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Parc Hotel - Cardiff

Cardiff will delight its guests with a wide range of entertainment centers, beautiful parks, modern cinemas and nightclubs. Walkers will love the Cardiff Bay area, one of the most modern and vibrant districts in the city. This is where the most popular restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located, as well as a large playground and attractive stores. Not far from the city center, the Tuff Promenade begins. Cyclists love to spend time here, and the picturesque promenade is also suitable for walking.

There are a lot of hotels in Cardiff, which can claim the attention of the most wealthy and demanding guests. One of them is the Village Urban Resort … Open

The Taff valley quads, an entertainment center, is a real find for those who like to be active. Visitors can learn the art of rifle shooting, ride quad bikes, or spend the day on fascinating safaris and cruises. Holidays with children will be interesting to visit the Jump playground. There are suitable rides for both toddlers and teens, and parents will love the cozy seating area with benches and gazebos.

Cardiff has an excellent golf club, Cottrell Park, which is a great place to stay for advanced players and beginners alike. The club has its own golf school, equipment rental center and restaurant, so visitors can relax all day in comfort. Other golf centers that stand out are Peterstone Lakes and St. Mellons. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

One of the main features of Cardiff’s hotel infrastructure is the variety of historic hotels, a short distance from the city center is the Jolyons @ No.10. It was opened in … Open

There are numerous nightclubs and discos waiting for visitors after dark, and Walkabout is a few steps away from the city center. Lovers of beer and modern music will definitely enjoy their time there. O’Neill’s Pub, which often hosts theme parties and performances by local bands, is a popular nightclub.

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Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Among the city’s discos, the most popular is Clwb Ifor Bach. The perfectly chosen musical program will please even the most exacting music lovers, and the wide choice of drinks and treats in the bar will become the excellent addition to your rest. One of the most famous shopping complexes in the city is Victorian arcades. Here visitors can find and fashion stores, and supermarkets, and souvenir shops. A lot of interesting stores can be found while walking along Queen St, St Marys St and The Hayes also worth noting that all these streets are at the disposal of pedestrians.

When choosing a hotel in Cardiff for a romantic getaway, the Hilton Cardiff is a must-see. It occupies a spectacular historic building and offers its guests chic rooms with … Open

Escape quests are very popular in the Welsh capital, and there are a large number of clubs offering this kind of vacation for locals and visitors to the city to choose from. One of the best centers is the club called Breakout. There are six rooms for all tastes at the disposal of visitors. So, you can feel a touch of fear in a room called Cursed Carnival, or try to find a missing friend in a room called Disturbed, using all your wits for this, or escape from a strange place in a room called Vacancy. In Adventure Rooms visitors have a chance to save the world from a mad scientist, try to escape from the mafia, or get a touch of mysticism, solving the mystery of the mysterious “Black Queen”. Equally interesting are the quests offered at Escape Reality and Escape Rooms Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay

Coming to Cardiff and not playing Welsh traditional games is like coming to Edinburgh and never hearing the sound of the bagpipes. And you can do that (and have a lot of fun at the same time) by visiting the Welsh Games. Another great place to visit is Mountain View Ranch – and it’s a destination for both hard-core campers and more relaxed holiday-makers alike. Here, visitors can try out rope climbing, enjoy gorgeous views, or just sit in a cozy setting. In addition, there is an extensive program for children – they can frolic in the wonderful playground, play Indians and learn about Celtic legends. However, another place worth visiting with young tourists is Cefn Mably Farm Park (though it’s worth noting that adults enjoy it just as much). For visitors equipped with a go-kart track, a mini-zoo and playgrounds.

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One of the largest and most crowded shopping centers in Cardiff is St David’s Dewi Sant. There are interesting stores for everyone, and the mall has many clothing stores with a variety of … Open

Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to visit another place in Cardiff, namely the Boulders Indoor Climbing Centre, where visitors will enjoy trying out indoor climbing. There’s no better place to play miniature golf than Treetop Adventure Golf – plus the family-friendly atmosphere makes for a great holiday. A visit to Delta Force Paintball is a great way to get an even bigger dose of adrenaline, and people of all ages like it here. Those who want to learn how to shoot an arrow will be very interesting to visit Arrow Tag Wales. Many people prefer to spend time in the beautiful Hollywood Bowl Cardiff – sipping a foamy drink and knocking down skittles, the mood can’t be a bad one.

St Marys Church Bute Street Cardiff

Don’t miss the Cardiff International Pool, where you can not only swim in the pool to your heart’s content, but also go down the slides. If you want to skate, summer is no problem – and in the off season, visitors have a unique opportunity to enjoy it at Ice Arena Wales. You can have fun in Footbubble, where, as understand from the name, visitors can play “bubble soccer” – and it is known to be very interesting and funny game, after which a bad mood will not be able to disturb the participants. Gamblers will certainly appreciate the Rainbow Casino – for them, there are tables, where you can play roulette, and traditional slots.

Get a bird’s eye view of Cardiff’s architecture! The Pierhead Building, Llandaff Cathedral, Red Castle, Welsh Millennium Center, all these structures define the face of Cardiff today… Discover

Another great place to have a good time is the Jongleurs Comedy Club, where visitors are entertained by stand-up comedians – it’s also a great way to experience Welsh humor (it’s worth noting that it differs slightly from traditional English). It’s a great place to get out some venting, and that’s where relaxation comes in. Another great way to relax after an active pastime is to visit a spa. For example, such as Aurora or Simply Bare. Afterwards, you can continue exploring the city in one of the local bars and clubs. In addition to the aforementioned, popular bars include Lab 22, Retro Cardiff and Peppermint, as well as the dance clubs Missoula and Ladybird.

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