Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park (Montenegrin pronounced with an accent on the first syllable – Durmitor) – is a huge ecological reserve of incredible beauty, a unique landscape monument, the importance of which goes far beyond Montenegro.

The untouched nature of the mighty mountains, coniferous forests, mountain lakes and canyon of the Tara River remain an unforgettable memory for everyone who has been to this protected area.

The park was established as a separate territory in 1952, and in 1980 Durmitor became part of the world heritage and was included in the UNESCO list. The reserve is located in the southern part of Montenegro and covers an area of about 34,000 hectares. The park is located in a mountainous area. The highest peak is Mount Bobotov Kuk (2523 meters above sea level). There are springs and glacial lakes of a perfectly round shape filled with the purest water in the park. Pine, spruce and broad-leaved forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, many relict plants, many of which are endemic to these places, are preserved in the reserve.

Durmitor National Park

Nature lovers come here to see the extraordinary fauna and flora of the Reserve Durmitor Red fox, brown bear, wolf, mountain goat, marten, chamois, hares, European otter – totally more than 300 species of animals, many of which are on the verge of extinction and are protected under the Red Book. More than 170 species of birds, 150 different species of butterflies, more than 1.5 thousand plant species – and this is by most rough estimate. The Tara River canyon shore is famous for its unique primeval black pine forests. There are few such forests left in the whole world. The local black pine is a 45-meter tall beauty about 400 years old.

The Tara itself deserves special attention. Flowing through the territory of the reserve, it formed a canyon, breaking through the ancient rock massif. The banks of the canyon reach a height of 1300 meters with a width in some places not more than 3 meters. The length of the canyon is 80 km. It is a special treasure of Durmitor. There are no more canyons of such a scale in Europe, and in the world too, there are few of them.

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In winter Durmitor becomes a modern ski resort with the epicenter in the town of Zabljak. Here, on top of Savin Kuk Mountain, is built the most popular ski trail.

On the territory of the reserve, in small villages there are small authentic national cone shaped houses with thatched roofs. Here they are called “savardaak”.

The most “promoted” celebrity of the reserve can be called the bridge Djurdjevića (Most Djurdjevića). It connects Montenegro with Serbia and opens the most amazing views of the Tara Canyon.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor is known for its Orthodox monasteries and other spiritual monasteries. Here are:

  • Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel;
  • Dovolya Monastery;
  • Dobrilovina Monastery;
  • The remains of Roman tombs near the village Novakovici.

Durmitor: Black Lake

Another interesting place of Durmitor and the largest of its lakes is glacial Black Lake (Crno jezero). Territorially, the lake is located a few kilometers from Zabljak. In winter, the lake is more full, and in the summer, some of its parts dry up – there are isthmuses. In fact, the lakes become two – the Big and Small Black Lake. If you look at them from above, they look like two huge eyes (“Mountain eyes” is the people’s name for this place).

In addition to the incredible beauty, which is worth to come here, on the lake thought out a lot of interesting activities that can devote a day. Adults can experience the full power of adrenaline by bungee jumping, stretched directly over the lake. In summer, you can swim here: clean high-mountain fresh water is always a special pleasure. You can admire the surrounding scenery from the water, hire a boat, go fishing or gather medicinal herbs in these ecologically favorable places.

History buffs and adventurers head along the lake in search of the Tito Cave. This place once served the Yugoslav partisans, there was a headquarters here. Near the lake there are pleasant landscaped places to relax with gazebos, benches and even a restaurant with national cuisine.

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Durmitor National Park


There are a variety of hiking trails in the park – mountain, forest and even meadow. Here you can pick berries (for example, in the season you can find a lot of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries).

If you are not a big fan of walking, you can rent a bicycle in the reserve. Rental points operate in Zabljak and near the Black Lake).

For lovers of water adventures in Durmitor there are relaxed boat rides on local rivers or serious rafting in kayaks on the Tara River.

You can also have a great horse ride through the protected fields.

And of course, here are not neglected climbers – in the reserve you will always find how to spend time interesting and useful.

National Park Durmitor (video)

Prices 2022 in the National Park Durmitor

Children under 7 years old walk in the park for free. For all other visitors the price of the ticket for one day is 3 euros. Entrance to the visitor center is 1 euro.

The park is so large that it makes sense to come here more than once. For such visitors thought of discounts:

  • A ticket for 3 days will cost 6 euros;
  • for seven days – 12 euros;
  • for 15 days – 20 euros;
  • For one year – 30 euros.

Boat rent on the Black Lake will cost 8 euros per hour, a kayak for several people – from 20 euros.

Bicycles can be rented for a few hours or a whole day. Depending on how long you plan to ride, you can pay for each hour (€3) or for the whole day at once (€8).

Permission to fish is 20 euros.

The National Park has an equipped campsite: you can pitch a tent, park your motorhome or rent existing accommodation. A detailed price list for all services can be found on the website.

Durmitor National Park


Durmitor is characterized by an unusual climate at the junction of continental, mountain and alpine. Most often it is quite cold and snowy in winter (much colder than the rest of the country) and relatively cool and rainy in summer. In summer the temperature stays in the range +17 … +25 ° C, in winter +2 … +6 ° C, at night it may be minus. Going to the reserve at any time of year, be sure to bring warm clothes.

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How to get to the National Park Durmitor

The best way to get to Durmitor is by bus. There are flights to Zabljak from Podgorica, Niksic, Plevac and Mojkovac. From other cities it is easiest to go to Podgorica and make a change there. The Montenegrin bus schedule can be found here. The rest of the way from Zabljak, for example, you can take a cab to the Black Lake.

It is also possible to come to the reserve with own or rented car. Near the entrance you can leave it on the parking lot. Parking costs from 2 euros per day.

Experienced travelers warn: the roads in Montenegro are very difficult and even dangerous, so if you have no experience driving on such mountain routes, it is safer to get to the reserve by bus.

Virtual walk to Black Lake from the parking – Google Maps panorama

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