Five things to know before traveling to Singapore with your child

Five things to know before traveling to Singapore with your child

Singapore is a good place for a family vacation. But before you get on a plane and head to the Lion City, you need to learn 5 aspects that will help you prepare for your trip and not turn your vacation into a nightmare. Tourists underestimate Singapore and most often visit the city for a maximum of 1-2 days. But in order to get to know it better, it is recommended to stay there for a week. Yes, this is no joke – a week in Singapore with kids and you won’t have a minute to get bored.

Planning a trip to Singapore

Initially, tourists plan to visit Singapore on a passing trip. To see the sights and have time to rest in other cities. As a result, the city is so attractive that even one week is not enough to explore everything. Even a pre-planned list of excursions turns out to be stingy compared to what Singapore offers its guests.

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Planning a trip to Singapore

There are plenty of interesting places and attractions, including for children . You will have no time to get bored. But when planning your trip, there are a few important aspects to consider.


Singapore is not close. Since there are no direct flights to the city, be prepared to change planes. The journey will take a lot of time and effort. Prepare yourself carefully. Do not be lazy to check the luggage, because it often happens that many things are simply forgotten. If you are traveling with children, be sure to take food, as the flight will take more than 10 hours.

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When planning a suitable way to travel, consider all the risks and choose the best connection. It’s best to opt for an overnight flight, so the children can sleep on the way and make the long journey easier. Check the offers of several airlines to choose the best value for money.

Upon arrival in the city you can use the Uber or the subway. The subway works perfectly, there are places for strollers and seats for children. You can order a car through the Uber app, but you will have to wait a little longer for transport than the subway.

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Singapore has a predominantly tropical climate. That means it’s warm, humid, and rainy right now. The humidity is so high that people who are not used to such a climate take some time to adapt. This applies not only to adults, but also to children.

Luckily there are plenty of air-conditioned places to cool off and relax, but if you’re planning to spend the whole day outdoors, stock up on water, sunglasses and hats. Because rainfall is common, be sure to bring an umbrella. There are plenty of inexpensive cafes, restaurants, and fast food courts where you can take a break at any time, drink freshly squeezed juices and refreshments.

Local Food

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Local Food

The choice of establishments and pubs in the area is huge. Of course, Asian cuisine dominates in Singapore, but you can also find European restaurants and fast food. Most often, tourists stay in food courts – special rooms with tables and chairs where you can order food from one of the many nearby bars. This is very convenient because it allows you to order dishes of different cuisine, saves time and money. Ordered food is allowed to take away with you. The only disadvantage is the lack of chairs for children.

If you are not familiar with Asian cuisine, it is better to try the delicacies gradually. For those who prefer home cooking, there are regular supermarkets and local bazaars . The malls have large stores with a large selection of products for children.

Entertainment for the whole family

Singapore has plenty of entertainment venues not only for adults, but also for children. For example, tourists often visit the large tropical park, Gardens by the Bay, which delights visitors with its incredible futuristic scenery. Here you will find lots of attractions for children, playgrounds, special exhibitions and installations. In the evening there is the Garden Rhapsody show, which allows you to enjoy a fabulous play of light and music in a fabulous setting.

In fact, each of the places visited will leave an unforgettable impression not only for adults, but also for children:

  • Cloud Forest;
  • Singapore Zoo;
  • Marina Bay;
  • Chinese and Indian district;
  • The entertainment island of Sentosa with its amusement park and aquarium.
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Entertainment for the whole family

Singapore has many water playgrounds, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suits.

Clean, Quiet, Safe

Cleanliness strikes most in Singapore, not surprisingly, as litter is punishable by hefty fines. There are many prohibitions in the country, as a result you get to a safe, well-organized city with clean and neat streets. So going on a trip, you can not worry about your safety. There are no thieves and crooks, the locals take the rules of etiquette seriously. This is a very reserved people who respect people around them and try to live so as not to disturb anyone.

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Clean, Quiet, Safe


Singapore is a great place to vacation with the whole family. The city, like a time machine, takes you into the future. But despite the high technology, nature and man get along perfectly here. The island is a wonderful tourist area, providing a variety of recreation . It has everything for a great vacation with the whole family: a rich history, unique attractions, clean beaches, interesting cuisine. This is a city that you do not want to leave. The main thing is to prepare carefully for your trip, taking into account all the above tips.

15 useful things to know before visiting Singapore

15 things to know before you visit Singapore

15 useful things to know before visiting Singapore

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Singapore has a reputation for rules and social behavior, so prepare yourself for these 15 useful things to know before you visit.

Traveling to Singapore can be both exciting and unnerving, as there are many laws and customs to remember. If you are visiting soon, check out the Culture Trip guidebook to familiarize yourself with this fascinating country. You’ll blend in with the locals in no time.

Flip-flop is a choice of shoes

Flip-flops may not be high fashion, but with Singapore’s tropical (and unpredictable) climate, they have become the obvious choice for many. Like many other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore does not observe four seasons, but experiences weather conditions dependent on the monsoon seasons (i.e., dry weather for the beginning of the year and wet to the end). Nevertheless, passing showers are common in Singapore, even if it shines hot (so it doesn’t hurt to wear an umbrella either).

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Most Singaporeans speak English.

One of the biggest pet peeves of Singaporeans? Being a stereotypical tourist. The last thing you need to do is walk up to a local and assume he or she can’t speak English. Despite the diverse cultural makeup of Singaporeans, English has always been taught in schools as the primary language, followed by the student’s mother tongue, which is likely to be either Malay, Mandarin, or Tamil. However, Culture Trip recommends brushing up on your Singlish if you want to really earn brown points with the locals.

Cabs in Singapore are measured and regulated

Cab drivers in Asia have a pretty bad reputation for inflating fares for tourists. This practice is almost impossible in Singapore, where cabs are regulated and distances are counted through the meter. In fact, with the introduction of cheaper services such as Grab and Uber in Singapore, hailing a cab is no longer a laborious process, as locals tend to avoid them because of the high price.


Singapore’s train network will take you almost anywhere

Because of the small size of the city, getting from one point to another in Singapore doesn’t take long. Major attractions are also well connected via a comprehensive train network that gets you from suburban Singapore to downtown in less than 30 minutes. Read how to navigate transportation in Singapore.

Wi-Fi hotspots almost everywhere

If the thought of exploring the city without a data connection scares you, this is good news. While most cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi, public places like libraries and shopping malls are equipped with “” a free connection for everyone, tourists included! All you have to do is enter your cell phone number for OTP (one-time password) and you’re all set.

Reserve your spot with tissue packets

If you decide to dine at one of the many hockey players’ centers, notice the tables with tissue packets scattered on them. In a local context, this indicates that the table has been “inherited” or reserved. Probably one of the quirkiest habits in Singapore, many locals still do this (although they may get creative and use umbrellas instead), so keep this in mind while you’re hunting for a place!

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You don’t have to tip.

Unlike in many Western countries, it’s not necessary for regular diners to tip the wait staff in Singapore. This is because most restaurants or cafes will charge 10% of your final bill for service. Is this considered indirect advice? Perhaps, but individual staff usually don’t get the cut. However, the act of tipping itself is not illegal, and you can still make someone’s day with a tip if you feel like it!

Lift the escalator? Left

An unspoken rule that many people adhere to is the general view that people form a single line on the left side of the escalator. You may scratch your head if this is the first time you see it, but this orderly behavior is part of an old campaign in Singapore to promote an act of politeness. The rationale? Keeping the right side empty allows people in a hurry to get through them quickly without interruption.


The only local coffee with more than 10 variations

Ordering coffee in Singapore is an art – the traditional local dish consists of black coffee, condensed milk and evaporated milk. Over the years, locals have been customizing their own morning cups, introducing new names like ” Kopi-O ” (black coffee), ” Kopi-S ” (black coffee with evaporated milk), ” Kopi Gao ” (thicker coffee) Kopi Siew-dai ” (a less sweet version of regular coffee). As the list of names goes on, take comfort in the fact that a cup of fragrant, strong coffee is just a cafe.

Watch out for priority seats on buses and trains

All trains and buses in Singapore include reserved seats for pregnant women, the elderly and the physically challenged. They are mostly located in the two corners in the row of seats (as they are closer to the exit) and the front of the bus. These seats are not just for certain groups of people – passengers are encouraged to give up space for anyone who needs it more.

Never go hungry with 24-hour restaurants

Singaporeans are known to be passionate about their food. That’s why you can find countless places in Singapore that stay open all day and night to feed the city that never sleeps! If you’re in the mood for some comforting dim sum, a hearty Indian curry or some chili crab, your destination for midnight weed is just around the corner.

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You can’t buy alcohol or drink in public after 10:30 p.m.

If you’ve ever romanticized about enjoying Singapore’s enchanting skyline views at night with a beer in hand, do it at a licensed bar or risk a fine! After the infamous 2013 Race Course Road mess, local authorities have banned the purchase and consumption of alcohol in public between 10:30 and 7:00. That’s not exactly bad news-you can still enjoy a drink or two without paying attention to Singapore’s skyline at many rooftop bars like Ce La Vi or 1-Altitude.

Ce La Vi, 1 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018971

1-Altitude, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas

Smoking is not illegal in Singapore but there are strict rules. For instance, you cannot smoke indoors, at public transport stops or even under sheltered lanes. Most areas have smoking points, but if you’re new to the area, they may require some hunting. So, what happens if you get caught? You can be fined up to $1,000 if you are convicted in court!


Explore Singapore from new heights

If you’re always on the lookout for outdoor activities, try exploring the various nature trails in Singapore, which range from beginner to intermediate level. From the deep mangroves of Sungei Buloh to the magnificent views atop Mount Faber, spending a day on any of Singapore’s nature trails will introduce you to its rich wildlife and provide a unique urban getaway in one of Asia’s greenest cities.

Try the countless boutique lounges

Over the past few years, Singapore’s fitness craze has taken hold, giving birth to countless boutique gyms in the city that range from yoga, pilates, boxing, muay Thai and even cycling. With helpful apps like GuavaPass and new startups Broc and Bells, you can open countless boutiques in Singapore and meet like-minded people from all walks of life. Who says you can’t work on vacation?

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