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Guves in Crete: how to get there and what to do

Gouves is a resort located 18 km. from Heraklion in Crete and consists of two towns: Kato Gouves, which is on the coast, and Pano Gouves, which is located in the hillside of Mount Ederi. Kato Gouves is a coastal resort village of Crete with a well-developed infrastructure: excellent modern hotels, tavernas, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops and excellent beaches. The peculiarity of Guves is a beautiful promenade, along which there are numerous restaurants, bars and stores.

The resort of Gouves in Crete

Gouves is good for a quiet family holiday – sandy beaches, clear sea, mild climate make even families with small children feel at home.

Young people will also feel very comfortable in Guves – the night life is not very hectic, but quite lively.

Upper village of Pano Gouves is a traditional Cretan village with narrow streets, neat little houses and ancient temples.

The first mention of Gouves village was found in the Venetian documents of the XIV century and the temples which are now national heritage sites, are evidence of that period.

The Pearl of Crete - Gouves

Gouves is ideal for family holidays

The existence of the same name villages is historically justified. The first settlement was the inferior one. In the times of King Minos, the Cretans, who were in a dominant position in their part of the Mediterranean, could settle near the sea without any fear.

However, later, when the might of the Cretan rulers declined, the sea pirates attacked the poorly defended Lower Gouves and the inhabitants were forced to move upwards, on the mountainside.

From there they could see the pirates approaching in advance.

How to get to Gouves

The nearest airport to the resort is located in Heraklion, and since the distance from Gouves to Heraklion is only 18 km, the journey to the resort does not take more than 20 minutes.

The transport connection between Heraklion and Gouves is very good with regular buses that leave every 30 minutes. The exact schedule of the buses can be found here.

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Those who travel to Crete with small children or with large luggage (often with both) prefer buses to cabs, which can comfortably take you right to your door.

If you travel to Gouves with large luggage, a company or small children it is better to book a cab in advance. You can do this online through this service [link].

Rent a car in Gouves (Crete)

Rent a car in summer is in high demand: there are a lot of attractions in the vicinity of the resort.

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Life in Guves is boiling day and night.

The nightlife at the resort, although not very lively, is quite lively

Another way to get from Heraklion airport to Gouves is to rent a car, especially because at the airport, due to the strong competition between car rental companies, it is usually cheaper.

To rent a car at the airport, you can use the monitoring of Rentalcars: this online service allows you not only to determine in a few minutes which of the suppliers of rental conditions for the selected dates are optimal, but also immediately book your favorite option.

In high season when prices and range of Cretan car rentals are changing almost hourly, it is more relevant than ever.

Climate and weather

The climate in Gouves is no different from the other resorts of Crete – mild winter and warm, sometimes hot summer.

The spring weather allows the swimming season to begin as early as May, when the coastal waters warm up to +20-22° C, and it lasts until October.

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The coldest month of the year in Guves is January, the warmest is July.


Fans of excursions can find a lot of interesting things in Guves and its surroundings.

You can visit the historic sites located in the resort and within walking distance of it, but for a tour around Crete it is better to use the services of travel agencies or rent a car.

Tourists with children will certainly be interested in one of the water parks that are located near Hersonissos.

Excursions from Gouves includes both historical and natural attractions – you can go to see the palace of Knossos, the cave of Zeus, the ancient monastery of Kardiotissa, Kournas Lake, the gorge of Samaria and the Bay of Balos.

If you want it is easy to make a trip to nearby islands – Spinalonga or Gramvoussa: both tours, in addition to marine part, and imply a rich beach and land program.

In this variety of trips it is not difficult to get lost. To make it easier for travelers to plan their trips, Grekoblog, together with a guide, ranks the most popular excursions in Crete. In the same article, there are also contacts of the guide in case you have questions about the tour program on the island.

Excursions to Santorini from Gouves

The trips to Santorini are very popular in Gouves

A tour to Santorini, the calling card of Greece and one of the most interesting islands in the world, is especially popular with travelers living in Gouves.

White houses with blue roofs, colorful beaches, breathtaking sunsets – there are many reasons to visit Santorini. You can make the trip on your own or with an organized tour.

Grekoblog has described both ways to get to Santorini here. If you prefer a 1 or 2 day tour, it makes sense to book in advance, you can do it here or with the help of Russian speaking guide Victoria, by sending her email [email protected].

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In high season this tour is very popular and often completely sold out just a few days before the trip.

The Cretan Aquarium is within walking distance of the town.

Finally, Gouves is also a very good starting point for a fur coat shopping trip. In a radius of 20 km you will find enough fur-coat centers, so you will not leave Crete without buying them.

The main thing is not to buy a much higher price and to avoid Chinese fakes, which in recent years literally flooded the Greek resorts. About this and other nuances of fur coat buying on the island, read the article Where and how to buy a fur coat in Crete, or the revelations of the local furrier.

The Beaches of Guves

The local beaches are clean and well maintained and have been awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe.

Tourists with children will certainly be interested in one of the water parks located in Crete near Hersonissos – WaterCity and Acqua Plus.

There are all sorts of attractions, slides, pools for all ages, as well as excellent cafes, bars and spas in these water amusement parks will leave nobody untouched. The Aquarium of Crete is also within walking distance of Gouves.


The beaches of Guves are very clean and well maintained and have been awarded the blue European flag.

The beaches are well developed, the traditional facilities – bananas, parachutes, boats, etc. are also available.

The only disadvantage of Guves beaches is the openness of the coastline: during the winds here fairly strong waves are raised.

Photos by:,,, Kev Slade.

Guves: a picturesque and comfortable beach on the northern seashore

Gouves seaside resort on the north coast of Crete is located 18km east of Heraklion city of the same name, near the Eder mountain. In this area, which has been developed for tourism, you can feel the picturesque atmosphere of old Crete with its narrow streets, old churches and little houses braided with flowers. Gouves beach covers a large area and stretches for 3 km along the coastline. The varied landscape suits holidaymakers with all kinds of needs and desires. The sandy stretches of coastline alternate in places with rocky areas, attracting fans of seclusion.

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  • Comfort in Guves Beach
  • Pros and cons of Guves beach
  • Hotels in Guves Beach
  • Videos of Gouves Beach
  • How to get to Gouves Beach
  • Conclusion
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Description of the resort of Gouves

Photographs of the beach in Guves, Crete

The beach of Gouves on Crete is actually a large area of coastline, divided into two zones. The actual resort is considered to be Kato Gouves, located directly on the seashore. In the foothills, at an altitude of about 300 m, there is the village of Pano Gouves, which offers stunning views of the sea and the mountains.

Due to the fact that the beaches are located on the open coast, in bad weather they are blown about by the winds, causing a strong rough sea. In such an environment children are not allowed to swim. However, you can find places on the coast, in front of which there are concrete breakwaters, capable of damping large waves.

The beaches of Guves have been awarded year after year with the prestigious Blue Flag for their cleanliness and comfort.

Comfort in Guves Beach

The beach at Kato Gouves resort in Crete

Kato Gouves is famous for its magnificent wide promenade, which is 3 kilometers long. Every 10 m it is decorated with beautiful lanterns and an interesting chapel is built on the side of the rock that juts out into the sea. The infrastructure of the village is well enough to satisfy all demands of tourists. Here are placed:

  • Hotels of different price categories and levels of service;
  • cafes and taverns;
  • nightclubs;
  • stores and souvenir shops;
  • medical and drugstore;
  • rent a car and motorcycle company;
  • ATMs;
  • boat dock;
  • parking lot;
  • golf course.

Families vacationers with children may be interested in Water City water park, located within walking distance.

The beach itself is equipped with all necessary amenities for the comfort of tourists:

  • sun beds and deck chairs;
  • umbrellas;
  • showers;
  • toilets;
  • changing rooms;
  • point of the first aid;
  • entertainments.

Well organized on the coast of a variety of water entertainment:

  • pleasure boats and boats;
  • parachutes;
  • bananas;
  • diving equipment.

Travelers can take advantage of organized excursions to famous landmarks:

  • The Palace of Knossos;
  • The cave of Zeus;
  • Lake Kournas ;
  • The cave of St. Paraskeva and the temple of the same name;
  • Other places of interest in Crete.
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Pros and cons of Guves beach

The advantages of the resort are considered:

  • convenient location;
  • picturesque nature;
  • clean sea;
  • excellent infrastructure, which includes absolutely all the necessary services for tourists;
  • the presence of water entertainment;
  • proposals for family holidays with children;
  • protective structures – breakwaters.
  • near the highway;
  • a lot of people in the high season.

Hotels in Guves Beach

Videos of Gouves Beach

How to get to Gouves Beach

Beach Gouves on the map of Crete:

coordinates 35.334371, 25.298610

Photos of the beach of Guves with umbrellas and sun loungers in Crete

From Heraklion airport the beach is easy to get to by bus, the trip takes only 20 minutes and costs 2,2 euros. With large luggage you should rent a car or order a cab. The road goes down from the national highway to Hersonissos, and there are hotels and restaurants around it.


Gouves beach is a well-appointed shoreline, suitable for vacationers with any needs. Here you can find comfortable service or solitude, admire the mountain and sea scenery, do water sports and just enjoy the sun, sea and the beach.

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