Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

Mljet – the most beautiful island of southern Dalmatia

Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet

Island of Mljet

Mljet is the most wooded and the most beautiful island of South Dalmatia, a large part of which is a nature reserve. It is ideal for active holidays and has wonderful beaches for beach holidays. People come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful views. Mljet is one of the most popular attractions in Croatia. Island of Mljet

Mljet Island is the southernmost island of Croatia, located in the Adriatic Sea in the region of Southern Dalmatia. It is one of the largest islands of the country, as well as the most wooded – more than 70% of the island is covered by forests. The area of the island is nearly 100, 5 square kilometers and the coastline of more than 131 kilometers, on which there are beautiful beaches.

Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet

  • Area: 100 km²;
  • Water area: Adriatic Sea;
  • Population: 1 100.

How to get there

Island of Mljet

There are not many options to get to the island – it is either as part of a tour or on your own. As part of a tour, you can leave from Dubrovnik, but there is a limited time in which you will not be able to properly see the island, so it is best to go on your own. On your own, however, you can reach the island from Dubrovnik, Ston and Trsteno, a small resort village 16 kilometers from Dubrovnik. From all of these cities, there are regular and tourist flights to the island, which go either to the pier in Polace or to the pier in Sobra. Also, you can get to the island by car or by ferry. There is one road that runs through the entire island. And then according to your itinerary. The island of Mljet

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Island of Mljet

If you want to stay on the island, for a couple of days, you should worry about your accommodation in advance. And so, there is only one official hotel on the island and it is the Odyssey. This is a three-star hotel, but the services it provides, pull on a higher class. You can also stay in one of the private villas or rooms provided by locals – this option will be much cheaper. But still, even these apartments must be booked in advance. Isle of Mljet


Island of Mljet

Mljet has a huge selection of restaurants and cafes that will offer you excellent cuisine. Homemade crab, smoked octopus, fish and goat cheese are served here. In addition, most cafes and restaurants are practically on the coast, so you’ll have a great view for dinner. Mljet Island

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Attractions, entertainment and excursions

Island of Mljet

The main natural attraction of the island is the oldest Croatian National Park Mljet, which occupies the entire western part of the island. The park was founded in 1960. The park is equipped with many hiking trails. There are interesting attractions, such as two salt lakes, which are called Big and Small. Another attraction is an island on the Big Lake, on which the Benedictine monastery of the XII century is located. On the same island is a small church of St. Mary. Entrance to the National Park is paid. Mljet Island

The most popular bay of the island is the bay Polac. It is from here, as a rule, tourists begin their acquaintance. In Polac there is an early Christian basilica from V century and a palace from II century, the time of the Roman Empire. There are also very beautiful bays Sutmiholska, Brnjestova, Saplanura and Blaca, which have the best beaches. Also on Mljet come diving enthusiasts, there are a lot of sunken ships, coral reefs and a fantastic variety of underwater world.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet is a place for lovers of peace, quiet and communion with nature.

Mljet National Park is not only the first park in Croatia, but the whole Adriatic. It is located on the northwestern side of the island, and its area is 5,375 hectares. The territory of Mljet was declared a National Park in 1960, and in 1997 the marine part was added to it.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet - Photo 2

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

Mljet became a National Park thanks to its cultural and historical heritage, the roots of which go back to the Illyrian period. But it still owes its vocation to the flora, reefs, rocks, “brackish-water” lakes, numerous islets and rich vegetation.

90% of the Mljet National Park is occupied by forests, which makes the park unique and gives it its second name – Green Island . Aleppo pine forests near the Mljet lakes are the most preserved and beautiful forests of this type in the whole Mediterranean.

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Sights of Croatia: Island of Mljet - photo 3

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

On Mljet there are also several sandy beaches . The most popular are the Big and Small Saplunara, which is located in the town of the same name. Nearby is the beach Blace Bay, which due to its isolation is loved by nudists.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet - photo 4

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

There is one hotel “Odyssey” on the island. Since Croatian hotels have rather high requirements, it is safe to say that the service offered there surpasses its 3 stars. The hotel provides services not always found in 5-star hotels, such as laundry service, wellness center, library, car and quad bike rentals. You can also stay on the island in the private sector, which will be more comfortable and not much more expensive. However, such accommodation should be booked in advance. In addition, shuttle services are provided.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet - photo 5

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

On the island you can find many restaurants and cafes, where they cook delicious food at a relatively low price.

At different times and for different reasons, many ships have sunk around the island. Because of this, here so often you can meet divers. However, to engage in this sport is not safe, because not half scattered shipwrecks can cause injury, which is especially dangerous underwater.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet - photo 6

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

Also on the island will be enjoyed by fans of canoeing, windsurfing and cycling.

But fans of nightlife can be disappointed, as the island has no discos, no nightclubs and no other places with night shows. Also, the island is not suitable for holidays with children.

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet - photo 7

Croatia sights: Island of Mljet

Beautiful beaches, hiking trails, national park – while in Croatia, you must find time to visit this beautiful island of Mljet, because it will remain in the memory of every tourist.

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