Culture in Akhtubinsk

Culture in Akhtubinsk

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On the way to new discoveries!

In our country every year on September 1st celebrates the Day of Knowledge. This day always begins with a solemn ruler, dedicated to the beginning of the school year, and welcoming teachers, who meet their students. In all schools on this day are held lessons of kindness and peace, open classes.

On September 1 at 10:30 a.m. the creative teams of the MKU “Department of Culture” of the Administration of the Municipality “City of Akhtubinsk” on the embankment of the Riverside Culture Center and the park on Kotovsky street held entertainment and game events “On the way to new discoveries! The programs were a lot of fun, where each child was charged with positive emotions for the entire school year.

Children took part in exciting games and funny dances, and most importantly – set the mood for the school year! There is nothing in the world more beautiful than to get to know new things, learn, read and memorize wise lines for life! Knowledge makes people stronger, wiser, kinder, helps to discover new truths, make scientific discoveries and learn the mysteries of nature. Happy holidays to you, schoolchildren!

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Event “Our flag” in the city library № 4

National Flag Day is celebrated in our country every year on August 22. In honor of this holiday in the City Library № 4 was held oral magazine “Our flag”, where Svetlana Dmitrievna told young readers the history of the flag.

The Russian tricolor has a more than 300-year history. The national flag appeared in Russia at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries, during the epoch of Russia’s becoming a powerful state.

Tricolor ribbon campaign 2022

August 22, the whole country celebrates Russian Flag Day. In honor of this holiday staff of the Department of Culture organized the distribution of ribbons to residents and guests of the city, with the Russian tricolor, symbolizing the national symbol – the flag of the Russian Federation.

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Young readers were introduced to the library

Once the question arose.

Not as a joke, but in all seriousness:

There are so many books published,

Where do they all live?

We were confused at first:

Isn’t there any home?

But the dictionary (end of sadness)

The Dictionary (end of sorrow) gave us the answer.

In the words of a resourceful Greek.

Books have a home The LIBRARY!

August 4 in the municipal library number 3 held an exciting event “Meet the Library”, for preschoolers middle group “Smeshariki” MKOU “School № 2 Akhtubinskiy area. Many of them were in the library for the first time. For them everything here was unfamiliar, new and interesting.

Day of Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation

On August 2 the citizens of Akhtubinsk celebrated the Day of Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation. From generation to generation paratroopers carefully pass the best qualities to each other – honor, willingness even at the cost of their own lives to fulfill their military duty to the Motherland, the sense of comradeship.

The airborne troops – “winged infantry”, “blue berets” – what epithets have not awarded the Guards paratroopers, but always, at all times and under any circumstances has always been the strength, courage and reliability of people who live by the principle: “No one but us!

The festive event began with a 7-kilometer run by the students of the athletic section “Hand-to-hand fighting” from the Municipal Culture Center of the river-boats to the Victory Square, where the solemn opening began.

All the paratroopers present were congratulated by the head of the Akhtubinsk region V. V. Mikhed and the head of the city of Akhtubinsk D. M. Shubin. After congratulations and creative numbers present performed the traditional song “The blue splash” and all young paratroopers from Roman Stepanovich Tsalin were presented with a delicious, cool and uplifting – ice cream.

Akhtubinsk: attractions

Akhtubinsk: attractions

Akhtubinsk – a small town in the north of the Astrakhan region, has long been known as the unofficial capital of our military aviation, as well as the main transshipment point of table salt, which is produced in the lake Baskunchak. This unique natural object is only 43 km away from the city. Akhtubinsk is located on the left bank of the Volga River: the river Akhtuba, Vladimirovka and Kalmynka.

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Date of Akhtubinsk foundation 1959 г.
Population of the city: 37,883 people (2017)
Area of the city: 17 km²

The city-forming institution of Akhtubinsk is the State Flight Test Center named after Chkalov, the largest aviation test facility in our country. To the north of the city there is the largest in Russia military training ground Groshevo (Vladimirovka). There is a military airfield.

The local climate is not mild and pleasant: It is the most continental and arid in the entire European part of Russia. Severe temperature fluctuations, both annual and daily, severe frosty winters and sultry summers are typical of it. Precipitation is rare, clear and sunny days are not less than three hundred a year. Perhaps that’s why the area was chosen to build an important military aviation facility.

About the history of the city

Akhtubinsk city was formed in 1959, uniting the village Vladimirovka with the neighboring settlements of Petropavlovka and Akhtuba, as well as a new military camp and the employees of the pilots of the military test site.

The village of Vladimirovka traces its history back to 1768. In addition to farming and cattle breeding, an important occupation of its residents was the transportation of salt from the lake Baskunchak. River vessels came to the pier Mamai on the river Akhtuba, loaded with salt and went to the Volga by river channels. And then they would go wherever: down the Volga – to Astrakhan, to fish, or up – to Tsaritsyn, Saratov and other Volga cities. Salt is needed everywhere and always.

The village of Petropavlovka dates back to 1867. It originated near the same pier for loading salt, which was located about 3 kilometers southwest of the village Vladimirovka. Those who worked on this wharf, settled here. In the early XX century in the village by the pier built the church of Peter and Paul, from it since 1910 it was called so. By the way, Vladimirovka also received its name from the church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God.

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Vladimirovka. An old photo.

Since 1883 the salt was transported not by wagons, but by the railroad: a special railroad branch was laid from the lake Baskunchak to Mamay pier. Akhtuba railway station was put into operation, where a depot was built for preventive maintenance and repair of locomotives and wagons. In 1910 in Petropavlovka opened ship repair shops, which became the basis for the future shipyard. In 1912 the railway bridge over the Akhtuba was put into operation.

In 1920-1930 in Vladimirovka were built processing plants: cannery, butter factory, meat processing plant, as well as new clubs, schools, workshops.

In 1947, the Chkalov Air Force Research Institute, a major aviation testing facility, was located in the area adjacent to Vladimirovka. Since that time a new history of these places began, which resulted in the foundation of the town of Akhtubinsk in 1959.

In the following years there was a systematic development of ship repair and construction plant, processing industry, rail transport; active construction of housing, social, cultural and medical facilities was deployed.

In 1987 the population of Akhtubinsk reached 53 thousand people but then it began to decrease steadily.

State Flight Testing Center named after Chkalov.

The Flight Test Center is the main facility of the Air Force and the Armed Forces of Russia where all types of military aircraft and armament are thoroughly tested before being accepted for service. No type of aircraft, helicopter or air weapons equipment enters service without testing at the GLIC. After 1991, with expansion of Russian fighter aircraft trade at developing countries markets, the center has tested all export modifications of aircraft and helicopters developed under contracts with foreign customers.

Places for walks and cultural recreation

From the times of the Vladimirovka settlement a lot of old buildings have been preserved in Akhtubinsk. The most interesting architectural monuments of the XIX-XX centuries are the former merchant houses.

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In particular, the houses of the family of the rich fisherman Lopatin, one of the local tycoons. Because he himself came from simple peasants, the merchant helped the poor and was highly respected. That is why nobody touched him after the revolution. However, the Soviet authorities took away the house from the fishmonger, placing there their various bureaucratic institutions.

Places for walks and cultural rest

Officers’ House in Akhtubinsk

In Vladimirovka there also lived a large family of merchants Yevtushenko. In one of the houses of this merchant family, built in 1907, and is now located Akhtubinsk District Museum of Regional History.

In the brick building on Lenin St., 90, about 1900 year of construction, lived the Starikov family. On the first floor they had a bakery, and on the second floor they rented rooms. During the Soviet regime the building housed the headquarters of the kulakization, the police, a polyclinic, the district education department, the department of irrigation and watering systems, a repair shop for household appliances and other organizations.

City Park of Culture and Recreation named after Chkalov

This is one of the best places for walks and family vacations for citizens and guests of the city. There are all conditions for it: modern playgrounds, planted greenery, alleys and flower beds. The park has a monument to Valery Chkalov and various decorative sculptures. And also there is an original stage in the form of an open shell – for performances at city events and public festivities.

Municipal park of culture and leisure named after Chkalov

City Park of Culture and Recreation named after Chkalov

The “Victory Star” fountain on Lenin Square

A picturesque fountain “Victory Star” with an appropriate form was opened in Akhtubinsk on the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. In the summer at night the water in the fountain is illuminated with colored lights.

Fountain “Victory Star”.

Museum of local history

Akhtubinsk District Museum of History and Local Lore was founded in 1995, to the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It is located in a building built at the beginning of the twentieth century – the former home of merchant Yevtushenko. Shubin Street, where the museum is located, was called the Fair Street before the revolution. Local and foreign traders gathered at this market, offered for sale livestock: cows, sheep and camels. Races were arranged, strolling actors performed.

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Museum of Local Lore

The cultural institution has collected a lot of information about the history of the region, its culture, flora and fauna, everything that has been accumulated over the centuries.

The museum has two main exhibition halls: “Hall of Military Glory” and “Hall of Local History. There is visual historical information about the formation and development of the village of Vladimirovka and nearby settlements, there is a permanent exhibition “Peasant and merchant’s hut”. There are over six thousand exhibits in the museum collection: natural and scientific, archeological, numismatic, ethnographic and household items. Permanent and temporary exhibitions are organized, reflecting the whole history of the city. There are a lot of personal belongings, letters and various documents of people who played a significant role in the history of the city.

Museum of Local Lore

A separate topic is the exposition devoted to the State Flight Test Center named after Valery Chkalov. In addition, there is an overview tourist route, allowing you to get acquainted with the sights of Akhtubinsk and listen to many interesting stories.

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