Fujairah, a resort in the UAE

Rest in Fujairah (UAE) – reviews

What is the name of the hotel?

A visit to the emirate of Fujairah was part of our program of acquaintance with the UAE. We had only one day to see it, as well as the other emirates we visited, which is very short. To go around all the accessible and famous places.

National flavor and the real UAE – here.

We were going to the UAE for the first time, we put this country off for a long time and now finally the time has come. :) We chose Fujairah deliberately, although everyone usually goes to Dubai or Sharjah, near the sights and attractions.

Beautiful, but far from civilization.

Fujairah I happened to visit only on an excursion from Sharjah. The tour was called the Indian Ocean. Took it from Alpha Tours (the host company Natalie Tours). I liked this company, very polite staff, working in the interests of tourists. For example, in this.

Chic vacation in the greenest emirate!

Fujairah is the greenest emirate. If in other emirates all greenery is planted artificially and there is its daily watering and fertilizing, then in Fujairah there are such real green oases in the desert. The sight is fascinating.

I loved it!

It was the first time we were abroad! It was perfect! We stayed in the hotel Ibis and loved it! I did not have any problems with the equipment, and the staff was very good. The hotel is very well located, has a wide variety of wines, and a lot of good fruits, which are very tasty.

Our hotel was very well worth the money.

Hello, I want to share my vacation in Fujairah (UAE). And now came the long-awaited moment of vacation. I want to say right away in Fujairah we vacationed for the first time. Vacations fell in November, despite the fact that many write that.

Were satisfied.

We took with my girlfriend “hot tour” at the end of November – beginning of December 2018 for the ridiculous price – 37 thousand for two people: breakfasts, hotel 5 *, the transfer to the beach. Arrived and confused: around the hotel construction, the sea and not a trace.

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Holidays in early spring are good for those who are ready to limit themselves to a minimum.

There are no equipped places for swimming, shuttle to the beaches, walking paths, the usual food, public transport.

The city of Fujairah consists of districts scattered far from each other, which are connected only by roads (no sidewalks). Therefore, to get to the right places can only be by cab (one way from 10 to 15 drachmas). There is no public.

great vacation

Good afternoon, today we will talk about the UAE. Went to the UAE for the first time, have long wanted to go to this country, and now finally realized. First planned to go to Dubai or Sharjah, as there are many.

The nature is very beautiful.

1. Beautiful nature 2. Clean fresh air 3. The hotel is of the highest level 4. Coral reefs next to the hotel

At the end of August 2016 at the invitation of my friends, who live and work there for more than 3 years, I vacationed in the UAE. I have already told you about the vacation on Sadiyat Island. Now I want to tell you.

Clean beaches, excellent service, excellent food.

Good day, dear friends! UAE is a state located in the Middle East. Fujairah is one of the emirates and is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. We were lucky enough to vacation there in 2016. Rest fell on the spring time.

Very interesting, a lot of impressions.

When the opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates on a tour came into my life, I did not hesitate, packed a bag and went ahead. Everything was interesting, starting with the arrival at Dubai airport. After getting off and going through customs procedures.

My favorite place to stay!

In Fujairah we stayed in different hotels. I want to mention Miramar 5* in particular. When I flew the second time was ready that there would not be such raptures. (The first time is usually remembered brighter))), but not.

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In the UAE to shop.

I recently went to the UAE with my best friend on a trip that we booked through the tour operator Sunmar. This is our first trip abroad, and, I must say, it was very successful! We stayed in a luxury five star hotel in Dubai.

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