Finland is a country many women dream of living in

Finland is a country many women dream of living in

Finns were the first in Europe to allow women to be candidates in elections. In 1926, the country had its first female minister, which was simply unheard of even in America. Not without reason, most of the Finnish parliament is composed of women, they manage large holdings and take an active part in the development of the country. This is where women have the opportunity to translate all their capabilities into reality, without condemnation by society.

Interesting features of Finnish women’s life

1. Maternity is not only for women, but also for men. Usually in Finland women give birth by the age of 35 or even older, correspondingly by that age they have already developed a life and have a job. This is why the government allows both mothers and fathers to take turns in their maternity leave, so that it does not affect their work. Mothers go on maternity leave for up to 105 weeks, and fathers go on maternity leave for up to 54 weeks. Additionally, both parents get up to 158 days of leave after maternity ends. Then the parents can continue to take care of the baby, if it has not reached the age of three, but already at their own expense.

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Interesting features of Finnish women’s life

2. Finns love to go fishing. Of course, this does not mean that the ladies get together and go out to fish in groups. But they are happy to go fishing with friends and their man, where they will actively participate in catching fish.

3. Girls are vaccinated at an early age against HPV. Most people have human papillomavirus, and it’s what causes cervical cancer. In Finland, it is customary to vaccinate girls against HPV at the age of 10-12. By the way, in 2020 they also started to vaccinate boys against HPV.

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4. A Finnish woman can be confident everywhere. Every public toilet in Finland, and there are many of them, offers different hygienic things for free. This is very convenient and practical, because in life there can be different circumstances. In a special kit can be as tampons, pads and more.

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Interesting features of Finnish women’s life

5. The position of prime minister in the country is held by a young woman. In 2019, Sanna Marin became prime minister in the country, the woman was only 34 years old at the time, and it was the brightest thing in the whole world. By the way, the cabinet was formed mostly of women, some of them were also not 35 years old.

6. On International Women’s Day, Finland celebrates Gender Equality Day . Since 2017, on March 8, Finland gives an award for the promotion of equality between men and women. However, the celebration does not take place every year, but only every two years. But the amount of the prize increases every time. Since 1987 the equality of sexes is officially fixed in the constitution of the country.

Finland is a country a lot of women dream about.

Interesting features of Finnish women’s life

7. There is a woman bishop in Finland. It is an obligatory rule in the country that in any organization there are women, and their number must be averaged with men. That is why here the weaker sex is given the opportunity to occupy positions in almost any sphere. For example, the Lutheran Church has given the go-ahead, and there are now at least a thousand female clergymen among Finnish priests. In 2010 we had our first female bishop, Jirja Askola.

8. Early screening for breast cancer. According to statistics, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. The Finnish government has decided to actively fight against breast cancer among Finnish women, here it is necessary to undergo obligatory breast examinations once every two years. Thanks to this practice, it has been possible to significantly reduce the cases of detection of the disease at the last stage.

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9. Single mothers receive financial assistance from the state. If the father of the child does not pay child support or he does not have such an opportunity, the authorities do it themselves, from the budget of the country. Also, parents are entitled to subsidies until the child turns 17. Among other things, parents may have various allowances if they do not have the ability to pay for utilities or rent. The government is very concerned about their children’s upbringing and the family’s financial situation.

Finland is a country many women dream of living in.

Interesting features of Finnish women’s life

10. The stereotype of femininity is not necessary for Finns. No one in Finland will judge a woman if she appears in a public place without makeup and in jeans and a T-shirt. Here everyone respects natural beauty. Finnish women love free style and look always natural. But they choose bright and flamboyant clothes, showing that they are not ashamed of anything.

11. A women-only resort . In Finland there are hundreds of islands and tens of times more lakes, not surprisingly, there are a huge number of resorts. There is even a special island resort, where only women can vacation. The island was bought by a local businesswoman, its territory occupies just over three hectares of land. According to the owner of the island, Christina Roth, women always want to look their best when they see a man, and here you can just relax and forget about the daily need to look perfect.

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12. Men’s public toilets have baby potties and changing tables. In Finland, both parents are involved in raising a child, but it is still more a privilege of the fathers to take the baby for a walk. That is why men’s public toilets always have baby potties and changing tables.

Finland is a country of equal rights, not surprisingly, even the famous saunas are shared. And since many go to the saunas without clothes, foreigners sometimes do not dare to such an experiment.

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