacation in gastro tours around the country will be unforgettable.

2. Gastro tours abroad

Travel agencies offer many options for delicious and unusual trips. Abroad are both exotic countries and Europe with its exquisite cuisine. You can visit a chocolate factory in Switzerland or a cognac factory in Armenia, go to the traditional Oktoberfest in Germany, or take a course at the Academy of Culinary Arts in France.

Traditional itinerary, which is worth to start your acquaintance with gastronomic travels, is

– Georgia. Satsivi, shish kebab, chahohbili and local cheeses with nuts are worth your attention.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Armenia. This Sevan crayfish, khash, dolma, sujuk. Many different dishes made of fatty meat.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– France is associated with wine, aromatic herbs, fish delicacies.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Spain. Catalan traditional cuisine. Chicken in chocolate sauce, cod with nut crust, seafood, jamon.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Italy. This country is a Mecca for culinary travel, pasta, pizza, lasagna, fish, veal, truffles, cheeses, and of course wine.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– The Netherlands. Different kinds of cheeses, wine and beer, and also fish national delicacies.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

Weekend in Tbilisi, Georgia

For exotic lovers and experienced gastropoonists should visit Asian countries.

– India. Here it is easy to try bright and unusual dishes, because for this country food is part of the culture. The cuisine is very diverse depending on the part of the country. In the north they feed you with goat meat and in the south there is a huge variety of vegetarian dishes.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is always fresh and incredibly tasty fish and seafood, amazing desserts from rice.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Thailand is one of the leaders in “delicious” tourism. Such a variety of fruits you probably will not find anywhere else. And fried rice, all kinds of curries, duck, fish and seafood will not leave anyone indifferent.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– South Korea – it is first of all barbecue, but also a chicken in beer, fried rice with various ingredients, warming bean soup, pulpogi meat and ubiquitous kimchi cabbage.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

– Iran. When talking about Asia, many people overlook this country. Cuisine of this country has an ancient history and long tradition. The dishes are complex, that sometimes it is difficult to understand from the taste what ingredients are in the plate. Stewed vegetables, kebabs, pilaf, saffron, dried fruits are all inimitable parts of the Iranian culinary tradition.

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2. Gastro tours abroad

3. what else is worth keeping in mind

A culinary trip can last from a couple of days to a full two-week vacation .

There are both individual trips and group trips . There can be beginners going for the first time to “taste the country,” as well as professional chefs and sommeliers. Many trips are great for holidays with children or elderly relatives.

There are also subtleties to such tours:

1. It is worth knowing the measure. Do not try to try all the dishes at once and overeat. You can easily earn indigestion. 2. Do not forget about water and limit the use of alcohol. 3. Many “professional travelers” use personal cutlery and utensils.

Journey around Vladikavkaz

Gastronomic tourism, is gaining in popularity, which may be a good substitute for passive lying on the beach. This is not only an opportunity to see new cities and countries, but also to try unique products. To join the age-old traditions, to learn the local color, recipes, methods of production of products and cooking – this is a tiny part of what people go on culinary trips.

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