Excursions in Venice, Italy

Excursions in Venice

Sightseeing tours of the tourist heart of Venice, filled with major attractions – such as the Cathedral and St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal and many others.

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Useful things to know about Venice

Venice is not just a city but a real symbol of Italy and Europe. Sightseeing tour of Venice will make it easy to understand what makes this city different from all the other cities in the world and will allow to feel its incomparable atmosphere. The tour is also possible as a tour in an extreme format . Much more interesting to see Venice from a helicopter or hot air balloon.

To understand the rich and ambiguous history of the city, it makes sense to order a tour of Venice in Russian – competent and qualified guide will be easily able to tell you what events have happened in the Venetian century, and what people are responsible for them. Such tours allow you to noticeably expand your horizons and get a larger picture of the city. The choice of excursions in Venice is huge – from classic routes, including Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace, to visits to the islands of the Venice lagoon. Venice at night is mesmerizing in its mysterious beauty. If you are not afraid of mysticism and love stories that evoke fear – tour around the city at night is just for you. The cost of tours in Venice, respectively, also varies, but the reviews and descriptions may well make your choice.

Very popular walking tours of Venice. During the walk you can learn a lot about the history of the city and the process of building infrastructure. Itineraries are constructed so that they touch on the main attractions . Venice museums hold many exhibits from different eras. The main ones, of course, are the Renaissance exhibits. The decoration of Ca’Rezzonico Palace is an exhibit in itself: the ornate moldings, statues, frescoes, engravings and furniture of past centuries will make one dive into a bygone era. The Academy Gallery is the largest painting museum in Venice, with paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and many other masters.

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Venice is rich in colorful events, the most important of which is the famous all over the world Venice Carnival. It brings together guests from all over the world. The event is accompanied by a procession of colorful masks and costumes, each of which is like a work of art. It is safe to say that the carnival in Venice will not leave anyone indifferent.

One can not fail to mention that the most popular and favorite pastime of all travelers are boat trips. For a “true Venetian” experience, the best way is to take a ride in the gondola, the most mysterious and elegant transportation of the Venetians, which has undergone many changes over the centuries.

Individual excursions: what to see

To see the sights of any city is better to choose individual tours, having time to taste all the charm of a particular city at your own pace. You can arrange with a guide to focus on the objects of interest to you.

Individually, it would be interesting to go on a gastronomic and tasting tour. The cuisine of Venice, despite the location of the city, is very rich and varied. It is dominated by seafood and fish. The small, dark Venetian “baccaro” bars, where the local wine is served, are definitely worth a visit. There are a lot of wine tastings in Venice, as the vineyards around the city, which are protected by the world organization of UNESCO.

Another thing to admire endlessly in Venice is nature . The city includes several magnificent islands, each of which is famous for its craft. For centuries, on the island of Murano glassblowers produce masterpieces, famous throughout the world, and Burano island will delight travelers with skilled work lacemakers.

Prices for excursions in Venice

Prices for the excursions are in euros. The cost varies depending on the format and number of hours. Budget will be short sightseeing tours in a group around the city. Outbound individual excursions will cost much more. All conditions should be discussed with the chosen guide.

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Tours from Venice: guided tours in the surrounding area

In order to see the life and craft of Venice, you do not need to go far away. It will be enough to visit the islands of the Venetian lagoon Murano, Burano and Torcello. The identity and playful beauty of the islands is mesmerizing. The architecture of the islands differs from that of the city: low-rise buildings painted in the brightest colors predominate here.

From Venice you can go to Padua, the cradle of science, art and religion. Here you will find the Basilica of Santa Giustina with the relics of St. Luke, the Basilica of St. Anthony and the Chapel of St. Bloodstone, famous for the frescos by Giotto.

For the sophisticated lovers of romance are open tours from Venice to Verona . In this city you will find the house of Romeo and Juliet, the main characters of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Venice Excursions

We found 111 excursions in Venice in Russian with the current schedule for September and October 2022. Prices for fascinating walks with a guide from 20 euros. Choose a route, read descriptions and book tours in Italy online.

Venice is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. This city is an open-air museum.

During a walking tour of Venice, you will see the most interesting places: the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge’s Palace, the library of Marcian…

St. Mark’s Basilica, also called “Chiesa d’Oro” (“Golden Church”) because of the predominance of golden color inside the basilica…

Welcome to Venice! I have chosen an interesting itinerary for you, not only because it has to do with the history of the city, but because I am an architect by training…

We will meet in the heart of Venice, in Piazza San Marco. We will walk through the center of Venice, past elegant palaces and canals.

3 unique triple bridges

Lido di Venezia is an elegant and sophisticated seaside resort, where the local Venetians also live. On the tour we will walk through its ancient streets.

Venice and its surroundings

The Grand Canal

The main street of Venice is the Grand Canal, almost 4 kilometers long. The waterway begins from St. Mark’s Square, passes through almost the entire city and ends at the train station of Santa Lucia. The Grand Canal has no embankments, the banks serve as houses. Each of them has two exits, on land and on water. You can travel on the canal by gondola, river cab, or vaporetto (river streetcar).

Doge’s Palace

Palazzo Ducale or Doge’s Palace is a medieval architectural monument that combines features of Byzantine and Gothic style with Renaissance elements. The Doge’s Palace simultaneously housed the rulers, the judicial, legislative and executive powers, held a secret council and detained criminals. Political life boiled over there until the end of the 18th century.

Rialto Bridge

The center of economic life in the city and the first crossing over the Grand Canal has always been the Rialto Bridge. The prototype of a modern construction existed in the XI century, when a line of boats was stretched between the banks. Rialto acquired its original architectural look at the end of the 16th century, its marble arches are the hallmark of the city.

Venice Lagoon

The Venetian Lagoon is a water space with islands which washes the city on the water. It is separated from the Adriatic by the straits of Porto di Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia. In winter and spring the water level rises, comes the “high water” season. The largest islands in the gulf are Venice, Giudecca, Torcello, Murano, La Certosa, Burano, San Michele, and Sant’Elena.

St. Mark’s Basilica

The main basilica of the city is St. Mark’s Cathedral (San Marco). Since its construction (829), in the walls of the temple took place all the important events – the coronation of the Doges, seeing off the sailors to a long journey, the people’s plea for salvation in times of natural disasters. The modern look of the building was acquired in 1063.

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Burano Island

The island of Burano is the brightly colored houses, the “falling” bell tower of San Martino church, amazing lace of local needlewomen, the original bussola cookies – the island’s culinary calling card. Now even the people of Burano can’t explain where the custom of painting houses in different colors came from. But they are sure to tell you some funny legends on the subject.

Tourist reviews of popular excursions

Charming Veronica is the best you can meet in Venice. The story was interesting, fascinating, mysterious in places with a love for the amazing beauty and jewels of San Marco. We recommend and when we return we will definitely do the tour again.

Spent 2 wonderful days in Venice with Anna. We had a great time planning our trip so we got a lot done without being too tired. Thanks to Anna, we are already dreaming about when we will go back again, what we will see and certainly with Anna.

This was the first ever tour for my 9 year old granddaughter. And well done! easy, relaxed, not overloaded with information, short enough and not tiring for a child. Thank you.

Very positive impressions of the tour. Anna tells with interest and excitement about her city, knows how to find a rapport with children. I highly recommend seeing Venice from the water, which is how the city is conceived.

A wonderful erudite and responsive guide. Very attentive to the needs of specific participants. Creates a friendly atmosphere and a good mood.

We were very pleased with the tour! An interesting route, all the same beautiful Venice, but without the crowds of tourists) Tatiana is a wonderful guide, with excellent diction, was very attentive to all participants of our company, we had just a wonderful walk with an interesting storyteller. I recommend it!

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