Divinely beautiful places in Italy

Divinely beautiful places in Italy

Italy fascinates everyone who has visited it at least once. The Apennine peninsula continues to attract tourists from all over the world, and for many reasons. Italy – a treasure trove of historical monuments, there is no doubt about it. The visitor can find them literally at every step. But apart from the sights there are also wonderful nature, sea and, what is equally important, excellent cuisine.

Emerald Lake Garda

For those who want an active holiday, a visit to Italy’s largest lake is a real find . Lake Garda offers excellent swimming, water sports, as well as cycling in the surrounding area. In addition, the surroundings are beautiful: giant cliffs, high mountains, cliffs with ferrata, gorges with waterfalls, romantic valleys with vineyards, ancient castles and winding streets of medieval towns. Add to that excellent Italian cuisine. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy . It is 51 km long, 17 km wide and up to 346 meters deep. The wider part of the south is surrounded by moraine hills, left by retreating glaciers, while the narrow north is bordered by mountains, which form a fjord and thus provide a very mild Mediterranean climate. The water in the lake is clear and warm, the color ranging from dark blue to emerald green.

Divinely beautiful places in Italy - Photo 2

Emerald Lake Garda

Extremely beautiful coast

The Amalfi coast is extremely beautiful. You could spend several weeks here and still not be enough. Charming scenery and beauty all around – you can drive no more than a few dozen meters in a straight line without turns. On one side in the depths are the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the other side is a mountain towering for a mile and a half .

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Extremely beautiful coast

Piazza dei Marmi

Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the most fascinating squares in the world and the concentration of important monuments in such a small space is truly remarkable and unique. For this reason it is listed by UNESCO. In addition to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa there is a beautiful dome, a baptistery and the monument of Campo Santo. Nowadays the square is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe. However, Pisa itself has been one of the important and famous cities since the Middle Ages, and as a trading power it used to be a great rival of the most important Italian city-states such as Genoa, Venice or Florence.

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Piazza dei Marmi

Picturesque Tuscany

Tuscany is a picturesque corner of Italy, where you feel like you are in paradise. It’s a region full of historic towns, picturesque villages, beautiful scenery and excellent wine. There are few places in the world where you can feel happier and more comfortable. With a good glass of wine in hand in the middle of a beautiful landscape, time flows more slowly. It is quite exceptional region, where people go for recreation, agritourism and culture.

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Picturesque Tuscany

All roads lead to Rome

They say all roads lead to Rome. The Italian capital is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Rome is rightly called the cradle of history and art. Here you can fully enjoy an authentic experience of Italy. Most monuments from the times of the Great Roman Empire have survived, so you can admire the world-famous places in their original form. Orientation in the city center is relatively easy, with the vast majority of attractions within walking distance.

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All roads lead to Rome

Breathtaking museums

The Vatican Museums are a great gem, housing some of the largest collections of art in the world. Today 47,000 square meters of exhibition space is open to the public. Especially worth seeing are rare frescoes by Raphael or collections of Renaissance sculptures, including the famous sculptures of Laocoon and his sons or Apollo of Belvedere. The most fascinating part of the museum complex is the Sistine Chapel . It is known mainly for its interior decoration – all the muses of Michelangelo, Botticelli or Rosselli can be seen on the walls. Interestingly, it was in this chapel where the election of popes, the so-called conclave, was held for centuries.

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Breathtaking museums

The most beautiful places in Italy

Italy proudly stands in the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and all over the world. This country has something to please its guests: the magnificent beauty of local nature, a rich program of excursions to the best sights in the world, the ability to have a wonderful vacation in both summer and winter. To get a better idea of all this, see below the most beautiful places in Italy.

1. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a beautiful national park in Italy and a true source of pride for the locals and all Italians. Its name means “The Five Lands”, after the five villages that are located on its territory. The Cinque Terre Nature Park is very beautiful and distinctive with mostly rocky shores and rocky beaches but there are also two sandy ones which are very popular with the tourists. This reserve is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is recommended to visit many tour operators and guides.

The most beautiful places in Italy

2. Valley of the Temples of Sicily

The Valley of the Temples, located on the Italian island of Sicily, is of particular historical and cultural value. This beautiful place in Italy is world famous because of the ancient ruins, dating from V-VI centuries BC.

The Valley of the Temples attracts tourists not only by its monumentality and antiquity, this place is literally imbued with the atmosphere of antiquity. There used to be temples devoted to the ancient gods, and today the guides tell the visitors the stories and myths that are more than 2.5 thousand years old.

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3. The Cave City of Sassi di Matera

The cave city of Sassi di Matera is the oldest man-made attraction and one of the most amazing places in Italy. Based on the testimony of scientists, we can say that these dwellings of ancient people, carved in the rocks, are more than 7 thousand years old. It is also believed that Sassi di Matera is the first human settlement in Italy. Now some of the grottoes are bars and other entertainment venues. This incredibly beautiful area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most valuable monuments in Italy and all of Europe.


4. Blue grotto on the island of Capri

The Blue Grotto is a delightfully beautiful underwater cave on the Italian island of Capri. The water of this unique place is illuminated in such a way that it acquires a bright blue hue and resembles a real sapphire. It is worth noting that such a color gives the water a quite natural “natural” lighting – on both ends of the cave there are holes in the rocks, through which the light falls into it. There are very few caves in the world where you can admire such a bright blue glow of the water.

The most beautiful places in Italy


5. Chianti Valley

Everyone knows that Italy is famous for its beauty. And this is perfectly confirmed by the Chianti Valley, which is located in Tuscany. The splendor of local nature and picturesque landscapes simply enchant tourists who come here. The beauties of the Chianti Valley are not overshadowed by any weather and circumstances – it is good here in summer and autumn, and in clear weather and in cloudy weather. This beautiful place in Italy is also famous for its vineyards, olive groves and hilly landscapes. It is here that some of the best Italian wines are produced.


6. The Grand Canal in Venice

The Grand Canal is the most beautiful place in Venice and has brought the city worldwide fame and popularity. This sight has a special historical and architectural value for Italy, because the entire length of the Grand Canal, which is 3800 meters, is adorned with unique architectural monuments from different eras of Italy – from the 12th to the 20th century. Doing a water gondola ride, which is the most popular way to tour the Grand Canal, you can observe on both sides of this famous Venetian “street” other sights of the city that proudly adorns its facades.

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7. Burano

The island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon is a great place for lovers of anything out of the ordinary. This neighborhood owes its fame to its many colorful houses and world-famous lace. The color of Burano’s buildings is not accidental – fishermen who used to return from the sea used to recognize their houses by their colors. Now this is no longer necessary, but the tradition has been preserved and makes this place in Italy colorful and incredibly cheerful. Also here you can buy souvenirs, handmade by local lacemakers.


8. Vesuvius

Vesuvius is a majestic natural landmark of Italy, undoubtedly, worthy of attention. There are many people in the world who are attracted by the opportunity to visit the surroundings of an active volcano and even climb it. Despite the volcanic activity of Vesuvius, its slopes are dotted with gardens, which give a great harvest. For more interest at the foot of the volcano formed a beautiful National Park “Vesuvius”, where tourists will discover many of the mysteries of nature related to volcanoes and their activities, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the formidable and mighty “lords of fire and ash.


9. San Gimignano

The ancient small town of San Gimignano in Italy has an inimitable attraction. Approaching the town you can already notice the fourteen famous towers that have become its symbol. San Gimignano is famous for its rich and beautiful architecture – the main role played here by the castle buildings. Tourists are also attracted by the beauty of the surrounding countryside – picturesque landscapes give a picture. In San Gimignano there is a tourist office, where guests can get all the necessary information about excursions and recreation.


10. Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is a small province and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Italy, located in the Alps. The greatest flow of tourists here can be seen in the high winter season, because this place is a popular ski resort. But in summer it is possible to spend a wonderful holiday enjoying the beauty of local nature. In addition to its popularity among tourists and picturesque scenery, the Aosta Valley has a rich history, dating back to the era of ancient Rome.


Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest and very beautiful lake in Italy and a must visit place for nature lovers. Due to the fact that the rocky ridge shields the body of water from the cold winds, the climate here is warm and welcoming. In addition to fascinating scenery, the coast of Lake Garda gives vacationers the opportunity to get acquainted with the many historical and architectural monuments. It combines ancient castles with modern entertainment complexes, which makes the vacation varied and memorable.

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12. Lake Como

Lake Como has its own place in the list of the most beautiful resort areas of Italy. Its mild climate is provided by the Alps, which shelter this paradisiacal place from the north. For centuries the area around Lake Como is considered an elite zone for residence. Here is a large number of luxury hotels and entertainment centers. You can also visit the main sightseeing places – important monuments of history and architecture. And for lovers of outdoor activities are invited to try different kinds of water sports, horseback riding or rock climbing.


13. Lake Briese

Lake Briese is a beautiful place in Italy. It is located in the Dolomite Alps and was formed by melted glacial water. The whole area is saturated with lush pine forests, and the water is emerald in color and crystal clear. The atmosphere of Lake Briese invites you to relax, take a leisurely look at the local sights and attractions. The beauty and attractiveness of nature, fresh mountain air, the opportunity to take a boat ride on the lake or climb into the mountains, and make great pictures to remember – all this will make your vacation in this place unforgettable.


14. Faralloni Rocks

The Faraglioni Rocks are the most recognizable symbol of the beautiful Italian island of Capri. The three rocks are huge limestone reefs created by time and water. Huge popularity among tourists has found not only a walk on the shore with an opportunity to admire the sight, but also a boat ride – a special delight of visitors to the island is the observation of the blue lizards on one of the reefs. You can also take a boat ride under an arch in the rock, created by nature itself, or go scuba diving.


15. Tuscan Archipelago National Park

The National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago is one of the most picturesque parts of Italy, the largest and most beautiful of its kind in the entire Mediterranean area. It consists of eight large and many smaller islands, where visitors are welcomed and plenty of entertainment. Of particular interest to visitors to the islands is their flora and fauna. Italian authorities are closely watching the safety of all plant and animal species inhabiting the archipelago.


16. Trulli in Alberobello

Trulli in Alberobello is one unusual sight in Italy, of great interest to many travelers from around the world. The town of Alberobello itself is small in size, but in spite of this it is of considerable value and therefore twenty years ago became a UNESCO-protected site. Trulli – it’s small snow-white houses with pointed roofs, more like dwellings of fairy tale gnomes. Most of them date back to the 14th century. Italians still can not understand why trulli are so attractive to tourists, the flow of which only increases every year.

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The most beautiful places in Italy

17. Trautmansdorf Botanic Garden

The well-deserved jewel in the crown of Italy’s best man-made attractions is the Trautmansdorf Botanical Garden, which in 2005 received the title of the most beautiful botanical garden in the country. The incredible beauty of this place and its diversity is impossible to describe in words. In the middle of Trauttmansdorf there is a castle, built in the mid-nineteenth century. Inside it is a museum dedicated to the history of tourism of South Tyrol. The different parts of the garden are home to a number of plant species, with the tropical plants of course taking the lead.


18. The Rocks of Tre Chime di Lavaredo

Many people have heard about the special beauty of the Dolomite Alps and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo cliffs in Italy are their symbol. This place can be recognized by the three adjacent cubes, which are about 500 meters high. These rocks are one of the favorite places for skiers. But not only lovers of skiing and snowboarding find interest here, photographers are the ones who really appreciate the appeal of this place on Italian soil. It is impossible to contemplate indifferently the views that open from the cliffs of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


19. Cala Rossa (Favignana)

The beach of Cala Rossa in Favignana is one of the most beautiful and peculiar beaches in Italy. The peculiarity of this beach is that it was formed on the site where there was previously a quarry. Despite the fact that the beach is quite rocky and the descent into the water is not very comfortable, the water itself is azure and crystal clear. Cala Rossa is among the best beaches in Sicily and every year the flow of tourists visiting it only increases.


20. Molveno

Molveno is a tiny and beautiful little town in Italy and once you visit it you want to stay here forever. It is located in a magnificent and picturesque area: on one side is the shore of Lake Molveno, on the other – the foothills of the Alps. The beauty of this place makes you speechless and the soul trembles with delight. The mountain slopes are covered with coniferous forests and meadows full of alpine flowers, babbling brooks and the mirror-like smooth surface of the lake is a real paradise for those who want to relax after the noise and bustle of the city.

The most beautiful places in Italy

These were the most beautiful places in Italy!

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