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Havana tours

Hello! We had a tour “Havana up and down” with Nadezhda. Thrilled with the tour and absolutely thrilled with Nadezhda! The presentation of the material is easy, relaxed, with a subtle humor. Nadezhda knows and loves the city. She adjusted to all our wishes, helped us choose delicious food and wonderful drinks at the restaurant, took beautiful pictures with a retro car for us. Thanks to her we bought very inexpensive cigars in a store which was already closed, Nadezhda persuaded the vendors to open a store especially for us. She is a wonderful, positive person and just infects us with her mood. Thank you so much, Nadiya!

The tour was a real delight! It was awesome. Organized everything was at the highest level! Nadia and Natalya is a miracle guide! They were great! We were so good friends, we didn’t want to leave them! The restaurants are perfectly chosen, the pink convertible is my dream! Nadia is also a great photographer! We saw the historic center, plazas, Capitol, Hemingway’s place, history, architecture, rum, cigars and other exciting things! We loved Havana with all our hearts! Thanks to Nata and Nada we got to know and feel it! We were lucky to meet such guides. We had a difficult company)), everyone is different, two boys 8 and 11 years old, my husband and my mother (73 years) here you need to know how to make everyone like it, Nate and Nadia did it easily! I hope very much that we will return to Havana!

Thank you so much Marina! We were in February 2022. The tour was long, interesting, informative! The presentation of the material is easy, fascinating, Marina knows a lot, delayed more than an hour, but the guide was ready to tell and show more and more. There was not enough time. I wanted to come to Cuba, and more than once.

Excellent tour, Havana is a very unusual city, despite the poverty of the local population, very positive and energetic people. We had a guide Nadezhda, wonderful person, as positive and energetic, despite the heat (although it was hot only for us) Nadezhda conducted the tour at a high level! We had a great tour in a convertible, the best you can get in Cuba it was worth it! We bought them as presents, what is very pleasant, in addition to the tour we bought small souvenirs ☺️ We were in Varadero, they organized a transfer to Havana and back, the car had air conditioning and everything was fine. I cannot recommend this tour to anyone who is going to visit Cuba!

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Our guide Nadezhda, a very nice woman, knowledgeable in history, interesting places, adjusted to our wishes. The tour was in 2 parts: 2 hours by cabriolet, 4 hours walking tour of old Havana. It turned out to be varied, informative, interesting and, most importantly, atmospheric.

Great tour with a wonderful guide Marina. In the morning we were picked up from Varadero, a great modern cab came to us with air conditioning and a polite driver who spoke a little English so there was contact. Stopped at the observation deck. took pictures of the views and cars Later we picked up our guide Marina and went to Hem’s favorite places, also were in the museum and Floriditte. Unfortunately the hotel and another bar were closed but Marina showed us some other interesting places. Havana is beautiful, the museum is great. These places were a must visit for us. Very grateful to Marina for the excellent tour, great communication and a great time, which of course was not enough. We will be back!

Good afternoon. Had an excursion in January 2022. The car was just great. Were all the wishes to change the tour. Guide Nadezhda told us everything in an interesting way. In the evening there was dinner in a small restaurant, where insanely delicious food. The day was interesting, inquisitive, in a great warm company. Emotions and impressions are still there. Very pleased with the excursion chosen.

Good day)) were in Havana, February 20-21, 2022, had a great time with our guide Nadezhda. Very interesting tour for 4 hours around the city, 2 hours in a convertible and 2 hours on foot. Nadezhda super guide knowledge of the city and interesting facts + positive and active woman . Thank you so much for a wonderful time spent in Havana !!!

The tour exceeded the best expectations. Interesting. Dynamic. Lots of additional information. Guide Marina not only a professional guide with a huge wealth of knowledge, but also a wonderful interesting storyteller who is very easy and comfortable. Thank you very much for the tour.

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On February 7th we visited wonderful Havana with Natalia’s wonderful agency! Everything was organized to the highest standard. A cab from Varadero, a convertible of our choice and of course the tour! The guide Marina really impressed and delighted us! She told and showed us everything with so much love, great luggage of knowledge, great presentation! The time flew by! Everything stated and even beyond! A very nice and useful bonus, Marina gave us the solution of domestic issues with dinner in a restaurant (the recommendation was a 100% hit) and an apartment (we booked it ourselves, Marina helped us to contact the hosts at the local number, walked us to the address, spent her personal time in addition to the tour). Very unexpectedly Natasha offered to meet us separately in the evening, which we spent together in the legendary bar Floridita, gave us gifts and exclusive stories. Well very soulful, reverent and so native, at home! It was our best day in Cuba! How lucky we were! A huge thank you from our family for your work, care and an unusual approach, Marina and Natasha. Good luck in your business and prosperous business!

Thank you Nata for the organization and Nadezhda for the tour. Cuba did not meet us with tender and warm weather, it was cold, but thanks to Nadezhda we had a wonderful time in Havana! Thank you!

We went on a tour of Havana with Marina. I liked it very much. Now after 4 excursions in Cuba, I understand that this is the best and should take only individual. The difference in price (if 3 or more) is minimal, but you do not adjust for anyone, do not wait, all attention to you. We were picked up from the hotel in the selected car retro at 8 am. The car is wide comfortable. Seat belts and airbags are not present (and understandable), about the air conditioner do not know (was not required in January). The drive to Havana took 2 hours. After an hour stop at the observation deck, a delicious pina colada 5 euros (do non-alcoholic, it costs rum – pour as much as you want), the toilet 10 pesos. We arrive at the central square around 10.10, meeting with the guide. Immediately you can go to the hotel on Park Central Square to the toilet. There is also a restaurant on the roof Terrace – if you want to sit after the tour (passport and Cuban code are necessary for the restaurant, not necessary for the toilet). First we had a walking tour of old Havana for 4 hours, which was good, because in the 2nd half of the day it was cloudy, wind and rain in places, and we were tired. Old colonial style, the buildings in the squares are restored, painted, clean. There are some very nice old buildings in the streets, but not well maintained. But it doesn’t feel decadent, everyone is cheerful…. Lunch at 14 in a beautiful colorful place, I do not remember the name. Everything we took was delicious. We had beef slices with vegetables (mushrooms, yucca, carrots) for 880 pesos each, and a chicken breast in cream sauce with raisins and lime, 630 pesos, very soft, very unusual and delicious. A bowl of side dishes, rice and beans, was very tasty. We had mojito and cappuccino coffee (very tasty and unusual – not a cappuccino as we know it – coffee with milk, not bitter, salty-sweet, dense – maybe honey? And salt- ordered four more times). There is a hot black tea! We took a sponge cake with vanilla cream. It came out to 3-68 euros. The place is bright and colorful, the toilet is normal. Then at 15 we were picked up by a car and we went to see new Havana. The car we previously chose – like a Cadillac retro red convertible – the car mistress of the dictator Batista – the best and most beautiful car – all the tourists wanted to be photographed with it! When it started raining at the end, the driver was on top and we drove in comfort. Good thing that the convertible was in the 2nd half, when we were already tired to walk. Excursion very interesting; Marina super-guide! She answered all our questions, told us about life in Cuba, knew the history well and did not bore us. It was not enough to have only one excursion! There was still a lot to see. Late I read in the reviews that it was possible to come for 2 days with overnight stay – will be in the next plans. In the evening after 17, we were picked up by a vintage car and taken to our hotel. We did not stay in Havana to walk around and go to a restaurant (we could have gone to the terrace in the hotel or to the restaurants and bars “Hemingway”), we could have stayed for 3 hours, the return transfer would have been later. It was cloudy, cold, and we didn’t have our passports, but we will come again. In summary: the tour is super, the guide is super! The team adapts to your needs and desires. It is possible to choose some variants of filling of excursion on possibilities (to us sent 4 variants on the prices). Previously negotiated options for car transfers and around town. Send photos. Nata wrote in advance about Cuba in general, and what to bring, and how to behave. Thanks a lot! We enjoyed it very much, we will recommend it.

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Excursions in Havana (Cuba)

The best individual and group tours in Havana (Cuba) for Russian tourists in 2020. On the site of “World of Travel” you’ll find excursions suitable for you with Russian-speaking guides. You’ll be able to ask questions before booking. Read a full description of Excursions in Havana (Cuba), see photos, choose the best prices and read real tourist reviews. Tour guides will take you to the best routes and attractions.

Havana with a taste of rum

Havana with a taste of rum, cigars, coffee and salsa – unusual tours in Havana

Colonial Havana walking tour

Rating: 100% Tour Reviews Tour private tour for 1-10 people Price: € 216

A stroll along the Malecon promenade at sunset - excursions

Walking along the Malecon promenade at sunset – unusual excursions in Havana

Romantic atmosphere of Havana

Excursion rating: 0%

Private excursion for 1-10 persons Price: €90

Havana at Night

Unusual Havana excursions at night or hot rhythms of the Caribbean

Fiery cocktails, dancing people and the brightest places in the city

Excursion rating: 0%

Private excursion for 1-6 people Price: € 176

History of Colonial Havana - Excursions

History of Colonial Havana – unusual tours in Havana

History of the exploration of Cuba, the aristocracy and slavery of the New World, the architectural heritage of those times

Rating: 100% 7 tourists reviews Tour private tour for 1-10 people Price: € 120

Las Terrazas and the Viñales Valley - the beauty of Cuban nature - tours

Las Terrazas and Viñales Valley – The Beauty of Cuban Nature – Unusual Excursion in Havana

Get to know the western part of the island

Rating: 100% 2 tourists reviews Individual excursion for 1-10 people Price: € 150

From Varadero to Havana: a tour of the capital's landmarks - Tours

From Varadero to Havana: unconventional tours of the capital

About pirates, colonizers and revolutionaries

Rating: 100% 3 tourists reviews Customized tour for 1-2 people Price: € 180

Havana by sightseeing tours

Havana up and down – Unusual tours in Havana

Walking tour and retro cabriolet ride through New and Old Havana.

Excursion rating: 97% 14 tourists reviews Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: € 120

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Cienfuegos and El Nicho Falls - Tours

Cienfuegos and El Nicho Falls – unusual tours in Havana

Discover the beauty of the central part of Cuba

Excursion rating: 0%

Individual excursion for 1-10 persons Price: € 150

The Old Man and the Sea. In the Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway - Tours

The Old Man and the Sea. In the Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway – Unusual excursions in Havana

Thematic walk in Havana

Rating: 100% 3 tourists reviews Tour private tour for 1-4 people Price: € 120

Author's tour in non-tourist Havana - excursions

Author’s tour in non-tourist Havana – unusual tours in Havana

See the authentic part of the city that is not in the official tours

100% rating: 2 tourists reviews Customized tour for 1-10 people Price: € 39

Havana: full immersion tours

Havana: Full immersion – unusual tours in Havana

City tour – discover all the facets of the capital

Excursion rating: 0%

Private excursion for 1-6 people Price: € 176

Fall in love in Havana - excursions

Fall in love with Havana – unusual excursions in Havana

Explore all the beauties of the old city and experience the life of past centuries

Rating: 100% 3 tourists reviews Tour private tour for 1-10 people Price: €90

Religious flavor of Cuba - excursions

Religious flavor of Cuba – unusual excursions in Havana

Drums and trance, rituals and blood, dancing and sex

Excursion rating: 0%

Private excursion for 1-4 people Price: € 120

Philosophy of Cuban Street Art - guided tours

The Philosophy of Cuban Street Art – Unusual Tours in Havana

Havana’s most colorful street galleries: Fustera and Hamel

Rating: 100% Tour Reviews Tour private tour for 1-10 people Price: € 120

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