Fujairah Emirate, UAE – beautiful beaches, clean sea and architecture

Sea in Fujairah: beaches, weather, diving

The sea in Fujairah

Beach recreation in the emirate of Fujairah, UAE, is convenient for family tourists and those who prefer silence, warm sea, tranquility. Active Dubai and business Abu Dhabi offer a lot of active entertainment – clubs, night discos, water parks and excursions. However, the easternmost emirate has become more popular. Before your trip you need to know all about Fujairah – what sea it is washed by, the beaches and the features of active seaside recreation.

Features of the location of the emirate

Fujairah is located in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates. The main share of the economy – tourism. There are no oil deposits, only small quarries of stone and oil shale in the mountainous areas. Therefore, the authorities have created favorable conditions for different types of recreation – family, active. Because of the environment and the good climate here, you can do diving and kayaking. This is the only emirate that is not located in the Persian Gulf.

Location of Fujairah on the map of the UAE

The location on the Gulf of Oman is convenient for tourists traveling Fujairah, what sea washes the emirate? According to geographical data – the Arabian Sea. But locals and travel agencies prefer to explain that the emirate is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The paradox is that everyone is right – Fujairah is simultaneously washed by the waters of the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The advantages of a beach holiday in this part of the UAE:

  • The total length of the coastline is 90 km. This makes it possible to place places for a beach holiday in Fujairah.
  • There are relatively few tourists on the coast. even in the peak season, which comes in December, January, there will always be free sun beds and umbrellas.
  • Clean sea. The lack of extraction of oil minimizes the likelihood of its entry into the sea waters.
  • There are places to do scuba diving, underwater hunting. There are coral reefs, a lot of sea creatures.
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On the coast there are many hotels, hotel complexes. They offer direct access to the sea in Fujairah. In addition, in the emirate operates several public beaches and recreation areas. It is convenient for active recreation, as well as an opportunity to spend time on the beach, even while staying in a city hotel.

Tip: In summer, for the beach is recommended to buy safety shoes. The sand gets very hot in the sun, even the sea in Fujairah can not reduce the temperature of the beach surface

About the sea in Fujairah

The Gulf of Oman is a relatively calm part of the Indian Ocean. Storms and strong winds are very rare. The reason is the natural protection from the land side by the mountain ranges. This is one of the factors why there is very little rain in this part of the UAE. In January, the rainfall is minimal, with cloudy days falling 1-2 times a month. This affects the purity of the sea in Fujairah, it is almost always transparent, without algae.

The sea in Fujairah

On the features of the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean:

  • Most of the coastline are small bays that protect the beaches from the waves.
  • Entrance to the sea is gentle, it is convenient to rest on the beach with children.
  • On the beach of fine sand of golden color. The surface is flat, there are no stones or differences of height.
  • In the sea in Fujairah, there are many inhabitants. There are fish, crabs, octopus. In the reserves, you can swim among the corals.

The surface is almost always calm, the waves are low. A feature of the Gulf of Oman is a low tide height. This allows the beaches to be kept clean, there is very little marine debris – algae, twigs.

Tip: The comfortable temperature of the sea in Fujairah – November-February. It does not rise above +23 ° C and daytime swimming gives a feeling of coolness.

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Beach Holiday

The beach area in this region of the United Arab Emirates is large, it covers 90 km of coastline. This stretch of land has hotel beaches and public bathing areas. The latter are convenient for those living in city hotels. Access is free, but in low season some hotels may charge unauthorized guests for passage. The price is from 5 dirhams.

Beach vacations Fujairah

About the beaches at sea Fujairah:

  • It is up to 50 meters wide.
  • You can rent umbrellas, sun loungers. Rental price – 10 dirhams.
  • umbrellas and sun loungers are free for hotel guests.
  • Along the coast there is a central highway, which makes it possible to stop for a beach holiday while traveling by car.
  • Made a lot of areas for a relaxing holiday. There are playgrounds for children, places for barbecues, cafes and restaurants.

The bathing season in the country is not limited, but in summer it can be too hot in Fujairah, which sea and air temperature depends on the weather. During the day, it is common to stay in the hotel or head to Dubai for shopping. An alternative is to book spa treatments, work out at the gym or fitness club.

Tip: On the beaches, you can sunbathe on bedpans or large towels. The sand is relatively soft and there are no stones. However, it is recommended to rent an umbrella if you plan to stay by the sea for a long time.

Diving in Fujairah

For diving in the emirate nature has created good conditions. The sea here is similar to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt – a lot of coral, fish, clear and clean water. Equipment for scuba diving can be taken with you or rented. For the latter, we recommend visiting the Al Boom Diving Club. It organizes group and individual trips for scuba diving, hunting. Everyone is given a preliminary briefing, fitted equipment and gear.

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Diving in Fujairah

Where you can go scuba diving in the resort of Fujairah:

  • Snoopy Island. A natural local landmark. It is located near the town of Haur Fakkan and is shaped like a lying dog. Travel agencies offer trips to it by boat. Here you can swim with a snorkel. The island is not far from the shore, 200 meters.
  • Rock Martini. Also located off the coast of Khor Fakkan. Advantages – there is a large coral reef. The rock is relatively close to the shore. The water at its base is clear, the depth reaches 20 meters.
  • Shark Island. This is a small island, which often gathers lovers of diving. Here the depth is shallow, up to 5 meters. There are no strong currents, you can sunbathe on the island.

In addition to diving you can do kayaking, rent a boat or book a boat trip around the Gulf of Oman. The latter is convenient for a quiet holiday. It is recommended to take food and drinks with you.

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