Day trip option: Munich

Day trip option: Munich

Autumn is the most boring time of the year for the tourist. The vacation season is over and the New Year’s vacations are still a long way off. However, sometimes you don’t have to take a full vacation to get new emotions. Our team has found for you a very unusual and daring option of a weekend trip!

So, meet Munich!

What is the capital of Bavaria? Munich is the capital of one of the most vibrant German metropolises. This city is able to create love at first sight, so many of those who come for a weekend, stay in the city for a week or two. The fact that there are so many direct flights to Munich from Moscow is extremely easy. For fans of economy holidays can take a connection in Memmingen. Yes, you will have to spend an extra hour and a half or two hours on the road, but it will save you a lot of money.

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So, meet Munich!

Englischer Garten

So you managed to get to Munich, checked into one of the local hotels, and recovered after the flight. Now it’s time to take a walk around the city. Where should we go? English Garden, of course! This park in Munich could surpass even the world-famous Central Park in New York.

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Englischer Garten

The Englischer Garten is the perfect place for a picnic. So if you come with family and or friends, then feel free to grab a basket of food and drinks and run to the English Garden. If you are traveling alone, you will find something for you to do there as well. A beer garden, a Japanese tea house, an artificial waterfall, lots of picturesque pavilions – everything for you! Complement the romantic atmosphere of grazing sheep and galloping ducks. According to local residents, in good weather you can even meet hares, squirrels and hedgehogs. The English Garden can be safely renamed the Neskuchny Garden – there is room for everyone!

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Englischer Garten

The historic city center

The historical center of Munich is a small square with a maximum concentration of sights. It can take a whole day to see them.

Start at Karlsplatz, the busiest point in the old city. Your next destinations are the Palace of Justice and the “disappearing” fountain and from there you can emerge onto the pedestrian Neuhauser Strasse via the old Charles Gate. The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the Arbat: You can find a variety of peculiar shops and restaurants, street musicians and a unique atmosphere.

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The historic city center

The next must-see is Munich’s main square Marienplatz . As the tour guides say: “Whoever hasn’t been to Marienplatz in Munich hasn’t seen the real Germany.” It also present a variety of street performers, many of whom, by the way, quite well Russian-speaking. At times there are really cool shows. After the bright impressions from the previous locations, be sure to take a breath.

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The historic city center

The New and Old Town Halls, the column of Mary and the fish fountain (local lovers have a date here) will help you reload. By the way, don’t forget to visit the “German Juliet”, a bronze sculpture that was donated by Verona. As the legend goes: if you want to get married, then rub the statue on the right breast. Not surprisingly, this part of the statue is polished to a shine.

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The historic city center

Museum lovers should head to a neighborhood called the Areal of the Arts . The Old, New and Pinakothek of the Modern is Munich’s calling card. Everyone is welcome there: from painting experts to art aficionados.

The Old Pinakothek showcases medieval and modern art from the 18th century to the present day, with works by Da Vinci, Bruegel, Dürer and Rubens amongst others.

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The historic city center

The New Pinakothek presents paintings of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Paintings by Goya, Gauguin, Renoir, Klimt and other famous artists hang there. The Pinakothek of Modernity will delight fans of modern art, with works by Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky and Andy Warhol.

Beer restaurants

It’s a crime to visit Bavaria without tasting authentic German beer. There are six major breweries in town. Places where you can taste the freshest beer, as mushrooms after rain. There are all kinds of beer establishments in Germany: the Spatenhaus and other old beer restaurants in the city center, where famous figures like Mozart and Lenin were here, cozy taverns and pubs, the beer museum, a cozy beer house in the English Garden – it seems that you can order a beer at every step of the way.

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Beer restaurants


Oktoberfest is a Guinness Book of World Records beer festival. Millions of beer lovers from all over the world come to Oktoberfest every year. Historically, only six local breweries offer beer for Oktoberfest guests. This limited number of participants from the producers is due to the fact that at the festival should be exclusively Munich beer. This means complying with the “Bavarian Law” of Beer Purity, which states that only four ingredients must be used in the production: water, yeast, hops and malt – nothing else.

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The food that is traditionally served with beer deserves special attention. Bavarian dishes, known for their rich flavor and juiciness, go well with Oktoberfest beer. The proper selection of appetizers allows you to fully disclose the taste of the drink, as well as to complement it with unique notes. It is worth noting that there is even a special science – “Sociology”, which explores all kinds of combinations of beer and food.

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According to zythology there are three fundamental rules of selection of appetizers. Each of them helps to bring out a new side of taste: accentuation of taste (lager and seafood), combination of beer and food (ale and fried meat), mixing of different flavors (pilsner and hard cheeses). Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I think many people are already drooling after reading this, and their hands are involuntarily drawn to type in a search engine for upcoming flights. Save our article and have fun traveling!

What to see in Munich in 1 day by yourself!

What to see in Munich in 1 day by yourself

Munich’s history, full of both joyous and tragic moments, is reflected in its architecture. The German city is full of unusual constructions, interesting places, it surprises with incredibly beautiful panoramas. The things to see and do in Munich are no less interesting than getting around the city in a day. Useful hints and tips from seasoned hikers make for an enjoyable vacation.

Munich itinerary for your own day

Nymphenburg Palace

Most tourists on a trip to Munich plan to visit this place. Nymphenburg Palace is a complex of structures of extraordinary beauty. Equally high historical value of these structures. Worthy of attention is not only the external design of buildings, but also the state of the surrounding area. In front of the palace is a huge park area with well-kept lawns, beautiful paths and ponds of various sizes. On the territory of the palace is a botanical garden in the size of several hundred hectares.

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It is worth a visit inside the Nymphenburg Palace. Elegant interior decoration will not leave anyone indifferent. Everything here is made as luxurious and rich as possible. On the tour of the palace, show the ancient rooms, which used to receive important guests. It is worth stopping by the Gallery of Beauties. This place contains portraits of Bavarian ladies, who possessed extraordinary beauty. The gallery was created at the end of the nineteenth century on the initiative of King Ludwig I. Sources say that the king considered female beauty. The artist Karl Stieler had the honor of immortalizing portraits of women. The painter had to paint ladies of various classes. Among the women depicted in the Gallery were not only representatives of royal families, there are canvases in this room with dancers and ordinary peasant women.

In the palace there is a museum room with a collection of luxury carriages. In the past, the premises of the museum was a stable, which was eventually converted into a museum hall. Only the most elegant and unusual Bavarian carriages are in the collection. They are perfectly preserved to this day, decorated with luxurious patterns and expensive pieces of art.

German Museum

If you are interested in technical progress, the history of its development, you should visit the German Museum of Technology and Science. This is the largest museum of its kind in Germany and in the world. The collection has hundreds of technical exhibits that can be attributed to various fields of science. Here you can look at almost the first drawing of a car engine, a submarine, even a radio receiver. Thanks to the great minds of scientists, technological progress has advanced so far. The real value of these discoveries can only be realized with a visit to the German Museum of Technical Progress.


Marienplatz is the most important square in the city. On the site of this square in the seventeenth century a column was erected in honor of the divine righteous. Afterwards, a square appeared in the center of the city, which became known by the same name – Marienplatz.

Until the seventeenth century the main square was teeming with life. There were organized fairs, held trades and even jousting tournaments. Over time, the role of this area in city life has not changed, now thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see this facility, located on the square of the relics.

Town Hall

On opposite sides of Marienplatz there are two town halls – the Old and the New. The old town hall was built at the end of the fifteenth century. The building today surprises with its beauty and grandeur. It was built and decorated in the classic Gothic style for Munich at that time. As a result of the war the Old Town Hall was damaged badly enough, it was able to fully recover after a thorough reconstruction. The new Town Hall is much younger than the first building, it was reborn at the beginning of the twentieth century. The order for the construction of this construction was issued by Ludwig the First. Today the New Town Hall is the tallest building at Marienplatz. It is made in neo-gothic style, rises above the city for 85 meters. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the roof. With its unusual appearance the domes of the town hall remind lace ligature. So high quality and graceful was the finishing.

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On the central facade of the New City Hall there is a clock. If you manage to be on the square when the clock strikes, you’ll see a performance dedicated to the life of medieval Munich. For this purpose, the clock mechanism has 32 human figures. The performance is accompanied by 43 chimes.


After sightseeing in the central part of Munich, you can move to the South. Here you can see more modern architecture, interesting solutions in the style of high-tech. In the Heidenhausen district, in addition to interesting buildings, there are many beautiful parks, squares with incredibly beautiful ponds.

Olympic Park

The Olympic Park in Munich fascinates with its beauty. The history of the creation of this object is quite sad. It was erected in honor of the victims of the 1972 Olympics. At that time a terrorist organization of Palestine carried out a terrorist attack right at the Olympics. As a result 11 Israeli athletes were killed. Despite the sad occasion of the construction of this facility, tourists experience only positive emotions when visiting it.

In the Olympic Park today train professional athletes. There is a water stadium, a velodrome with the best tracks. All year round there is an ice rink, which can be used even by visiting tourists.

An unusual object in the park’s infrastructure is the Olympic Tower. The Olympic Tower is a replica of the Olympic torch of the ’72 Games. The height of the structure is 290 meters and on top there is an observation deck. Those who want to climb the tower and see the whole city. Entrance to the tower is paid.

Charlesplatz, the Karlovsky Gate

The square is named after Carl Theodor is very popular among tourists. It is surrounded by majestic medieval buildings. There is a huge fountain in the center of the square. If you are planning a trip to another part of the city, you can use the streetcar interchange. The Karlsplatz station connects all the streetcar interchanges in the city.

On the square there is another monument of architecture – the Karlovsky Gate. The gate has been destroyed many times, then rebuilt again. The Karlovsky Gate is considered a symbol of Munich and other highly developed cities in Germany.


The Marienhof Square is an excellent place to take a small break while exploring the Bavarian capital. This green oasis amidst a stone jungle is always full of people. Everyone can relax on the velvety grass. In the past, excavations were conducted in the area, which revealed the remains of ancient settlements.

This square is of great historical significance. It was formerly the site of a synagogue in which Jewish people hid from violent pogroms.


Tourists associate Bavaria primarily with beer and delicious food. Munich is no exception, at the Viktualienmarkt you can find all kinds of gastronomic delights, whatever your heart desires. It sells fruits and vegetables and a huge range of delicious Bavarian delicacies. In small cafes Bavarian sausages are cooked in front of you and you can drink beer from the barrel.

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This market sells only natural, organic products. They are all made by Bavarian farms. Each farmer tries to be better than the other, so he delivers the best quality products to the market. Here, every piece of fruit is carefully washed and polished to a shine.


Art lovers should not miss the new and old Pinakothek in Munich. There is a huge number of exhibits from different time periods from the most famous painters of Germany and the world. In addition to the works of German artists in the museum you can see the works of great Italian artists of the Renaissance. The huge exhibition complex generates imagination and makes you swoon with wonder at the mere sight of the works of famous artists. In this museum you can find works by Italian, Spanish, French and German artists from different eras.

The new Pinakothek shows mostly twentieth and nineteenth century works.

Englischer Garten

In the heart of Munich is the famous Englischer Garten. This place is very popular among the local population, tourists. Here you can have fun riding horses, you can play board games or even go surfing. In the English garden there are several ponds, which are designed for water sports. Equipment can be rented on site.

If you like a quiet holiday, you can sit on the lawn and admire nature. Or you can go to the Japanese garden with a tea house. Here you can witness a real tea ceremony.

For connoisseurs of Bavarian beer there is a special Beer Garden. Here you can enjoy the best drink in Germany.

There is a nudist area in the park. So do not be too surprised if you meet a naked person in a part of the English Garden.

Excursion routes in the Bavarian capital

Local guides try to please tourists, to show all the charm of the Bavarian capital. Therefore, in addition to the standard group tours of the most famous attractions in Munich, you can find a very unusual. For example, you can go on a beer tour of the Bavarian capital.

Beer walking tour

Munich has many beer restaurants with the freshest, most delicious drink in all of Germany. Local guides arrange walking tours of the most famous places where you can not only taste the beer, but also enjoy delicious Bavarian snacks. In addition to visiting famous breweries, restaurants, you get the opportunity to learn the history of brewing this drink, the local traditions.

As part of the beer tour, your guide can take you through several local museums. However, the number of such cultural institutions, their diversity in Munich is so great that even a whole day is not enough to visit them all.

Tour of the BMW Museum, Olympic Park

To learn about the history of the production of the famous BMW cars, it is worth visiting the museum. The BMW Museum building is located near the Olympic Tower with an observation deck. The guide will tell you about the history of this car brand, you can admire the latest models of German cars. Admission to the museum is paid.

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Standard tour of the ancient part of the city

You can learn the history of medieval buildings in Munich from a guide. To do this, it is enough to arrange in advance with a Russian-speaking guide to participate in a group tour. Remember, such tours are usually paid, their cost depends on the number of attractions that you plan to see. You can always find out in advance the duration of the tour to plan your time.

Guide services can be ordered with the help of special services on the Internet or find a suitable guide on the spot.

Tips for tourists traveling to Munich

If you want to visit the most solemn, fun event in Bavaria, you need to come to Munich on the third Saturday in October. This is when the city hosts the famous Oktoberfest, which gathers lovers of delicious German beer from all over the world.

If you want to appreciate the nightlife of the Bavarian capital, visit the famous clubs, it is better to go to the street Schwabing. In nightclubs on this street usually perform the most famous and popular artists.

To move around the city is better to choose public transport. Rent a car in Munich is quite expensive. The most budget option of transport is the local subway. The main attractions of the city can be reached by streetcar or bus.

If you plan to buy delicious, quality products, better place than the market Viktualienmarkt you can not find. It sells rare varieties of fish, exotic fruits, you can try fresh beer from the barrel, sausages from the grill.

Buy good souvenirs to take home in the historic part of Munich. There are many souvenir shops in the city center.

Plan your purchases in advance. In Munich, as in all of Germany, on Sunday public institutions, stores are rarely open. On Saturday is a shortened day. Therefore, before the weekend is worth stocking up on groceries in advance, to exchange funds if necessary.

Most shopping centers accept credit cards for payment. However, sometimes there are problems with this, so it is better to have enough cash.

While walking around the city, you can be stopped by the police patrol. It is always worth carrying the original or copy of your identification document. You can carry the card of the hotel where you are staying.

If you are traveling with children, it is worth visiting a special play center Coco Loco. The entertainment center has all the conditions for an interesting, unusual pastime with children.

If you do not have time to use public transport, which runs through the city until midnight, you can call a cab. Prices for rides are quite low for Germany. At night, the fare is slightly higher.

Budget dinner is better to organize in one of the many bars in Munich. There are free to try different sorts of beer, the cost of a meal is not so high. For more wealthy tourists a local restaurant will be an acceptable option.

Nazism is a closed topic of discussion in German society. Therefore, you should never make jokes about this topic in public places, you could get into trouble. The police can issue you a fine or apply other administrative penalties for such violations. The use of Nazi symbols in any form is punishable by law.

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