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Holidays at the Dead Sea in Israel: prices, features and tips

The Dead Sea – a drainless salt lake in the Middle East, which neighbors such countries as Israel and Jordan, as well as the partially recognized state of Palestine. It is the body of water with the highest salinity in the world, ranging from 300 to 350‰ in different years. When compared to popular resorts, for example, the salinity of the Mediterranean Sea does not exceed 40 ‰. A third of one liter of sea water is salt, which is why it is very difficult to drown here, the water pushes people to the surface. Holidays at the Dead Sea – primarily health and beauty treatments, as well as attractions and beach relaxation.

Dead Sea

Features of Recreation

The Dead Sea is one of the most mysterious bodies of water. For a long time it was maintained that the water here is not suitable for fish and plants. However, in the 20th century it was discovered more than 70 species of protozoa. The second amazing fact about the sea – the water is always warm. This can be explained by the presence of hot springs, from which besides the hot streams also erupt salt and rocks.

Useful to know! Mud at the Dead Sea has a therapeutic effect, so tourists are enveloped in it. The healing effect is due to the high content of bromides, slight – sulfates.

About the sea in numbers:

  • The area of the body of water – 810 km ²;
  • length 67 km;
  • width 18 km;
  • The deepest depth is 377 m;
  • The coast is 427 m below sea level, which is the lowest place on the planet.

There are many interesting places around the sea – the ancient manuscripts in the Qumran caves, national parks, the reserve Muji, the fortress of Masada and the cave of Lot.

Rest and treatment

Dead Sea resorts in Israel have no analogues on the planet. The chemical composition of the water is represented by a rich set of elements – chlorides of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromides. The water contains two dozen minerals and salts. Silt formations are rich in minerals – iodine, bromine, hormone-like substances.

Medical Treatments

The Dead Lake climate is useful for people with increased fatigue, pathologies of musculoskeletal system, heart, nervous system. It is recommended to rest here for patients after surgeries to restore their health.

Indications for a trip to the Dead Sea:

According to statistics, 90% of skin diseases can be cured in the resorts and clinics of the Dead Sea. At the same time, the course of therapy significantly reduces the likelihood of disease relapse.

A person receives comprehensive treatment – bathing, healing mud and safe sun exposure. The climate and natural conditions are effective for eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Treatment is performed applying different methods, namely mineral and thermal procedures, wraps and compresses with therapeutic muds, mineral and thermal baths.

Holidays at the Dead Sea in Israel are recommended for patients undergoing heart surgeries. A few weeks spent here will stabilize the heart muscle and the entire cardiovascular system, which is very important in the postoperative period.

At the Dead Sea, the air contains 8% more oxygen than anywhere else. The treatment of respiratory pathologies is particularly effective here. Even patients who normally require a certain oxygen regime, at this sea can breathe calmly and independently. Also improves the chemical composition of the blood.

Treatment in Israel

Important: At the Dead Sea, the atmospheric pressure is high, so the blood pressure is normalized quickly enough.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Near the sea many laboratories where they create unique cosmetics for the care of the body, face, hands and hair. All cosmetic products are based on sea minerals, spa saloons offer their visitors a complex of revitalizing and cosmetic procedures applying salts, gels, creams, balsams, shampoos, masks. Individual cosmetic programmes are worked out at the therapies taking into account patient’s skin type and condition as well as health. Each programme is designed for a particular period of stay at the resort, solving a certain problem.

Where to go for a holiday in winter?

Dead Sea

Note: Some hotels offer spa procedures and their price is already included in the rent. However, if you want to undergo an extended course of procedures, deeper rejuvenation and recovery of the body, it is better to turn to a clinic.

When to go to the Dead Sea in Israel, depending on the disease:

Disease Period
Psoriasis From early spring to late fall
Eczema, acne Throughout the year, except during the second half of summer
Musculoskeletal disorders Throughout the year
Respiratory diseases November-April
ENT diseases Throughout the year
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome From autumn to March
Endocrine system disorders Throughout the year
Illnesses of neurological character From autumn to late spring
Diseases of the digestive system Throughout the year
Cosmetic procedures Throughout the year

Treatment of skin diseases

Note: It is contraindicated for children under six years old to bathe in salt water.

Weather, when it’s better to go for recovery

Recreation on the coast is comfortable, regardless of the season. Even in winter, the water stays warm, not below +20°C, thanks to the hot springs.

In the winter months in the morning and evening it rains, it is the only nuance that can spoil the impression of the trip. Given this fact, the most favorable period for the trip is from mid-spring to mid-autumn. In July and August the weather becomes too hot, so those who cannot bear high temperatures should better plan a trip for another time.

Water temperature

Useful! For a good healing effect in the sea should be at least a quarter of an hour, then you need to wash off the salt from the body.

A feature of the resorts is the absence of ultraviolet light, respectively, it is impossible to get burnt, and the tan is uniform and beautiful. This phenomenon is explained by two factors:

  • The lake is located in the lowest place on the planet;
  • evaporation forms a filter, through it does not penetrate the ultraviolet.

Resorts of the Dead Sea in Israel

The main feature of the resorts – it is not a big city, not a village. Full-fledged tourist resort is one – Ein Bokek. Also in the category of resort places include Neve Zoar. Another tourist town Arad is located 25 km from the sea, there are also certain advantages for vacationers.

Ein Bokek

Many hotels and pensions are located in Ein Bokek. In Neve Zoar, there are far fewer hotels, but each offers an impressive selection of health and beauty treatments. If you prefer an active holiday, choose Ein Gedi. This resort is called the blooming oasis of the Dead Sea. On its territory there are nature reserves with unique plants and rare animals. It is in Ein Gedi where there are fresh water springs.

Important: The average price of one night in a 3*** hotel from 111 $, and in the hotel 5 ***** – from 238 $.

Just relaxing by the salt sea-lake you already get a free treatment due to the climate, the special composition of sea water and mild sunlight. Above the lake formed a healing microclimate, useful for many diseases, so the time spent on the beaches of the sea, no doubt, will affect the state of health.

Spa treatments in Israel

Many hotels have spa centers where you can undergo a course of cosmetic procedures, relax in seawater pools, saunas and massage rooms. If you want to undergo a more in-depth treatment, will have to visit a special clinic, but here all services are paid.

Prices for holidays in Israel at the Dead Sea:

  • massage – from $50 to $105;
  • peeling – from $50 to $100;
  • hydrogen sulfide pool – $ 14;
  • steam procedures – from $208 to $277;
  • combined treatments – $97 to $110;
  • complex treatments – from $150 to $170;
  • beauty salon services – from $20.

Important! If the hotel does not have a spa center, guests are given special cards to visit beauty treatments at other hotels.

Dead Sea, Ein Bokek

The settlement is positioned as a spa resort, so there are at least 4-star hotels with a wide range of health and beauty treatments. Accommodation will cost from $99. You can also pick up a more budget-friendly option for double occupancy – a caravan house or apartment. In addition to the hotels at the resort, there are:

  • health, medical clinics;
  • stores, shopping centers;
  • most of the beaches belong to the hotels, there is one free public beach;
  • restaurants, bars, cafes.
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Ein Bokek – the main health resort of the sea, so there is no noisy entertainment venues.

Tip: Be sure to take a tour of Ein Bokek. The route is best to start from the dried-up river bed of Nahal Bokek. As you walk, take in the rapidly changing scenery. Climb up to the remains of the outpost, from where you can take beautiful pictures.

A detailed description of the resort with photos can be found on this page.

Mount Arad, Dead Sea

The resort is located at an altitude of about 600 m above sea level. There are also spas in hotels, and medical centers. If you are interested in a homey, secluded atmosphere, book an apartment or a small house. Accommodation in a separate apartment will cost from $ 70. Room rates at a 4-star hotel start at $114 and at a 5-star hotel at $156.

  • According to UNESCO it is the cleanest city on the planet;
  • Accommodation and food prices are not as high as in Ein Bokek;
  • accommodation is available in a variety of price ranges;
  • Dry air, so it is easier to breathe;
  • a lot of Russian-speaking people.

The only drawback – remoteness from the sea (25 km), for this reason the city is not always called a Dead Sea Resort.

Good to know! To get from Arad to the coast you can rent a car or take public transport (bus number 384 and 421, the fare is about $ 6).

The city of Arad is described in more detail here.

Neve Zoar, Israel

The resort is an extension of Ein Bokek (only 3 km to the north). There are few hotels here, each with its own beach. There is also a spa center and a cosmetics store. There is also a good selection of guest houses, apartments. The average price of accommodation at the resort from $82.

4 reasons to go to Neve Zoar:

  1. Visiting a healing clinic;
  2. Recreation on the beaches;
  3. Enjoying the solitude and quiet (Neve-Zoar – the most sparsely populated place in Israel);
  4. exciting excursions.

Important: Hotels are within 2 km of the resort, and in Neve-Zoar there are only apartments and guest houses.

All the details about rest in the resort of Neve Zoar are collected in this article.

Useful tips

Cosmetics in Israel

  1. The Dead Sea is a unique place in many ways – climate, scenery, geographical location. Resorts are more focused on a measured, relaxing vacation.
  2. When booking a hotel, it is preferable to choose full board, as the menu at restaurants is not always impressive.
  3. It is most convenient to explore the surroundings by renting a car. It is best to visit a car rental shop at the airport, it will save time and money on transfers and the road to the hotel.
  4. To lie on your back in the water, you need to lean back a little and pull your knees to your chest (grouped). To get on your feet, pull your feet up to your chest again, and the water itself will push you upright.
  5. Specialists do not recommend swimming on your stomach, in this case the head is strongly deflected back.
  6. If possible, it is necessary to avoid getting water on your face.
  7. Be sure to have a shower gel or regular soap to wash off the salt from the skin. Of course, you can buy toiletries in local stores, but the price is usually inflated.
  8. In souvenir shops a wide range of cosmetics based on the minerals of the salt lake. You can even buy therapeutic mud – the price of a bag of about 15 shekels. The price of soap – about 10 shekels a piece.
  9. The price of recreation in Israel at the Dead Sea, depending on the season almost does not change. If you book your own accommodation, the price in the winter months is reduced by 25%-40%.
  10. Price of a week trip when staying at a 3-star hotel from $ 1500. If you book a room at a 4-star hotel, the price goes up to $1,700.
  11. The resorts are hot all year round, so do not forget about the headgear and water, drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.
  12. In the Dead Sea-Lake you can swim twice a day for no longer than 20 minutes, if you spend more time in the water, you may feel worse.
  13. Be sure to take rubber shoes to the beach for swimming.
Japan. What to know before you travel

Holidays at the Dead Sea may soon become inaccessible, because the water level is gradually decreasing. Experts predict that in 60-70 years there will be no sea. So the opportunity to spend time in one of the most amazing places in the world is better to use today.

A short video about the treatment of wellness resorts in Israel at the Dead Sea:

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Dead Sea . Recommendations on vacation

We took a trip to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv. It is located in the Judean Desert, where there is nothing but red, stony soil and dried-up rivers. And in the midst of this lifeless desert we were to spend a little beach vacation. The cost of the tour from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea was about $150 per person.

First, we were brought to a hotel on the beach with a spa and a pool with a sulfurous thermal spring. If you have heart problems, it is better to refrain from swimming in it, because the Dead Sea water is very hot and at first, even scalding. In the same hotel our whole group was fed after bathing. The cost of lunch was included in the cost of the tour. In total, we stayed at the Dead Sea for something like four hours, which is, in general, quite enough.

The hotel where our group stayed.

If you want to go to the Dead Sea from Jerusalem on your own, then it is better and more convenient to get the bus number 486 from the central bus station. You need to go to Ein Bokek or Eilat. The travel time is two hours. The bus will take you to Massada. Then you go up to the fortress by funicular and there you change to any bus to Ein Bokek. You will get to the beach, where you can swim. If you have some free time, you can walk through the reserve of Ein Gedi, where there is a stream and a waterfall of David.

On the way to the Dead Sea you will find camels.

One of the main features of the Dead Sea is that it is 420 meters below sea level. Due to this phenomenon, you can safely take long sunbaths here without consequences, because the sun is 420 meters farther away from you, so there is less solar radiation, in addition, it is simply sieved and filtered through water vapor. The air around the Dead Sea is actively saturated with oxygen and negatively charged ions, which is a balm for asthmatics and people with lung diseases. I can imagine how those who rest here for ten days are cured, not like us, who came just for half a day. But that’s not all. Bromine content on the coast several times higher than anywhere else, and this is the key to strengthen the nervous system. Relaxation is indescribable. Thus, the stay and treatment at the Dead Sea literally reborn a person. Here are treated nerves, circulatory system, skin diseases, locomotor system, eczema, ichthyosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, as well as maxillary sinusitis, gastritis and ulcers. It is hard to name everything, it is only a small part of diseases which are recommended for treatment here. There is no analogues of such natural sanatorium anywhere in the world. By the way, when you bathe, it is categorically undesirable to get water in your mouth. And if you decide to smear yourself with mud, by the way, it does not smell very nice, then you will need to rinse it off very carefully. For this purpose on the beach is a shower system “pulled the string” – and the water poured. After bathing in the sea to take a shower is also necessary to wash off the corrosive salt. And do not delude yourself that smeared with mud, you immediately cure all or most of their illnesses. It takes a long stay to cure everything. However, the peeling is still great and you will feel it immediately. Your skin will visibly rejuvenate and become soft and velvety. You can imagine what the effect will be if you regularly use these magical muds. But there is one small BUT. Before going to the Dead Sea, it is necessary to consult your doctor about the usefulness for you of all these water and mud procedures. They are not good for everyone. And the muds themselves are not on the shore, where everyone swims, but a little away. The second, a sad feature of the Dead Sea is that the sea is gradually disappearing. More precisely, it simply dries up and becomes shallow, and the water recedes from the shore by about a meter every year. Human activity on the Jordan River is taking its toll. Its waters are gradually running out, and as a consequence, the sea is getting shallower. In addition, the scale of clay extraction from the sea is significant. Cosmetic companies here also produce the most valuable cosmetics and preparations for spas. In general, there is a purely environmental problem. The time when the mud and salt will disappear, and the sea itself will disappear with them, is not so far away. Instead, mankind is unlikely to come up with something similar. Come to be treated at the Dead Sea in winter. There are a lot of various resorts. The water temperature in December, +20-22 degrees, and the air temperature during the day at times reaches +25 degrees. It is quite comfortable for swimming and taking air baths. Another thing is if you go in summer. The heat is exhausting. In this case, do not forget to bring beach slippers, otherwise you can burn your feet on the hot sand.

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The road to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is famous for its valuable minerals with healing properties, which people have used since ancient times to treat numerous ailments. The main wealth of the sea is its healing salt and cosmetics of the Dead Sea. The program of our tour included a visit to the factory “Agave” (Ahava) for the production of cosmetics from the Dead Sea products. Those who wished could immediately buy the priceless products of this factory. Factory “Ahava” in Israel is quite famous, it has many stores across the country, and its products are known not only in Israel itself. Prices for these ointments are quite high, but it is worth it. At the factory at a discount you can buy all kinds of creams for hands and feet, as well as various shampoos and bags of mud. Don’t forget the “tax-free” at checkout if you buy more than $100 worth of everything. By the way, experts say that the exact same Dead Sea cosmetics can be bought in Moscow, but a little cheaper. I do not know, did not check. On the tour we were allotted only two hours to swim in a place where there are no hotels, almost on a wild deserted shore. But it was enough for us anyway. Masses of impressions! On the beach in the presence of changing rooms, deck chairs, chairs and umbrellas, most importantly, a shower. It goes without saying, toilets. Everywhere is clean, apparently cleaned regularly. On the beach itself is a poster in Russian, which says what you can not do on the shore of the Dead Sea, and you can not: dive, immerse your head in the water, and splashing. If you accidentally get water in your mouth, you must immediately consult a doctor. Well, and you can imagine the feelings if the salty water gets into your open wound, if you have one. The concept of swimming in the Dead Sea is somewhat inappropriate, because to swim in it, as in a normal body of water you can not. To immerse the whole body in water, you need to try hard. And so all the tourists just go waist-deep, lie down, whichever is more comfortable, and swim like floats. At the same time it is impossible to refrain from laughing. Only after some time you get used to it and relaxed to the full. Good luck to you!

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I usually do not write reviews, but now I have had enough. Going on an excursion to the Dead Sea from Eilat. We wanted to go there for a long time. We were considering different tour operators. We stopped at Paradise. But from the very beginning of the trip something went wrong. Not only the bus was late by 30 minutes, but we had to listen to the “shambolic” excursion with the sounds of the bus falling apart. The child got seasick from the jolting! And on request to stop, the driver only grudgingly snorted and drove on! Of course, the sea is the sea, a total relaxation, but. The way back was ruined by the unbearable shaking and heat, and the absence of an air conditioner in the bus. Next time we won’t go with them for sure! And in the future I recommend to all to specify in detail all details of the trip, down to the brand of bus and the name of the driver. It was a lesson for me, I hope it will help someone in the future. If you want to spoil your rest, look for excursions in Paradise Tourism.

Good day, Galina! I see that Atlantis Travel is not the only one who did it. Just a gang of swindlers. Our way there and back was not to our liking, to put it mildly. And you’re not alone, but with a child – I sincerely sympathize with you. We had a girl with her son – he was 8 years old, got seasick – sat in the gallery, because there was no free space. And in such a stench would make an adult feel sick, and the child. I also say if you don’t want to regret more than to have a great vacation – you shouldn’t go to Atlantis Travel. This is my opinion. Maybe some people are luckier or don’t care about the stench, but I don’t like it. No vacation is worth it.

I don’t usually write reviews, but now I’ve had enough. We took my child on an excursion to the Dead Sea from Eilat. For a long time we wanted to go there very much. We were considering different tour operators. We stopped at Paradise. But from the very beginning of the tour something went wrong. Not only the bus was late for 30 minutes, so we spent the whole trip listening to the “shambolic” tour with the sound of the bus falling apart. The child got seasick from the jolting! And at the request to stop, the driver only grudgingly snorted and drove on! Of course, the sea is the sea, a total relaxation, but. The way back was ruined by the unbearable shaking and heat, and the absence of an air conditioner in the bus. Next time we won’t go with them for sure! And in the future I recommend to everyone to specify in detail all details of the trip, down to the brand of bus and the name of the driver. It was a lesson for me, I hope it will help someone in the future. If you want to spoil your rest, look for excursions in Paradise Tourism.

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