Europe’s lakes – here are the most beautiful and unforgettable

10 Lakes of Europe, ideal for summer holidays

The largest lake of Italy, located in the north of the country at the foot of the Alps. In some places, the depth reaches 350 meters. The water is clear, but cool. In the north of the lake are incredible landscapes of rocky mountains, and in the south – vineyards, olive and lemon groves. Numerous resorts and health resorts dot its shores. There are Roman ruins, stone fortresses and medieval castles in the region. One of the most popular attractions is the town of Malcesine with its picturesque streets, the Palace of the Captains, the Church of the Madonna del Rosario and the castle of the noble family of the Scaligers. Water sports enthusiasts should stop in the towns of Torbole or Riva del Garda. There is a yacht club and kitesurfing school. The picturesque Old Ponale Road trail is great for hiking and biking. For climbing, there is the difficult via ferrata “Che Guevara” on Monte Casale and the easier “Monte Calodri” and “Rio Sallagoni” near Arco. Tourists with children can have a great time in the amusement park Gardaland.

Lake Bled (Slovenia)

Lake Bled is situated in a picturesque setting at an altitude of 501 meters above sea level. It freezes only in severe cold, as it is filled with warm springs. In summer, the water reaches a temperature of 24-25 ° C, which is comfortable for swimming. The pearl of the lake is a small island with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (1142). You can get to it by a traditional boat Pletna. And above the lake you can see the medieval castle Blejski Grad. Only 5 km away there is another interesting place – Vintgar Gorge. At the bottom of it flows a mountain river equipped with wooden walkways. At the end of the gorge there is a 16-meter waterfall and an old stone bridge. In summer on Lake Bled you can ride horses and bicycles, hang gliding or paragliding, canoeing, fishing, playing tennis or golf. The 6km trail surrounding the lake is great for a leisurely stroll.

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Lake Balaton (Hungary)

Lake Balaton is both a nature reserve, a resort, and a very party place. The lake is located in southwestern Hungary on the Pannonian Lowlands, just 80 km from Budapest. There are numerous vineyards on the northern shore and spas on the southern shore. Most hotels are in Siofok and Keszthely. The water is quite shallow – the maximum depth is 12 meters, so the water gets warm quickly. The season here usually lasts from mid-June to late August. Activities: sailing, fishing, yachting and biking. It is also worth seeing the Tihany Peninsula, which is a historical site that was once the center of the Benedictine abbey. Tourists are offered numerous excursions to churches, caves and museums. And also here every year is one of the largest festivals of electronic music – “Balaton Sound”.

Lake Como (Italy)

Como is one of Europe’s most famous lakes. It is located in the high Alps, which serve as a barrier from the northern winds, providing an extremely favorable climate. Rest here is quite expensive, but at the same time very comfortable. The area around the lake is famous for its cozy towns with medieval buildings, castles and towers. The most beautiful are Como and Lecco, where in the XVI century nobility built themselves luxurious villas. On the shores of the lake were inspired by Goethe, Stendhal, Tchaikovsky, and other creative people. There is an excellent tourist infrastructure: restaurants, spas, boat and catamaran rentals, horseback riding centers, and much more.

Lake Geneva (Switzerland and France)

Lake Geneva lies on the border between Switzerland and France and is almost equally divided between these two countries. The water body is of glacial origin and up to 310 m deep. Water here is crystal clear, but quite cool, so you can swim only in July and August, when it warms up to +19-23 ° C. On the shores of the lake there are resorts and entertainment for all tastes. On the north coast stretches one of the cultural centers of Switzerland – Lausanne with a beautiful cathedral of XII-XIII centuries. Tourists enjoy walking in the medieval quarter of Ville-Marche and green parks of Mont-Repaud, Olympic, Hermitage, and Elysee. At the eastern end of the lake is the prestigious resort of Montreux, known for its beauty institutes, cabarets, bars and private schools. At 3 km from it, on a small rocky island, rises the romantic Chillon Castle. The city of Vevey has museums of the Old Town, Clock, Photography and Games, as well as the headquarters of Nestle. The world-famous comedian Charlie Chaplin spent the last 25 years of his life here. At the southwest end of the lake is the city of Geneva. Its calling card is a huge fountain Geo-Do, which rises to a height of 147 meters directly from the lake. Another iconic attraction is the Catholic Basilica Nord-Dame, built in the XIX century in the best Gothic traditions. Fans of gastronomic tourism should not miss the Lavaux region, where various wine, cheese and chocolate tours are offered.

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Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

Lake Constance is located in an ancient glacial valley at an altitude of 395 m and has an area of 536 km². It offers tourists a wide range of opportunities for active recreation and treatment, and there is a considerable number of cultural attractions. There are 11 islands of varying size scattered around the lake, of which the most popular is the Reichenau. And the most attractive resort for tourists is Bregenz (on the Austrian coast), where the famous opera festival takes place. German Konstanz boasts a large number of well-appointed beaches. Local attractions include medieval burgher houses, Roman fortifications and the Bishop’s Cathedral. Ferries run along the lake between Meersburg and Constance, Friedrichshavn and Romanshorn, and catamarans run between Friedrichshavn and Constance.

Tegernsee (Germany)

Tegernsee is located 50 km south of Munich. This is the bottom of one of the cleanest lakes in Germany and a top-notch balneological resort. Here there are mineral iodine-sulfur springs, which are useful for the treatment of respiratory tract, skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. At the beginning of the 19th century, the European aristocracy started coming here for recreation and recovery. The main resorts are Tegernsee, Rottach-Egern and Gmund. In Kreuth there is a complex of public baths, built in the early 19th century by Maximilian I Joseph. Bad Wiesee has a unique sensory garden, picturesque park, and the clinic Medical Park St. Hubertus, which specializes in recovery after traumas, surgeries, stresses, etc. In the vicinity of Tegernsee there is a very rich cultural life. During the whole season there are theatrical performances, folklore festivals, classical music concerts, dance evenings… For active tourists – golf, renting bicycles or yachts, diving, balloon flights, trekking, tennis, windsurfing, fishing and much more.

Lake Müritz (Germany)

Lake Müritz is located in northern Germany, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is part of a national park established in 1990. The west side is dominated by meadows, woodlands and hills, while the east side is dominated by reedbeds and forested marshes. The largest city on the lakeshore is Varennes. In its port you can rent sailboats, kayaks, boats and canoes. There are 82 km of hiking and biking paths in the lake.

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Lake Maggiore (Italy and Switzerland)

Sheltered from the winds by the mountain ridge of the Alps, Lake Maggiore is famous for its mild climate, clear waters and breathtaking views. From May to October the temperature stays within +22-28 °С. One of the most famous resorts in these areas is the town of Stresa with villas, palaces, and residences built in the XIX-XX centuries (Villa Ducale, Villa Pallavicino, etc.). Not far from Stresa there is a group of Borromean islands. The biggest of them is Mandre with its beautiful palace and botanical garden where there is still a palm tree which was planted in 1858. The most inaccessible attraction in the valley of Maggiore is the monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso. It is now a museum and can be reached both by water and land. Fans of extreme sports can climb mountains, skydive or join the ranks of windsurfers. Biking, trekking and horseback riding tours are also available.

Masuria Lakes (Poland)

Group of lakes in the north-east of Poland, a total area of 310 km². It has over 2000 lakes connected by 12 canals, 8 rivers and 3 locks. All the reservoirs are concentrated around the largest lakes in Poland: Sniardwy and Mamry. There are vast forest areas with landscape parks and nature reserves. The towns of Giżycko, Węgorzewo and Mikolajki have well known centers of water tourism. In summer there is a great demand for water park “Tropicana” in Mikolajki. And tourists go to Ryn to visit the majestic castle of the Teutonic Order.


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Top 10 most beautiful lakes in Europe, which are worth seeing with your own eyes

You do not have to go to the sea for a vacation. There are many places in Europe with amazing nature and landscapes where you can swim in the clear water of the lakes and stay overnight. Rest here – it’s fresh air, scenic views, quiet walks along the beach, where there is no noise of the surf and crowds of tourists.

Lake Garda, Italy. The most beautiful places, sights and villages

Of all the many bodies of water in Europe, it is worth paying attention to the 10 lakes, which have a unique beauty. Here for tourists equipped with beaches, cafes with local cuisine, prepared excursions and entertainment.


This water body is located in Hungary. It is a popular lake, ideal for swimming and beach vacation. On the south shore the reservoir is shallow. It is a favorite destination for families with small children.

To the north, it is surrounded by picturesque hills with vineyards.

It offers tourists hiking in the region, fishing, boating and pedal boats. It is also worth trying the local cuisine, for which it is recommended to visit Hungarian restaurants.


Italy is surrounded by mountains, vineyards, citrus trees and olive groves.

On the south side of the lake stretches Gardaland, a famous amusement park, which is sure to please children. For surfers, the northern part of the lake is perfect.

Also popular is a boat trip to the island of Isola di Garda. Here guests will be welcomed by a villa, surrounded by well-groomed parks.


Slovenia. This is a resort lake with a long swimming season.

The peacefulness of local nature fascinates, you want to forget about everyday life, breathe deep and enjoy it.

Bathing in the clean warm water of the lake should be alternated with excursions to the proposed routes. Must visit:

  • Wintgar Gorge with amazing waterfalls;
  • Bled Castle;
  • The baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
  • Reindeer sledding and ice skating;
  • ice fishing;
  • overnight stays in ice houses with room temperatures of -6 degrees, where you can see the northern lights through the roof.

Although there are no recognizable attractions here, the place is eagerly visited by lovers of outdoor recreation. They come here to restore peace of mind and gain strength.


The Sea of Holland is the second largest body of water in the country. This is the second largest body of water in the country. Its banks are dotted with hiking trails that introduce the legend of the Loch Ness monster – that’s why most tourists come here. Some of them are ready to go as far as 110 km in search of the mysteries of Nessie’s origin.

Geiranger Fjord in Norway

Loch Ness

Switzerland and France. This place is ideal for active summer sports.

Recreation also includes:

  • comfortable beaches;
  • walks along the coast on paved routes;
  • excursions to Geneva and Lausanne;
  • restaurants with local food.

Here all conditions are created for comfortable stay and interesting leisure for all tastes of holidaymakers.

On the shores of the lake offers the following accommodation options, ranging from hotels, palatial type, to camping on the lake. Of places of interest to tourists should be noted:

  • The towns of Klagenfurt and Fillach;
  • Dresing Castle.

Navigating the lake is offered by ship, and attractions include:

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