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Strange Pioneer


Endless Summer is a popular visual novel, in the anime genre for weak pk released back in 2013. In its time, it caused a real furor among the audience. It has very many endings, depending on the character with whom the player builds a romantic relationship.

Endings with Slavey

If you score 9-10 points over the course of the game, you can get to a good ending. In this case, Semyon will tell Slavey that he got to the camp from the future. Of course, the pioneer will not believe the hero. There will be a quarrel, but then the characters will reconcile. They decide to board the bus together.

Then Semyon wakes up in the present, in his room. He would realize that what had happened at the camp was just a dream. A month later he returns to the ill-fated bus stop where he once went to Sovenok. There he will see Slava.

Good ending with Slavey

The bad ending opens at 7-8 points. Semyon arranges with Slavey to go with her. They will pack their things and get on the bus together. Then Semyon wakes up again and realizes that he was just dreaming. When he returns to the bus stop he finds no one there.

Endings with Lena

A good ending opens at 9-10 points. Semyon will decide that he is going to leave the camp. He will persuade Lena to go with him. Then the heroes will go to the district center together.

Suddenly Semyon wakes up on a bench with Lena by his side. He would realize that he was back in “Sovenka,” that same seventh day. He decides to tell her his story, after which he decides to leave with the girl again. This time they will succeed. The guys will not get into the future, they will live under the Soviet Union. Lena will give Semyon two children, and he himself will become a writer.

Ending with Lena in Endless Summer

The bad ending will open at 7-8 points. The hero will decide to leave the camp and persuade Lena to do so. Before the trip, Semyon will go to his cabin to change, after which he will wait for the girl on the square. But she never comes. Semyon goes to her to find out what happened. It turns out that Lena decided to kill herself because she had not heard her love confession.

After this, Semyon wakes up in his own home. He will not be able to cope with the loss, will go to the bathroom and also commit suicide.

Endings with Alice.

At 9-10 points, there will be a good ending. Semyon will wake up in the afternoon and realize that all the pioneers have already gone home. Together with Alice, they will go to the district center on foot. On the way, they have to make a halt with a campfire. Then the boy tells his companion his story. Alisa does not believe him and walks away from him on the road. Catching up with her, Semyon will accidentally fall to the ground with her, after which the couple will come back to the campfire to sort out their relationship. Only after that will the guys get on the bus.

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After coming home, the guy tries to get on that bus again to get to camp, but he fails. Thinking of Alice, Semyon will learn to play the guitar, form a band, and even give a concert. During it, he will see a girl from the camp or one who looks a lot like her.

Semyon and Alice

The bad ending will open at 7-8 points. The same thing will happen, but Semyon will not meet anyone at the concert and will return home.

Endings with Ulyana

On the 7th day, Ulyana will be punished and forced to sit in the lodge. The rest of the pioneers will start going home. With a good ending, Semyon will go to the girl and pack her things with her. She will go to the bus with all the boys.

Then the guy will wake up in his home. To figure out how he got to Owls, he will study physics and even go to college. A year will pass since his trip to camp. He will sit in the auditorium for a lecture. Unexpectedly he will meet Ulyana.

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Meeting with Ulyana

In a bad ending, Semyon will not help the girl and leave the camp alone. After his awakening, events will unfold in the same way, but he will not meet anyone at the lecture. Apparently, Ulyana will stay in the camp.

Single Ending.

You can also get a single ending in the game. On the sixth day, Semyon will see a strange pioneer who looks like himself. Then he will run away from the camp into the woods and run into him again. According to him, he has been in “Sovenka” for a long time, everything repeats here all the time, and it almost makes him crazy.

On the seventh day, Semyon sees a pioneer hiding, who says he can get out of here if he wants to. The hero will go to the lodge, where all the girls will come to him to say goodbye. All this will take place under the commentary of the “evil” pioneer.

Strange Pioneer

When everyone is going home, Semyon hears a mysterious voice calling into the forest. It turns out to be a guy who was able to find a way out, but decided to stay in this world to show the way to others. He will offer the hero to follow him.

If Semyon gives in, a bad ending will be revealed: he will be imprisoned in the Owl forever.

Path to the forest

If he ignores the voice, however, he will return to the bus and go home. There he will fall asleep, and when he wakes up, he will see a girl with cat ears in front of him. It would turn out that he had also imagined it. Finally Semyon wakes up in his apartment. An unknown man sends him a message asking if he liked the camp. He reacts in no way and ends up alone.

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Ending with Miku

Miku has only one ending. For the day … he wakes up on the bus next to a girl. It turns out that they are all actors in a movie about a trip back in time. Several scenes begin to be filmed. It turns out that Semyon and Miku (Masha) had an affair, but they split up.

In the morning the counselor will talk to the hero as if he was a movie character, although the shooting has not yet started. Masha admits that she ran into the suspicious Lena. Walking around the camp, the guys will find that everyone behaves as if they really are pioneers. At lunchtime, the counselor calls everyone into the woods – that’s where the murdered Slavya will turn up.

Murdered Slavia

Semyon will run into the strange Lena, who will argue about who killed the girl. At night Alice will come – she will report that Ulyana has disappeared. Then it will become known that Shurik missing. The boys decide to spend the night in the same cabin.

In the morning they will make the rounds. Near the canteen there will be a zombie Ulyana, who will quickly disappear from sight. Lena will get sunstroke.

At night, Masha will keep an eye on the situation, but she will fall asleep. In the morning it will turn out that Alice has been killed. Electronics will die from huge grasshoppers. In the woods, they will encounter a multitude of zombie Ulyans. In the basement, where everyone will try to hide, they will be attacked by Lena. Semyon will protect Masha from her, they will get out on the street.

Then the hero wakes up with the girl on the beach. It turns out that she has changed the film script to a horror film and this is what he has to endure in all of it. Upon his return to the square, Semyon kisses Masha.

Miku on the beach

Endings with Julia

To open the endings with Yulia, you have to open all the positive endings with Mika as well. It is necessary to ignore the girls and notice all the strangeness. The sequence of correct choices is as follows:

  1. In the prologue: Yes, I’ll go with you.
  2. At the end of the first day: Do not touch.
  3. At the dance: Stay alone.
  4. At the end of the fourth day: Eat an apple.
  5. At the old camp: Went alone.

At the mine, Semyon will meet the cat-girl. She will tell him where Shurik has gone, and at night she will come to the lodge.

Catgirl in the catacombs

The next day the hero will hear the evil pioneer addressing him, but he will not be able to see him. Julia will appear for a while, but as soon as Slavya and Zhenya approach, she will hide. During lunch, Electronik will tell a story about the cat girl. Semyon will remember that he saw her when he got to the camp.

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At night the hero will go to the forest and see Julia, and then go to sleep. In the morning she will be hiding near the huts. Then Semyon will call Slavya, and together they will run to the square, where they will see that a huge city has grown out of nowhere.

The emergence of the city

Everyone decides to go to the city, taking walkie-talkies. Julia will keep an eye on the boys. As soon as the girls fight, she will break them up. They will go back to camp, and Julia will go with Semyon. The counselor on the walkie-talkie tells them to come back urgently.

Harem ending – if you choose “Go Forward,” you can get. The counselor catches up with Semyon and sends him to the bus. He wakes up in his apartment. Suddenly someone will ring the doorbell. All the girls will be in front of him and tell him that they also dreamt about this camp. They found Semyon in the real world. Only Yulia remained in “Sovenka”, whom the hero would soon decide to take away from there. The creators of the project stressed that this is the correct and canonical ending, since all the girls returned to the real world.

There is also another ending that opens up if you select “Turn Back.” Upon returning to the camp, Semyon will notice no people or town there. An evil pioneer will appear, but Julie’s appearance will make him disappear. The children eat dinner together and go to bed.

Julia and Pioneer on the bus

The next day Semyon takes the girl’s supplies from the forest and takes the bus with her. He will arrange with her that she will come with him to his world and be his wife. There will be strange shadows among the other passengers. Semyon closes his eyes, after which he wakes up in a void.

A voice will tell him that Julia is simply a figment of his imagination. He must choose a real girl. Semyon wakes up in his own home. He will be able to choose who will be next to him in bed – it’s any girl, including Julia.

Best mods for Endless Summer

The novel Infinite Summer was released in December 2013 and is still one of the most adored Russian video games in the visual novel genre. The labyrinth of complex relationships between Semyon and the inhabitants of the pioneer camp has been thrilling players for years, and modifications allow you to change the fates of already beloved characters and erase “bad” endings. We present the most popular mods from the Steam workshop for the game “Endless Summer” with an alternative development of the game’s plot.

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“7 Days of Summer: Lost Alpha.”

At first it may seem that the content of the modification is the same plot of the original game, where the shy hero gets on the bus on New Year’s Eve and finds himself in the ill-fated camp, but minor differences are woven into a completely different story, because the main character is not Semen at all.

” Samantha ”

The counselor solemnly announces that Samantha Smith, the first American Pioneer Girl, is coming to camp! The plot twists around the new girl and the drama club, but does not neglect the other heroines of the short story. The diminutive blue-haired girl grows close to Semyon, and the latter decides for himself that his new acquaintance needs care and protection at the Owl.

” Buns, kefir and rock ‘n’ roll “

A light musical story about the preparation for the closing concert of the shift. The main character screwed up and now takes the blame – because of Semyon’s mistake the band now needs a bass player, and Mick has nothing to do but teach Semyon the music himself. The guys have time to catch up and make the prom unforgettable.

” Endless Summer: Continued Story ”

A continuation of the harem ending when all the pioneer girls show up at Semyon’s apartment. After the fate is such that Semyon returns to “Sovenok”, but not in the role of a pioneer, but in the role of the real counselor! And now the player can get acquainted with the newfound characters, walk around the updated locations and once again get into that very “Endless Summer.

” Back to “Sovionok” | Back to “Sovionok”

An unofficial sequel to the visual novel about Semyon’s life after returning home. One year after the bad ending, according to the player’s choice, the character continues to kill for his beloved. But due to an accidental coincidence, the hero finds himself in the Owl during that very shift. And it’s time to right all the wrongs.

” Alisa Alternative Ending ”

ALTERNATIVE END OF ALICE Endless Summer #44 - YouTube

Alisa fell into the heart of so many visual novel players, and that’s why the ending with her, as it were, in the original disappoints almost everyone. This end to the love line, on the other hand, offers hope for the development of something more natural and needed by players.

” Pioneer Girl Without the Original.”

Miku is not just a frivolous chatty musician, as the original version of the game might have originally seemed to be. It is this mod that reveals the heroine as a thinking adventurer, who long ago noticed that something wrong was going on in “Owl”, and confirmed her hunches the strange appearance of Semen on the doorstep of the camp. The girl must figure out what is wrong with this wonderful place.

“My Ginger Happiness.”

My ginger happiness | Pikaboo

A depressed, antisocial and withdrawn guy named Semyon was once a rebel, non-conformist and “not like the rest,” but the system broke him, and so after graduation he loses his nature and merges with the gray masses. One mystical day everything changes when the hero accidentally gets to the camp as a pioneer and meets there the inimitable Alice. The free-spirited girl finally awakens that volcano of passions in the boy’s soul and saves him from himself.

Biebrza National Park in Poland

Memories of the Owl

Many fans of Slavey fell in love with her kindness, gentleness, responsibility, the role of an excellent girl, which usually every boy-boy bully falls in love with without a trace. And this modification will reveal the character from all sides, mentioning both her shortcomings and virtues, thanks to the possibility to choose on whose behalf the narrative will be conducted – Slavi or Semen.

“I’m here for a reason.”

Waking up in Pioneer Camp, “Semyon,” who in the real universe has been through the game “Endless Summer,” tries to figure out why and how he got into the visual novel and what he must do to get home. The hero decides to become a better version of himself and help everyone in the camp, rather than stepping on the rake of the original hero or his modifications.

” Alesia: Escape from Camp V2″

Let’s note right away that the mod is not finished yet – the author is still in development. The main character named Vlad suffers from loser syndrome with a violent temper somewhere in the back of his mind. He finds himself in the camp for no supernatural reasons at all – staying in the camp is a punishment for the hero, but a new acquaintance Alesya, an assistant counselor, turns Vlad’s world upside down.

“One More Time

“Groundhog Day” in the “Endless Summer” setting . The hero experiences the same summer over and over again with the same people and under the same circumstances in a mysterious pioneer camp. Only the hero’s actions determine his future fate – whether the guy breaks the time loop or lives through the same cycle for another hundred years.

” We are the main thing (Ulyana Mod) ”

The mod implements the romantic relationship between Ulyana and Semyon, which in the original was only friendly. A different take on the characters, the development of atypical peyring, and lots of tears at the end.

“Kid’s Summer.”

Image from

A mock modification with profanity. The main character is again Semyon, but here he acts as an aggressive bully nicknamed “Semka”. Calling himself “the kid from the neighborhood,” the guy often makes stupid attacks in the direction of other pioneers, smoking, dreaming of a bag of sunflower seeds and even intimidating the redheaded menace of the whole “Owl”.

“Endless Summer [Russian voice-over]”

The original plot of the visual novel is unchanged, but now each character is voiced with his own voice thanks to the work of the AniLibria.TV Russian anime adaptation team. At the moment, the project is frozen, but the modification allows you to pass four days with Russian voiceover.

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