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The most unusual travel destinations

We have compiled a rating of types of tourism that are now gaining momentum in terms of their popularity, but still remain something extraordinary for ordinary tourists. So, we offer you the top 10 most unusual destinations of modern tourism.

Most of us prefer to vacation by the sea in summer and in winter – in the mountains, while autumn and spring are a great time for sightseeing tours and cultural activities. However, many of these traditional pastime already bored, and more and more tourists are now seeking for a more exotic and unusual holiday. That is why we have compiled a rating of types of tourism, which are now gaining momentum in popularity, but still remain something extraordinary for ordinary tourists. So, we offer you 10 of the most unusual areas of modern tourism.

1. Space tourism

This is probably the rarest type of tourism. Literally few can afford to relax in the vastness of space. The price of space tours is a few tens of millions of dollars, and therefore afford this kind of recreation can not everyone. We can only wonder what unforgettable experience a person who looks at the Earth from its orbit.

The idea of space tourism emerged back in the sixties of the 20th century. To date, few travel companies can offer you options for a vacation in space. The real existing space tourism product is a flight to an orbital station. However, if you think that space tourism is not in demand, here’s a fact: As of today, about 600 people have signed up and made a deposit for suborbital flights into space. So in the near future, most likely, a flight to space will be something akin to an ordinary vacation at the sea.

2. Jailoo tourism .

This is one of the most exotic types of modern recreation. Jailoo tourism is tours to the most remote from civilization places inhabited by aborigines. It is there, without communication, running water and electricity, side by side with the locals tourists live by the laws of the tribe. The name “jailoo” literally translates from Kyrgyz as “mountain pasture”. This type of tourism originated in Kyrgyzstan, Western tourists in the 1990s of the 20th century here for the first time tried to live in yurts with local shepherds.

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The lack of civilization in such tours is more than compensated by memorable walks, clean air, immersion in the local ethnic culture. Today, many leading travel agencies of the world have included in their services. They offer tours to the savannas of Africa and the steppes of Asia, the jungles of the Amazon and the tundras of Siberia. This type of recreation will be truly memorable and will be suitable, above all, for those who are bored with the traditional travel.

3. Polar tourism

If some people like hot golden sand, scalding sun and warm sea, others prefer snowy spaces and frosty air. More recently, individual cruises to the northern Arctic and Antarctica have begun. To everyone’s surprise tours became so popular that hundreds of tourists wanted to be in such an unusual for us climatic conditions. This pleasure is not cheap, because the flight or travel by ship, equipment and services of a guide polar explorer are not cheap.

It is in these polar tours vacationers can feel like real pioneers. A kind of expedition will plunge into the world of ice and snow, see firsthand the unusual polar animals and birds, enjoy the beauty of the polar landscapes and landscapes. Tourists can visit the drifting ice of the Arctic Ocean, Antarctic glaciers, mountains and volcanoes.

4. Film Tourism

The film industry has attracted us since its inception. Many films are shot in the most beautiful parts of the Earth. And the sets created are often not dismantled, but left as a museum piece. It is to these places and makes a kind of pilgrimage of film fans.

One of the most popular places to visit is Hollywood – an area of Los Angeles, built specifically for the filming of films, and today has become a center of film companies and movie sets.

No less in demand Castle Dracula in Romania, the hut of the Hobbit in New Zealand, the setting for the filming of “Harry Potter” in Britain, “soaring” rocks nature park in China, which appeared in “Avatar”, the medieval Scottish castles from “Braveheart”, the beauty of Malta from “Gladator” and many other interesting places.

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5. eco-tourism

Eco-tourism has been popular for quite some time. People who are tired of civilization, prefer to go on vacation literally to uninhabited islands and wilderness areas with untouched nature. This eco-tourism involves the rejection of all the benefits of civilization and complete isolation from nature – no cell phones, navigation systems, and even sprays from insects!

Eco-tourism has several unbreakable commandments. Tourists should be very careful about the places they visit, the place of overnight stay, for example, after leaving the tourists to look as well as before their arrival. Among the host countries are Kenya, Laos, Tanzania, Nepal, New Zealand and South Africa. There are also many places for so called “green” tourism at our latitudes.

6. Tours to shipwrecks

Diving is not a novelty for tourists either. Everyone who vacationed on the seas could enjoy the beauty of the underwater world with a scuba diver or a snorkel. But tours to shipwrecks are something new. Wrecks fascinate everyone, hidden in the water column warships – military or peaceful – is always surrounded by many mysteries and secrets. So if you are bored with looking at the marine life, it is with the tours to the wrecks you can feel like a real explorer in an underwater expedition.

Today anyone can look at the ghost ships with their own eyes. Average divers can swim nearby and look through the window. But to get inside the ship can only a very well trained diver. In addition, it is worth remembering that if we are talking about a depth of more than 40 meters, the dive will require special equipment.

7. Gastronomic tourism

Gastronomic tourism is not about gluttony tours. They are carefully selected trips to learn more about the culture of eating and the main features of the cuisine of a country. National cuisine can tell about the culture and other characteristics of a country no less than museums and other attractions.

Gastronomic tours are divided into urban and rural (“green”). The first offer a promenade through the restaurants or culinary workshops, and the latter – a simpler version, such as self-harvesting of local produce, cooking and tasting dishes.

You can also choose a more specialized tour – a cheese tour in France or a beer tour in Germany. However, in Asia and Africa admirers of gastronomic tourism should restrain their own appetites, so as not to shock the pampered European cuisine body.

8. Guest tourism

If you watched the famous American comedy called “Trading Vacation”, then you can imagine what a guest or home exchange tours. In our latitudes is not too common practice, but Europe and America have long learned how to save on recreation, or rather – on accommodation. There are special sites and databases of people who are willing to offer their homes in exchange for yours for a short period of vacation.

The Nobel Prize Museum in Sweden

The most important thing in this case – to match the period of rest. And it is also possible that guests from another country or city come to you while you are at home. And when you have vacation time, it will be your turn to come and visit. At the same time, there are many people willing to “swap without looking”, and therefore even a resident of a village in the Urals may have a chance to relax in a villa on the seaside.

9. Stalking tourism

This relatively new type of industrial tourism reminds a little of computer game plots. The program of stalking tours includes visits to cities, factories and plants, areas and buildings, abandoned and decaying. It is usually done in order to explore such places, hence the name “urban exploration” in England.

Many travel agencies offer to visit abandoned cities, ghost towns, which for one reason or another abandoned by people. One striking example is Chernobyl in Ukraine. Despite the danger of radiation contamination (although many argue that in Chernobyl now it is less than, for example, in Kiev), many tourists are ready to lay out a considerable (by Ukrainian standards) amounts to get into the restricted area.

10. Agritourism

This type of tourism is somewhat similar to eco-tourism, but here you are not going to a deserted place. On the contrary, you come to a village where agriculture is very well developed. It can be a dairy farm or a winery with plantations; there is a lot of choice. Here you are unlikely to rest in the broad sense of the word. You will get up at dawn and do all the work the farm workers do – cutting grass, milking cows, growing vegetables, making cheese or wine.

Sometimes you get free room and board in exchange for your work. Sometimes you pay for everything, including an educational course in organic farming. Either way, the fresh air, local flavor, and consciousness of time well spent is free.

15 exotic types of tourism to choose this summer

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Discovering Spain - what the inquisitive tourist should see

So different tourism.

Most people wait for vacation to spend a couple of weeks at the sea, in the mountains or go on a sightseeing tour. But many people today seek to make their holidays truly unforgettable, and therefore are interested in unusual tourist offers. In our review of the 15 most unusual areas of modern tourism.

1. Christian tourism

Christian tourism.

Christian tourism is actually a type of religious tourism, which focuses exclusively on Christians. St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and Jerusalem are the most popular destinations for Christian travelers.

2. Rural Tourism


Rural tourism usually offers vacations in the countryside or in small towns. For the local population such tourism provides employment and income, and for vacationers it provides the opportunity to purchase unique handmade souvenirs. Vacationers mainly live with local residents, who provide them with all the necessary conveniences.

3. alcotourism


The concept of “alcotourism” was born in Britain in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Brits traveled to France and Belgium for one purpose: alcohol and tobacco were cheaper there.

4. LGBT Tourism

LGBT tourism

Gay or LGBT tourism is a fairly narrow niche of tourism that is strictly for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Specialized travel agencies match them with vacation destinations that do not discriminate against the LGBT community. The most popular cities for such tourism are Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco.

5. Wine tourism (Enotourism)

Wine tourism

This type of tourism should not be confused with alcotourism, enotourism is a classic tourism, which is associated with the art and history of wine, not only the consumption of this drink. Tourists usually visit wineries, vineyards, tasting rooms, and sometimes even take an active part in the harvest.

6. Soccer tourism

Soccer tourism.

Soccer tourism has existed for several decades, but in the 1980s it was mainly associated with hooligans visiting away matches. Nowadays, soccer tourism is considered one of the most lucrative forms of tourism and includes fans visiting soccer teams in cities around the world (where their favorite clubs play) as well as visiting soccer museums.

7. Culinary tourism

Culinary tourism.

Often many people confuse culinary tourism with the usual tasting of dishes that are on the menu of any ordinary tourist. In fact, there are many people who travel the world solely for the purpose of sampling local cuisines in other countries.

8. Space tourism

 Space tourism

Space tourism nowadays can only be afforded by very rich people. Not only can few people afford this type of travel, it is also not suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia.

Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

9. Narcotourism

Drug tourism

Narcotourism is visiting places where a number of drugs are legal. The Netherlands (especially its capital, Amsterdam) is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who want to smoke pot in peace in a public place. In addition, in the 1990s, another popular destination for drug tourists was Goa, India, where young people flocked to dance to a dose of ecstasy.

10. Disaster tourism

Catastrophic tourism.

Disaster tourism became well known after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans. Some of the locals decided to make money from one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history by starting bus tours to areas that were severely damaged or even completely destroyed by the disaster.

11. Park Tourism

Park tourism.

During garden tourism, travelers visit botanical gardens and parks around the world. In the year 2000 alone, 2 million tourists visited the Alhambra and Taj Mahal.

12. Virtual tourism

Virtual tourism.

As it is easy to guess from the name, this type of tourism is a virtual tour-simulation of visiting existing places around the world. Previously, such a tour involved watching videos or photos, but recently, viewing other countries in 3D is gaining momentum.

13. Atomic tourism

Nuclear tourism.

This is a relatively new type of tourism that was born in the early 1990s in which people want to tickle their nerves in places previously heavily contaminated with radiation. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are Chernobyl and nuclear test sites.

14. Ghetto tourism

Ghetto tourism.

Ghetto tourism is one of the newest types of tourism. With the spread of hip hop culture over the past decade, more and more people want to see the places where this musical genre and lifestyle originated. In the last few years, the American ghettos of Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago have become hot tourist destinations.

15. Tolkien Tourism

Tolkien tourism.

Tolkien tourism has become a trendy trend over the past few years due to the huge success of the Lord of the Rings movie series. Tourists from all over the world are flocking to New Zealand where the films were shot. Near the town of Matamata, a real hobbit village, Hobbiton, has even been created.

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