Estonia – a country for quiet holidays

When to travel to Estonia

Estonia is a cozy and hospitable host country, which always indulges and accommodates dear guests, even if the visit came at a bad time. For tourists who prefer a quiet holiday without intrigue, it does not matter when to rest in Estonia: the choice of entertainment is almost limitless, so that you can always find something to your liking.


The only exception – beach holidays are available only in summer, but the missed opportunity to splash in the sea is easy to make up for in one of the many spas of the country: swimming pools and water parks at resorts operate year round.

For the more conscious traveler, who is used to clearly articulate expectations from the trip, the question of when to go to Estonia, takes on a fundamentally different meaning. As a rule, the trip is trying to coincide with an event or subordinate a specific purpose.

Travel portal tripmydream will help you decide when to go to Estonia: our website has information about the weather in the country and approximate prices for holidays by months of the year, calendar of holidays and festivals, information about availability of hotels and current offers of tour operators.

As soon as the uncertainty disappears, the right decision comes by itself. If you know where and why you are going, there is no need to guess when it is better to go to Estonia: the right answer, like in mathematics, is derived from the conditions of the problem.

Snow-covered Croatia

Estonia is a winter holiday: a journey to a snowy fairytale

Estonia has a specific climate, which occupies an intermediate position between the maritime and moderate-continental types. Winters are mild enough, but snowy; temperatures range from -1 to -4°C during the day, dropping to -9°C at night. Periodically there are abnormal frosts of -20 ° C and below, so you must have warm clothes in your suitcase.

Comfortable, though cloudy winter weather in Estonia fuels interest in skiing and skating. Wintertime hiking trails in nature reserves and wilderness areas are transformed into cross-country skiing, snowmobile and off-road skiing trails, and there are skiing areas in the cities as well.

Winter skiing and mountain skiing holidays in Estonia are represented by well-equipped sports resorts in the counties of Võru County, Lääne County and Lääne-Viru County, where the snow holds from December to mid-March. The shallow hills with gentle slopes may be a little boring for serious skiers, but amateur skiers will long remember the snow-covered forest along the slopes and the endless snow-white valleys at the foot of the hills. The most advanced ski enthusiasts can join the Estoloppet ski marathons that take place every winter month in different Estonian cities.

Estonia in Winter

In Taevaskoja, on the bank of the Ahja River, you can rent wooden Finnish sleds and a mini-hotel for guests. Dashing down a steep hill into the valley of one of the country’s most picturesque canyons is a great source of pride for travelers. Once you’ve got the knack, you can relocate to Haapsalu and take part in a tobogganing trip along Tahu and Tagalaht bays.

Hotel or giant trees?

In December, there is a steady ice on the coast, which can withstand the weight of a car, so you can safely join an ice-skating trip on small islands or take part in a colorful national pastime – boat races on skids. Winter golf tournaments are regularly held in Otepää, and fans of winter fishing can meditate over the holes – perhaps catch perch for soup.

Christmas celebrations, music festivals and Shrovetide celebrations in Estonia deserve a separate talk. Colourful carnival processions, romantic evenings in concert halls and hearty festive menus in fancy-dressed outdoor cafes weave a tapestry of living folklore traditions that weave together past, present and future.

The green highway in Tallinn

Spring holidays in Estonia: “a riot of eyes and a flood of feelings”.

Spring comes to Estonia quite late. There are still frosts in March and the snow drifts are joined by drizzling rain and gusty wind from the sea.

Stable warm weather in Estonia in spring arrives only in April, when air temperatures reach 7-8°C. The mass melting of snows is accompanied by a sharp rise in water levels in rivers and lakes, making the spring floods from April to May particularly attractive for rafting and paddling enthusiasts.

Excursion tours to Estonian castles and manors are also conveniently planned for April and May. By this time the weather settles down, and prices for hotel accommodation and museum visits have not yet risen to the level of summer.

Active rest in Estonia in spring is traditionally popular among nature lovers and photographers. Hiking trails in national parks and nature reserves lead to birdwatching towers. In April and May, Estonian tour operators organize excursions to ornithological centers, offering to take part in the ringing of winged wayfarers.

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Summer in Estonia

Summer holidays in Estonia: sea and extreme

The high season in Estonia traditionally falls on summer months, when it is time for vacations and beach bliss. The Baltic Sea does not indulge the bathers with warmth: even on the hottest days the water temperature does not exceed 19-23°C, and the Estonian summer weather is very far from the heat of Turkey and Egypt. The temperature rarely rises above 20-22 ° C at Estonian seaside resorts; short rain is a common occurrence, which, however, is not particularly annoying to tourists.

The cool sea breeze compensates the high humidity, so the sensation of stuffiness does not arise, and the occasional episodes of heat with an increase in temperature to 26-27 ° C do not cause a sharp deterioration in the health of the elderly and people suffering from cardiovascular disease. By the way, a beach holiday in Estonia in summer can be combined with rejuvenating and health-improving procedures: popular sea and lakeside resorts can boast considerable success in balneotherapy and water treatment.

Baltic Sea beach. Paldiski in Estonia

Young people enjoy adventure tours to Estonia and outdoor activities. There is an excellent infrastructure for diving, surfing, rowing, horseback riding, geokeshing, sailing, parachuting and gliding. Motorists can get their nerve on the high-speed tracks of rally clubs or go on ATV and jeep safaris, while passionate anglers can expect a good catch of pike, eel and flounder.

Old Tallinn

The sophisticated needs of intellectuals and aesthetes are not ignored either. Not a week goes by without a concert or music festival, and mostly classical, rock, jazz and experimental avant-garde music is played, rather than mass production of show business: Estonian public has developed taste and does not forgive profanity.

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Autumn Estonia

Estonian and Autumn Holidays: ‘Farewell Beauty’

The breath of autumn can be felt from the very first days of September. Although the frost is still far away, the increasing precipitation does not give us much hope. Because of the cold nights the sea cools down quickly, leaving no hope for the velvet season. The water temperature in the middle of the month drops to +12 ° C, so only hardened local residents continue to swim.

Vagaries of weather in Estonia in autumn limit outdoor activities. In September, navigation on small islands is closed and sailing is not safe because of the risk of storms. Unruly wind from the sea pleases only professional riders, protected by wetsuits, and kiteboarding fans who have taken undivided possession of the deserted beaches. From sports entertainments there is only golf, and only until November.

Estonian Moraine Landscape

From mid-October, the low season in Estonia comes into its own. Hotels reduce hotel rates and museums return to the usual price of tickets, which is traditionally enjoyed by fans of budget excursions. A cultural holiday in Estonia in autumn has other advantages – no queues at the ticket office and free museum halls.

Outbound tours are best until November, when the cold rains begin to fall, and visits to the city’s museums can be postponed until later in the year.

Holidays in Estonia

If you want to vacation in a country that is rich in attractions, you should definitely consider Estonia. To get to this country is very simple, just 2 hours by bus from St. Petersburg and you can walk the beautiful and historic streets of the city.

Rest in Estonia is very popular, because here you can, and the sun to lie in the sun, and go to the islands, and, of course, choose one of the many excursions that are sure to leave no one indifferent. Many Russians prefer this country, because there is no language barrier, in all large cities you can easily find a Russian-speaking person.

Very often people go to Estonia to improve their health, because there are many different resorts that offer you to improve your health all year round.

Rest here pure pleasure, every tourist will be able to pick a personal program, because in this country really has something to see. Rest here may be for you an unforgettable, just imagine the summer vacation at the Baltic Sea, evening walks on the warm embankments, and, of course, sightseeing tours of historic cities.

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The weather in this country is very unstable and changeable, all due to the influence of the sea, especially unstable weather can be noted in the fall and spring. On the west coast of the country, the climate is milder. The coldest month is January, the temperature can reach -7°C. July is the warmest month, with temperatures of up to +22°C, though it can still feel cool at night, only +14°C.

Average air temperature in Tallinn

Average air temperature in Tallinn

The best time to visit the country is from mid-May to mid-September. That is when the weather is very mild and more or less stable. During this time you can sunbathe, swim and just walk through the streets of the city and enjoy its incredible atmosphere and beauty.

If you want to taste the country in the summer, preferably for a passive holiday on the beach, then you can go to the country from mid-July to the end of August. During this time, the water temperature can reach up to +20 ° C, and you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the slightly invigorating waves of the sea.

Average water temperature in Tallinn

Average water temperature off the coast of Tallinn

When planning your vacation to note another important detail, from late July to late August in the country receives the largest amount of precipitation, so sometimes it can significantly spoil the trip. Before traveling it is worth not lazy, and to study in detail the weather for a period of your vacation and take warm clothes and raincoats, so then there was no unpleasant mishap.

How to get there

Estonia is located close to Russia, as noted above, you can get here in just two hours from St. Petersburg by regular, scheduled bus. In addition to this method, you can choose any other convenient for you, for example:

  • By own car;
  • By train from St. Petersburg;
  • By ferry from St. Petersburg;
  • By plane from any corner of the country.

For a family with children it is very convenient to choose a car, since you can take with you all the most necessary things, in your own car you do not depend on anyone, and the price will come out the same as in any other transportation. But keep in mind that sometimes at customs there are long lines, because of this there may be some inconvenience.

A very convenient option is the train, especially for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The train Moscow-Tallinn leaves from Moscow every day, the trip takes 15 hours. The train has both normal compartment cars and luxury cars.

If you are departing from the northern capital of Russia, then feel free to buy a train ticket St. Petersburg-Tallinn, which leaves three times a week, namely on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Before traveling, be sure to clarify whether the train you choose.

A very romantic and unusual way to get to Estonia can be a trip on the ferry. It departs twice a week, the journey to Tallinn takes 2.5 days, as the ferry stops in Helsinki and Stockholm. Back, you can get by the same mode of transport, but already 15 hours.

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And, of course, you can get to Tallinn by plane. This is probably the most convenient way for all Russians, regardless of their place of residence. You can always find a flight to the Estonian capital or any other city in Estonia, from airports in major cities. For example, every day there are three flights from Moscow to Tallinn.

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Popular resorts

Estonia – a true tourist paradise, there is a huge number of resorts for all tastes. You can choose to visit one of the many famous spa towns, stay in one of the many hotels and mansions, or spend a few days relaxing in a spa.


This resort town was founded in the 13th century. It is very popular among residents of European countries, as can offer a rich and very interesting excursion program. Here you can stay in expensive and luxurious hotel, as well as in a budget hotel.


This town is for those who like active kinds of recreation. Since Otepää is surrounded by dense forests and a lot of different lakes, in the summer you can have a great hiking tour here. Also, equestrian and water sports are very popular here. If you want to take a break from the daily bustle of the city, this resort is exactly what you need.


If you want to improve your health, go to Haapsalu. Here all year round you can visit one of the many mud baths and in summer you can swim in the warm sea gulf. By the way, this town is considered the sunniest in Estonia.



If you go to Estonia in summer, pay attention to Pärnu. This town is made for an unforgettable summer vacation. The salty sea, warm sunshine, a lot of attractions and a variety of historical sites have fallen in love with many tourists from all over the world.


If you want to visit one of the oldest cities, as well as learn interesting historical facts and visit a variety of excursions, then the resort town of Tartu is just for you. Here you can not only dive into the history, but also have a great time.

We suggest you to study the rating of resorts and a detailed description to decide where to spend your vacation.


Estonia is a country of sights. In every town you can enjoy the architecture of the extraordinary beauty, and appreciate the most important attractions.

If you decide to vacation in Tallinn, the first attraction you should immediately visit is the city wall. Also, pay attention to:

  • House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads;
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • Ancient castle in the upper town of Tallinn;
  • Oleviste Church;
  • A park called Toila-Oru;
  • Town Hall Square in the famous resort town of Tartu;
  • Tallinn and Tartu Dome Cathedrals;
  • Kadriorg Park;
  • Town Hall in Tallinn.
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Do not forget that in all cities of the country there is a huge variety of museums, parks and research centers. Also, in Estonia, you can always visit one of the many nature reserves and national parks.

Holidays with children

Holidays with children in Estonia is very popular. This is due to the fact that both in summer and winter there is something to do with children. Estonia is rich in a variety of science and entertainment centers that are sure to please the little ones.

In addition, almost every city has a museum adapted for children. For example, in Tallinn there is a children’s museum called “Miia-Milla-Manda”. This museum is designed for children from 3 to 11 years. Here they can try themselves in various professions, for example, to be a restaurant owner, or a writer. You can, and should even touch everything, so many children are delighted after the tour. If you want to visit it, you need to specify the opening hours, as many institutions of this kind do not work on Mondays.

Estonia has a very mild climate, so it is very comfortable to be here in the summer. If you go on a summer holiday with children, in any of the cities in the country, you are sure you will not regret it. The excellent climate, well-developed infrastructure, all contribute to a comfortable and interesting pastime.

Going on holiday with children in Estonia, remember a few basic rules:

  • Children should only travel in a car in a special car seat. Even when ordering a cab, you must say that you have a child with you;
  • Children under 7 years of age ride in public transport for free;
  • Anything can happen, so it is best to attach a ribbon with your phone number to the child’s hand, so you are sure not to get lost.

Estonia really has everything for a comfortable family vacation.


In Estonia, the prices are not very attractive. A little bit overpriced, but still shopping here is very popular among tourists from Europe. Of course you can visit one of the many shopping centers and buy a variety of useful things, but in Estonia is much more interesting to walk around the local small stores and look for something of antique furniture, jewelry, antique books or icons. Also, this country is famous for its handicrafts.


If you go to Estonia, be sure to buy these things to remember of this country:

  • delicious Estonian chocolate;
  • A hand-knitted sweater with intricate and complicated patterns and other knitted and warm things (mittens, hats, ponchos);
  • an item of amber;
  • a variety of ceramic and glassware by modern craftsmen;
  • handmade toys and souvenirs.

Knitted souvenirs in Estonia

Estonia is a country that really has a lot to see, so come here for a new experience and an unforgettable vacation. Your budget can be determined by how much money to bring with you to Estonia, as well as an overview of the average costs of a vacation.

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