France – the country of lovers

Top 5 the most romantic countries of the world

When it comes to romance, it is impossible not to think of France. This country has always attracted lovers from all over the world. Once in Paris for two, you should head to Montmartre. There is a wall on which the inscription: “I love you” in more than three hundred languages. Can not miss the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of the capital of France is one of the most popular places for a marriage proposal. You can go to the cemetery of Père Lachaise and kiss the sphinx at the tomb of Oscar Wilde. According to legend, whoever takes this step will never lose his love.

In addition to Paris, there are many other romantic cities in France. For example, a fairy-tale place called Colmar. Small colored houses, narrow streets, canals with bridges – all this creates a unique atmosphere.

Lovers of romance will love the Loire Land region, famous for its castles. Lovers are attracted by the “Garden of Love” at the Chateau de Villandry. There you can find fabulous mazes, plant figures and a pond. The garden is accessible to tourists all year round.


The unique architecture, incredibly delicious cuisine and wines attract tourists from all over the world to Italy. This country falls in love at first sight. Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Unforgettable experience will bring a walk in a gondola through the narrow canals, feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco, and if you go during the carnival, the bright emotions will be twice as much.

Of course, you should pay attention to Rome, the city is fully saturated with romance. Not without reason a lot of movies about love were shot there.

Do not forget about Verona. It was here where the heroes of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” lived. Everyone can come to Juliet’s house, look at her balcony and write a message to her asking her to meet her love.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is also not inferior to other European countries in romance. The gloomy medieval architecture can fascinate many. Once in Prague is worth a visit Vysehrad. On the hill there is the former residence of Czech princes, with a beautiful view of the Old Town and the Vltava River. Here you can stroll along the ancient walls, admire the scenery and have a romantic picnic. The Troja Chateau and the botanical garden, which is within walking distance, are a great place for a joint walk.

Another Czech city, Karlovy Vary, is one of the most visited resorts. Here you can not only have a good time, but also improve your health. There are 16 mineral springs, terminal pools and many healing complexes in the city. It is worth paying attention to the famous beer baths, they are perfectly relaxing. In addition to beer baths, there are also wine baths.

Lovers of resort locations can perfectly spend your romantic vacation in Bali. This island attracts many tourists from around the world with its nature, ocean, waterfalls, and Buddhist temples.

In Bali, the temple of Tanah Lot is worth a visit. It is located on a rock, washed by the waves, and as if floating above the ocean. At low tide, you can walk up to the temple on the sandy bottom and even get into the caves in the rock.

A unique place is the rice terraces of Jatiluvih. It is a real work of art, because rice is grown here not just in the fields, but in ponds cascading down the hills.

A visit to the Monkey Forest in Ubud will be remembered for a long time. Here the monkeys run quietly among the people, they are not afraid to make contact and take food. But be careful, the monkeys can grab and steal your personal belongings.


Iceland is mesmerizing in its northern beauty. Incredible volcanoes, picturesque fjords, unique nature – will not leave indifferent any romantic. For example, in the village of Aschia you can see two volcanic lakes with water of milky blue color. This color is due to the high content of silicon in the water.

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Incredibly romantic to meet the sunset with the other half on the lake with glaciers Jokyulsadlon, located in the southeast of Iceland. There are many icebergs and pieces of ice floating in the lake. In the evenings the setting sun reflects on the smooth surface of the water and the glare plays on the floating pieces of ice.

If you are in the north, you must see a unique natural phenomenon – the northern lights. A good view of it opens near the mountain peak Kirkjufetl. This place is called “Iceland in miniature”, because here you can see almost all the natural wonders of this country.

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