Daytrips to Malta – is it worth it?

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Malta. 4 days in September, budget trip on your own, without a car.

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Malta. 4 days in September, budget trip on your own, without a car.

AnastasiiaChekh ” 11 Sep 2016, 22:09

Hi all! Maybe someone will find the information from my review useful. 4 days in Malta, 06.09-10.09. The weather is beautiful, 28-30 during the day, 20-25 in the evening. I don’t know how you can have a holiday in Malta in July/August – probably a killer heat. First things first – cost of the trip = 186 € without food: Airfare Gdansk-Malta-Gdansk = 68 € Transfer from the Maltese airport to any city – 1.15 € or 2 € one way, depending on the time of your arrival – if after 21.00 – then buy once Tallinja 12 single day journeys/explore unlimited for 7 days will not work, as the kiosk at the airport is closed, and the drivers do not sell them. But 2 € is ridiculous compared to all European countries, where the transfer can cost more than a plane ticket. 12 trips = 15 € Gozo ferry = 4,65 € return trip to Comino = 10 € Tallinja 12 single day journeys: you can drive as much as you want during 2 hours, but only if you drive to the same city and return the same way for 2 hours, that will be 2 different trips. Or it could be like this: Gozo, Iz-Zebbug bus to Victoria, another bus from Victoria to Mgarr pier, ferry to Malta, bus to Sliema – I am within 2 hours – the main thing is to take the last bus within 2 hours, but if the last bus lasts another hour, it’s not important – and you get 1 trip, 1.15€. When reading the card from the driver writes either “transfer ok” – in case it is a continuation of 1 trip, or how many trips left – means that just took off the next trip. 4 nights in the hostel Jones, Sliema= 88€ A room for 6 people, as always I was lucky – no one snored and everyone behaved quietly like mice – don’t be afraid of hostels! The good thing about the hostel is that there are plugs in the rooms, so you don’t need to bring an adapter. There’s a terrace on the roof, but wifi doesn’t work there, so we just sit and admire the view if there’s nothing to do, though even at 21.00 it’s still stuffy. The hotel has a lounge with a kitchen and a terrace-garden behind the kitchen. Many bathrooms. Minuses – a small zone and places not enough if there is a company even of 10 people – all places are occupied, and also on the terrace it is possible to smoke, that for me personally is a minus.

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That’s all the expenses, as museums/excursions are not interesting to me, and the spending on food I have not counted – this is who and how many eats. I do not need much, in the heat I wanted mostly fruit and water. It is impossible to drink water from the tap, even boiled it is better to buy. Examples of prices – the most delicious round cheese flatbread I bought in a kiosk in Valetta for 0.40. Rolls with chicken/bite for 4€. 0.5 liters of water 0.50, (at the airport the same bottle 1.80). Pizza at the Riviera Beach Café 7.8€.

I’m happy with public transportation, bus schedules in large cities are adhered to, there are late/early departures by +-5 minutes. At each stop there is a schedule of all routes and destinations. There is so much transport in Sliema/Valetta that you don’t have to wait long. All buses are air conditioned, even a sweatshirt is not bad to have, especially after the beach. The downsides of transport in Malta are the routes that go once an hour – to small villages/towns. They can, indeed, arrive 20 minutes early/late. Also, it’s very important to pick a spot/stop – sometimes you wave and you can’t be seen or a late driver notices you and – wait another hour.

Well and briefly about the trip, the purpose of which is to visit nature, swimming and beautiful coves. 1 day From Sliema I went to Valletta for the transfer to the village of Marsashlock. Buses in Valletta stop at the fountain, you can get right into the city center, and board other routes further up the road straight and to the right – Terminals A, B and C. In Valletta we managed to walk an hour and a half – to see the center and the Lower/Higher Gardens. The boats in Marsaschalk are really beautiful, like from a picture. There are cafes with fish menus all along the waterfront. Except the quay itself in general there is nothing to look at, the same town as all the others in Malta, so after walking to the end, went further on the road to the pool of St. Peter, walk about 30 minutes, not tiring, along the Maltese dried fields. By 11 there were about 20 people in the pool. Lots of places to jump into the pool from. I chose the lowest ones – I do not know how people jump from those spots, I personally was scared. By lunchtime, the number of people naturally increased, it became noisy, almost a queue to jump into the water. It is possible to entertain walk in the next bay from the left side – there nobody, too beautiful, and it is possible, for example, to get feet in different natural tubs. Day 2 Mdina and Rabat. Mdina – a small town, surrounded by fortress walls, you can go around it in an hour maximum, all to see. And once you go beyond the wall at once begins Rabat, here you can walk around for a longer time, if you wish. There are also bakeries where you can eat inexpensive cakes/buns for 1-2 €. The plan this day was to go to Fomm-Ir-Rih, but this time the transportation system showed its disadvantages – I came to the bus stop 15 minutes before, and decided to walk somewhere while it’s still early – for nothing – I saw my bus passing by. I stubbornly decided to wait for the next one in an hour, I started in 20 minutes at the Rabat Saqajja stop, it seems – choose another stop, there are cars parked at the stop, and in my case one bus stopped and mine was following it and no matter how much I waved – it passed by – it’s hard to see a passenger in those conditions. I decided not to wait for the third bus and got on the first one to Bujibba – but on the way there I saw the beach and the resort town itself and decided that I would go on, because there was nothing interesting, just a normal town beach. Fortunately from Bujibba there was a bus to Gnein Tufieha – Golden Bay. I did not originally intend to visit these beaches on my trip, as public, popular sandy beaches – from experience do not expect anything good. But this time I was happily mistaken – first of all the bay is big – there is room in the sea for everyone, and secondly, it turned out that there are walking routes to the following beaches – Riviera Beach, Il-Gnejna. On the rocks up a bunch of paths, on a rock a Maltese watchtower, behind the Riviera rock, around which is marked with pink paint route, crevices and caves are beautiful. I liked the Riviera Beach most of all – for some reason the sea seemed azure to me, and the place seemed bigger. Behind the Riviera there are a couple of remote bays and then the third public beach Il-Gnejna – where you can jump in the pools between the rocks. I wanted to walk further to Fomm-Ir-Rih, but it seems that the roads are private, not passable. Such a spontaneous day was full of experiences. Day 3, the day I planned to visit Gozo and the Blue Lagoon. It turned out to be too much – except to run without stopping to get everywhere. Bus in the morning, which goes a whole hour to Ich-Chirkeva, and a ferry at 8:15 to Gozo.

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The ferry runs 20 minutes, may be 5-20 minutes later than scheduled – both times it was so, so you can’t calculate the time very much. You get a ticket for free in the waiting room – 4,65 € for the return trip. Going out of the ferry immediately turn right into Victoria, take the 301 bus – it takes 15-20 minutes, not stopping anywhere, because the other routes take 38 minutes. In Victoria, I went straight to the 311 to Dweira. Surprisingly, at 9 am not all the seats were occupied – I was expecting a packed bus, but apparently it’s too early for the main mass of tourists. 15-20 minutes and I’m there – not all the kiosks are open yet, a couple of the earliest tourists, turn right into Inland sea Divesite, first thing to freshen up, a couple of people on the beach, no boats, I know from the photos they take there through the tunnel, but there was no traffic on Friday. To swim to the middle of the tunnel you can, there is a stone, it can pobokobuchivat. Farther into the tunnel, I did not risk, divers swim there, but I am afraid of one – dark, stones, waves. Well and dried out you can already go to the Azure window – I got there probably by 10 – and there’s still great, not so many people, I managed to find a great place for photos, and people have not yet crawled on the cliff itself well and a half an hour later people were already standing on top, so that the photo with the rest of the tourists did not come out. Further you can walk along the rocks, there is also beautiful – salt baths, shells in the rocks petrified, the caves-houses of someone from Gozoytians. Near Mushroom Rock there is a descent to the bay where is someone’s garage for his boat and the descent for the same. You can swim there, too. After survey of the Azure window and the coast, again you can have a refreshing bath in the lake – there are noticeably more people, but still places full. And at 1:08 p.m. bus back to Victoria, with a change on the 309 to Zebbouge. The driver even asked if I mixed up the bus, apparently such a popular destination. It’s a 10-minute ride, and a 15-20minute walk down to the Wied Il-Ghasri bay. Hidden, at first glance inaccessible bay – a long gorge. As if a fjord in Norway, only it is possible to swim in it, not to jump there and back. In the evening I learned by bitter experience, came out in the middle of the road and nervously looked around, given the left-hand traffic you never know which side of the bus will approach, but this came on schedule and as soon as he appeared on the horizon, I actively waved my hands, so that surely noticed me all alone I went back Ferry to Malta in the evening, when it is dark – a pleasure, sea, stars, moon and lit cities… Day 4 Postponed my visit to the Blue Lagoon on the last day. Arriving at 8:20 in Iċ-Ċirkewwa, I thought I would have to wait 30min, but it turned out that the first boat to Comino did not leave at 9:00 as scheduled, but at 8:30. The Maltese macho boat took us for a breeze, tossing us on the waves, I thought I would fall out. We were one of the first to arrive – a couple of people were already there. And even so my first thought was – and where to lie here, on each other? The rock/beach is tiny, and half of it is rented deck chairs. The lagoon is impressive – a really clear pool with fish. I dove into the still empty lagoon, swam to Cominoto, small beach there too. What’s sad is the pile of garbage on the beach. Didn’t get a chance to lie down, there were more and more people, I don’t like to enjoy having someone’s feet/heads on all sides of me.

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I advise to throw things anywhere – to swim and go explore the island, I found, for example, a mega place, where I stayed for 4 hours, alone, there was even a platform for jumping and get out of the water conveniently. Jumping, swimming, with a mask again interesting. And only by 2 pm, when the top of the crowd had already started walking back and forth across the island, finally the first competitors came down to me. Back at the marina, I realized where the people were coming from, there were already boats of all sizes and coastal rocks/trails dotted with bedding feet to heads. When boarding the boat back – tickets red for those from Chirkevva / blue – from Marfa – and do not worry, all will fit, back goes a big boat, the trip lasts 20 minutes, passes the island from the side, where a couple of cracks, caves in the rocks. The excursion to the Blue Lagoon I advise, for 10 € a lot of fun. The afternoon swim before departure, I decided to spend on my beloved Riviera Beach. I swam with a mask, walked around the rock, around which I have not yet walked.

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