Excursion to Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya rechka”, Abkhazia

Stalin’s Dacha (Kholodnaya rechka, Abkhazia) – reviews

Review of Stalin's Dacha (Abkhazia, Kholodnaya Rechka)

Greetings to all my readers! Today I continue my story about visiting Abkhazia this summer (Review of sights in Gagra, the Castle of Prince of Oldenburg. “Kholodnaya Rechka” is not the only Stalin’s dacha in Abkhazia (in total in.

A small excursion with unexpected impressions.

I did not expect from this tour any special impressions. But what I saw was very interesting, to the extent that I wanted to write a review about this tour. The tour itself is quite a short time. It took more time.

“Stalin took Russia with a sokha and left her with atomic weapons.” Winston Churchill

Traveling in Abkhazia, we were not limited to the sightseeing program laid out in our tour, there were several places we went on our own in our free time. I must admit that I was surprised that the planned excursions did not include a visit to ni.

Beauty, and that says it all.

During a holiday in Abkhazia lived in one of the best hotels “Alex Beach Hotel”, located in the city of Gagra, I wrote a review about the hotel about a year ago. In addition to rest and treatment almost daily, and sometimes twice.

Want to unravel the mysteries of Stalin’s life and personality – visit his dacha.

The location of the dacha, the healing air, the authenticity of the interior, the original things, the guide’s story.

Today I’m going to declassify the special object “Gosdacha No. 18” – Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya Rechka”, although the object has long ceased to be a secret without me. There are legends and myths about this Stalin’s dacha, shrouding its construction and recreation in.

A normal person cannot build himself such a house, much less 5.

I continue to describe my impressions of the tour “Olympic Sochi + Abkhazia”. , to which we went in September 2018 from Sevastopol travel agency “Komandor-tour” . This review is just from the series + Abkhazia. Abkhazia.

What kind of man was Stalin?

Abkhazia is a country of the soul. And, resting there, it is simply impossible not to get acquainted with the sights of the country. One of them is a dacha of our former leader Joseph Stalin. More precisely, since there are five of them! They are located.

Twins or twins of the world's famous landmarks


A visit to Stalin’s dacha was part of the excursion “The Tale of Abkhazia” from Biblioglobus. After passing the border, this was the first stop. The dacha is on a hill, the road is winding and quite narrow. The driver drove the bus carefully. The area around the dacha is beautiful.

Impressions are more positive than expected.

Before going to Abkhazia I “surfed” the Internet in search of sights to visit. I’ve got Stalin’s dacha into the piggy-bank of selections. But I had in mind dacha, which is located on the lake.

One of the most interesting

Good afternoon, everyone. With pleasure we went on this excursion. Danvo heard about it, read a lot of reviews, stories. Of course, as the opportunity to visit, we did not miss it. This dacha, of course, is not one. There are many of them. В.

Stalin was a psychologist

The built-in Karelian birch panels in Stalin’s bedroom gave him food for thought, drawing a psychological portrait of his guest. Leading up to the wall panel, he would usually ask his guest, “What do you see in this drawing?” Exodus.

The opportunity to see how one of the most famous political figures lived

The image of Stalin is still very familiar to many and does not leave indifferent. This is a “piece” of our history. To be near his dacha and not visit it, my wife and I could not. The dacha is located between the village Tsandripsh.

Would you like to be a “guest” of Stalin? – No!

Another iconic place, where they bring tourists as part of sightseeing tours of Abkhazia, and which I want to introduce to you today – Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya Rechka”. Somehow it happened, and on the tour itself.

Stalin’s Dacha is one of the historical places in beautiful Gagra

Not far from the center of old Gagra goes the road to the top of the mountain, where in the 30s of last century by hand prisoners hollowed out the slope and built literally a year one of Stalin’s five dachas in Abkhazia.

Karachi, Pakistan is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world

I would not want to come and visit Stalin.

Good day to all. They say you want to get to know a person better, look at his house. That’s why we went to Stalin’s dacha in Abkhazia. I was very interested to see the life of the leader and try to understand his character.

Interesting, informative.

Good day to all! During a holiday in Abkhazia decided to visit the famous Stalin’s dacha. Since it was located near (according to information from the Internet) from the lower boarding house “Sunny Summer”, about it wrote a review My review.

A place that remembers Stalin, which keeps his spirit

In August 2019 I visited one of Stalin’s cottages on the Kholodnaya River in Gagra. I booked a tour there from the village of Tsandripsh. The tour guide met us, politely and pleasantly. Excursion started with Stalin’s bathroom.

Dacha in paradise!

Good afternoon to all! Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the Generalissimo of the Soviet Union. He was born in 1878, on December 18. In the province of Tiflis, in the Russian Empire. He died in 1953, on March 5. During Stalin’s reign a powerful.

Unforgettable impressions.

At Stalin’s dacha we got by chance, on an excursion to New Athos caves. At the beginning of the trip from Sochi our guide said that it was possible to visit the site for an extra fee, adding that it would be.


I once traveled to Abkhazia, just for one day, but I got a lot of impressions. One of our stops was Stalin’s dacha, we had a sightseeing tour there. I liked it very much. From the outside, everything is very beautiful and clean.

Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya Rechka”

The residence “Kholodnaya Rechka” is the most favorite of Stalin’s Abkhazian dachas. 75 dachas of the leader were conventionally numbered according to the degree of importance and frequency of Stalin’s visits. If Stalin’s “Cold River” dacha did not stand out in terms of state importance, in contrast to other residences where Stalin had been 1-2 times, in this place the leader really liked to relax.

According to archival data, Stalin had a rest at this residence more than 20 times. The residence was conceived as a health complex – the head of the USSR suffered from asthma, sciatica, angina and rheumatism. The place was chosen at the junction of three zones with a special microclimate: alpine Caucasian, Black Sea and refreshing river climate.

Kyoto Railway Station. Japan

Panoramic view of Stalin’s “Kholodnaya Rechka” dacha in Abkhazia

The architectural idea of the dacha was a ship pointing into the sea. The author of the project, Miron Merzhanov, stylized the entire territory of the Abkhaz residence according to this idea: the cinema looked like a ship’s deck, some of the windows looked like portholes, the Tea House played the role of a captain’s bridge. The area of the territory was 4 hectares. The building is situated on a 330 meters high rock that abruptly juts out into the Black Sea. But the dacha is not visible from the water, it was caused by security concerns. Panoramic photos of Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya Rechka” is possible to make only from the air.

Stalin’s residence on Kholodnaya rechka was built during the year – from 1932 to 1933. Since its construction the dacha had never been repaired. More than two thousand NKVD workers were servicing the cottage. When the leader arrived on vacation the whole territory was immediately cordoned off. The security guards scattered in the woods – they were forbidden to show their faces to Stalin. Each of the guards had the rank of Major or higher. It was possible to call the guards from any room with a special button.

Working hours and price

Stalin’s dacha on Kholodnaya rechka is open every day of the week. It is open to the public every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Nowadays you can visit the memorial residence on your own or with a guided tour. Ticket is purchased at the entrance. The cost per person is 250 rubles. Tour service is paid in addition – 200 rubles per tourist. Excursion lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. You must pay another 100 rubles for entry by car.


The building is surrounded by pine trees. Near the main building, a little lower down the hill, there is the house of Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter. Then from the house to the sea lead 850 steps. There was a fountain on the territory (does not function now) – in other Abkhazian summer houses the leader did not want such constructions, considering that you should listen to the sea and not to the artificially created murmuring. In the courtyard of the house there is a lemon tree, which, according to the guides, was planted by Stalin himself.

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Inside Stalin’s dacha consists of two floors and a basement. If you enter the building from the front entrance, you will find yourself on the first floor. It includes: an entrance hall, the leader’s study, dining room, living room, billiards room (one of Stalin’s favorite pastimes), several bedrooms and a bathroom. It is said that the billiard room was sometimes played for dangerous stakes, including human life.

The legend says that Stalin nodded at the picture of the Siberian landscape when he wanted to exile his interlocutor to a camp

Legend has it that Stalin nodded at the picture of the Siberian landscape when he wanted to exile his interlocutor to a camp, © Leonid Sikorsky

Because of the danger of assassination attempts, Stalin could sleep in several bedrooms during the night (there were five in total in the house). No one knew from which room he would leave in the morning. The mattresses in the bedrooms were stuffed with fragrant herbs and seaweed. The upholstered furniture was stuffed with horsehair, which because of its dense structure was supposed to protect against bullets. The light fixtures in the bedrooms were covered with the thinnest metal mesh, so that in an explosion splinters would not hurt.

About 40 precious types of wood were used in the finishing of the dacha. At the same time, only one type of wood was used in each room for a harmonious look. Thus, in Stalin’s dacha there are rooms of walnut, African yew, boxwood, Karelian birch, and white beech. The “birch” room was arranged with the orientation to the east – when the sun rose and illuminated it with its rays, the wooden panels began to shimmer in flashes similar to an amber glow. The reception room was made of 300 hazel trees – the pattern on the panels was chosen in such a way that the doors from the room were camouflaged and invisible to the naked eye.

Also of the furnishings, the bronze chandeliers are impressive. The massive chandeliers were brought from a palace in St. Petersburg, though the candles in them were replaced by electric lamps. The natural air conditioner of those years was the crystal glasses, which created a coolness in the room.

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The basement had a recreation area. The home cinema was located here. There was no kitchen at Stalin’s dacha, so the smells of cooking were not wafted around the area, ready meals were brought in from special places. The second floor is currently not included in the tour program. According to reviews of Stalin’s dacha on Kholodnaya Rechka, the second floor is used to rent rooms for vacations.

How to get to Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya rechka

You can get to the cottage by car, but you should keep in mind that the last kilometer is very narrow, two cars will not separate. Tourists recommend to leave the car at the pension.

Car route from Psou to Stalin’s dacha “Kholodnaya rechka” on Google map

By intercity buses you need to go to the stop “Pansion Solnechny”. From boarding house to Stalin’s dacha is about 2 km. At first, you should move along the territory of the boarding house (the entrance is free) along the river that was turned into a canal with concrete banks. Then you have to go through a tunnel to the elevator in the rock. On the 10th floor go to the place between 10th and 11th floor, go through the door with the sign “Service entrance”. Behind the door there is an exit to the highway (there is a walkway) behind the main building of the resort. To pass the Stalin summer house on Cold River – 900 meters.

You can get a cab to Stalin’s dacha on Kholodnaya rechka through “GT Taxi” and “Abkhazia Taxi” apps (only on Android).

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