Dedicated to travel adventurers

Dedicated to travel adventurers

Do not see the point in your life without adrenaline? This selection was created for you when you are bored with the monotonous roller coaster and bungee jumping.

Belize, San Ignacio

Calm lakes and tranquil forests, wild rivers and endless caves, carefree horseback riding and relentless exploration of an ancient Mayan shrine await you here. Here, nature is conducive to an enjoyable pastime, no matter how laid-back or adrenaline-hungry you may be. For someone will be an unforgettable adventure to conquer the underworld, which definitely holds a lot of unsolved mysteries. Someone will find it enjoyable rafting on the river in the middle of turbulent waters on a raft or kayak. Someone wants to feel like a real tomb raider, going on a horse to the sanctuary.

Pristine nature, as if untouched by man, just beckons to try each of the activities!

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Belize, San Ignacio

Fongnya, Vietnam

Do you think that there is no heaven on earth for the adventurer? You’d be wrong! Fongnya Kebang National Park is a treasure trove of unexplored corners and unforgettable experiences. This is where the largest cave in the world, Shondong, is located. Although the tour is not cheap, it is a place that really should be visited, because not everyone can boast of such an adventure!

If you are not ready for the descent, the usual small caves located near Shondong are more suitable for you. There you can enjoy their intricacy, exploring every corner of the vast cave network.

And for those who still prefer surface entertainment, you can go for a bike ride along tropical rivers, few villages, green fields and humbly scattered hills. For animal lovers, there are hiking tours which allow you to watch rare colorful birds and tireless macaws.

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Fongnya, Vietnam

Zambia, Livingstone Falls

You’ve definitely heard of Victoria Falls, but all along you thought it was a boring trip? You bet your ass it is! There’s a great way to get to the falls, with plenty of activities to keep you active!

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The rapids around the falls create a magical environment for rafting and kayaking, while you can combine your holiday with camping or safari. You can also add some fun to your stay by jumping off the bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe, or by rappelling down a zipline or rope.

Thanks to this abundance of activities, it is safe to say that people are delighted by the challenge of the local nature, conquering every inch of it. Satisfied, happy, tired, but with a huge baggage of unforgettable emotions: from genuine fear and squealing, to joyful laughter and happy cries.

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Zambia, Livingstone Falls

India, Leh.

Do you want to walk through the places where caravans of traders used to travel relentlessly? Leh is made for exploring its nature up and down, because who knows what you might find?

This place is rich in opportunities for outdoor activities. These mountains are full of fans of extreme conquering peaks, rock climbers, testing their strength. And for those who prefer to conquer the waters, you can go rafting, furrowing the emerald rivers!

But for those who prefer a quiet walks, admiring nature, there is definitely a place! After all, what could be better than a walk to get acquainted and explore the surrounding area and the local flora and fauna? There are hundreds of trails in the mountains, where you will see the pristine nature, Buddhist monasteries or temples. Tired? Relax, meditate, feel the connection with nature, which nourishes and relaxes you.

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India, Leh.

Colombia, San Gil.

Mountains and caves, not your thing? Your soul demands a flight? There is a place where they will satisfy your desires, tickling your adrenaline!

For those who love air kinds of entertainment there are no limits: paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping! Everyone will find the most suitable kind of recreation. If you have enough courage you can take a paragliding flight over the incredible Chicamocha Canyon that fascinates with its dimensions!

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But don’t feel bad if sky-climbing isn’t your thing. Here you can enjoy rafting and kayaking, hiking and horseback riding, exploring the local nature. After all, the national park is considered a treasure of Colombia, and the canyon itself is a wonder of the world that everyone should definitely see.

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Colombia, San Gil.

New Zealand, Waitomo Caves

In Waitomo, brave and adventurous travelers will find plenty of activities to test their nerves of steel.

The firefly cave is one of the most attractive places in this country. But it is only part of the Waitomo Cave Complex on the North Island, which includes Ruakuri, Aranui, and Gardners Gat. In Maori, “wai” means “water” and “tomo” means “hole.”

For some, just diving into caves can be an ordeal, because it is always dark, intimidating sounds, confined spaces, and stifled air. And then there is an incomprehensible swarming of bugs on the vault, and they are eager to fall directly on people’s heads!

But if you go a little further, you will see something truly magical, which takes your breath away with delight and fascination. Not in vain this place is called the cave of fireflies – at the vaults you will see thousands of blue stars waving and jumping! This illuminate the cave small worms, absolutely harmless to humans. By the light they attract the attention of not only prey, but also sophisticated tourists.

Lovers of adventures on a journey are dedicated to - Photo 7

New Zealand, Waitomo Caves

Besides the views, you can take a boat trip through the tunnels illuminated by worms or go on a rafting tour in inflatable tubes in the subterranean rivers. From such a trip you just take your breath away!

For those who want to enjoy the fresh air, to arrange a quiet promenade – on the surface expect a wonderful forest.

Norway, Longyear

It’s time for those who don’t like “summer” sports . Have you long wanted to feel the cold howling wind? Then you will love the Arctic wilderness, tundra and endless glaciers. This place is perfect for extreme walks! Riding on a snowmobile or on a sled dog! Not many people can tell you about the feeling of driving almost a dozen powerful dogs. This is where you can watch polar bears, pesky Arctic foxes and careless deadbeats. For those who prefer a fast ride, ATV rides on snow-covered hills are best .

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It seems that there is nothing extreme? Wrong. This is where many people from a young age learn to shoot to be able to escape the attacks of ferocious polar bears. So, ready to tickle your nerves now?

Lovers of adventures on a journey are dedicated to - Photo 8

Norway, Longyear

50 Best Travel Quotes

With words we describe feelings, emotions and memories. Some possess them so skillfully that they make us experience an illusion and believe in things that seemed impossible.

Travel changes us, helps us grow and develop. Travel is the best education of the modern world!

I have gathered for you quotes about travel from the most famous poets, writers and philosophers. Their experiences and the words that came out of them will help you make sense of many of life’s problems and even decide to take an important step.

“To speak a foreign language is to conquer its world and culture”-Franz Fanon.

“Nothing develops the mind like a journey.” – Émile Zola.

“Travel is necessary for those who learn” – Mark Twain.

“Look at the world. It is far more wonderful than dreams.”-Ray Bradberry.

“An investment in travel is an investment in yourself” – Matthew Carsten.

“Life is either a desperate adventure or nothing” – Hellen Keller.

“The road is best measured not in miles, but in friends” – Tim Cahill.

“Travel robs you of the gift of speech and then turns you into a better storyteller” – Ibn Battuta.

“How I love the feeling of being faceless in a city I’ve never been to before” – Bill Bryson.

“Never be afraid to move away from seas, borders, countries and thoughts” – Amin Maalouf.

“There’s something magical about it: you leave as one person and come back as a completely different person.”-Kate Douglas Wiggen

“To travel is to evolve” – Pierre Bernando.

“Once you catch traveler’s fever, you can’t cure it anymore and will be infected with it for the rest of your life.”-Michael Palin

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“Oh, all those places you’ll visit!” – Dr. Seuss

“A true traveler has no definite plan or intention of going anywhere” – Lao Tzu.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag.

“A traveler sees what he sees; tourists see what they have come to see” – G. K. Chesterton.

“The goal is not the place, but the ability to look at the world differently” – Henry Miller.

“Stop thinking about the potholes in the road, enjoy the adventure” – Fitzhugh Mullan.

“Take only memories, leave only footprints” – Chif Seattle

“Once a year, visit a place you’ve never been” – The Dalai Lama.

“Traveling is not something you’re good at. It’s what you do” – Gale Foreman.

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

“To travel is to realize that everyone is wrong about other countries” – Aldous Huxley

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel have time to read only the first page.” – St. Augustine.

“Want to travel far and fast? Travel light. Throw off envy, intolerance, selfishness and fears” – Cesar Pavese.

“I met a lot of people in Europe. I’ve even met myself” – James Baldwin.

“Not everyone who wanders has lost his way” – J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Traveling helps us to be more humble. Each of us is but a tiny grain of sand in this desert of men” – Gustave Flaubert.

“Men can only find and know themselves in adventure.” – André Hyde.

“We do not travel to escape from life, but to keep life from escaping from us.” – Anonymous.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve already been, and travelers don’t know where they’ll still be.”-Paul Theroux

“It is not the people who make the journeys, but the journeys who make the people.”-John Steinbeck.

“Prejudice, intolerance, and narrow-mindedness are ruinous to travel.” – Mark Twain.

The Valley of the Temples: the most picturesque place in Sicily, Italy

“Travel is the only thing in the world that you buy that makes you richer” – Anonymous.

“If you don’t honor other people’s traditions, religion, and avoid people, you better stay home” – James Michener.

“I changed when I saw the moon shine from the other shore” – Mary Ann Redmacher.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.”-Lewis Carroll

“It’s hard to realize how wonderful a journey is until you lay your head on an old, familiar pillow.”-Lyn Yutan

“A traveler without the ability to observe is comparable to a bird without wings” – Mosley Yeddin Saatan.

“Only he who wanders discovers new ways” – Norwegian Proverb.

“We travel the world to find beauty; we must keep it within us, or it will not be revealed to us.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The farther away I go, the nearer I get to myself.”-Andrew McCarthy.

“Every dreamer knows that it’s perfectly real to miss a place you’ve never been even more than the one you’ve been to.”-Judith Thurman

“Live, travel, have no regrets and thank your fate” – Jack Kerouac.

“It’s not where you end up that matters, but what adventures will meet you along the way.”- Penelope Riley

“He who lives, sees much. He who travels sees more” – Arab proverb.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is deadly” – Paolo Coelho.

“Travel teaches tolerance” – Benjamin Disraeli

“Adventure is worth it” – Aristotle.

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