From cold winter to warm gentle summer in Goa, India

What is the climate like in Goa? When is the best time to go?

Conversations often start with a discussion about the weather. Here we will talk about the climate in Goa and the best time to visit this wonderful place.

The climate in Goa is tropical and pronounced. The tourist season lasts for exactly six months: from mid-October to mid-April. At this time in Goa is almost always nice! However, even in these 6 months the weather varies markedly.

Three months, from November 10 to February 5, are the most graceful time to visit Goa. During this period, the weather in Goa is incredibly stable and comfortable! For three months, there are almost no clouds in the sky. The daytime temperature is always around 28-30 degrees; the night temperature is 20-22 degrees. Strong winds, rains, storms and other inclement weather at this time of year in Goa does not happen. The ocean is calm, clean, clear, warm, gentle, small waves just slightly rocking, not preventing to swim as much as you want! The water temperature is 25-30 degrees.

All those who came to Goa for the first time in the period from mid-November to early February, forever sure that Goa – Paradise! I myself belong to them. The fact is that the air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and all other indicators of the climate at this time of year in Goa are so comfortable that the body never feels the conflict with the environment, it is always good: day and night; on land and in water.

But Paradise lasts exactly less than three months: from November 10 to February 5. At other times, the weather is no longer so perfect. I will tell you more about it.

The second half of October. In October, Goa gets good weather and the tourist season starts. At the same time in October there are still showers, the sky is often covered with clouds, and the air is quite hot. The daytime temperature is 32-34 in the shade; at night it is 30-32 degrees.

November. It’s still hot until about November 10. I am, by the way, writing these lines on November 6. The thermometer outside the window shows 32 degrees. At night the scale does not drop below 29. It is hot!

Since November 10 to February 5. Almost three months of perfect weather. Read about it above.

From February 6. The arrival of strong winds. There are constant waves on the surface of the ocean: small but disturbing, sometimes bigger, but still not dangerous for bathers. At this time, sky surfers appear on the beaches of Goa, for whom wind and waves are the perfect combination.

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After a period of strong winds, in the second half of February the temperature rises and it gets a little hot during the day.

March. In India, summer time is different from Russia. Summer in India is March, April, and May. March is the first month of Indian summer. As you can guess, summer in the tropics is hot. Goa in this sense compares favorably with many other places in India. And yet Goa is part of India. The daytime temperature in March is 32-34 degrees in the shade. At night it is 28-30 degrees. There are still no clouds in the sky! The sun is becoming more active.

April. All as in March, but the heat intensifies. During the day – 34-36 degrees in the shade, at night – 30-32 degrees. However, many tourists from Russia do not even notice that in March or April it is hot in Goa. They say that after a cold winter in Russia, the Goan summer is just right! Nothing critical there. You can swim and sunbathe. The main thing – do not spend time in the sun from 12 to 16 hours.

May. All as in April, but the heat intensifies even more. It is 36-40 degrees during the day and 32-34 at night. It is almost impossible to sleep without air conditioning this month: it is very hot!

June. The sky is covered with clouds. The sun disappears for 4 months. The Munsun begins. Torrents of water fall from the heavens to the earth like bronzebombs. The water floods everything around. For weeks it is impossible even to leave the house. The heat is replaced by freshness.

July. Water comes down from the heavens in full force. The torrents of water wash all the dirt and trash accumulated by Goans and tourists into the ocean. The beaches are almost nowhere to be found in June, July, and August. They are flooded by the muddy water of rivers, lakes, and rains mixed with the ocean. They form a mess that is very dangerous to enter! The sun is thermonuclear at this time of year. If it peeks out from behind the clouds, you have to hide from it to avoid getting burnt. But the sun rarely peeks in July!

August. Goa is still deserted, almost no tourists. From June to September in Goa, almost all the restaurants, hotels, hostels and discos are closed. The sun can’t be seen behind the clouds. It rains. It is stuffy. The beaches are littered with an incredible amount of dirt and look like garbage dumps. At this time of year, no one would call Goa Paradise, more like hell!

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September. The downpours are still very heavy! Sometimes it pours like a bucket from the sky for four days straight. People sometimes can’t even go out to the stores because the torrents of water knock down and wreck their bikes. Casual tourists have absolutely nothing to do in September except sit in their rooms and slap mosquitoes on themselves.

First half of October. Munsun (the rainy season) is winding down. The sky clears up at times, the sun is peeking out. After abundant watering, all the vegetation in Goa turns a lush, bright green color. The tropical nature blooms in vibrant colors. Goa is ripe for the new tourist season!

Goa in January – Rest and weather

If you want to visit India, but do not want to lose the European comfort, go to Goa. One of the best time to do it is in January. Tour-Calendar will tell you what good is recreation in this state in the midst of calendar winter, and on what principle the prices for January tours.

In the midst of calendar winter, the weather in Goa spoils with hot sunny days

Weather in Goa in January

A trip to Goa is the best way to experience a real hot summer in the middle of a cold winter with snow drifts and frost. 7.5 hours spent in the air, undoubtedly, worth it. And the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to the small Indian state again and again prove it by personal example. What monsoon rains, gale force winds along the coast, and swollen blue skies are, winter vacationers don’t know. They bathe in the warm gentle sea, the generous rays of the Goan sun, and indulge in all the delights of resort life. The main difference of this month from many others is the almost total absence of precipitation – about 2 mm. For comparison, in June this value reaches 812 mm, and in September – 256 mm. As a result of this the level of relative humidity, simply going off the scale in the summer months, is stabilized and now equals 67%, which guarantees a normal feeling of well-being in conditions of high temperatures. If Goa is just very warm in the morning, by noon it is time to fry some eggs on the sand. The average daily temperature is +31 ° C, which is a degree less than in December, but sometimes the thermometer reads +32 … +33 ° C. You should not risk your health by going out without a hat and sunscreen, because the insolation is very high. It is also worth focusing on your drinking regime. Firstly, you should use only bottled water, and secondly, you should carry it with you all the time, because the heat can lead to dehydration. It may seem strange, but the travel can be useful warm clothes. The thing is that after the sun goes down (and it happens around 18.10-18.20) the air cools down quickly. At night, forecasters recorded +19 … +20 ° C. And although these are quite high temperatures, often observed in the summer in some regions of Russia, it is likely that such weather in the tropical climate zone will seem cool (you get used to a good thing, as they say). It is great if your hotel room has air conditioning with a heating function, but in most cases it is the other way around. That’s when a thin turtleneck sweater and a light jacket, thrown in your suitcase in a hurry, come to the rescue.

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What to do in Goa in January?

The range of activities available in Goa in January is extremely wide. The state authorities do their best to make foreigners (of all nations and ages) want to return here again and again. Long gone are the days when Goa was a den of hippies, freaks and downshifters. Of course, even today there are specific parties, but on a smaller scale. Instead, a huge boost to the development received a cultural and historical tourism, attracting people who are curious. Especially for them, thematic tours have been developed, allowing a plunge into the diversity of religious beliefs, to penetrate into the mysteries of traditional medicine or enjoy the divine beauty of local nature. And, of course, the island has not disappeared traditional warming up on the beaches, followed by a swim.

Beach recreation

The beach holiday in January is great, the only inconvenience is a huge number of holidaymakers, crowding the kilometers of sandy coast. Otherwise, everything is more than fine. The need to check the weather forecast in the hope of discovering a few days of fine weather this month disappears by itself. All 30 days are consistently clear and sunny. Some cloudiness is possible, but on the whole this will not affect the weather conditions. The water temperature in the middle of winter reaches +26 … +27 ° C, which in tandem with the air heated to +31 ° C, creating ideal conditions for comfortable beach-sun bliss.

However, there is a little nuance. The high level of ultra-violet radiation, which reaches its highest extremes at midday, may cause burns already in 1-2 hours after the stay in the sun. Therefore, it is recommended to sunbathe strictly under an umbrella or a sunshade till 10.00 and after 3.00 pm. It is best to choose a cream with a high protection factor, or you can buy the one that is designed for children’s skin. As for the sea disturbance, in January the west wind blows with an average speed of 3 m/c, catching “lambs”. However, on some beaches, different in the structure of the seabed, there are quite high waves. So it’s not a question of complete calm.

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Entertainment and excursions

If you have decided to go to Goa, then get ready for a spontaneous and unpredictable pastime. And it is here, in contrast to Turkey and Egypt, will be directly supersaturated with a variety of adventures. To have a lot of them, rent a scooter. This is the main mode of transport in Goa, both among the local population, and among tourists. It gives the freedom of movement and expands the boundaries of knowledge, surprising you every 100 meters with new sounds and smells. But you should know that the traffic here is left-handed, and the rules for local drivers are not written. So you have to be very careful. You can go to North Goa by bike. Here the beaches of gray volcanic sand and the noisiest parties in the state. If you are afraid to go alone, we recommend resorting to the services of local travel agencies. “Explore Goa” is just what you need. This hilarious nighttime excursion through the crazy world of hippies and ravers will reveal new hidden facets of the state. If trance parties don’t appeal to you, head to Arambol specifically for ethnic concerts, evening meditations, and fire shows. There’s also plenty to see in the south: The capital, Panaji, with the Church of the Immaculate Conception, some of the best restaurants and beautiful islands (on the island of Charao, the bird sanctuary is a must-see. Charao remarkable bird sanctuary), the port town of Vasco da Gama, home of the Portuguese discoverer Vasco da Gama, Margas with the Church of the Holy Spirit and man-made caves painted with ancient frescoes, Mapusa, famous Friday market (we must admit, a very original and colorful spectacle), and the Church of St. Jerome, which houses the altar of Our Lady of Wonder, equally revered among Christians and Hindus, and, of course, Old Goa with a variety of architecture from different eras (just look at the largest Christian structure in Asia, the Cathedral of St. Catherine).

Most likely, the tourist centers we mentioned above will be crowded in January. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you can pack a backpack and head away from civilization to the pristine nature, the one that appeared in Kipling’s stories of Riki Tiki Tavi. It’s great to meditate here or just enjoy the silence, so rare in our modern world. However, do not go without a guide, you can easily get lost. Goa also goes to entrust your body into the hands of ayurveda masters, which solves many health problems.

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Holidays and festivals

January in Goa is enriched by many events. On January 6, the state celebrates the “Day of the Three Magi,” a celebration descended from the Portuguese who once inhabited the state. The main events unfold in the villages of Kansaulim, Chandor and Reis Magos, where spectacular theatrical processions are staged.

January 14 is the harvest festival in the whole of India, called Pongal. It is from this date the sun begins its movement to the north. On this day, the Hindus make ablutions in rivers and reservoirs, as well as offerings to the Brahmans. January 26 is Republic Day in India. In the capital of Goa, this holiday is marked by military parades, in which the sailors take part.

In addition, January – the traditional time of the Festival of Arts in São Tomé and Fontenayas, residential neighborhoods of Panaji.

What are the prices of holidays in Goa in January?

If you are not ready to spend a lot, then go to Goa from January 11, when after the New Year rush prices stabilize, and rent a good place becomes no problem. Before that date the tour will cost 15% to 100% more than it really costs.

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How to have a rest in Goa in January by yourself

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In January Goa is ready to pamper you endlessly with bright sunshine and piercing blue skies. It never rains, so the weather is quite stable. Beach and sightseeing season is in full swing. Tour-Calendar wishes its readers a great flight and new positive experiences.

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