Diyarbakir Fortress and the Cultural Landscape of Hevsel Gardens, Turkey

Hevsel Gardens near Diyarbakir fortress near the banks of the Tigris River: Your next delightful stop

Hevsel Gardens near Diyarbakir fortress near the bank of the Tigris River: Your next delightful stop

Known as the cradle of civilization, Diyarbakir offers a wonderful fall experience with its historic sites and impressive yellow, brown and green foliage. Along with its natural beauty, Diyarbakir shines with its historical sites including the city walls, Ikkale Church, St. George Church dating back to the second century, Hevsel Gardens, which was planted over 8,000 years ago and Ongozlu Bridge (Dikle Bridge).In fall, Hevsel Gardens is a natural and striking masterpiece on the Tigris River. Enveloped in beautiful foliage, this natural oasis never fails to fascinate visitors. Located near the Tiger, the Kyrklar Mountains and the surroundings surrounding the Ongozlu Bridge are some of the most popular spots in the city. Visiting the tea gardens, surrounded by willows and poplars near the bridge, tourists can also enjoy the scenery, clean air and freshly brewed drinks in a tranquil atmosphere.

Hevsel Gardens near Diyarbakir fortress near the bank of the Tigris River: Your next delightful stop

Described as the Garden of Eden, Hevsel was formed southeast of the city on fertile land through which the Tigris River flows. The gardens of Heusel, with its various fruit trees and vegetable gardens, near the city walls, have met the city’s need for vegetables and fruits for thousands of years. This fertile orchard, which lies along the Tigris River, also welcomes migrant birds. Birds rest, stay and take shelter in Hevsel. 108 species of feathered representatives inhabit Hevsel Gardens. Bull’s finches and reed warblers, traveling in flocks, are the region’s famous birds at Heussel Gardens. The Paradise Garden is also visited by people for picnicking. This unique beauty was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 2015. Being one of the oldest and strongest city walls in the world, Diyarbakir’s fence is the longest after the Great Wall of China, reaching a length of 5.5 km and 8 meters high. It is unknown when these city walls were built and by whom.In a city that resembles an open-air museum, the autumn spirit resonates around every corner. Mustafa Kızılkı, who came to the city for both business and sightseeing, said he had always wanted to visit Diyarbakır, and is now very grateful that he took the opportunity to do so at such a beautiful time of year. Admiring the fall colors in the Tigris Valley, Kizilky said: “I think everyone should come and experience the amazing beauty of this area: the valley and the history of the city really moved me.”

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Hevsel Gardens near Diyarbakir fortress near the bank of the Tigris River: Your next delightful stop

Erkan Koç, 42, who spent most of his childhood in Hevsel Gardens, said he has seen how each season offers stunning scenery over the years. The four seasons are unique in Diyarbakir, but autumn is especially beautiful. This city is full of historical treasures. Diyarbakir is actually a city of history and culture, but it is also famous for its watermelons.A 17-year-old tourist from Istanbul, Osman Kızılkı, said he really loves Diyarbakır. Assuming it is a very beautiful region in the fall, the young man said, “Here you can feel the extra oxygen in the air, since the neighborhood has many green areas. What’s more, you don’t sweat. This city really helps after the foggy weather in Istanbul. Tiger Valley is a peaceful place. It is a peaceful recreational area where you can just sit and have tea. People should not judge Diyarbakir just because of what they see in the news. There are people who refrain from visiting Diyarbakir because of security concerns that are unfounded. It is a very peaceful place. The people of the city are really sincere and welcoming.”

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