Everything you need to know about traveling to Alaska

Travel to Alaska – vacations, prices and attractions

Travel to Alaska - vacations, prices and attractions

Holidays in Alaska, located in the northwestern United States, first of all, is to enjoy the incredible beauty of nature. Snow-covered mountains and forests stretching for miles, hiking in many parks and nature reserves, excellent conditions for rafting and canoeing, and, of course, fishing – not a complete list of attractions and activities that make tourists travel to Alaska.

History of Alaska

The first settlers in Alaska settled about 12,000 years BC. History says that Native American tribes lived here and occupied the area for a long time.

The first Europeans to travel to Alaska were members of the Russian expedition in the 18th century. It is no secret that for many decades the territory was part of the Russian Empire and was called Russian America. Alaska was developed in the economic interests, but at times the natives interfered. In the 19th century Alaska was sold to the U.S. government and since then the Russian-speaking population was gradually pushed out of the territory.

In the late 19th century, Alaska began discovering the largest gold deposits at the time, leading to the famous “Gold Rush” period. This contributed to the rapid development of infrastructure, which helped turn the state into one of the best tourist areas of our time.

Travel to Alaska.

The beautiful scenery encountered on a trip to Alaska

How to travel to Alaska?

The best way to travel to Alaska is by plane. To get to the American state, you will need to make several connections at different airports. The closest city that is ready to welcome Alaskan tourists is Anchorage. The cost of this pleasure will be about 50 thousand Russian rubles.

It is suggested to travel through Alaska by air or sea. These ways are considered optimal if tourists want to see the sights of Alaska, many of which are not easy to reach by ground transportation. Major cities have a well-developed public and rail infrastructure, and car rentals are readily available.

Kopuleti resort city.

In order to travel to Alaska, citizens of the Russian Federation must have an open visa from a United States diplomatic office. The process is not simple, and can drag on indefinitely. Here, in addition to the standard set of documents, an interview may be required.

It is easier to get a visa for traveling to Alaska through tourist operators. The main thing is to give only reliable information when you apply, so that you can put aside any doubts as to the purpose of your trip.

It is less problematic to get a permit to enter the United States for Chukotka residents who plan to visit relatives living in the state of Alaska. For this purpose, you must have a special invitation, which opens a visa much faster.

The cost of holidays in Alaska

Russian tourists are invited to use the hotels and campsites located throughout the state. Prices depend on the city of residence, the facilities provided, the number of tourists and the arrival period. It is recommended to book the rooms in advance, as the number of people, wishing to see the sights of Alaska, increases every year.

These are the minimum prices per night in Russian rubles as of July 2019.

City Camping Hotel
Anchorage from 2,950 from 4,200
Fairbanks from 3,150 From 5,650
Juno from 3 050 from 4 700

Alaska – Sights of the State

Alaska attractions – what to see? In Anchorage, Alaska tourists are encouraged to visit many places of interest. One of the most popular is the Tony Knowles Trail, which is used by biking (in summer) and skiing (in winter) enthusiasts. And not far from Anchorage is the famous Alyeska ski resort.

Alaska, tourism, Tony Knowles Trail

A great place to go on an Alaskan bicycle trip!

You can’t travel through Alaska without memorable souvenirs. In Anchorage, sellers of markets and fairs offer to buy memorabilia, handmade by real craftsmen. The most popular souvenirs are: amulets, masks, figurines made from animal horns and canines, birch bark dishes and drums.

In addition, holidays in Alaska are offered to diversify in concert halls, theaters, various clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Local museums

For art lovers there are several museums. The largest in size and collectibles is the Anchorage Museum, which focuses on Alaskan history, culture, and traditions. Less narrowly focused is the state’s Native American Heirs Museum – mostly featuring descriptions of how the Eskimos, Indians, and Aleuts who previously settled Alaska lived here in their time.

Alaska’s Natural Beauty

Alaska’s main attraction is nature. To see the mysterious beauty of glaciers, mountains, nature reserves, tourists from all over the world and go on a trip to Alaska. For this there are many fabulous places in the state, which helps to turn a vacation in Alaska into unforgettable moments.

Mendenhall Glacier and Hubbard

The charming beauty of Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau which stretches for 19 kilometers lures Alaskan tourists to see the caves formed by melting ice. The light streaming in from the street is a fantastic sight, especially the giant waterfall near Mendenhall.

Mendenhall Glacier on the left and Hubbard Glacier on the right

Hubbard Glacier sits in Yakutat Bay and is the longest in the state of Alaska. It can be viewed from a cruise ship that approaches the glacier at a distance depending on weather conditions in the bay. Even from afar, Alaskan tourists can see all the delights of the phenomenon, which shimmers in white and blue colors, and the voluminous ice floating against the ship’s course is fascinating to look at and memorable for the rest of your life.

Nature Reserves

An attraction in Alaska are the unforgettable nature preserves located across the state. One of them, named Katmai, is located on the shore of the Shelikhov Strait, and offers Alaskan tourists a firsthand view of one of the natural wonders – a volcano on the backdrop of the valley smoking around. There are many bears of various breeds (sometimes as they “fish”) and other animals that most of us have only seen on TV in this preserve.

Denali National Wildlife Refuge is located in the central part of the state. From the park, travelers to Alaska have an excellent view of Mount Denali, the highest peak of the American continent. Also, diversifying a trip to Alaska, tourists in this preserve can watch real deer, elk, wolves, beavers, wash clean water from rivers and lakes, and see much more that is absent in our daily lives.

Foggy Fjords.

The Foggy Fjords Preserve is one of the most beautiful, not only of the state, but of the entire American continent. To get to this national park, you need to make a trip across Alaska in a southeasterly direction. The first thing that catches the eye of those traveling through Alaska in the Foggy Fjords Preserve are the narrow streams of rivers hiding in the fog.

Unlike other parks, animals native to the north – deer, grizzlies or baribals – can be found here. To make your trip to Alaska even more memorable, it is suggested to order a compact sightseeing aircraft to explore the Foggy Fjords Reserve.

Travel to Alaska in the Foggy Fjords

Mountain Rivers at Foggy Fjords Preserve

Northern Lights

A winter vacation in Alaska is a great opportunity to see with your own eyes the inexpressible beauty of the Northern Lights. Alaska is considered to be the center of the United States, where most often this wonderful phenomenon of nature delights connoisseurs of the beauty. During the period October-March the Aurora Borealis people traveling in Alaska can see it in Fairbanks city.

Here tourists are offered to rent rooms in hotels. The peculiarity is that even during sleep, everyone who wants to see the northern lights can be woken up by the hotel staff. Also in Fairbanks is located a special geophysical center of the University of Alaska, which makes predictions regarding natural phenomena for each day.

To enjoy this Alaskan attraction to the maximum, tourists are offered sightseeing tours and trips to the Arctic Circle. As well as a train trip to remote locations by a special Aurora Winter Train.

Tourism in Alaska – what else can you try

  • Fans of extreme sports are offered several treacherous rivers with descents on special boats, while the local mountains are great for hikers and those who want to climb up the rock. For winter activities, there are resorts with ski slopes and ski jumps for snowboarders.
  • Tourism in Alaska is not only the beauty of nature, but also an opportunity to try themselves as prospectors and to find gold. The state law still does not prohibit all wishing to search for riches, and local stores in full swing sell special equipment intended for extraction of gold in the rivers or lakes.
  • To brighten the memories of a trip to Alaska, you can visit the harsh climate town of Chinatown Hot Springs. Here, Alaskan travelers can take advantage of the thermal springs and stroll through the Museum of Ice, which are from each other in 10-minute intervals of walking.
  • For those wishing to explore the sights of Alaska, there is a sightseeing train route in the town of Skagway. The path was paved by the first gold prospectors in the state, and now it is used by tourists from all over the world for a pleasant stay in Alaska. In a three-hour tour, a trained guide will tell many interesting stories about each of the mountains, glaciers, and caves near which the train will pass in close proximity.

Alaska, recreation and whales

Meeting whales on an Alaskan trip

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