From winter to summer: in Goa

Best season in Goa for beach holidays in 2022

Beach tourist season in Goa starts in mid-October and ends in late April. The best time to vacation in Goa is from mid-November to mid-March.

Tourist season in Goa: weather by months

  1. The main tourist season in Goa begins in October and ends in early May of the month.
  2. The best time for recreation, when it does not rain at all and the temperature is most comfortable, around 30 degrees Celsius during the day – this is the winter time period. Tourists prefer to come here from mid-November to mid-March.
  3. In the spring, you can rest here, but the sun gets hotter. The air temperature during the day in April can go up to 35-40 degrees and begins to be very humid.
  4. In the second half of May in Goa begins a prolonged rainy season, which lasts all summer and lasts into September. During this time, tourists here almost never fly. The rains in Goa are heavy and come almost every day at this time.

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This author’s video explains in detail when it is best for tourists to go on holiday to Goa.

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Goa in Autumn

In the first half of autumn, Goa can still experience seasonal rains – munsuns. It is better to plan a vacation trip in November. Many winterers start coming to Goa in the second half of October to find and book their best accommodation for 3-6 months before the season ends.

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At this time is very green and lush nature, also filled with water mountain rivers and waterfalls, which at this time of year are the most full and beautiful.


In the first half of autumn, it is still hot in Goa during the day and it gets a little cooler at night. The water temperature is comfortable for swimming.

In September it still rains, though it is not as heavy as in the summer. During this time everything is saturated with damp. A persistent smell of mold fills the cafes and hotels. Everything becomes damp: tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, pillows, linens. Sometimes powerful tropical downpours hit Goa’s coastline as echoes of the munsun.

If possible, it is better to go to rest in Goa in the second half of autumn. As September is still humid in Goa, and many of the cafes and cheeks on the beaches are not yet open.


October in Goa is the time when the munsun is over.

October is still a hot month. The temperature is +32 degrees during the day and +28 at night. The ocean in October is already relatively calm and comfortable for swimming. The water temperature is +28 degrees.


After the rains, it is fresh and green in Goa. The beaches are almost no one, the locals, who missed the tourists, behave friendly.

In November, the sweltering heat gradually subsides. Goa has optimum weather from about the middle of November.

This is the time when all the restaurants, hotels, and cafes open. The best DJs arrive, clubs open, the famous nightlife of Goa starts.

Any questions about visas, prices, rental housing, life and recreation can also ask in the Russian-language chat about Goa on our website Visasam telegram

Also subscribe to a Telegram channel with the latest news about prices in cafes and stores, help in renting an apartment and a scooter, and other useful information about Goa and India

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Goa in Winter

Winter is the most favorable period to visit Goa. In early winter, locals prepare for the New Year and Christmas.

Features of a holiday in winter by month is detailed in this author’s video of our channel Visasam from the scene.


December. The air temperature is +27. Until December 21, Goa is relatively sparsely populated: the main tourist arrives just by this time. During the night, the air temperature drops to 20-21 degrees, which enables a comfortable sleep and a rest from the heat of the day in the evening.

December is a sunny and dry month, which is ideal for a beach holiday in the comfort of not hot and stuffy weather. The humidity is relatively low – 60-63%.

The coolest time for a holiday is the second half of December. At this time you can find good tours and prices for Russian tourists, if you fly to rest before the New Year.

Many people plan a trip for New Year holidays, and businessmen close the financial year at this time, so prices are usually lower in the second half of December than on New Year and Christmas.

December and January are the windiest months for beach holidays in Goa.


January. The temperature is +26-+33. Despite the high temperature, the coast is not hot because a fresh breeze blows. In January, there is a tourist boom in Goa. At night, the temperature sometimes drops to +18-+20 degrees. Therefore, you should have clothes with long sleeves.

In hotels is better to ask for a blanket, the availability of air conditioning at this time of year is not a prerequisite for the selection and booking of accommodation.

During the New Year and Christmas holidays all beaches in Goa are noisy and crowded, and on the narrow roads of beach villages may form traffic jams of scooters and cars. Prices at this time for organized tours, rentals or bikes are also the highest of the year.

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Established weather conditions can be called ideal for the holidays.

Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to go on vacation in the second half of January. At this time is a great comfort weather for a beach holiday. During the day there is no wind and it is comfortable to swim, and in the evening there is a refreshing coolness, the influx of tourists after the New Year holidays also drops.

The prices are getting lower. If you are looking for low-cost, budget tours from Russia for a holiday in Goa, you can start looking at them from January 11.

February .

February. Sunny month. The air temperature is +26-+, at night the temperature begins to rise to 21-22 degrees. Around February 6, the winds come, and the ocean begins to “storm” a bit. Strong waves on the coast of Goa does not happen, but for a holiday with small children, this time is not very suitable.

For a family vacation at this time is better to choose beaches that are protected from the winds of the bay. A great place is the beach of Palolem in southern Goa.

February is also a good month to vacation in Goa, if you are not afraid of small waves in the sea and winds. There are no breakwaters on the beaches.

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