Crazy service of luxury hotels

The 10 most luxurious hotels in the world

In this article we offer a brief look at the hotels that most can only dream about. These are the most luxurious hotels in the world with the craziest prices for the best rooms. So, let’s get started.

Burj al Arab .

The 10 most luxurious hotels in the world

The tallest, the only seven-star and one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world – all this is Burj al Arab in Dubai. This masterpiece has 202 two-story rooms, the smallest of these suites is 169 square meters, while the largest is 780 square meters. The royal suite will cost $28,000 a night for those wishing to relax in this paradise.

The hotel has nine restaurants. The two most famous are “El Mahara” – fully immersed in the water, and panoramic restaurant “El Muntaha,” located at a height of 200 meters with a ledge of 27 meters. The hotel also has a tennis court located on the helipad, a golf course, spa and swimming pool.

The Burj al Arab rises 321 meters above an artificial island 280 meters from the beach and is connected to the mainland by a road. It is without doubt one of the most luxurious places in the world.

Four Seasons George V

Four Seasons George V is located on the Champs Elysees in Paris and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Its rooms are the envy of even the suites of the Palace of Versailles. Tapestries, antique furniture and marble are important components of the hotel. It offers an excellent Michelin-certified restaurant, an upscale spa, terraces with magnificent views of Paris and other amenities. The cost of accommodation here can reach $ 16,000.

Gallery Hotel Art

The Gallery Hotel Art, located near Ponte Vecchio in Florence, is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and exhibitions of contemporary art are regularly held within its walls. The main purpose of the design of this hotel was to create a relaxing space where elegance prevails. Gallery Hotel Art complements the culture whose spirit dwells in Florence. The enjoyment of a stay at the establishment can stretch up to $7,000 per night.

Hotel de Glace.

Located in Quebec City, Canada, this amazing hotel is built almost entirely from ice and snow. It occupies 3,000 square meters and took 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice to build. Once here, during the day you will be dazzled by the purity of snow and transparency of ice, and at night the illuminated ice in different colors will leave you speechless.

The Hotel de Glace has all the first-class facilities for your stay. Numerous themed rooms and suites (all unique), two exhibition halls, a cinema, a hot tub, the famous Absolut Ice Bar with an adjacent disco and even a small chapel, where you can get married in the traditions of every religion. It is the only ice hotel in America and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is worth noting that you can visit it only from January to March.

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Palms Casino Resort

This luxury resort is located west of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel offers 653 rooms, a huge casino (8,800 square meters), a recording studio, a 2,200-seat concert hall, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and more. Especially worth mentioning is one of the most expensive suites in the world – The Two Story Sky Villa on the top floor with a Jacuzzi over the Las Vegas Strip. The 10,000 square meters and two floors of this suite will not please everyone – you will have to shell out $40,000 per night.

Mandarin Oriental

Located on the 35th floor of the prestigious Time Warner Center in New York City, this hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is one block from Central Park. Mandarin Oriental combines luxury and comfort. It has a total of 202 rooms and 46 suites that offer unparalleled views of the Big Apple city. It also offers the best spa in Manhattan, Asiate restaurant with beautiful views of Central Park, a 23-meter indoor pool and more.

Fairmont Kea Lani.

This resort is a real gem on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It is located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, on the pristine beach of Wailea, one of the most picturesque places on earth, just 17 km from Kahului Airport, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Only suites and 37 villas await visitors here, beautiful Polo Beach, several luxurious restaurants, spas, etc. In general, a paradisiacal vacation is ensured here, which will cost from $450 per night in a standard room.

Hotel President Wilson

President Wilson in Geneva (Switzerland) is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. For the most expensive suite – Royal Penthouse Suite – you will have to pay only $80 thousand per night. Yes, this is no mistake! The suite occupies the entire 8th floor and provides: several living rooms, 4 bedrooms, dining room, personal chef and butler, billiard room, Jacuzzi, private elevator, 103″ TV from bang & olufsen for 130 thousand dollars…it seems the countdown is endless. Of course, the room is only used by world leaders and celebrities who come to town, as security here is also top notch – bulletproof windows, armored doors, security team, etc.


This impressive resort complex on Paradise Island, Bahamas, could be seen not only as a luxury hotel, but also as an amusement park. It has an impressive exterior and is world famous, especially for its aquarium, which contains about 50,000 marine species, including many sharks, distributed in different lagoons around the main building.

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The hotel has 2,317 rooms, and there are 11 landscaped pools, an artificial lake with a beach, 21 restaurants and 19 bars, a huge casino (the largest in the Caribbean), a marina, a golf course, 6 tennis courts, a nightclub, a shopping arcade, a movie theater, a spa and much more. In general, Atlantis will not suit those looking for an intimate setting, but the countless services and incredible facilities will surprise everyone.

Park Hyatt Paris.

Strategically located on the prestigious Rue de la Paix, the Park Hyatt Paris offers luxurious accommodations just steps away from Paris’ best tourist attractions. Its elegant lobby features an extensive collection of contemporary art. Luxury and technology are the two main features of this hotel. Of course, as in every hotel listed here, service is top-notch. It offers designer rooms with captivating views of the city, a spa, 3 restaurants, and a bar. The most chic Imperial Suite occupies 250 square meters and has a dining room, kitchenette, bar, study and other amenities.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

Almost all hotels offer packages of options designed to improve the quality of their guests’ stay and enhance their own customer experience. But some resorts offer truly extravagant pleasantries. From the bizarre to the utterly bizarre, some hotels have decided that such unusual extras are exactly what they need to offer their guests separately from what’s included in the standard package.

What’s even weirder is that guests are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for these services. No matter how bizarre and wacky the offers, guests can be sure that they will get a truly unforgettable experience and unique memories of their unusual vacation.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

10. Happy Guest Lodge The name really speaks for itself. The staff at Happy Guest Lodge in Warrington, Cheshire, England, is passionate about pleasing their guests. They are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen, even if it is to accommodate a lone customer.

The administration provides its clients with a unique service – a companion in the form of a goldfish. The guests who prefer such scaly company pay £5, and a goldfish named “Bringing Happiness” (“Happy”) appears in their room.

On its official website, the hotel boasts that the world-famous goldfish provides hotel guests with company for the evening and gives a sense of joy, creating a really interesting environment.

So why the goldfish? The hotel owners believe that this small fish gives the hotel guest a feeling of comfort, being a silent companion, and unconditional love after a hard day. They claim that customers may even begin to miss the goldfish between arrivals. But don’t worry: the “Bringing Happiness” or its replacement is sure to be available during your next hotel stay.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

9. Family Pillow Fight Package Combining the comfort of a five-star hotel with nostalgia for the days when friends or girlfriends stayed overnight sounds like the perfect combination. The Ritz-Carlton has long been known as the best hotel, offering some services to make guests’ stays more enjoyable.

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However, the Ritz Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, is showing extra attention to guests traveling as families by offering a Family Pillow Fight package. The package costs $60 and includes an entire bag of satin pillows, a CD and a book with various family games to play together.

And while the cost of such a family package may seem exorbitant, Ritz hotel management believes it provides an opportunity for families to bond through fun times and flying feathers. The songs on the CD are designed to keep the “fighting” spirit of the participants, including classics such as “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” performed by Pat Benatar.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

8. Vending machines with bathing suits

We all know the feeling of haste with which we pack our suitcase, as a result of which we are sure to forget the most important item for the upcoming wonderful vacation – for example, a bathing suit. So you don’t have to rush around the hotel looking for everything or run around the hotel gift store, where the choice of stylish and fashionable swimwear is not so wide, the hotel chain Standard Hotel offers a rather innovative solution – vending machines with bathing suits.

The vending machine offers a stylish selection for both men and women from big-name brands like Quiksilver. Available in a wide range of different colors and sizes, the swimsuit designs are inspired by the look and feel of the Standard Hotel chain.

The machine even prints the names of local entertainment venues on the waistband of the swimwear and the bottom of the swimwear, so after a swim in the pool, guests can head into town to hit the hot spots.

However, the swimsuits and bathing suits sold in the machine don’t come cheap. Get ready to spend at least $75 if you forget your bathing suit at home.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

7. Surf Lessons for Dogs Su’ruff Camp at Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa offers a unique opportunity to give your pet a chance to ride the waves. The Surf Camp at this San Diego hotel specializes in training dogs, offering them the chance to chew into the waves instead of doing it with their toys. The owner of the training center believes that all dogs have an aptitude for surfing, they just need a little training.

The hotel holds an annual dog-surfing contest, with competitors of all breeds competing to be named the best dog to make a wave.

Other pet services at this hotel include dog walkers, dog sitters, and even a special delivery service menu that includes all kinds of canine delicacies. All pets coming to Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa with their owners are treated like true VIPs.

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Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

6. Fragrance Butler Providing your guests with the perfect scent is one of the important hallmarks of the Rosewood Hotel chain. It’s quite a brilliant move, considering that the Transportation Security Administration has greatly restricted the amount of liquids a passenger can take on board.

Rosewood hotels have furnished the “fragrance service” in a truly luxurious manner: a fragrance butler will come to your room right after your call with a silver tray on which various perfumes and colognes are arranged.

The service is available 24 hours a day and the fragrance collection includes perfumes from such leading brands as Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Hermes and others. Each hotel of the hotel chain has its own “menu” of scents, which reflects its surroundings.

So if someone wants to inhale some enchanting fragrance, just call and the butler will immediately come to the room with a silver tray in his hands.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

5. Wedding Ring Delivery by Bird Guests at Ashford Castle Hotel in Ireland who plan to ask an unexpected but important question of their loved ones can take advantage of the service of presenting an engagement ring in a truly unforgettable way – it will be delivered by an owl. Dingle is an owl that has lived in the castle since 1999 and has claws strong enough to hold a large stone.

Many more birds live on the grounds, as the castle has a falconry school. Guests can attend classes with the animals to learn about the ancient method of falconry. Of all the birds that live there, none is as popular as Dingle. Perhaps because of his romantic work.

The “proposal” package includes a three-day hotel stay, a massage for the couple in love, champagne, a boat ride, a candlelit dinner, and the climax of the romantic hotel stay will be a soaring Dingle delivering a ring to the bride-to-be. At $2,000, this service is quite popular – perhaps because it is one of the coolest ways to propose.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

4. Valentine’s Day Hate Package One hotel chain got creative by offering an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” package specifically for guests who prefer to celebrate the day in their own way.

For those who wish to celebrate the holiday alone, Night and the Time hotels in New York have planned the entire evening. It will begin with dinner at the fashionable Serafina restaurant, where a table will be reserved for one person and the guest will be served a complimentary double portion of liquor upon arrival.

If the guest decides to stay at the hotel after dinner, he/she will have an adult entertainment channel in his/her room that they can enjoy for 24 hours.

The staff also offers a special sleep preparation service for haters, known as “Love Hurts”. It includes black candles, a box of tissues, two small bottles of tequila, unlimited ice cream and a large selection of breakup movies. The next morning, the guest will be served breakfast in bed and several books from the “Help Yourself” series.

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Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

3. “A Better Man for Hire.” The “Best Man for Hire” service at Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina ensures that the groom will not be without a companion on his big day. The hotel claims that the groom will hear as many compliments and receive as much attention as the bride traditionally receives on her wedding day.

Thus, the Best Man for Hire package aims to provide services that will free the groom as much as possible from pre-wedding worries. This person will not disappoint him, taking care of all the pressing matters, from giving the eulogy speech to giving the wedding guests resuscitation before the ambulance arrives.

Obviously, the couple who hire this best man will do so with a sense of humor and full pockets of money, because his services are not cheap. The groom should be willing to shell out $150 for his work for one hour, $650 for a half day, $1,000 for a full day, or $2,000 for a weekend.

Top 10: Hotels offering unusual extras

2. Personal Oxygen Devices Although the air in Boston is certainly not as polluted as in many other cities around the world, that does not stop the Revere Hotel from selling Personal Oxygen Devices (PODs) (bottles of canned oxygen) to its guests.

One bottle will cost $40 for suite guests. At first glance it might seem inexpensive except that one bottle of POD contains only 2.5 ounces (almost 71 ml) of oxygen. That’s 40 full breaths, which, it turns out, cost one dollar each.

The hotel’s website claims that the 18-cm bottle is sleek and perfect for traveling around town. It fits easily inside a bag. The canned oxygen bottle probably provides an intense, refreshing dose of clean air that can literally bring a tired tourist back to life. The hotel also claims that the bottle can be handled with just one hand and requires minimal effort.

1. Robotic staff

Technology surprises us at every turn. For example, the Henn-na Hotel in Japan uses robotic staff to help hotel guests whenever they need it. The robots check guests in, deliver luggage to the room, and make coffee. These robots are known as “actroids,” a type of humanoid robot.

Actroids look a lot like young Japanese girls, right down to their hand gestures, facial expressions, and speech. They giggle in response to guests’ comments and can speak Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

The humanoid robots were created at Osaka University and made by Kokoro, the same company that owns the license for Hello Kitty. The university has been working on the actroids for more than a decade, constantly improving them. These robots even have software that allows them to sense human moods.

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