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Ondalsnes cruise port

Ondalsnes is the administrative center of the municipality of Rauma, in the province of Meur-aux-Romsdal. Nearly 3,000 people live in and around Ondalsnes.

The city lies at the mouth of the Rauma River, next to Romsdal-fjord, surrounded by high mountains, some of which – Trolltindene, Wengentindene and Romsdalhorn – reach up to 1800m. The Rauma runs through the picturesque Romsdal valley, one of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see in Norway.

Where is the cruise port in Ondalsnes

The city is the industrial center of the Romsdal Valley, and cruise ships call here throughout the year. Cruise ships dock at the pier in the center of town. Disembarkation happens both on tender and at the pier.

What to see in Ondalsnes

Not far from the town towers the Trollvegen, a cliff called the “Troll Wall” over 1,000 meters high. According to legend, the trolls that used to live here angered the Scandinavian gods with their pride and vanity and were turned to stone. But even petrified they never cease to defy both gods and men. It’s a favorite place for people doing extreme sports – particularly high jumping.

Trollstigen is a section of the Norwegian national road RV63, built in 1936 in extremely difficult terrain and is a piece of engineering. The national tourist road runs through the spectacular landscape of Western Norway. Its length is 106 kilometers. The road offers stunning views of steep cliffs, waterfalls, deep fjords and green valleys. The Trollstigen serpentine consists of 11 steep curves and the road has a gradient of 9 percent. The road is surrounded by majestic peaks with such romantic names as “King” (Kongen), “Queen” (Dronningen) and “Bishop” (Bispen).

Such a tour, bought on board, will cost about 70 €. It is also possible to buy it in town or online, but experience has shown that if you leave later than the on-board tours, there is already traffic jam on the road.

In addition, in town you can entertain yourself with a little mountain climbing. There are several small hiking trails – green (easy) and red (more difficult). Anyone who can climb even a little bit is recommended to go up to Nibbe or Rampestreken Lookout. Don’t forget comfortable shoes!

A short walk from the pier is the railroad, the NSB rauma railroad, which National Geographic claims follows a very beautiful route in Norway, from Ondalsnes to Dombass. At the railway station there are bicycle rentals, including electric bicycles. On a bicycle is quite realistic to make it to the Troll Wall. There is a nice tourist center.

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You can rent a car in town, literally 10 minutes walk from the port. The price starts at 800 noks (80€) for the day. You can also take a car to Eikesdalsvatnet and get to Mardalsfossen waterfall. The season is from June 20 to August 20.

Every year in July, Ondālsnes hosts the so-called Mountain Festival, and in August the city hosts the Rauma Rock Festival.

There’s not much to do in Ondālsnes.

Where to stay before and after the cruise?

For a stopover in the port before the cruise, try Airbnb, where you can rent a full apartment for the price of a hotel room. By registering at our link you will receive a coupon for 2100 rubles for your first stay from 4500 rubles!

If you are not yet familiar with the service, read about our personal experience with Airbnb.

Discover Ondalsnes, Norway

Russia: Cities, Sights

Russia: Cities, Sights

From: Saratov When: 07/2017

By itinerary: Part 5. Norway: Geiranger, Trollstigen, Åndalsnes, Ålesund

Norway. The brightest day.

… As a crew of two, we drove to Norway on July 04, 2017 in our Opel Astra H sedan, taking turns behind the wheel. The most beautiful, beautiful country, whose nature can leave few people indifferent.

Part 5. Geiranger, Olesund, Ondalsnes.

… We packed the tent from the inside so that only the outer tent was wet. We went to another fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are only two of them in Norway. It was raining all the time, with little interruptions. Again we passed through arctic landscapes.



…From road Rv 63 we went to Knuten – a fragment of the old road, twisted under ourselves.


… A rainbow appeared on the approach to Geiranger Fjord.


… In the town of the same name near the fjord we approached a cruiser, seen under the rainbow from the observation deck.


… Went to tourinfo to dry off from the rain and surf the Internet.


… Within a radius of a few tens of kilometers the local site with the forecast yr . no promised only bad things for the next two days – lower temperatures and downpours. And only the town of Ondalsnes, where we planned to get only after a couple of days of enjoying the fjord and the surrounding area, should be rain-free for the next day.

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… Bought a tasty ice cream for 36 kroner to cheer ourselves up. Had lunch in the rain on the shore of the fjord.


… Saying goodbye to Geiranger, we drove north, where we took the serpentine and cleverly named “The Eagle Trail” to the plateau and visited the observation point.



… Soon we descended again to another fjord, crossing it on another ferry, but with a third turn. Road 63, on which we drove, is known for its sights. First it passes through the strawberry valley of Valldal.

… Then it passes into the forest, into sparse forest tundra and almost tundra with 7 degrees of heat and cold rain. Along the way, we walked along bridges over Gudbrandsjuvet’s “Witches’ Cauldrons,” pierced by streams of water in the rock.



Above all, Rv 63 is world-famous for its several kilometers long segment called the “Troll Staircase”, or Trollstigen. To see the Stairs and the surrounding views, we stood in a huge parking lot with toilets, stores, and cafes, from which bridges made accesses to the viewing platforms.


… Rain and poor visibility prevented us from feeling the beauty of the place. Almost steep mountains from the east, called “Troll Wall”, up to 1700 m high, with vertical sections up to 1 km, the largest in Europe, could not be seen at all because of the dense clouds.


… The trolley staircase is a serpentine 3-4 meters wide with 11 steep curves, starting from the slope of Mount Bispen . In a straight line from the road point at an altitude of 700 meters in the parking area to the road point at an altitude of 300 meters will be less than 1 km. but the road loops between these points, stretch for almost 5 km. to minimize the degree of descent. One loop of the road was once constantly covered by landslides. The loop was put in a safer place, as you can see in the photo.


…Frozen and a little frustrated, we drove down the Stairs. Not far from Ondalsnes, we stopped at Soggebrua Camping for 200 kroner with free showers, but no kitchen or wi-fi. For a long time we couldn’t understand the technical design of the people who had installed taps with hot and cold water on opposite corners of one of the sinks. A distance of 15-20 cm prevented the boiling and cold water from flowing into a warm stream. I didn’t like the service of the campsite, but the location is very nice. We stood on an island with a cofferdam surrounded by the river and its branch, among trees.

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… In the evening the rain stopped, and the sun pampered at the end of the day with its rays, illuminating the surrounding mountain tops.


… It rained at night, and it rained in the morning, and it rained in the afternoon, and it rained in the evening. But there were breaks.

… In the morning we stopped in Ondalsnes for groceries and for free wi-fi, which is available in the train station building.


… Having learned that the forecast was that the rain in Ålesund, where we were going, would ease up in the evening, and the next day would be only cloudy, we decided to bide our time until the evening. We took free booklets with descriptions of local hiking trails, chose the one we liked, walked around the station for a while.


… At 10.35, having left the car near an abandoned gas station building on a platform with the coordinates: 62.5640, 7.6912, we walked to the Rampestrecken Lookout along the Romsdalstrappa Trail.


… The trail goes steeply uphill all the time, some on stone steps, some on roots. Very muddy and slippery, especially on the way back. We met people who got dirty from falling in the mud, and even with a bruised knee. In some places the chains are stretched, the very top tickles the nerves of those who are afraid of heights.


The observation point is at 537 meters and is a long platform going away from the mountain, over the precipice, like Stegastein. It took us an hour to get there.


… The panoramas are amazing, it seemed better than Stegastain. On the left, to the south, there is a view of the Rauma River Valley . In the picture in the lower right corner behind the bridge over the river is Åndalsnes Camping. There are a total of 5 campsites in the valley and they are marked on the image with the corresponding icon. Behind the far bridge of road 174 you can see the village of Brønnsletta over the Rauma river tributary. Road E136 goes to the left, skirting Mjelva Camping on the right, leading to the junction with Rv 63 next to Soggebrua Camping , and further east to the E6 Oslo-Tronheim freeway. The mountain to the left in the center is the northern tip of the Trollveggen Wall. To the right is the top of Mount Bispen, on the lower half of which is the upper part of the Trollstigen – Troll Stairs.

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… In the center and to the right, to the west, you can see the town of Åndalsnes and where the Rauma flows into the Isfjorden fjord.


…In the lower right corner you can see the train at the station, photographed earlier next to the station. In a straight line it is about a mile and a half.


… We picked half a liter of blueberries before leaving the trail, it took 2 and a half hours for the whole walk.

… The reality on the way to Olesund was worse than predicted. Heavy rain poured non-stop, the temperature was 10 degrees. The city also greeted us with a gloomy grayness and heavy rain. The opinions of the crew were divided. I was ready to drive away, further down the route. The dream of the other half of the crew to see Olesund in normal weather forced us to look for a place to stay overnight nearby in order to make a second attempt in the morning. Only 50 km away from the town we have found a “herringbone” with a heated toilet and hot water and useless tables in the middle of the trees. We decided that going further in search of a campsite was inexpedient. The occupants of more than a dozen cars thought along the same lines as we did, but most of them had an easier time of it – they were in campervans.

… Our sleeping bags were not designed for the unusually cold Norwegian summer. After spending the night in the car, for the first time in Norway we were not cold at all at night and slept well. The car keeps warm better, but my legs quickly fall asleep because of the impossibility to keep them straight for a long time.

… In the morning it was 7 degrees and the same rain. Stubbornly moving towards Olesund. At about 8 o’clock we drove up to Axla, the mountain in the center of town. You can go down to the tour by special transport.


… The trolls could not resist our determination and turned off the rain. We realized – it wouldn’t rain while we were touring the beautiful city. Parking for four hours next to the observation deck is free. From the observation deck, the view is like in the brochures, but in gray, pale colors, no sun.

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…We run down the stairs, through the park, to the embankments by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, to the lighthouse in the bay. The sun is trying to break through the clouds.


… We walked the beautiful streets of the town, rebuilt after a global fire in the early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style.





… Walked through the waterfront square on the other side.


… Asked an older German couple to take our picture.


… We bought various delicacies, ice cream “Sandwich” for 20 crowns, which is a delicious ice cream between plates of soft chocolate cookies. Tourinfo couldn’t believe the forecast yr . no – the next two days are sunny, although the sky is getting darker at the moment. Back to the observation deck, the climb up the steps and the observation deck itself can be seen from afar.


… And so we went up again to look at Ölesund from above. A cloud of rain hung over the city, a drizzle began to fall, reminding us that the time for sightseeing was over.


…Toy City, Olesund fell in love with itself. Only thanks to the staunchest half of our crew we managed to give our memory a 3 hours unforgettable romantic stroll through the beautiful magical city.

… We arrived at the ferry on Mold, the departure was at 2:30 pm. While waiting we looked at the seashore. Saw the Patella cap clams, unchanged in the last half a billion years. Iodine smell of the living sea, temperature 13, sun breaking through the veil of clouds for a minute, but disappearing again.


…The walk through the town of Molde was ruined by the rain, so we were looking for a campsite. Going to the small town Eide, we took the road Rv 279, in a little wood on the shore of the Norwegian Sea found a place for wild camping. We had put some grass on a dirty dirty dirty ground with sparse grass, which we hadn’t seen before, and set up a tent. The rain stopped for a while, and before going to bed we went for a walk to a lake inhabited by different species of birds, with an explanatory sign on the shore.

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