Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

Dubai is one of the cities and one of the seven emirates that make up the country of the United Arab Emirates. It is both the capital of the emirates and the second largest in the country. Despite the current economic crisis and the decline in tourist arrivals, Dubai remains the most visited city in the world, attracting many tourists to its fabulous and different, yet stunning world. It has found its combination of antiquity and ultra-modern technology. Modern skyscrapers and standards of crazy life of the XXI century coexist organically with the oriental bazaars and ancient mosques.

Emirates on its territory the best and most interesting, so all the fantastic and seemingly unthinkable projects come to life here. The tallest buildings in the world – the hotel-sailboat Burjual Arab and skyscraper Burd Khalifa built in Dubai. And also a huge aquarium, one of the ten largest aquariums in the world. There are also man-made wonders of the world – the Palm Islands, an archipelago of elite villas resembling the world map, the Arabian Channel, the World Islands. Among the architectural achievements of Dubai we should mention the Emirates Towers – twin silver towers, one of which reaches 350 meters in height.

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Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

But it was not always like this, just recently Dubai was an ordinary port town and had a population of 10 thousand people. It is an ancient city, first mentioned in 820, its founder is a small Arab tribe Al Maktoum. In ancient times, it was a center of trade and pearl mining, but the locals have never been squeamish about the usual jobs – sheep breeding, fishing, growing dates. In 1966 came the finest hour of Dubai, when it was discovered as an oil field. However, according to the experts, in the near future, the deposit will dry up, which is probably why the UAE government uses the oil dollars wisely, raising and developing other financial sectors – tourism and trade.

Dubai is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, where a dry subtropical climate prevails. It attracts lovers of warm climates from all over the world, especially during the winter season. From September to May, the days are pleasantly warm, but the nights are a bit chilly. But in the summer with local humidity and high temperatures of up to 50 degrees, it’s not very comfortable.

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Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

The picturesque Al Khor Dubai Bay divides the city into two halves, both connected by the man-made Al Maktoum and Al Garhoud bridges, as well as the Al Shandaga underwater tunnel. The business center of the city is in the south, Bar Dubai, where the government administration, banks, customs and the main offices of the major companies are located, as well as attracting tourists. It has the world’s largest shopping mall, the Al-Jumeirah coastal park and a zoo. The northern part of the city, Deira, is the heart of business and tourism and is home to the international airport. Jebel Ali is the free economic zone in Dubai, the largest in the Persian Gulf. This is a free zone from all taxes: profit, income, corporate and VAT. It’s home to the world’s largest supermarket, The Center. Every year in March, the shopping festival is held, where the most daring shopping dreams come true. And in the Golden and Covered Markets you can buy exotic and traditional goods. For a complete picture of the markets, you must visit the vegetable market, fish market and, of course, spice market.

Hotels located on the “first line” of the Persian Gulf in Dubai, not so much, but from any hotel to the shore shuttles run free . The most common beach is Jumeir Beach, but other beaches are also popular, among them Roots and Creek. Admission to the beaches is free, but there are days when only women and children are allowed on the beaches. Lovers of topless sunbathing will be a bit disappointed, bathing suit is a mandatory part of visiting the beach.

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Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

There are many other places to visit besides the beaches. Visit the Bastakia, Hatti, Al Awira and Al Khwaniji districts for an unforgettable experience. You can take an evening trip around the bay on a dhow boat and admire the lights of skyscrapers. Fans of extreme sports won’t be disappointed with out-of-town excursions on the Hata Safari, a journey through parched streams amidst mountain landscapes and Bedouin villages, where you can spend an unforgettable night in a tent in the middle of the desert. Children will love visiting the water park .

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Dubai absolutely no one will leave anyone indifferent. Everyone will leave with a sea of impressions, bought at the lowest prices world brand clothing, Arabian embossed and wonderful pictures of an unforgettable vacation.

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Dubai, UAE: Tourism Mecca

Holidays in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Holidays in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The United Arab Emirates today is a true oriental fairy tale. It is hard to believe that just three decades ago there was nothing but desert and no one even imagined that these places would attract travelers from all over the world. Holidays in the UAE resorts can be very diverse. You can enjoy a wonderful beach holiday and luxury UAE hotels, explore the Arabian history and culture in museums and archaeological parks, have fun with the whole family in the numerous entertainment centers, or get an unforgettable experience, diving into the ocean depths, or cutting through the desert on jeeps. A tour to the UAE can offer something to your liking.

When to vacation in the UAE

Go on holiday in the UAE can go all year round, but it is better to go there from September to December and from late February to May when the sun is not as warm, the air temperature is 20-35 ° C, and the water temperature – no lower than +22 ° C.

Holidays in the Emirates in 2022

There are seven emirates in the UAE, which are very different from each other, so it is difficult to choose just one. Often, when going on a tour of the UAE, travelers seek to combine the strengths of the different regions of the country. You can go to the UAE all year round, but it is better to go there from October to April when the sun is not as warm, and the air temperature is +20-35 ° C (water temperature rarely drops below +22 ° C).

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Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Excellent hotels, a wonderful beach holiday, urban landscapes combined with green parks, shopping centers and oriental markets – all this can be found while vacationing in Abu Dhabi. Numerous mosques, 90 city fountains (the most famous are “Seven Emirates”, “Volcano”, “The Pearl”), the palace of Sheikh Al-Jaraf, the old fort of Al-Hisn, and of course the island Sir Bani Yas – a reserve with rare and endangered animal species, are among the attractions. Holidays in Abu Dhabi is considered one of the most expensive in the Emirates, but the price certainly corresponds to the high level of service and the quality of the experience.

Dubai is probably the most popular resort in the Arab Emirates, which is understandable. This is one of the best places to stay in the UAE with children, as there are many entertainment centers (“Meeting Zone”, “Wonderland”, “Magic Planet”), a large zoo, the Aquarium with strange sea creatures and a huge water park. Also Dubai is a mecca for shopping lovers. In the shopping center “Dubai” and the many colorful markets you can find anything you want. From a tour to Dubai you are guaranteed to come back with suitcases full of all sorts of pleasant purchases – it’s impossible to resist.

United Arab Emirates

The Emirate is also ready to provide numerous activities: winter sports at an indoor ski resort, safari in the desert, camel racing, yachting, golf (for the sake of these luxurious courses had to green the desert), and much more. For a beach holiday in the UAE is also worth choosing Dubai.

Two chic beach complexes with a rich infrastructure will give you a real treat under the hot sun of the Emirates. The main attractions of Dubai that you must see are the skyscraper Burj Khalifa 828 meters high, the Dubai World Trade Center (and the street on which it is located), the old neighborhoods of Deira, the house of Sheikh Said and the Jumeirah Mosque.

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Sharjah (the third largest emirate in the country) will appeal to travelers going on vacation to the UAE with children. There is a strict dry law, so meet drunken compatriots in the local streets is simply impossible.

All lovers of such entertainment go in the evenings in neighboring Dubai, which is 130 km. Sharjah – the cultural capital of the Emirates. Numerous museums, theaters and art galleries are concentrated here. Children will appreciate the many amusement parks (e.g. Al Majaz with its huge Ferris wheel) and entertainment in the local national park, which has a mock-up of Sharjah.

United Arab Emirates

Armed with a remote control, you can control boats and cars, moving them through the streets of the miniature city. The possibility of active sports also attracts tourists here – windsurfing and diving in Khor Fakkan is excellent. The main sights of Sharjah are the old district of Meredjah, the Mosque of Faisal, the monument to the Holy Quran and the monument to Progress. In general, Sharjah is a great place to stay in the UAE. Prices here are lower than in major cities, and entertainment is plentiful. In addition, for the missing impressions can always go to Dubai.

A small emirate of Ras Al Khaimah will suit those who appreciate antiquity. Here are the most ancient buildings in the UAE – forts, watchtowers, beautiful mosques. This UAE resort is also famous for its natural hot springs and excellent spa centers which use healing mineral water. Picturesque lakes, palm plantations, and the high Hajar Mountains add to the fabulous atmosphere of Ras al-Khaimah.

United Arab Emirates

Umm Al Quwain is a miniature emirate of the UAE, where you can enjoy peace and quiet and learn more about Arabian customs and traditions. Here you can see many old buildings, visit the Al-Seneyah Reserve, watch the camel race, go to the Academy of horseback riding, go scuba diving near the picturesque island of Al Sharyah, or just lie on the beaches of the azure lagoons. If you’ve come to the UAE with children, make sure you visit the Dreamland water park and the Aquarium of the Marine Research Center.

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For a relaxing holiday in the UAE is good and Ajman. In this provincial town residents have always been involved in fishing, pearling and building ships. A tour to the famous shipyard, where both traditional sailing ships and modern yachts are created, usually arouses great interest among travelers. Hot springs, snow-white beaches, quiet streets and seaside restaurants are created for your serene vacation, which here, by the way, is cheaper than in the bustling central emirates.

Fujairah Emirate has magnificent landscapes. Delightful beaches, deep gorges, fantastic waterfalls Al Wurraya, fantastic gardens of Ain Al Madhab, hot springs Ain Al Gamur will always be remembered. Holidays in Fujairah can be not only beach holidays, but also active.

Climb mountains, dive shipwrecks and coral reefs, explore river beds – it has everything for a thrilling adventure. Just as interesting and urban attractions: the old mosques, forts, tombs, watchtowers and fountains.

United Arab Emirates

As you can see, recreation in the UAE resorts can be quite different, as a set of experiences and costs. The cost of the tour in the UAE also affects the choice of hotel. Hotels in the UAE are classified according to the international system. However, there are additional categories. For example, five-star hotels are divided into silver, gold and platinum.

The cost of rooms depends on the chosen emirate and season (it’s cheaper to stay from May to September). The most luxurious hotels are located in Dubai, where in the world’s only seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab is located. However, whichever hotel you choose, a vacation in the Emirates will leave the most pleasant impression, because the UAE resorts are some of the best in the world.

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