French cuisine: description, typical dishes, recipes, features

French Cuisine

French cuisine is the national cuisine of France. This section contains the most popular French dishes, as well as traditional French recipes, preparation of national dishes of France.

French Meat with Potatoes 4.5 48

Popular and very tasty dish of meat baked with potatoes under beautiful crust of melted cheese. Meat and potatoes in a French style – something you must try!

Ratatouille (Classic Recipe) 4.6 25

This recipe has been a big hit since the cartoon of the same name. And I suggest you try the classic version of the dish with Provencal herbs, garlic and olive oil. Check out the recipe!

Fondant 4.5 24

Fondant is a dessert that I would recommend first with dark beer and then with coffee, tea or ice cream. It’s not hard to make fondant – this step-by-step fondant recipe with photos will help you. Added:

Mayonnaise on quail eggs 4.3 16

The recipe for homemade mayonnaise, I have no doubt, will come in handy for any housewife. However, I suggest making mayonnaise on quail eggs – it is many times tastier and healthier than the usual … more

Homemade mayonnaise in a blender 4.0 15

I want to share my all-in-one recipe for delicious homemade mayonnaise. It prepares in minutes! And spices, garlic or other additives can be added to the finished mayonnaise. See how to make it!

Strawberry Cheese Dough Galettes 4.7 10

Strawberries and curd cheese! You can usually tell just by looking at the ingredients how delicious these are! Pretty hassle-free galette recipe for berry season! Added:

Mackerel Riette 4.8 10

Rillettes sometimes rillettes (Fr. rillettes) are a type of pâté with coarse distinguishable fibers, usually used as a spread on plain or toasted bread. Added:

Tartar sauce with pickles 4.7 9

I really like this cold sauce served with fish dishes. You can add capers, chopped herbs, pickles to it. And recently I tried adding homemade pickles … more

Tarte Tatin with Pumpkin and Apple 5.0 9

Tarte Tatin is a French tarte tatin flip. Today I have a fall version – with pumpkin and apple. The pie turns out small, sweet and very tasty. Try it! added:

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Quiche with spinach and cheese 5.0 9

Quiche with spinach and cheese would make a great breakfast or a light lunch. This unsweetened pastry with crumbly dough will especially appeal to spinach and ricotta lovers … more

Ice Cream with Halva 4.3 9

I suggest you to try an unusual treat – “Parfait” with halva. Delicious, refined dessert! Parfait (from Fr. parfait “immaculate, beautiful”) is a cold dessert made of whipped cream, sugar and eggs. Added by: Daria Vakulova 14.01.2019

Meringue on a Stick 5.0 8

On New Year’s Eve, I want to offer a recipe for a simple and delicious airy dessert of meringue in the form of a Christmas tree on a stick. It is very simple, but beautiful and effective… more

Chess Cookies 5.0 8

Chess cookies are a French pastry invention. And believe me, it’s not just original in appearance, but also very tasty. How could it be any other way if it combines cocoa and vanilla?

The Gallic Rooster 4.3 8

Rooster meat is marinated for several hours in red wine, then stewed with vegetables for an hour and saturated with flavors. The dish takes a long time to prepare, but it does not require much effort from you. Added by: Daria Vakulova on Jan 27, 2019

Candy Grillage 5.0 8.

The French dessert of assorted nuts is very tasty. Grillage (grillage), translated as roasted. Let’s make grillage candies today with three kinds of nuts. Candies will be even tastier if you cover them with chocolate. Added by: Natali on 01/30/1990

Burgundy Meat 4.7 7

I love making burgundy meat, and my pets love eating it! Here’s an awesome step-by-step recipe for Burgundy Meat that will tell you how to make this dish easily and enjoyably. . more

Puff pastry dessert 4.4 7

I want to share with you a delicious and quick recipe for making a dessert with flaky pastry and cherries. You can also make such a taten from apples or pears, it will be just as delicious. Added:

Croissants from ready-made puff pastry 4.6 7

Fans of simple, yet gourmet, pastries are sure to love my recipe. Try it and enjoy! Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on 06.03.2016

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Quiche with vegetables and chicken 5.0 7

Quiche is an open pie of French cuisine, which is made on the basis of shortbread dough with a variety of fillings. Today I have a hearty and very tasty chicken and vegetable filled quiche … more

Paris Flan 5.0 7

Parisian Flan is a French dessert consisting of a thin puff pastry and a delicate vanilla-flavored cream. Quite a gourmet dish, though it is made simply and relatively quickly. Added:

Patissiere buns 5.0 7

Fluffy, fragrant, delicious Patissiere buns are made with a custard of the same name. I highly recommend baking … more

Vegan quiche 4.1 7

The best adaptation of a traditional quiche recipe that tastes just as good as the original. Crumbly Swiss pastry and delicate hazelnut base. Delicious, hearty, and unusual. Shall we try it? Added by: Katerina on 01/25/1990

Cauliflower Mousse 5.0 7

Stunningly delicate and light flavor of cauliflower mousse is shaded by parsley sauce, and as a decoration – cream of shrimp. This dish is worthy of a pièce de résistance, and very easy to prepare. Added:

Creamed Mushroom Soup 4.5 6

In this recipe it is recommended to use mushrooms – chanterelles. If chanterelles are not at hand, you can take any other mushrooms. This cream of mushroom soup will surprise you, as it is so tender … more

Croutons 4.8 6

Here’s how to make croutons. You can make croutons with any kind of bread, from loaf to crouton to crouton. Ready croutons can be added to salads, served with soups and as an appetizer. Added: Povarfan 21.05.2013

Meat French with tomatoes 4.6 6

Meat French with tomatoes – a great holiday dish for dinner with friends or family. The meat is very juicy and tender, and the dish is fragrant and appetizing. . more

Buns without yeast 4.5 6

When you want to make something tasty and quick, you might want to try buns without yeast. This recipe comes in handy when guests show up on the doorstep or there is no time to stand at the stove. Added:

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Eclairs with protein cream 4.2 6

I suggest making eclairs with protein cream. Tender and incredibly delicious dessert that will conquer any foodie! Try it! added:

Milfey 4.6 6

Mille-feuille (mille-feuille) – (French for “a thousand layers”) is a French dish. It can be as a vegetable multi-layered appetizer, and multi-layered dessert, very similar to our cake “Napoleon”. Added by: Daria Vakulova on 07/16/2016

Brioche Classic 4.9 6

Today I want to offer you a classic and most popular recipe for French brioche, which is baked in the form of small buns. Such brioches are perfect for tea, coffee or for a snack. Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on 02/21/2017

Classic Clafoutis with Cherries 4.8 6

Clafoutis is a classic French dessert, something between a pie and a casserole. The dough is very similar to pancake dough, you pour fresh berries or fruit into it and bake it. It’s very simple and delicious!

Potage carrot soup 5.0 6

Potage is a thick soup with roots from French cuisine. Here’s a variation on how to make carrot potage soup. A delicate vegetable soup with cheese and cream served with croutons. . more

Gratin with grilled zucchini 5.0 6

Gratin with zucchinis is a great dish for a summer lunch or dinner. Pre-grilled vegetables baked in a delicate cream sauce and cheese crust. Added:

Duck breast in orange glaze 4.5 6

Choosing an appetizer for a gala dinner? I would like to offer you duck breast in orange glaze. The thin slices of duck meat complement the tangy flavor of the orange zest perfectly. Enjoy! Added by: Daria Vakulova on 07/24/2018

Matafan “How to Soak the Worm” 5.0 6

Mataphane is a very old peasant recipe that can be found throughout the Francoprofessional locus, both in the Forez and in Savoie. Today, I’ll show you how to make it, watch! . more

Beef Mouton 5.0 6

I want to propose you to try a French dish called “Boeuf miroton” (boeuf miroton)! Incredibly delicious beef baked in onion sauce. Top with bread crumbs, butter, and herbs. Check out the recipe! Added:

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Quiche with mushrooms and carbonara 5.0 6

Quiche is an open sand dough pie with a cream and egg pour, and it belongs to French cuisine. The filling can be a wide variety: vegetable, meat or fish. Added:

Airy meringue roll 3.4 6

A delicate airy meringue and buttercream roll is a real treat for sweet-tooth lovers! The delicate flavor and interesting texture are sure to please your guests! Added:

Halette with Persimmon 5.0 6

On New Year’s Eve we want not only hearty salads and chickpeas, but you also need to think in advance about the sweet! I offer an interesting recipe, see how to cook “Galeta with persimmons”. Added:

Boudin Blanc French Sausages 5.0 6

Boudin blanc de Rethel (Boudin Blanc de Rethel) is the homemade white sausages of the county of Rethel in France. They are tender and white in color. Can be grilled or pan fried before serving. Check it out! Added:

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About French Cooking

French cuisine can rightly be considered one of the most sophisticated and original culinary traditions in the world. It is very highly appreciated by professional cooks and in 2010 UNESCO even included French gastronomy in the list of “intangible cultural heritage”. This style of cooking has been taking shape on the territory of modern France for many centuries. If initially in France there were actually two culinary traditions – simple (peasant) and bourgeois, today these traditions have intertwined and formed the main principles of modern French cuisine.

The main peculiarity of the French traditional cuisine is the use of only the freshest products. The French pay great attention to the quality and freshness of each individual ingredient. Despite the peculiarities of regional cuisines, vegetables and root vegetables – eggplant, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, greens and salads are very popular throughout the country.

French cuisine and culinary tradition, like any rich tradition, consists of many regional ones. The western provinces of France like spicier and spicy food, Alsatian cuisine takes its cue from German, the seaside inhabitants eat fish and seafood. However there are also the national French cuisine, which is loved and cooked all over the country – these are the world famous baguettes, foie gras (pâté of goose liver), thin crêpes, béchamel sauce and crème brûlée. A traditional meal in France consists of three courses: an appetizer (an introductory course, sometimes a soup), a main course and dessert. Cheese or salad may be served as an additional course.

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For the first course, the French prefer soup puree. A traditional holiday dish is a very thick fish soup bouillabaisse, popular in the Provence area. However, French cuisine does not insist on compulsory consumption of soups – people there often make do with light snacks.

For the main and second course French cuisine offers dishes with meat or fish. Almost all types of meat, sea and freshwater fish, and seafood are used. The French prefer to cook meat and fish in few proven ways, but they do not get tired of the same dishes because they love experimenting with sauces. Sauces are perhaps the main specialty of French cuisine, since it is in this country that they were invented.

When the main dish has been eaten the dessert is usually served. The dessert may be just a cup of coffee, which the French simply adore, and croissant, and various pastries and crème brûlée.

However, it is not so much the recipes of French cuisine that are noteworthy as the French’ approach to food intake in general. Here it is not customary to eat in a hurry, in a hurry – the French like to eat slowly, enjoying every dish and drinking it all with excellent local wine, which the French know a lot about. Just kidding – a meal (not a feast, namely eating) in France can last two or three hours. This is another reason why French cuisine is so highly regarded by experts around the world.

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