Egypt’s most important pyramids

The most famous pyramids of ancient Egypt

Egypt’s Pyramid of Djoser, better known as the stepped pyramid, located in Saqqara, 30 km from Cairo. A visit to the pyramid is part of the Dashur-Saqqara tour. To visit this pyramid is worth at least out of curiosity, because it is the very first pyramid built in honor of the ruler Djoser. The peculiarity of the pyramid is that it is made in a stepped form. Six steps – the way by which the pharaoh goes to the afterlife, according to historians. Inside the pyramid there are 11 burial chambers for the pharaoh and his family members. During the archaeological excavations Jocer himself was not found, only the mummies of his relatives. This is explained by the fact that by the time the excavations began, the tomb had already been sufficiently looted.

Excursion to Saqqara with a visit to the pyramid of Djoser will cost about $ 80 per person.

The Pyramid of Menkerin

The pyramid is located on the Giza plateau next to the other famous pyramids – Cheops and Chephren. In comparison to them, the pyramid of Mikerina is considered the smallest and youngest pyramid of the famous triad. The peculiarity of this pyramid is its color – it was red granite up to the middle and white limestone above. But in the 16th century the facing was destroyed by the Mamluk warriors. The fact that the pyramid of Mikerina is relatively small, scientists explain by the fact that the Egyptians stopped making grandiose tombstones. But despite this, the pyramid has not ceased to amaze scientists and travelers. For example, the biggest block of stone weighs about 200 tons! What technical means so helped the ancient Egyptians? Excursion to the pyramid is included in the tour program in Cairo, its cost is approximately $ 60 per person.

The Pyramid of Cheops

There is hardly a person who would not know the main attraction of Egypt – the Pyramid of Cheops. The height of this one of the Seven Wonders of the World today is 140 meters, and the area is about 5 hectares. The pyramid consists of 2.5 million stone blocks. The construction of the pyramid took 20 years. Since the construction of the pyramid of Cheops has passed several thousand years, but the Egyptians still strongly honor the pyramid, and every year in August they celebrate the day of the beginning of its construction. Despite the fact that the research and excavation of the pyramid, it still holds many secrets. For example, hidden doors were found in the burial chamber of the pharaoh’s wife, which, according to scientists, symbolize the way to the afterlife. But the last door archaeologists have not been able to open. The cost of a tour to the Giza plateau with a visit to the pyramids – 50-60 dollars. For children, the ticket will cost half as much.

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The Pyramid of Chephren

Although the Chephren pyramid is 4 meters smaller than the Cheops pyramid, but visually it seems higher. The secret is that the pyramid stands on a ten-meter plateau and is very well preserved to this day. The pyramid has two entrances – one at a height of 15 meters and the other on the same side at base level. Inside the Chephren’s pyramid is rather modest – two rooms and a couple of corridors, but there is a real sarcophagus of the pharaoh. The tomb is made at the highest level and does not leave any tourist indifferent. The tomb itself is empty.

A great find archaeologists found in the pyramid in the 19th century – a sculpture of a pharaoh made of mountain diorite.

The cost of a tour of the Chephren pyramid is about $60.


This place is not as popular as the Giza plateau with its pyramids. Dashur is famous for its pyramids, which were built during the reign of Pharaoh Snofu. These structures are considered to be the first tombs in history to be built according to new types of designs.

The southern pyramid, better known as the Broken Pyramid, received its name because of its irregular shape. In the process of its construction the angles of the faces were changed for some unknown reason. This may have been a mistake, but scientists explain it as a construction move with concern for the strength and durability of the pyramid. The main difference of the Broken Pyramid is that it has two entrances – the “traditional” northern one and the almost non-existent southern one.

Another Dashur landmark is the North Pyramid, better known by its name as the Red Pyramid. The pyramid got its name from its facing red color. It is the first tomb with a regular pyramidal shape. The pyramid is very dark, so it is worth taking a flashlight. In the lowest burial chamber you can see the high stepped ceiling, the same as in the gallery of the pyramid of Cheops.

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The cost of a tour to Cairo, which includes a trip to Dashur will cost an average of $85.

To see the pyramids, perhaps, everyone wants to. And if this is your dream since childhood – then the tour in Egypt is what you need. To order such a tour today is very easy – just leave a request in the travel agencies of your city through a special form on our website, or contact us with all your questions by calling 8-800-100-30-24.

Top 10 tallest pyramids in Egypt – the greatest tombs of the world

Pyramids are found in different parts of our planet, most of them are small in size and have a stepped structure. But there are those that stand out for their size. Their purpose is also different. Some of them were temple buildings, others were used as a place for burials.

Many people still cannot understand how such huge, complex buildings were built at a time when technology was primitive and people’s knowledge was limited. The pyramids are shrouded in a kind of veil of mystery. But, nevertheless, it is impossible to dispute their existence, they are a part of our history, which proves that even thousands of years ago people could erect unique buildings.

We present you a rating of the 10 tallest pyramids in the world: a list of the greatest mausoleums of the pharaohs in Egypt, many of which have already been partially destroyed.

10. Pyramid of Userkaf, 44.5 m.

Located in the Egyptian village of Saqqara. It was first explored and described in 1831, and it was possible to enter it in 1839. It was later determined that its builder was Userkaf, the first pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty.

The pyramid of Userkaf differs from its predecessors because simpler and less expensive construction technologies were used. Because of this it could be built in a short period, completed while the pharaoh was still alive. But this method was also less reliable. The walls made of soft limestone quickly fell apart forming a mountain of rubble, so it is very poorly preserved.

9. Pyramid of Djoser, 62 m.

This six-step pyramid of impressive size, from 125 to 115 m, was one of the first to appear in ancient Egypt. It was built in 2650 BC, also at Saqqara. Pharaoh Djoser was buried in it. It was built by Imhotep, who was the highest dignitary at the time. The core of the tomb was made of limestone.

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The pyramid of Djoser was intended for the entire family of the deceased. A total of 11 burial chambers were prepared for all his wives and children, but Djoser himself was not found in it. And all because the pyramid had been robbed many times in antiquity; there are several loopholes made by plunderers.

8. Pyramid of the Sun, 64 m

It is located in Mexico, 40 kilometers from the capital, Mexico City. It is considered one of the largest buildings of the ancient city of Teotihuacan. Its height is 64.1 m. It is part of a large temple complex. What it was called by the Teotihuacans is unknown. These names were invented by the Aztecs, who visited these places in the 13th century.

The name of this city can be translated as “the place where people became gods. “The Pyramid of the Sun was also named by them, because the Aztecs believed that once it was here where the gods gathered to give the cosmos new powers.

The pyramid consisted of two levels. On the second level was an altar, but it has not survived to this day. But now it is difficult to say what deity was worshipped here, as the temple at the top of the pyramid was destroyed either by nature or man.

The surface of the pyramid was covered with a solution of lime that was mined nearby, as well as bright wall paintings, but over time it all washed away and disappeared.

7. Pyramid of Miquerin, 66 m.

This is the lowest of all the pyramids in Giza, its height was 65.55 m, but it is now no more than 62 m. Most likely it was originally small and not intended for the heir to the throne, but later it was enlarged. But despite its modest size, huge monoliths were used to build it. One of them weighed more than 200 tons.

The pyramid of Menkerina , or as it was called, the pyramid of Menkaure , was once one of the most beautiful, because at that time the art was well developed. A third of it was decorated with red granite. Such she remained 4 thousand years, while in the 16th century with it the facing has not been removed.

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The pyramid was severely damaged by Sultan al-Malik al-Aziz. He decided to demolish the entire necropolis of Giza and started with it as the smallest. It was destroyed for 8 months, but then it was stopped because the destruction was costly.

6. The Great Pyramid of Cholula, 77 m.

This is a large complex of ancient structures that can be seen in the Mexican city of Cholula. Most of it is now covered by soil. It is called one of the largest in volume, this has also been recorded in the Guinness Book.

The pyramid was dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent” once worshipped by the natives. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is located 12 km. from the central city of Puebla. In the Aztec language, Cholula means “place of refuge” or “place of flight. This pyramid was built in several stages and took more than one century to complete, but it became one of the largest.

Already in VIII century the pyramid stopped being maintained and when the Spaniards came it was overgrown with vegetation. In the 16th century a church was built on top of it, and until the 20th century no excavations were done here.

5. Pyramid in Meidum, 93.5 m.

It can be found 100 km from Cairo. It once consisted of seven steps, but now only three remain in sight. It was built for Pharaoh Huni out of limestone sides. Pharaoh’s son Snofu decided to expand the structure by adding an eighth step.

The pyramid at Meidum has suffered greatly from erosion. The stonework was pulled away by the local population, so if originally its height was 93.5 m, today it is only 65. It began to be studied in 1799, the pyramid was interested in the Egyptian expedition of Napoleon. Later it was visited by many researchers.

In 1999 modern devices have helped to find unknown passages and premises, now there are being conducted restoration works.

4. The broken pyramid, 104,7 m

It is located in Dakhshur. It is considered that its erection was engaged by pharaoh Sneferu. It is called the “broken pyramid”, also “cut”, “lozenge” because of its irregular shape. It differs from other pyramids that it has not one entrance as it was accepted before, but two.

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German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchard believes that the king, for whom the pyramid was intended, died unexpectedly, so it was necessary to finish the work urgently, for which the angle of inclination of sides was sharply changed, and it acquired its unusual shape.

According to another version, it was due to an accident; after the rains the plating might have collapsed, so they had to change the original shape when it was already half-finished.

3. The Pink Pyramid, 105 m.

It is also called the North Pyramid . It is one of the largest in the Dakhshur necropolis. The pink pyramid received this name because of the color of the blocks, which turn such a color in the sunset rays.

It is built of pinkish limestone, the walls were once protected in white, but back in the Middle Ages much of it was removed to build houses. It is believed to be the pyramid of Snofru, as his name was inscribed inside. Its height was 109.5 m, but now it is 105 m.

2. The Pyramid of Chephren, 143.9 m.

Located on the Giza Plateau, not far from the Great Sphinx. Its original height was 143,9 m, and called it “Urt-khafra”, which means “Khafra is great”. Now its height is 136.4 meters.

Once here was a funerary complex where the pyramid of Chephren was intended for the pharaoh, beside there was a smaller building for his wife. A temple, a road, and fences were also built here. All these constructions were completed. At the top of the pyramid was a granite pink pyramidon, but it, unfortunately, is lost, but all stones of its fastening have reached us.

1. Cheops pyramid, 146,6 m.

One of the largest pyramids, one of the Wonders of the World, which has survived to our time. Located on the Giza plateau, for more than 3 thousand years it was considered the tallest building on our planet. Its height was 146.6 m, now it is 138.7 m. Its architect was Cheops’ nephew, Chemiun.

It was made of blocks of granite and limestone, its facing being harder limestone. But in 1168 the Arabs attacked and sacked Cairo, they also removed the veneer from the Cheops pyramid and used it to build houses.

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