Fabulous holiday in fairytale Bulgaria

Fabulous holiday in fairytale Bulgaria

Once upon a time, in the recent past, holidays in Bulgaria were considered the most elite, which was not affordable to everyone. Those who had the opportunity to rest there, remembered with awe this rest, and those who only dreamed of it, they knew that such rest they can only dream of . Therefore, a vacation in Bulgaria became available. Moreover, it was available to those who used to be completely unrealistic – to buy real estate there or find a good opportunity to rent an apartment for a year about to come and relax.

You can, of course, a long argue what kind of holiday is better: in a hotel with all these very fashionable now procedures, or renting an apartment or house on their own. Hotel, of course, will be good for those who constantly work for the benefit of the family. Spa treatments are so good for a person’s nervous system that they have a chance to completely forget about their daily problems for a while .

Living alone, with a family or alone in an apartment is also good. Self-treatment is carried out on the sunny beaches of Bulgaria, and it is not as expensive as in the hotels. The difference seems to be, but there is something that unites all these types of recreation. Bulgaria itself! Its unique character, clean, almost emerald climate and, of course, the sea. Bulgarian air helps everyone: children and adults. So it is worth at least want to get there, if not strive. Many people now do just that.

Wonderful vacation in fabulous Bulgaria - Photo 2

Beautiful vacation in fabulous Bulgaria.

But it is still better to rest in hotels in Bulgaria and. Here you can get a lot of bonuses. For example, the work of animators. Here almost everyone speaks different languages, and if you have children with you, you can safely pass them to the animators. The kids will not be bored, because the animators will work with them on a particular scheme and will hold the most interesting activities, including recreational. And they will rest from you, and you will rest from them.

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And now that the children are entertained, the adults can offer to take a trip around the garden. Yes, there are such tours, and the most important thing that may surprise you is that during the tour you can pick as much fruit as you need and take with you . Not only will you go through a large orchard, but you will also collect a small house for yourself, which will make your children very happy.

From all this you can draw several conclusions. First, you will perfectly rest your soul and body. Secondly, heal the wounds of your body and give yourself a little more energy. Thirdly, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Bulgaria, with its warmth and kindness, with a warm attitude to everyone who comes to this country. You will forget about your problems when your body touches the gentle waves of the Black Sea. You will forget that somewhere there is a world of eternal running and chaos as soon as you lie on the velvety sands of the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches, which, by the way, are completely free, because they belong to the state.

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Beautiful vacation in fabulous Bulgaria.

But it is better not to be limited to the resorts . Be sure to go to the town of Rupite. Do not know what this place is? This is the city where the famous fortune teller Wang was born and lived all her life. It is worth it to find the way to your soul. So do many tourists, and after visiting the capital, putting their belongings in a hotel room, come here to worship at the tomb of Wang and ask for advice or help. It is said that he helps those who have a pure heart and pure thoughts.

So it turns out that Bulgaria in Europe is the most healing country for people. There is so much energy in it that you will have enough for one more year and then you will have strength to come here again and again to “recharge”. It’s very important nowadays.

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Fabulous holiday in fairytale Bulgaria

So hurry to Bulgaria, love Bulgaria! Visit Sofia, stay in Veliko Tarnovo, the ancient and legendary capital of Bulgaria. Then by all means visit Varna – taste the wine and have a look around, see the medieval Bulgaria. In general, the best way to get by bike – it’s now a “squealing” fashion – family bike trips. I’m sure it will be a hundred times better than just looking at what slips out the car window. Bulgaria has developed special cycling routes along the Black Sea coast, through small towns in the provinces and through the beautiful Rhodope Mountains.

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